Sports: Super Bowl Recap​

by Lucas Garrison

The Super Bowl is over, which means yet another NFL season has come to a close. However, the game was nothing short of a big disappointment screaming for something exciting to happen.


Everything from the game itself to the commercials was just straight up underwhelming. To start off with the commercials, they don’t grab your attention like they used to due to the simple fact that they are not entertaining anymore. Not to mention they killed off everyone’vorite knight, the Bud Knight.

The Super Bowl halftime show was a straight up dumpster fire. Maroon 5 – who hasn’t been relevant in years – was chosen this year off of a very short list of talent to perform. The NFL made a sad attempt to stay relevant into today’s modern music by adding in Travis Scott for a short time only preforming one song. Big Boi also came on he scene, but for a qucik second as well.

The best part of the Halftime show was Spongebob and his introduction to Travis Scott, but that was only on the screen for a few seconds. Then it went back to the sub-par performance.  

The Game Itself

The game itself was one of the slowest games I’ve ever seen if the 13-3 score didn’t speak for itself. Tom Brady not only showed his age but somehow was able to once again take a ragtag group of misfits to the promised land. He does it time and time again which is why you can not argue his greatness.

This year’s Super Bowl MVP went to former college quarterback turned NFL wide receiver Julian Edelman. He would’ve been the highlight of the game if it was not for Johnny Hekker setting a new Super Bowl record for the longest punt. Yes, the longest punt was your highlight for the 2019 Super Bowl.

Bill Belichick showed again why is one of the best coaches of all time. He simply out-coached Sean Mcvay in every fashion of the game. Wade Phillips did an excellent job at stopping Brady and the Patriots offense for most of the game, but Mcvay couldn’t get his high-powered offense to get rolling.

One thing we learned coming out of this year’s Super Bowl is there are still alot of unanswered questions. If one thing is for certain, is we all as fans have to look forward to this off-season’s upcoming free agency with stars Le’veon Bell, Antonio Brown, Tevin Coleman, and Demarcus Lawrence headlining free agency.

Plus, arguably the biggest question to this years offseason, what will Kyler Murray choose. Will it be Baseball or Football? If he chooses Football where will he go? Get ready NFL fans, this season may have come to a close but we still have a lot to look forward to.


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