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Life of a Brave: Unsung Hero E-Sports Head Coach Gabe Giangualano

By Matthew Parsons

Head Coach of the E-sports program, General Manager of the soccer team and teacher at St. John Bosco, Coach Gabe Giangualano, has worked incredibly hard over the past few years at Bosco to provide the best opportunities for his students.

Photo by Alex Diaz, Photo Editor

Despite not getting much recognition for his work around campus, he is still extremely passionate for what he does and is dedicated to all the boys who practice and work under him.

Before arriving on the Bosco campus as a teacher and coach, Coach Gabe was also, once upon a time, just another student who attended St. John Bosco. As he grew up in a family of nine in West Covina and Anaheim, all of his siblings took the private school route although he was the only one to attend Bosco. Coach Gabe has also had three of his sons attend Bosco, all of them active in the community and part of athletics programs. 

As a child, Coach Gabe fell in love with sports, more specifically soccer. He’s always had a love for gaming, but his strong passion for E-sports came much later in his life. His love for soccer was ignited as a child when he scored a game winning goal. 

After middle school, Coach Gabe was originally set to go to Servite, but fate had other plans when his father was given a promotion. Coach Gabe and his family were forced to move to Long Beach, leading him to attend Bosco.

When he attended Bosco, by his own admission, he was not an amazing student, but he poured himself into athletics. He dedicated himself to playing soccer at a high level and even won a league championship with his team. Though looking back, he somewhat regretted that he wasn’t so involved with his academics and grades, which is why he is a big supporter of the school’s Pathway Programs. His belief is that they allow a student to be much more engaged with their academics, helping them achieve more in school. 

“I think there were too many distractions, you know, that kind of pulled me away from being a full academic, but I would have loved to join a Pathway here. And I think that would’ve committed me a little bit more,” said Coach Gabe.

Once Coach Gabe graduated from Bosco, he attended Long Beach City College and Cal State Los Angeles, where he played soccer for both schools. After playing soccer in college, he decided to make the transition to playing soccer at a higher level. This led him to Europe for a period of time, before coming back to the United States and becoming a teacher.

“If I could go back in time, I probably would have stayed more committed to playing at Cal State LA and seeing where that was going,” said Coach Gabe.

Even though for a long while he pursued a career in soccer, E-sports became a new goal of Coach Gabe’s. Even in college, he knew that eventually he wanted to do something with it. This dream had stuck with him ever since 2009, when he played World of Warcraft and had his own guild, climbing the national leaderboard and gaining personal recognition for his in-game achievements. He’s a firm believer in all types of games and their importance on being well rounded. 

“I love games of all types: board games, video games. When you can sit down and compete on a different playing field and constantly compete and change the playing field, you create an ability to think outside the box and think for yourself,” said Coach Gabe.

Before his return to his alma mater, he taught in the Los Angeles Unified School District for six years at Huntington Park and Manual Arts High Schools before changing jobs to be a Staff Analyst, working on budgets for the L.A. County Office of Education, which he did for about seven years or so. He then transitioned into being a teacher at St. John Bosco, as he felt the desire to teach at a place where he believed the students actually wanted to be there and learn.

“I think, it was working at LAUSD when I realized every time I went to class, there were 90% of the kids that didn’t want to be there. And that constantly wears down on you too. And so I really wanted to be in a place where people want to be there,” Coach Gabe said.

Coach Gabe has always been personally interested in entrepreneurship and finance, and it was actually his plan out of college to work in entrepreneurship or have some sort of business somewhere. This has led him to teaching business and finance, computer applications, office practices and now, at Bosco, economics and third-year engineering. 

Coach Gabe feels a great sense of joy and satisfaction organizing and leading the Esports program, which has allowed him to mentor the young boys who join and instill life lessons in them. He is extremely passionate about the program, many people had to come together and work very hard for it to come to fruition. 

Six years ago he pitched the idea to the administration, and since the idea was not met with much support, it failed to start up. Two years later, he met with student Mauricio Contreras, who accumulated the support from several parents, and the matter was taken up with the principal, which gave them a chance to showcase E-sports potential. Several years later, they’ve become a winning program, getting a State Championship in Valorant last year and having garnered some standout partnerships, especially ones with Razer and HP Omen, which allowed them to create their new room E-sports room worth around $70,000.

Coach Gabe has only been a teacher and staff member at Bosco for a few years, but in that time, he’s been given a lot of responsibility. He is always dedicated to the Bosco community and feels a great sense of satisfaction watching it thrive.

Life of a Brave: Bosco Esports Welcomes Their Newest Alumni Assistant Coach, Damon Jimenez

By: Ed Crowe and William Reynolds 

St. John Bosco High School alumnus and former esports player, Damon Jimenez, serves now as an assistant coach for the program. With every alumni that comes back, the esports program and the Bosco community overall grow stronger as a brotherhood.

Photo by Bosco Esports

“The amount of brotherhood I felt when first entering the Esports Lab was unreal,” said Coach Jimenez. “I was given so many opportunities. I felt like I should repay them by offering my help and giving more students the same amount of help I was given.” 

The decision to become a coach for Bosco Esports was backed by fellow alumnus, Head Coach Gabe Giangualano. Coach Gabe was a key factor in Damon’s decision in coming back and helping out the team that he played for when he was at Bosco, which is their Rainbow Six Siege team. 

“As a person, he is fantastic. He is a good young man that is very committed, focused and goal oriented. He knows what he wants to do and how to get there,” said Coach Gabe.

Damon Jimenez is currently attending college. However, he is still excited in giving his spare time back to Bosco. 

“It’s pretty insane to think about walking down the halls and up the stairs but not as a student, just feels different but also refreshing,” Coach Jimenez said. “As a college student, it is very stressful to balance education as well as coaching, which is what I am starting to experience.” 

From a player perspective, senior and Rainbow Six Siege team member, Ezekiel Tejeda, is excited that Damon will be coaching this season, as he has gotten to know Damon not just as a player but as a friend.

“We played Rainbow Six Siege for the second semester. It was nice having another football player on the team. He was one of the best new players we had,” said Ezekiel. “He learned fast and was just a natural player. He’s a wonderful dude. We play other games on the side after practice and school.”

Bosco Esports anticipates that their new assistant will bring the already dominant team closer together through commitment, focus and leadership to get the team to even greater heights.

From November 19-20, Coach Gabe said there will be a tournament called the “Grim Cup” held in the Esports Lab, where our very own Braves will take on colleges in the area and start to bridge the gap between high school and college level Esports.

Sports: Bosco Water Polo Continues to Improve Behind HOF Coach

by Joshua Whitfield

St. John Bosco Water Polo is one of many sports programs that are underrated and under-publicized. The St. John Bosco water polo varsity is led by head coach Jeffrey Powers. The Braves record this season for league was (0-4) and (7-18) counting their pre-season games. Coach Powers has been leading the Braves for many years, honing and developing many Bosco water polo players to take them to greater heights.


Coach Powers was recently inducted into the USA Water Polo Hall of Fame as part of the 35th induction class in June of 2019.

“It was an honor, that’s not why you play the game but it is nice being recognized for some of your achievements,” said Coach Powers.

While Coach Powers was honored with this highly prestigious achievement, it didn’t interfere with his main priority, leading and coaching the Bosco Braves to make his players the best they could be.

The Varsity team consists of 13 players, the three Senior players Lucas Garrison, Ryan Mowl, Gabe Garcia, and Kyle Perera. The remaining of the team consists of juniors, Parker Moore, and Ethan Olney along with six sophomores on the varsity line up. The sophomores competing on varsity are Anthony Best, Joshua Joson, Lucas Okampo, Christopher Valente, and Jack Woodson. With only one freshman on the team named Matthew Cassas. Coach Powers believes the team has made great improvements from last year.

“There was a lot of guys that showed improvement from last year, Parker Moore showed a lot of improvement, some of the freshman that came out like Matthew Cassas he showed a lot of improvement but everyone improved, I think Gabriel Garcia had a really solid season, he played well and was always fighting,” said Coach Powers.

This entire varsity line up is rather young for a varsity team while only having three seniors to lead the younger players, yet their coach sees much potential in them all. Coach Powers gives recognition to his players knowing how much they all have improved over the off-season.

Though the Braves made many improvements to their skills personally and as a team they were unsatisfied with where they were placed.

“I do feel we could’ve done better that being said, I do think the boys made a lot of progress, and that they still learned, it was a productive season in that sense but record-wise I feel as if we could’ve done better,” said Coach Powers.

During the Braves season, many players were injured while playing with Coach Power even stating, “This season we caught the injury bug”. Because of the massive list of injuries the players experienced it affected their game plan and the assets they would’ve used very affectively during their matches.

“It was crazy it was almost like every other week someone was getting injured,” said Senior Ryan Mowl.

Though the Braves could not make league on their own merits, Coach Powers still answered who he felt the best team in their division was.

“I feel Santa Margarita is a better team but Orange Lutheran just managed to win”

The Bosco Braves still performed fairly well with the hand that they were playing this year, Coach Powers isn’t looking at the past now. Instead, he’s looking to the future so next season the Braves will show everyone what they’re truly made of.

Coach Powers is currently looking at his team and seeing what changes he can implement to advance the team.

“Hopefully next season we’ll perform better, the boys didn’t seem to like how this season ended kind of with the record and stuff, but hopefully they’ll feel motivated in the off-season and that they’ll continue to get better and everyone will have a year more experience,” Said Coach Powers.

With the massive amount of injuries to plague the players and the very young squad taken into account, the Braves played adequate, but next season is a new season.

“We should have a lot of returners next year so hopefully we’ll play better,” said Coach Powers.

The Braves with a record of (7-18) to end the season won against High Schools Buena, Tustin High, Cerritos, Montebello High School, Crespi Carmelite High School, Gahr High School, Warren, and Cypress. The Braves with their seven-wins shined in particularly two games, one against Gahr where they won (15-1) and against Cypress running the board ending it (17-3).

Looking to next season with predictions is a bit of a stretch because the season has just now ended, but Coach Powers understands where the team needs to improve for next season.

“We want to play better than this season, we have improvements to make all around though swimming, ball handling, awareness in the pool but that just comes with experience and time spent playing so hopefully we can progress,” said Coach Powers.

While it is early to predict, Coach Powers has some clear goals for the upcoming season.

“It all depends because there is so much our goal consists of for next season, well our goal is to always win but it’s to be above 500 records and to make playoffs for CIF that’s our goal.” Said Coach Powers.

Though the Bosco Braves had a rough season this year the realized their mistakes and are working in the offseason to mitigate them as much as possible for next season. Coach Powers believes in his players and is guiding them to take the Water Polo program to new heights with his players.

Sports: St. John Bosco E-sports Continues to Impress On All Fronts

by Ian Cook

The Bosco E-sports team is in the midst of a very successful season as they seek to compete in the national championships.

Photo by Alex Diaz, Photo Editor

After concluding a match that was held a few days ago, the gaming teams in the E-sports program are on track to compete in the national championships in Arlington, Texas.  The Director of E-sports, Mr. Gabe Giangualano, expressed his desire for his program to be consistent in hopes of the program having the best season yet. 

As of now, the Rainbow Six Siege team has a record of 3-1. The Valorant Team is undefeated thus far, recently beating  Clayton Valley High School in Concord, California, while the Overwatch team has a record of 4-2 and is well ahead of the game. 

In addition, the Rocket League team has turned many heads during the last few months, being currently undefeated and ranked number one in the state. They hope to be ranked number one in the nation after the High School E-sports League (HCEL) decides where the Braves stand. 

“The reason we stand out so much is because we have so many talented players. Our Fortnite team has two phenomenal players, Gabriel Lopez and Isaiah Munoz who have been key factors that have made their team have a lot of success,” said Coach Gabe Giangualano. 

Over the weekend, the program’s Valorant Team had a match against an excellent Clayton Valley Cougar Program. Being up two games early, the Braves were taken by surprise as Clayton Valley made a 6-0 run. The Braves found themselves down 11-9. 

With four games to win, and having to win by two points the Braves went on a 4-0 run and sealed the game with junior JT Gates scoring a chest shot to win the match. 

“We were down early to start the game, but we kept our composure and didn’t let our emotions get the best of us, which is why we ended up winning,” said senior Brandon Suiter. 

With the season only getting more competitive, the program needs to stay consistent with their playstyle in hopes of earning a national title in May. 

“The competition is only heating up. Valorant, Rocket League and Fortnite need to stay consistent to be a contender in the national championships in Arlington, Texas, and we’re really happy to see Split Tune and Overwatch as well find great chemistry and becoming top finishers in their contest,” said Coach Giangualano. 

The E-sports program has taken an athletic approach to their program. This approach to a program has led to the success and has put them ahead of their competition in and out of the Trinity League. 

“We are one of the very few schools in the state that takes an athletic approach to a gaming team. We also have a lot of talent spread out in the program, which is ultimately why we have many team’s number during competitions,” said senior Kasen Herroz. 

With Mater Dei being their toughest competitor in league play, the Braves have been able to perform at a high level, defeating every Trinity League team thus far and being able to hold themselves to a much higher standard. The Braves created a lot of separation between themselves from other Trinity League teams. 

With the E-sports team consistently performing at a national level, the program’s teams hope to continue their success and ultimately win a national title at Esports Stadium Arlington in Arlington, Texas. 

The next Bosco E-sports team to play will be the Valorant team, competing on Thursday at 1:00 p.m. 

Around Bosco: Bosco E-sports And The Beginning Of A New Era!

by Diego Santizo, Sports Editor

The St. John Bosco High School E-sports team is currently on the rise and is already getting eyes looking their way as they have struck a deal with Gamer Company Razer. 

Bosco E-sports is a relatively new program who not so long ago weren’t even a club on campus and now have struck a deal with one of the world’s leading lifestyle brands for gamers, Razer. 

It has been nothing short of a long road to get to where the program is today and a huge contributing factor to why the program exists is Bosco E-sports Head Coach Gabe Giangualano. 

“I had a proposal for the school and next thing we know we had a big fifty player tryout which we narrowed down to twenty and that twenty was ultimately the twenty player roster we carried last season ” said Giangualano.  

Razer is a company known for landing huge partnerships as they sponsor Evil Geniuses who are one of the best E-sport teams in the world, UCLA who always have a solid E-sports program and now they’ve partnered with St. John Bosco High School. 

Seeson Mahathavorn, a global marketing manager for Razer and a Bosco alumni had seen a post on Facebook regarding how Bosco E-sports was starting up and he couldn’t be happier when he found out the founder of it was his old soccer teammate Coach Giangualano. Once he saw how quickly the program as a whole was growing he reached out to Coach Giangualano about a potential meeting.

“Talent starts at a young age. Kobe got drafted to the NBA from high school, so why can’t the next great E-sports athlete? We don’t believe that age or level of development of a program limits the potential of a player that can be found there. As E-sports has grown we’re seeing that pro level players are being found at all ages and parts of the world. Earlier this year, Razer sponsored their first collegiate E-sports team at UCLA and it’s been amazing so far, even with the current pandemic, so why not go even farther back to where many gamers get their start: high school. As for why St. John Bosco, besides being close to me personally, back in July, my former Bosco Soccer teammate and classmate (c/o ’99), Derek Barraza, reached out to me on Facebook, showing me Bosco’s post about launching their first-ever E-sports Summer [Virtual] Camp. He also mentioned that current Bosco Soccer Coach and c/o ’99 classmate, Gabe Giangualano, was leading all things E-sports and it felt like a great opportunity to support a high school team for the first time ever,” said Mahathavorn. 

Giangualano pitched his vision for the program and the two sides managed to reach an agreement which led to Razer donating 50 headsets for Braves to in the Fall 2020 E-sports season. 

“It was a match made in heaven, honestly the best E-sports peripheral company in the world says we ‘want you?’ You gotta say ‘of course!” said Giangualano as he hopes the partnership continues for years to come. He went on to say that the program has improved with Razer’s headsets, the BlackShark V2. Currently the Braves are ranked top 10 in League of Legends, #1 in Rocket League, #1 in Smite, and playoff bound with Overwatch and Fortnite. Giangualano is committed to making the Bosco E-sports program a powerhouse. 

There is a plan in the works that Bosco E-sports will collaborate an exclusive training conference with UCLA and Evil Geniuses on the Braves campus. With the pandemic these plans have been put on hold but will soon be revisited as soon as the restrictions lift. This conference will allow the Braves to work with professionals and collegiate athletes to hear the strategies and tactics they use in their training regiments. Giangualano is committed to developing high school players the way professional clubs and colleges develop theirs.

“We’re always looking to strengthen all of our partnerships – to help E-sports programs grow, to develop talent, to build character. We’re currently working on a “Path to Pro” type of program where we would utilize all of our sponsored teams: Evil Geniuses at the pro level, UCLA E-sports at the collegiate level, and St. John Bosco at the high school level. It’s currently under construction but would include coaching, mentorships, workshops, friendly scrims, internships, sponsorships, etc where all participants will hopefully benefit from one another both inside and outside of the E-sports world” said Mahathavorn. 

Despite the process sounding easy, in reality it was far from it as according to Giangualano it was “a long road to getting E-sports here at the school” and it was “difficult to get the support to get something started”.

This beginning would go back all the way to 2016 as only ten kids showed up for an information meeting on a potential launch which led to nothing. 

In 2017 the freshman class had a lot of freshmen who were interested in a program and had to slowly wait out the process for the next big step which finally came in 2018 as “Bosco E-sports” became an unofficial club on campus which was only for fun. 

Coach Giangualano saw the potential it had and pushed for it to become an official program alongside current senior Mauricio Contreras. 

“I wanted to show people anything can be accomplished as long as you work hard for it” said Contreras. 

The dream finally became a reality when in 2019 the school officially approved the program and gave the confirmation to allow five teams within the program. 

Not only is each program led by a dedicated coach, but captains are chosen to play a huge role in their respective team as they become the backbone for those teams. 

Talent, leadership quality, and inspiration is what goes into the thought process of electing an E-sports captain and Coach Giangualano hopes each captain leads by example and follows these three pillars on a daily basis. 

The five programs of Bosco E-sports consist of: Rocket League, Smite, League of Legends, Overwatch, and Fortnite. Each one of those coaches runs their individual team and a normal Bosco E-sport week consists of: practicing three times a week, two days of rest (non consecutive), and two days of competition whether it’s a tournament or a scrimmage. 

The Rocket League program consists of a varsity and a junior varsity team. The Bosco Rocket League team can be seen as the highlight of the E-sports program as the Braves sit at #1 in all of California and #1 in the Regional League. The team is led by junior captain Brandon Suiter who is a grand champion status player. 

The Rocket League program has had a significant accomplishment as they are the one of the two programs from Bosco to have played against a university, but they are the only program who managed to get a win in their college showcase match. 

Cal State Dominguez Hills’ Rocket League program came up short against Braves in what would be one of the biggest victories ever in the young history of Bosco E-sports.

The Smite program consists of seven players in total and is led by captain Lauren Weldon who attends Bosco’s sister school St. Josephs and is the only girl in the whole E-sports program.

“She is doing a really great job keeping the group organized and communicating our strategies, she has natural leadership qualities,” said Giangualano. 

Lauren described being part of the Bosco E-sports program as a “win-win” because she finally had a good excuse to be playing video games on a daily basis while representing not only SJB, but St. Josephs as well being the only girl there. 

“I don’t really see it as a big deal to me, because at the end of the day we’re all there for one common goal which is to play video games” said Weldon. 

Lauren stressed to all the St. Joseph girls, if they feel E-sports is something that they might have a passion for or is something they want to try they should follow her footsteps and just “go for it”. 

The League of Legends program is the second program of two to have played against a college level team. They took part in a scrimmage the week prior to the Rocket League victory in which they also faced Cal State Dominguez Hills.

 The scrimmage was a best out of three series and each series came down to the last plays making every series a nail biter. Domininguez Hills narrowly escaped with the victory.  

The League of Legends program is slowly bouncing back as they lost several notable seniors last year, but are on the right track as they currently hold a 6-2 record in league play. 

The Overwatch program is looking solid as it’s a split of upperclassmen and lowerclass men giving a “youngbloods” and “veterans” vibe which could end up being a huge factor in their potential success. The Braves are currently waiting to snatch up a wildcard playoff spot in their inaugural Overwatch season.

Bosco’s Fortnite program is always eager to improve. They’ve had recent success in they’re scrimmages and the coaches as a whole couldn’t be more prouder than the performances of all their teams. They are confident all three teams will lock up playoff spots and head into December on a hunt for a title.

The Bosco E-sports program stays on the grind as they’re always available to watch on a weekly basis on Twitch and Youtube starting at 4:00 PM. You can find them on twitch at  StJohnBoscoHSesports.

The Fortnite team streams Monday on YouTube while Smite is streaming on Twitch. The League of Legends team will be streaming on twitch on Tuesday while on Wednesday the Overwatch team takes over. Thursday gets busier as Rocket League varsity and junior varsity can be found headlining on twitch. Friday will usually be whatever scrimmage the program as a whole can muster up and will also live streamed on YouTube. 

Saturday isn’t a rest day by any means as the gamers are up and ready to go in they’re households by 6:00 AM for morning practice.

Not only do the Braves work hard on their PCs, but are also very hard workers in the classroom as Coach Giangualano can’t stress time management enough. All students are required to take a time management workshop that helps players and families budget their time. 

“One of the things we strive for as a program is Academic Excellence. All players are given a calendar to stay organized and budget their time for the week. The last thing we want is for E-sports to occupy all of our time. It’s very easy for that to happen. The calendar, the time management workshop and parent expectations make for a successful student. It’s when that discipline falls by the waist side do we see declines in grades like with any sport.” said Giangualano.

A future goal for Bosco E-sports is saving money in order to improve their computer lab making it an official E-sport lab dedicated just to E-sports which will finally be the first place all Bosco gamers can call home. This will allow the program to continue to take baby steps in being successful while also building for the future. 

While most schools currently offer few game titles, players are found playing multiple game titles throughout the week. The Braves have cut this down and defined the players to a single game title E-Athletes. Meaning players usually only focus on one game title throughout the season. This approach dedicates the player to that particular focus and prevents chaos, burnouts, and loss of passion for a specific game. 

Overall, the goal for Bosco E-sports is to “convert kids from gamers to E-sporters” as Coach Giangualano knows from experience who is a “gamer” and who is an “E-sporter”. 

“Gamers are kids who want to play a game, but want to play it on their time and their time only. E-Athletes are kids who are committed to improving each and every single practice session, listen to their coaches, and always do what’s best for the team” said Giangualano.

Coach Gabe went on to say that his new E-sports club, Game Knights Youth E-sports Academy is about to open up for public tryouts this December. “It’s the best way to develop kids ages 8-18. I was approached by some parents who wanted their kids to be a part of my program but weren’t Braves. At Game Knights, we believe building the kids up at a younger age will produce a much more serious and competitive player and prevent or stop bad video game habits as we bring discipline to that chaos,” said Giangualano. You can get more information on Game Knights at

As for Razer, they’re aware Bosco has all the tools to become as successful as possible and will more than happily continue to support Bosco E-sports as long as they stay on the right path trending towards an upward direction. 

“We’re always working on growing and supporting the E-sports ecosystem, from sponsoring gear to promising teams and individuals to initiatives that give aspiring E-sports players a taste of playing in big tournament type and even wellness programs on how to take care of yourself while grinding to become the best of the best. Stay tuned for more announcements coming your way” said Mahathavorn. 

The future looks very bright indeed as Bosco E-sports are on a mission to become not only one of the best programs on campus, but one of the best programs in the state of California, and very soon one of the best programs in the nation. 

Around Bosco


by Isaac Mays, Sports Editor

At St. John Bosco High School’s very own Thunderdome, St. Joseph’s Associated Student Body (ASB) revealed the Winter Formal Dance King, Phansidilang “King” Dina, who is the first ever international student elected King.

Anticipation arose leading up to Friday, January 20th, where the court and King was celebrated. During halftime of the Bosco Basketball Homecoming Game, all nominees lined up for the reveal. Much of the study body gathered to watch the Braves face off against the Servite Friars, as they also cheered on their classmates in the race for Formal King. 

Photo by SJB Student Life

One senior would be crowned as the King, while the others would serve on the Winter Formal Court. The 2023 senior nominees included Alex Palmer, Ryan Gutierrez and King (Phansidilang) Dina. Additionally, junior princes Max Abrahamson and Grant Hidalgo-Villanueva were given the opportunity to serve on the court after winning their respective elections.

During halftime, candidates were escorted by Saint Joseph’s ASB onto the gym floor. Senior Grace Maxwell crowned King Dina as the official 2023 Winter Formal King. The crowd erupted into applause as the King, King, would now be supported by Ryan, Alex, Max and Grant as his Formal Court.

“I feel like I belong somewhere. I am also representing Asian communities out there, not just Saint John Bosco or Saint Joseph’s,” King said.

King is an international student from Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and is a member of the Bosco’s International Exchange Program. King has become the first exchange student to win the title of Formal King in school history. King participates in extracurricular activities, such as Kairos, and also maintains a job as a barista at a local boba shop.

“I just want to say thank you to Bosco and Joseph’s for voting me on as Formal King.” 

Spectators were also very impressed with the overall preparation that the Bosco administration had put into the event. All of the pairs walking up to the gym floor were dressed in formal attire as they processed in perfect fashion. FULL STORY


by Brett Baligad, Senior Editor

During Winter Homecoming week, the Braves hosted their second annual Intramural Basketball Tournament. The finals took place last Friday in St. John Bosco’s Thunderdome during the Winter Sports Rally.

Basketball is in full swing on St. John Bosco’s campus. Despite the excitement surrounding the Braves’ varsity basketball team’s eight-game winning streak, it seems that Bosco’s second annual intramural basketball tournament has garnered the focus of the entire student body, who were fixated about who would come out on top. Founded in 2022 as the proverbial successor to “Bosco NBA,” the inaugural tournament featured the teachers, “The L.B. Dawgs,” winning it all, as they knocked off “Wavy Navy” in the finals.

Photo by SJB Student Life

In order to join, teams registered their three person roster, an alternate and a team name. From there, the bracket and game schedule were created. Executive Board Co-President Tyler Baligad was a major contributor to organizing the rosters.

“I know the student body really well and I wanted to make sure there were exciting first round matchups. By doing so, it would attract a lot of viewership over the two weeks, and I believe that was achieved. I also [felt] like we [had] a pretty solid group of teams heading into the Final Four,” Tyler said.

The tournament has taken place over two weeks leading up to the finals this Friday. With four rounds, the finals will take place in front of the student body at the Winter Sports Rally. The games are single elimination with all baskets being worth one point up until the finals where three pointers are awarded two points. Lastly, games are played with a fifteen minute game clock.

The Final Four teams included “Chadwell (Linda),” “Top 2 Not 2,” “Fantastic 3” and “The Teachers.” FULL STORY


by Noah Dawson

The St. John Bosco’s Black Student Union (BSU) cordially invites everyone to their inaugural BSU Cookout event, an occasion to celebrate the diversity and culture of the greater community.

Get ready for a day of fun and food on February 4th, as the cookout event marks a unique opportunity for members from across the Bosco community and beyond to come to participate in games, eat food and connect with students from across the Los Angeles area and celebrating the strength of different cultures.

Photo by Noah Dawson

From 2-4:00 pm, the event is open exclusively to Bosco students and faculty, as the Brave family will be treated to an array of mouthwatering Cajun dishes from local caterers that represent black culture and business in partnership with Black on the Block. There will also be side dishes, such as potato salad, coleslaw and baked beans. The event opens to the public starting at 4:00 pm and ending at 8:00 pm. Food will be still be available to purchase during that timespan for those non-Bosco attendees and latecomers.

Following food, there will be an array of games and activities. This includes a three-legged race and a water balloon toss sponsored by St. Joseph’s High School’s Black Student Association. The night will conclude with a showing of the film Do the Right Thing.

“We are incredibly excited to be partnering with St. Joseph’s to make this happen. This is going to be such an amazing opportunity for all of the black students from different schools to come together, meet each other and form partnerships for years to come,” said BSU faculty moderator Mrs. Michelle Dolphin.

The excitement is palpable, as students, teachers and staff eagerly await the cookout in the school’s Mary Help of Christians Quad.

“I am beyond thrilled that we are hosting our first-ever cookout,” said counselor Alyssa Skipper. “Celebrating different cultures and putting our amazing Black Student Union at the forefront is so important for our school community. This is going to be a fantastic event that brings everyone together.” FULL STORY


by Brett Baligad, Senior Editor

This past Sunday, Braves and their maternal figures celebrated Bosco’s annual Mother and Son Breakfast.

As the holidays are in full swing, members of the Bosco community are not shy about welcoming the Christmas cheer. To kick off the month, the Parent Association hosted their annual Mother and Son Breakfast. The event took place at Quiet Cannon in Montebello, as it invited all Bosco students to attend a morning mass, enjoy breakfast and hear from a guest speaker. Students were accompanied by mothers, aunts and grandmothers who have impacted their lives the most. Faculty were in attendance, too, as Principal Dr. Kris Anderson and President Dr. Brian Wickstrom were in attendance with their families.

Photo via Instagram (athenasflicks)

Mass began at 9 a.m. on Sunday morning. Father Ted led mass while being accompanied by a choir and band consisting of Bosco students. Fr. Ted would dedicate his Homily to the mothers in attendance, as he recollected a story about a man who donated holiday goods to a Canadian family years ago.

“Fr. Ted had a very moving Homily. It resonated deeply with me since the story took place in Alberta, Canada and my in-laws are from there,” said Mrs. Janine Mays, mother of senior Isaac Mays. “It is brutally cold in the winter time, and I can only imagine how that single mother must have felt when the man showed up with food and toys. That was a miracle on its own, and when the child asked, ‘Is that Jesus?’ That gave me chills. ‘Yes, my child, he is our Jesus.’ Jesus lives in all of us all time, not just at Christmas.”

The Homily came with perfect timing, catering to all of the mothers that sacrifice for their children along with a sense of hope during Christmas time.

Following the Mass, a catered breakfast was open to guests. While breakfast was being served, there were raffles, silent auctions and vendors. Raffles included gift baskets from notable sports teams on campus including Football, Baseball, Basketball and Esports. FULL STORY


by Marco Castro

The Brothers of Bosco strive to make an impact on the communities of Baja California, Mexico. With the help of Co-Presidents Tyler Baligad and Christopher Facio, the club hopes to continue to unite the Brave community through service.

As St. John Bosco Braves, students are called to be men of service, and one new club has certainly answered that call. The Brothers of Bosco, founded by seniors Brett and Tyler Baligad, is a new service club on campus that donates money and supplies to the communities of Ensenada, Mexico. 

Photo via Instagram (@brothersofbosco)

“We started the club earlier this year because my brother Brett and I saw an opportunity to give back to our grandparents’ church,” said Tyler. “During Covid-19, our grandparents retired in Ensenada, Mexico. Working with their pastor, Fr. Rodolfo, we saw an opportunity to do good.”

After recognizing the chance to help, Brett and Tyler reached out to their friends in the Bosco community for assistance in providing to these people. One person who answered the call to help is the club’s other Co-President, senior Christopher Facio.

“When Brett and Tyler brought up the idea, I was really excited and honored that they wanted me to be part of the moment,” said Christopher.

After assembling a group of students to lead the club, they needed a teacher moderator to officially become a club on campus. Luckily for them, science teacher Mr. Ruben Solorza, Class of ’13, was more than willing to help. FULL STORY


by Noah Dawson

Prior to the Thanksgiving break, the Tenth Successor of Don Bosco, Fr. Ángel Fernández Artime, also known as the Rector Major, came to our campus to share with us his story and offer blessings to St. John Bosco’s students and staff.

Video by Noah Dawson

Father Fernandez was born on August 21st 1960 in Luanco-Gozon, Asturias, Spain and was ordained a priest on July 4th, 1987 in Leon, France. He went on to become the Provincial Superior of South Argentina in 2009, meaning he would oversee the religious operation for the Salesians in Argentina from Buenos Aires. He then went on to climb the ranks of the Church when he was appointed Superior of the new Province of Mediterranean Spain, dedicated to “Mary Help of Christians.”

He continued and took upon himself a new role on March 25th, 2014, when he was elected as the new Rector Major of the Salesian Congregation and the Tenth Successor of Don Bosco. The Rector Major position is one of the highest honors one can receive in the Salesian order, and the position holds much responsibility and power.

“The Rector Major is the succession of Don Bosco himself and has the expectation to not only continue but build upon Don Bosco’s mission,” said St. John Bosco’s Spiritual Director, Father Ted Montemayor. FULL STORY


by Isaac Mays, Sport Editor

St. John Bosco and St. Joseph’s High School seniors brought back an old tradition of swapping campuses and enjoying a “day in the life” of fellow Braves and Jesters.

Brave and Jester seniors were given the opportunity to enroll in a raffle that gave them both a chance, if chosen, to trade places with one another to experience what life is like in each other’s shoes.

Bosco made sure to accommodate the St. Joseph’s Jesters as much as possible, as faculty members designed specific lesson plans for their visitors. 

Photo by Megan Nash, Director of Digital Marketing & Social Media

“The faculty has been really nice. They’ve helped me out with any questions I’ve had,” said St. Joseph’s senior Cynthia Ortiz.

Braves and Jesters alike were contributing in classes and were given a fun chance to bond, making many envy the co-ed schooling system.

Bosco’s Senior Board provided lunch inside the MPR with pizza for all the seniors to share together. Seniors were able to converse with their peers without being separated by their gendered schools. Throughout the entire experience, many new friendships were made, as people interacted that typically never would.

The level of friendliness that was shown throughout the school impressed the Jester visitors. Any negative dispositions held against the Bosco Braves were quickly disproved, as new perspectives were gained.

Many Jesters spoke of being apprehensive regarding their journey to Bosco, although all were happy they did. Most credited the Braves for helping them with tasks that would be difficult without prior knowledge of the school. Jesters were specifically grateful that the Braves helped guide them throughout campus and walk them to their classes. FULL STORY


by Brett Baligad, Senior Editor

Filling the Mary Help of Christians Quad with lights and colors, Dia de los Muertos brought the solemnity and unity of the Brave community, as they mourned and celebrated the lives of their passed loved ones. The successful event was filled with clubs and organizations from across campus honoring family, friends and fallen Braves.

Dia de los Muertos is a special celebration within the Catholic faith, specifically in the Los Angeles Archdiocese. With a large influence of Hispanic culture within the Bosco community, Dia de los Muertos celebrations have always been a significant part of the Bosco community. Preparations for this annual event have been going on for months, as altars, vendors, and artists became the stars of the evening. 

Last Wednesday, students could find clubs setting up for the evening as early as the start of school that morning. Altars lined the center of the quad honoring different loved ones, such as former St. John Bosco staff, grandparents, family members, pets and veterans. These altars were hosted by on-campus organizations, such as the Religion Department, World Language Department, Parents Association, ASB, Golf, Football and many more.

Accompanied by the altars were marigolds and ofrendas. Marigolds are orange flowers that use their scent to attract the souls of the dead toward the ofrendas. The ofrendas are offerings that are typically the deceased loved ones favorite foods or items. FULL STORY


by Marcelles Williams

Four-Star St. John Bosco Football cornerback Marcelles Williams recounts his encounter with NFL star Jalen Ramsey.

On Tuesday, October 18th, Bosco Football welcomed Jalen Ramsey, a member of the Los Angeles Rams, Super Bowl Champion, three-time First Team All-Pro and five-time Pro Bowler, who met with all of the varsity defensive backs, including me, for around an hour and a half. He left me awestruck as he stood before me. Not only does he play for my favorite team, he happens to be my favorite player in the NFL.

Photo by Jessie Christensen

I was sort of star-struck and couldn’t believe that I was able to meet and talk with arguably the best player in the world at my position. Ramsey’s where I strive to be someday and to hear how he got there inspired my Bosco Brothers and me. He gave some strong and influential messages during his time on campus. He talked about a lot of things that related to us, like college recruitment, watching film and the things he did at a young age to set himself up for success in the future. I feel that I will be able to use his words and advice to help guide me throughout my athletic journey.

When things go wrong, Jalen does not let it get to him and that can really help me in life by not letting my emotions get the best of me.

“Stay steady. Let me not get too mad, too down, too angry at myself, I just need to stay steady,” Ramsey said.

Ramsey is not your average NFL defensive back. What I believe separates him from the others is his mentality and all the extra work he puts in. Ramsey’s mantra is: “Be The Best. Simple.” He proves he is year in and year out. All the extra work he puts in contributes to that. FULL STORY


by Isaac Mays, Sports Editor

Following a blowout victory during Friday night’s Homecoming Game against Orange Lutheran High School, the Homecoming Dance took place on Sunday afternoon, as the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County hosted St. John Bosco and St. Joseph’s to provide a unique and exciting Homecoming experience. 

Bosco’s administration chose this venue because it allowed exhibits to be open and accessible, setting a Jurrassic age tone for the dance. Complete fossil structures and life sized dinosaurs were large centerpieces for the evening, and right as the doors opened, they were made clearly visible. 

Photo by St. John Bosco Student Life

Throughout the dance floor many prehistoric animal enclosures depicted and showcased many animals in their natural environment. The area known as “Mammal Hall” helped the students feel surrounded by the prehistoric setting. The venue played a major part in the awe-inspiring evening, with many feeling as if they traveled back in time.

“The theme was ‘Back to the Ages,’ so being in the Natural History Museum it kind of set the theme for itself,” said freshmen Associated Student Body (ASB) member and commissioner Kai Maldonado.

The Homecoming Dance Planning Committee more than did their part, providing food and refreshments for the evening. Ample drinks, such as punch, lemonade and refreshing water, were available throughout the entire night, while cheese displayed elegantly on charcuterie boards was readily available. 

“The Homecoming Planning Committee really went above and beyond this evening,” said senior and ASB Co-President Ryan Gutierrez. “I helped choose this venue, and it really stood out to me. I hope it made a really positive impact and a memorable experience on all the guests in attendance.”

Students felt that the dance also provided an experience that they could be proud of. Many Bosco Braves and St. Joseph’s Jesters alike brought dates from other schools. It allowed many new faces to have a great impression of our community. FULL STORY


by Marcelles Williams

The “Brave For a Day” shadow program is one of Bosco’s top admissions resources. With a successful start to the application season, more prospective students are learning about Bosco’s Brotherhood.

St. John Bosco hosted its first group of “shadows” on September 7th and have been going strong ever since. The school has hosted around 150 shadows so far and that number is going to grow with more future Braves shadowing over the upcoming months. There is expected to be over 500 shadows by the end of the application season. The shadow program is essential for our admissions as over 50% of shadows end up attending Bosco and joining the Brotherhood.

Photo by Bosco Admissions

When students shadow, the parents of those prospective students are able to take a tour around campus. Spearheaded by Ms. Patty Lazcano, parents get to learn about the Bosco experience and the programs the school has to offer.

“We start in the 200 building, go over to the 300/400 buildings, then we crossover to the athletic side and show them the weight room and talk about the garden, then talk about our other soccer and lacrosse fields, then we come back with a Q and A at the end,” said Ms. Lazcano.

Ms. Lazcano as the Shadow Program Coordinator has a big role in the school’s admissions and getting new students into the Bosco Brotherhood. When asked how parents feel about shadowing at Bosco, she replied, “Really really good. The kids are no different, either; they always say they had a great day.” FULL STORY


by Marco Castro

Senior Isaac Mays leads the newest club on campus, as he hopes to bring the joy of surfing to St. John Bosco High School. The club is open to all levels of surfing and plans to host their inaugural meeting this Saturday morning at the Seal Beach Jetty.

Photo by Bosco Surf Team

Isaac Mays has been surfing for many years, and with the help of club co-founder, fellow senior Ryan Gutierrez, Isaac looks to extend his love for aquatics with all of the Bosco community. Inspired by the success of nearby schools, Isaac was in awe with the camaraderie that was built within the surf community. Being a part of both Varsity Water Polo and Swim, he wanted to make a club that went in hand with his love for water sports. 

“We have a competition planned with Long Beach Poly High School around winter time this year,” Isaac said.

Surf competitions are scored by judges and participants are given points based on the skills displayed while surfing. More points are awarded for doing tricks, which Isaac doesn’t think many people will be doing at their competitions.

Although there will be frequent competitions, potential members do not need prior experience to be a part of the Surf Team.

“No experience is necessary; we’re just looking to have a fun time,” Isaac said. FULL STORY


by Brett Baligad, Senior Editor

This year’s Senior Luau was filled with plenty to see, do and eat. The successful night is a strong indicator for what the rest of the year has in store for the graduating Class of 2023.

After long preparation, the Senior Luau made it’s return to St. John Bosco High School. Every year, each class hosts an annual class bonding event. This includes the Freshmen Barbecue, Sophomore Lock In, Junior Picnic and Senior Luau. A luau is a Hawaiian party with food and live entertainment. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Senior Luau is only the second class event for the class of 2023, as they hosted a successful Junior Picnic last spring.

Photo by Robert Visty III, Photo Editor

The luau was held last Wednesday and started at 6:30pm and concluded at 9:00pm. Upon entering the Mary Help of Christians Quad, seniors were greeted with Hawaiian music, pick up volleyball games and plenty of students dressed to the theme. The quad was lined with round tables for Bosco and Joseph’s seniors to socialize.

Not long after the beginning of the luau, seniors were served Hawaiian food, while they caught up with their Brave brothers and Jesters sisters. Even after four years together, to many, it was surprising to see there were still a lot of new faces to meet and befriend.

“Because this was only our second class event, I was still unfamiliar with some [St. Joseph’s] seniors, as we don’t see them everyday. However, it was good to introduce myself and make new friends,” said senior Sam Hentges. FULL STORY


by Brett Baligad, Senior Editor

The Entrepreneurship Pathway opens its doors to the student body, offering the entire campus the opportunity to learn financial literacy. 

Although the Financial Literacy course has already been around since 2018, the course was exclusive to the Entrepreneurship Pathway seniors by coordinators Mr. Bryce Weiglin and Mr. Shane Beatty. In collaboration with President Dr. Wickstrom, Mr. Weiglin felt that it was necessary that all students be able to graduate with financial literacy.

Photo by Brett Baligad, Senior Editor

“Financial literacy at SJB teaches students the basics of money management: budgeting, saving, debt, investing, giving and more,” said Mr. Weiglin. “That knowledge lays a foundation for students to build strong money habits early on and avoid many of the mistakes that lead to lifelong money struggles.”

This course will be offered in-person and virtually in partnership with SJB Global. SJB Global is Bosco’s new online schooling platform that may potentially have students enrolling across the world. This is a major change in Salesian education, extending the boundaries and wisdom St. John Bosco has to offer.

“It’s important to empower the next generation and teach them to handle their money wisely. We want our kids, and honestly all students to beat the statistics. This course will be offered online for non-SJB students as well, to allow for a much greater reach,” said Mr. Weiglin. FULL STORY


by Marco Castro

St. John Bosco High School’s new lunch service has created positive buzz around campus, catering to all students, faculty and staff with fresh and delicious food.

Bosco has had its fair share of struggles with keeping a lunch program, with this program being its fourth lunch program in four years. Otto Rafael Penarredonda, CEO of Alumni Solutions and member of the Bosco Class of 1974, has come to end those problems, implementing a new lunch program made to last. When Bosco reached out to Mr. Penarredonda, he was hesitant at first but after much prayer and consideration, he decided he was going to help.

Photo by Alex Diaz, Photo Editor

“If any school other than St. John Bosco asked, I would’ve said no,” said Mr. Penarredonda.

Being an alumnus of the school, he understood the problems Bosco was facing and felt he owed the community.

“St. John Bosco gave me a foundation that led me into my early 20s to become an entrepreneur.”

Bosco’s Principal, Dr. Kris Anderson, played an instrumental role in bringing Alumni Solutions to the Bosco Campus. After hearing the many complaints about the last food service, he knew it was time to look for a permanent solution to this problem.

“We were listening to the parents,” Dr. Anderson said.

Their voices were heard, and Alumni Solutions was brought to the Bosco campus. As many students have noticed, Alumni Solutions is not a typical food service. One major difference is the cashless system, which raised the eyebrows of many students on campus. FULL STORY


By. Robert Visty III

St. John Bosco High School added a new course to its semester one curriculum: Marine Biology. Spearheaded by Bosco alumnus and environmental science teacher Mr. Ruben Solorza, the class aims to expand on the unit of marine biology previously taught within Environmental Science. 

“Last year in Environmental Science, I told Mr. Solorza that I liked marine biology, and he told me, ‘Let us create a class,’ and so now here we are,” said marine biology student and senior Myles Vaughn.

Photo by Robert Visty III, Photo Editor

Student enthusiasm is abundant in the Marine Biology classroom. Many students in this year’s course were in the previous Environmental Science class, and because of this previous experience, they are quite passionate about the new course and its subject matter.

“A lot of students were excited about the marine biology unit in last year’s Environmental Science class,” said Mr. Solorza. “There was a lot of student support, so I’m glad we did it,” said Mr. Solorza.

This year, Mr. Solorza plans on doing multiple extracurricular activities with the Marine Biology class, including dissecting squid and a trip down to the tide pools at Palos Verdes. FULL STORY


by Isaac Mays, Sports Editor

Last Friday, the St. John Bosco Brave and St. Joseph’s Jester communities took a blast to the past with 2000s inspired music, clothes and Polaroids. The welcome dance’s success shows promise for what the rest of the school year has in store.

Photo by St. John Bosco Student Life

Last week’s Y2K Welcome Dance was the first of many for incoming and transfer students. With over 300 freshmen combined between the Bosco and Joseph’s classes, the dance welcomed over 700 students in attendance from not just the Brave and Jester communities, but also students from neighboring Catholic schools.

Hosted in the Bosco gymnasium, the Thunderdome, the dance brought the theme back to the year 2000 with all Y2K themed décor. The throwback featured many aspects unfamiliar to the typical lives of teens growing up after the early 2000s. Associated Student Body (ASB) and Bosco’s Dance Committee, who spearheaded the planning of the event, implemented a Polaroid camera station for patrons of the dance to attend and get photos on the spot in Y2K style.

The theme offered students options to expand their wardrobe’s fashion options. A glow in the dark lighting scheme incorporated black lights to illuminate the dance floor. FULL STORY


by Matthew Parsons

After the disastrous era of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bosco’s robotics program started from the ground up to make a strong return to the field of competition.

The robotics program at Bosco competes in the international program known as, For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST), also known as the FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition). 

Photo by Alex Diaz, Photo Editor

This is the first year since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic that Bosco has been able to have a team compete in the robotics competition, meaning that the so-called veterans of the team who are the juniors still only had the experience of their freshman year under their belt. Although their team is extremely young and inexperienced in working together, they pulled through.

In the FRC, a challenge is set that teams internationally assemble a robot that fulfills the parameters of said challenge. This happens on the day known as Kickoff Day, where teams across the world tune in to a live stream that reveals the challenge. Kickoff Day signifies the beginning of the build season which lasts around 8-9 weeks. FULL STORY


Last week, the Five Sisters Theatre Company of St. Joseph’s High School took the audience’s breath away with their Spring performance of Shrek: The Musical.

Based on the book by William Steig and the popular Dreamworks film, Shrek: The Musical is a touching tale about learning to love people for who they are. Most are familiar with animated film, but the musical adaptation brings the show to new heights and seeing Bosco and St. Joseph students up on stage made the story all the more entertaining.

Directed by Larry Van Deventer, the story follows an ogre named Shrek, played by junior Connor Sheehan and his trusty sidekick, Donkey, played by junior Alex Palmer. Together they set off on a quest to deliver Princess Fiona, played by junior Oliva Herron, to Lord Farquaad, played by senior Kriss Valente, in exchange for the swamp Shrek calls home.

At the beginning of the play, others see Shrek as a scary monster, so he shuts the world out, believing that people will only ever see him this way. However, as the story progresses, Shrek learns that just because he looks like a monster on the outside, he doesn’t have to act like savagely on the inside. This heart-warming message of self-love is aligned with the Salesian message of St. John Bosco. FULL STORY


by Brett Baligad

Last weekend, the Brave community welcomed students and their fathers at the annual Father and Son Car Show.

Landing with a POW, over one hundred cars showed up to this year’s superhero-themed car show. Plenty of fathers and sons showed up with a BANG, repping their favorite superhero apparel. With the recent opening of The Batman, Gotham’s caped crusader proved to have had the most love. This year’s event had an outstanding two hundred students and fathers attend.

The Sunday morning began with mass in the Chapel presided by Fr. Ted Montemayor. During his procession, Fr. Ted was welcomed by Theater Director Martin Lang who accompanied the piano for the service. Upon entering, students were given their ‘Participation Passport’ that, if fully completed, would be their ticket for being entered for a chance to win an Xbox Series S later in the afternoon. With plenty of more incentives, students and their fathers were more inclined to visit all of the activities the Car Show had to offer.

Following the mass, students were free to visit all of the classic, muscle, and sports cars the intramural field had to offer. The event sponsor this year was Team Mopar 360 who showed with the majority of the vehicles. On top of this, many unique cars made an appearance too. FULL STORY


by Andrew Fierro, Managing Editor

Starting tomorrow and in full effect when students arrive to class on Monday, St. John Bosco High School will adhere to the new guidance of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), eliminating the indoor mask mandate in schools for the first time in two years. 

Photo by The Brave News Staff

Going along with Orange County, Los Angeles County lifted their indoor mask mandate for businesses and was one of the few remaining counties in the whole country to do so. Following this, K-12 schools through will also be lifting their mask mandate. However, the CDPH still strongly recommends teachers, staff and students to continue to wear masks indoors, despite the fact it is no longer required.

More and more students have been itching to go without masks, and as the COVID-19 numbers continue to diminish, they has been an eagerness for the mask mandate to be lifted.

“I think that the masks make it difficult in class. Sometimes I am not able to hear my teachers because of their masks and it also makes my glasses fog up which can be very annoying,” said senior Joshua Joson. FULL STORY


by Eric Torres, Editor-in-Chief

Last Friday, the Brave community gathered to celebrate and remember the life of the ultimate Brave, Mr. Monty McDermott, class of 1986. 

Fittingly, the funeral took place in Panish Family Stadium, a large symbol of the culture that Mr. McDermott instilled, especially in the area of athletics. 

Photo by Bo Visty, Assistant Photo Editor

As a reminder of who Mr. McDermott was, and what he valued, the stadium was filled with Bosco alumni, from past teachers to old friends and family of Mr. McDermott. 

The service began with a rendition of the song “Beth” by the American rock band Kiss, who Mr. McDermott was a noted superfan. The music was played by theater instructors Mr. Martin Lang, Tim McNalley, James Flaherty and Marco Soronio, who in addition played the music for the rest of the mass, with a rock twist. 

Furthermore, the speakers who participated in the mass were a well-chosen list of Bosco and St. Joseph alumni, both students and teachers, who either had a strong connection with Mr. McDermott or are a member of his department. These speakers included religious studies teacher and football coach Mr. Joseph Griffin, class of 1975, Director of Football Operations Mrs. Jessie Christensen, St. Joseph class of 1989, former golf coach and former religious studies teacher Mr. Jack Hastert, class of 1970, football player Jairus Satele, baseball player Jake Ellison and cross country runner Chris Chavez, all class of 2022.  FULL STORY


by Aydn Morris

In Bosco’s Winter Spirit Week’s 3v3 basketball tournament, both teachers and students enjoyed friendly competition, with the teachers coming out on top.

Photo by Bo Visty

In the 16-team tournament, the Long Beach Dawgs came with the win, following two huge back-to-back victories against Bosco Baseball and Wavy Navy in the championship game. For winning the tournament, the Dawgs’ players received a $40 Nike gift card for their effort. The Dawgs team consisted of basketball coach Michael Bartelt, history teacher and former baseball coach Mr. Mario Cordero, water polo head coach and Olympic Hall-of-famer Mr. Jeff Powers and basketball coach Ms. Allegra Weinstein. 

Mr. Cordero randomly selected the team to participate in tournament.

“I clicked the link to sign up for the 3v3 tournament, and put down myself, Powers, Bartelt and Weinstein, and they didn’t even know until I sent them a screenshot saying ‘Congratulations, you’re on the LB Dawgs,’” said Mr. Cordero.

Due to this random selection, some Dawgs players were not ready to play, which gave them some trouble throughout the tournament. FULL LINK


by Brett Baligad

Moderated by Engineering Pathway Coordinator Mr. Walt Wippler, Tribe Robotics looks to pick up where they left off from last year’s success.

Led by junior Loreto Albaran, the young squad will rely on many new faces to help bring the program to glory. 

Photo by Alex Diaz, Photo Editor

During the offseason, leaders mentored newcomers by teaching them basic programming and building skills in preparation for the start of the 2022 season. Students were given the option to become skilled in coding or hands-on building. The squad has high hopes as more students are becoming involved in STEM at Bosco by joining the Tribe Robotics Team.

“You can have entry-level experience and we will take you. We teach you in the preseason, and by the kickoff date, you have enough experience to make a solid impact for the team,” said junior Loreto Albaran. 

This year, all robotics teams across the country are required to complete multiple specific tasks. These include creating a hundred-pound robot that can collect and shoot rubber balls into a hoop for points, along with having the hundred-pound robot remarkably climb on its own along with a climbing frame. This work has the team meeting six days a week in preparation for their first competition in March. FULL STORY


by Andrew Fierro, Managing Editor

Today is not only the feast day of St. John Bosco, but also the birthday of Fr. Arthur Lenti, who was gentle, kind-hearted and a great role model to the school.

Photo by Michael Bartelt

St. John Bosco was born on August 16, 1815, in Italy. He became a role model for young children and most importantly helped underprivileged children to reach their full potential. This was his moral mission from a young age, and he always looked out for children his entire life.

At the age of eleven, St. John Bosco had a dream that changed the course of his life and many others’. In this dream, he was in a field, with a lot of kids fighting, and he saw Mary, who taught him how he could win the children over and how to guide them. After that dream, he went on to help children and later start an oratory for the underprivileged children of the region.

St. John Bosco High School is of course modeled off of the views and methods of its namesake, St. John Bosco, and the teachers and faculty do everything they can to create the same environment for the students as St. John Bosco did for his children. St. John Bosco High School’s Fr. Ted Montemayor is well-versed on St. John Bosco’s life. FULL STORY


by Aeden Alexander, Sports Editor

St. John Bosco welcomes the students back on campus after a three-week vacation, looking to finish off the 2021-22 school year strong with new policies and rules.

This new policy officially started January 10th, the day students returned to class, and is in full effect with rules and consequences should the policy be violated.

The new policy states that all students must keep their cell phones in their backpack the entire school day, and must not be used unless in the case of an immediate emergency. If a student chooses to go against the policy, their phone will be taken away and the student will be given a Saturday detention.

For many months teachers have had issues with students having their cell phones out, and often talked about what it would be like with a policy like this in place. FULL STORY


by Eric Torres, Editor-In-Chief

Last week, the Brave community lost Mr. Monty McDermott, class of 1986, who most notably served as the Director of Athletics, but to many, was far more than that. 

For 29 wonderful years, Mr. McDermott was a pillar of St. John Bosco. Since taking over as Athletic Director in 2002, St. John Bosco enjoyed the most successful athletic department run in the school’s history. Including a move into the elite Trinity League, Mr. McDermott is responsible for many of the changes that led to the successes that the school and its community have been accustomed to for quite some time now. 

During his time as Athletic Director, St. John Bosco won a remarkable 52 varsity league titles, 79 CIF titles, 26 state championships and 11 national championships. 

“They (Mr. McDermott and former principal Pat Lee) made an institutional commitment to compete with the teams in the Trinity League,” said instructor of Religious Studies Mr. Joe Griffin, class of 1975. 

Although all of Bosco’s athletic teams have seen vast improvements since the beginning of his tenure, Mr. McDermott’s transformation of Bosco football into a powerhouse on the national level was one of, if not his most incredible accomplishment. Bosco football’s success began roughly a decade ago, with league titles in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2018, state championships in 2013, 2016, and 2019, with those 2013 and 2019 campaigns ending with the Braves as National Champions. FULL STORY


by Andrew Fierro, Managing Editor

As the new Omicron variant continues to spread rapidly across the nation, colleges across the state are beginning to return to online learning. However, St. John Bosco has taken preventive measures in order to stay in person as initially planned.

The first detected case of the variant in the United States occurred on December 1st in California. Since then, the variant has spread rapidly across the state and as well as the country. This variant has proven to be more contagious than the prior variants and has caused turmoil everywhere it has spread.

Since the first arrival of the variant, cases of COVID-19 have risen to record high numbers, with the average number of cases per week being more than double than that of a year prior, according to data released January 5th.

Though there has been an astronomical increase in the number of cases, the amount of hospitalizations are very low compared to the amount of contracted cases. The chances of someone being hospitalized due to the variant is only 2% with only a 5% chance of being admitted to the emergency room. FULL STORY

The Bosco Community Enters the Christmas Season with the Annual Door Decorating Competition

by Jeremiah Davis

Last week, many teachers and students got into the Christmas spirit through the annual door decorating contest at St. John Bosco.

The competition, started by ASB and available to all who wanted to participate, gave each teacher a chance to truly show their creative side, while also having fun. Because this is a competition, the top three decorative doors were selected for the final round. Out of the three finalists, one door was selected as the winner. 

One finalist, Mrs. Becky Ellison, decorated her door in a very creative fashion, centered around Bosco and what it has to offer. In addition, she added something that was near and dear to her heart: her kids’ old toy named Freddie the Elf, which was used by her kids to spread Christmas cheer in and around their household.

“I wanted to base my door around Admissions, and I was able to do this using Bosco the Elf, whose real name is Freddie the Elf. It was a toy that my kids had previously owned when they were little, and it was used to spread Christmas cheer in our household. The elf takes a tour of every Pathway and sport on campus which is pretty neat,” said Mrs. Ellison. FULL STORY

Father Nguyen Vien Arrives at Bosco to Spread Faith

by Ethan Gibbs

Before Thanksgiving Break, St. John Bosco welcomed Father Nguyen Vien to campus to share valuable insight.

Father Vien has faced many challenges when trying to get young people involved in the faith. Due to new lifestyles and options, fewer and fewer young men are being involved with the faith and God.

The number of Priests and Brothers in the Church is decreasing. Since 2017, there has been a decline in the number of members of the Church. The Salesians of Don Bosco USA West have seen very few new vocations for many years now. 

Another issue that Father Vien has observed is social media. Although he believes that it can be beneficial and helpful, it can also be a distraction to life in front of you. FULL STORY


By Nicholas Neoman

Last week, various Bosco clubs and organizations filled the quad in celebration of Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead.

Beginning in the afternoon, pictures of deceased loved ones, candles, marigolds and other treasured paraphernalia packed the quad. These items, of course, made up an “ofrenda” in honor of people in the Saint John Bosco community that passed away. Students and teachers alike came together to assemble these altars and remember the loved ones that they miss.

In the evening, the celebration of life began. Vendors from Bosco sold Mexican food while people from all around the community gathered together. As always in the Salesian tradition, Father Ted and the Youth Ministry team began the event in prayer, asking God to remember those who have passed on. Father Ted passed by each “ofrenda,” raising incense in their honor and blessing their pictures with holy water.

After this prayer service, the festival of life began. Latin music filled the air as people from all around the community started to socialize and celebrate Día de los Muertos. Some students and faculty, who grew up in communities that celebrated Día de los Muertos, felt very at home during the event.

“My family used to take Día de los Muertos very seriously, especially in the factor of not being fearful in the face of death. The only thing that you should fear is God, and death is just a byproduct, and it is actually an entrance to a new world,” said faculty member Mr. Rummel Requerme. FULL STORY 


by Aeden Alexander, Sports Editor

Last Friday, the Bosco Braves played their final football game of the regular season against Trinity League rivals, the Servite Friars, as both Bosco and St. Joseph’s High School celebrated their first homecoming since 2019.

The weekend started under Friday night lights, with Bosco taking on another nationally ranked league opponent in Servite. Both sides played a magnificent game, though the Braves edge out the Friars in the end by a final score 24-10. 

The homecoming court was brought out during halftime and consisted of junior princesses Nicole Milliman and Valerie Moreno as well as senior princesses Judy Uyanne, Brianna Golini and Amy Rincon. During halftime, they would also announce the Homecoming Queen along with a spectacular firework show.

After the court was brought out, it was time to announce the Queen, with the entire stadium rumbling as Judy Uyanne was announced. She was given the coveted tiara as the fireworks were set off capping off an unforgettable night.

“It caught me by surprise. I was not expecting to win. There [were] so many beautiful girls up [there] alongside me, and I was just so happy to even be [there]. But, it was an honor to be named as Homecoming Queen and feel so blessed,” said Homecoming Queen Judy Uyanne.

The following night was the Homecoming dance, which began at 8:00 PM at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia. The venue overlooked the storied horse racing track that has been home to many big races in the past. FULL STORY


by Aydn Morris

Polynesian culture has been incorporated into the Salesian community after the fantastic Senior Luau event put together by St. John Bosco and St. Joseph.

There is absolutely no better way to throw a party that celebrates the seniors of SJ and SJB, than a Hawaiian luau theme. The senior luau was held on Wednesday, October 28, 2021, and started at 6:30pm and concluded at 9:00pm. 

A luau is a Polynesian ritual, the act is meant to socially gather and unite the community in a celebration of a significant event. After losing a year of social interaction due to COVID-19, the luau acted as an incredible opportunity to unite the Bosco and Joseph community together, with both schools having an amazing, as well as unique, high school experience.

The senior luau was a great opportunity for the two schools’ students to come together to meet and get to know more about each other. With both classes having spent a whole year online, it was great for the community to get back together and meet new people.

The luau consisted of a beautiful entertainment performance, with music, dancing and most importantly great food. The performers included three women and one man, who danced and sang for different polynesian countries such as Fiji, New Zealand and many more. The show lasted about an hour long and not only did they perform to the senior class, but they also educated many of them in the polynesian ritual. 

Although the performance as a whole was outstanding, many believed the best part of the performance was the finale. FULL STORY

Around Bosco: New Hip-Hop Class Becomes One of the Most Popular Electives at Bosco

by Jeremiah Davis

St. John Bosco continues to innovate by bringing new courses to campus. One such class that is taking the school by storm is Hip-Hop: Formation, Structure and Production.

St. John Bosco High School has always had a curriculum that is ever evolving and always open to the acquisition of new courses. The new hip-hop class, taught by Mr. Martin Lang and Mr. Ramon Villanueva, had students lining up for the opportunity to learn about one of America’s most significant and influential music genres.

The class has only one available section, but it is filled to capacity with 28 kids. The main goal for this class is to help students learn to write their own lyrics while also teaching them how to record and produce a song from top to bottom. The class instruction is exactly like the students would expect from the name: “Formation, Structure, and Production.”

“The students have particularly enjoyed the overall dynamic of what we are trying to teach them in this class which makes our job easier,” said Mr. Villanueva, Bosco’s Band Director and one of the hip-hop course instructors.

The class was introduced on campus this year and instantly gained interest from a lot of students. FULL STORY

Around Bosco: Bosco E-Sports Unveils Brand New, State-of-the-Art Gaming Room

By Ethan Gibbs

In partnership with the technology giant Razer, St. John Bosco invested in its growing E-sports program with a pristine gaming room, equaling several thousands of dollars.

The brand new E-sports room is filled with top-of-the-line equipment, including 20 personal computers (PCs), three Xboxes, three PlayStations and three Nintendo Switches.

This new room, located on the third floor of the 200 building, is a significant improvement over the previous E-sports facility. Previously, E-sports was based in the 300 building computer lab, and their computers were too weak to run most video games, leading them to only be able to compete in one video game, League of Legends.

However, the new, stronger computers, can run any game that is currently on the market. For example, the games that are now offered for the E-sports team in addition to League of Legends are Valorant, Overwatch, Fortnite, Smite, Rocket League and Splatoon.

The new E-sports room has helped increase the interest in E-sports from Bosco students. Since last fall, the Esports team has gained at least 15 new members.

“I believe E-sports is growing. The gaming industry is about four billion dollars in the world, and with so many different games and growth, there are so many jobs. There is a lot of opportunity there,” said Coach Giangualano, the head coach of the E-sports team. FULL STORY

Around Bosco: Students Learn Horticulture In Bosco’s New Community Garden

By Dominic Ramirez

Following the construction of a 6,000 square foot garden, St. John Bosco is getting students more involved in the food-making process with agriculture classes and a Horticulture Club.

The garden is located beyond the left field fence of the baseball field. Construction of the garden, which consists of eight planter beds, one vineyard and one citrus orchard, broke ground in January and was completed over the Summer.

In the wake of the new garden’s construction, students founded the Horticulture Club, which is open to anyone on campus who is passionate about plants and gardening. In addition, agriculture classes are available to juniors and seniors.

Prominent figures involved with the horticulture program at St. John Bosco include Mr. Nathan Corkhill, moderator of the Horticulture Club, Mrs. Diaz, a master chef and leader of the Bosco Bread Company, and Ms. Aleshire, a master gardener who helps with gardens in schools across Los Angeles.

The food grown in the garden is sold in the student store in menu items such as breakfast burritos or zucchini bowls, which can be bought and eaten by the entire student body.

“The original design is built for growing food on campus that students can have for lunch and snack, which gives students a farm-to-table experience,” said Mr. Corkhill. FULL STORY

Triduum Week Returns To Spread “Brave Love”

by Eric Torres, Editor-in-Chief

In keeping with Salesian tradition, St. John Bosco celebrated Triduum this week, a period of self-reflection and preparation for a new school year, which includes the release of the new strenna for 2021-2022. 

The word “Triduum” itself is defined as a three day preparation for an event. The most notable is the Paschal Triduum, or the three day period that precedes Easter Sunday. The Salesians of Don Bosco, however, observe another Triduum, one which is observed in September and is celebrated by the release of a strenna. 

The strenna, which is taken from the Italian word for gift, is a theme that students and members of the Salesian community strive to live by. This year, the strenna released by the Salesians of Don Bosco was: “Do all through love, nothing through constraint.” At St. John Bosco High School, however, it is adapted to align more with the school community. Thus, at Bosco, the strenna amended, while still maintaining its general meaning: “Brave love still stands, even when all else has failed.” 

“We wanted to make our strenna something that is more personal for us. We get to live out the same prayers that St. John Bosco used to give the same spirit and joy to the students, and we want to carry that tradition,” said Brother Quang Nguyen, Bosco’s director of Campus Youth Ministry. 

Although COVID-19 regulations have limited some of the more festive celebrations of the Triduum at Bosco, the three-day period still has a lot of spiritual value. At St. John Bosco, students had the opportunity to reflect, go to Reconciliation, and celebrate Mass, which was the first event on campus with the new strenna. FULL STORY

Club Carnival Returns to Widespread Excitement

by Eric Torres, Editor-in-Chief

St. John Bosco High School hosts its first Club Carnival in two years after a long drought caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Wednesday, students had the opportunity to participate in clubs around the campus and get more involved with the school. 

Twenty-nine clubs, representing many different students’ interests, filled the quad with each club having a table designed with posters and other decorations. From Tribe Robotics to the International Club, students had a wide variety of options. Hundreds of students, of all grade levels, signed up to participate in clubs with many students joining multiple clubs. 

At St. John Bosco, every student has the opportunity to start or join a club that piques their interests. If a student finds that there is no club for them, all they need to do is find a teacher to moderate and they can start their own club. Although clubs are student-ran, staff members are still active members of the club process. FULL STORY

Bosco Community Rejoices as On-Campus Learning Returns

by Aydn Morris

After a long 522-day wait, St. John Bosco High School has finally completely reopened for on-campus learning.

On May 13, 2020, St. John Bosco closed their school campus due to the spread COVID-19. As of Aug 17, 2021, St. John Bosco has officially reopened their whole campus for all students and staff, but still has to hold strict restrictions due to the Los Angeles County Health Guidelines.

As everyone would expect, the school wants to be able to have the campus open for the entirety of the school year. This would mean that there will have to be health and safety restrictions and complete cooperation between students, teachers and staff.

“The best way to keep everyone safe is to follow the rules with mask and if there is  any sort of symptomatic feeling of COVID-19 to not come to school because it would be safer for everyone, even if it feels like it’s a sacrifice to make,” said newly appointed Vice Principal of Student Affairs, Mrs. Jen Schnorr. FULL STORY

Around Bosco: Bosco’s Brand New Weightroom Fit For A Brave

by Ian Cook

St. John Bosco announces a new and improved strength and conditioning facility just as the 2021-2022 school year and athletic seasons kick off.

A brand new, state of the art Strength and Conditioning Center will open at St. John Bosco High School in just a few days. Although the Pandemic has put many obstacles in front of Bosco, this has not stopped the school from working toward the goal of helping boys become men in all facets of the academic and athletic experience.

The school received brand new dumbbells, bumper plates branded with the St. John Bosco Brave logo, squat racks, leveled out rubber flooring and more modern technology.

“We have a camera system coming in that will record every athlete’s reps, sets and also track their speed and velocity so that our guys will have something to shoot toward,” said Steven Lo, the football program’s offensive coordinator and the school’s Strength and Conditioning Coordinator. FULL STORY

Braves Return To Field To Defend Their Throne

by Diego Santizo, Sports Editor

After a long delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bosco Football is back, as the Braves are set to take on Sierra Canyon at Panish Family Stadium tomorrow. Despite some new names and younger players leading the team this year, the Braves are still overwhelmingly favored to defend their championship throne.

The last time St. John Bosco played in an official game wearing its school uniforms, it was while beating De La Salle High School in the 2019 state championship that also crowned the Braves the undisputed National Champions. Prior to the COVID-19 shutdown, St. John Bosco were originally scheduled to kick off their season with an opening game against the same Northern California powerhouse De La Salle, but that game was canceled as the pandemic forced the state to shove football back several times.

St. John Bosco will now instead host reigning CIF-SS Division 2 champion Sierra Canyon this Saturday on their home turf looking to show the world they haven’t missed a beat. Last Saturday, St. John Bosco and Damien High School got together at Damien for a scrimmage before both team’s upcoming season openers. 

While they spent the first half hour working on special teams and scrimmaged just two quarters, it was worth it for both teams to finally feel what it’s like to trade paint again. It won’t be a full season, but for St. John Bosco High School Head Coach Jason Negro, it’s something to celebrate. FULL STORY.

The Bosco Gold Standard Continues With Successful Reopening Plan

by Joshua Hernandez, Editor in Chief and Joaquin Medrano, Managing Editor

The St. John Bosco High School community is one step closer to true normalcy. At the start of 2021, the school opened its doors to students for the first time since its initial shutdown due to COVID-19 in March of 2020, albeit in a much different manner than students and teachers are accustomed to. 

Before being allowed to return to campus, students who felt comfortable enough to return to school were subject to showing proof of a negative COVID-19 test as well as agreeing to adhere to the standard protocols set by school officials and local guidelines while on campus.

Amongst the protocols and guidelines those who returned must follow are social distancing, mask-wearing, using sanitizers and following passing period walkways set by the school. Moreover, students are subject to temperature checks upon their arrival to campus. 

In addition to this, students who returned to school only go to campus twice a week with specific cohorts, or a designated classroom they must remain in. While the students on campus are doing three of their four classes virtually through Zoom, they are under the supervision of the teacher who is in charge of their specific cohort. FULL STORY.

Christmas Comes Early To Campus, The First Ever Streamed Christmas Tree Lighting.

by John Udabe

In striving to keep tradition going, St. John Bosco’s annual tree lighting goes virtual.

SJB Christmas Tree Lighting (3).pngSt. John Bosco is staying busy during the Christmas season. The unusual circumstances that we all are facing have definitely put a damper on the year, yet Bosco is not letting that get the best of them.

For obvious reasons, in-person events this year must be kept to a minimum. Because of this, the annual tree lighting that we are typically used to cannot happen on campus. Yet this is a minor issue to overcome for the Braves.

This year, the annual tree lighting is going virtual. Premiering Tuesday, December 15th on YouTube, it will feature the same Christmas cheer we are all used to. Hosted by Student Leadership, the online event will feature the music, entertainment, and good tidings that have occurred in the past events. FULL STORY.


Due To Covid-19, Is This Going To Be A Year Without Kairos?

by Zach Gardiner

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Bosco’s Class of 2021 may not be able to experience Kairos, the well renowned senior retreat which brings the class together and creates memories that last a lifetime.

Kairos is the spiritual trip that the seniors of St. John Bosco High School take every year. The trip is supposed to bring seniors together and is a prime example of the famed Bosco brotherhood. As a 2021 graduate I speak for myself and plenty others when I say that Kairos is something that is very looked forward to. With this year’s unprecedented events, that might not happen. 

Earlier this week, Mr. Jaramillo, head of the retreat committee, spoke about the possibility of not having a Kairos retreat this year. When asked about how many Covid-19 cases the city of Bellflower would have to be under for a month, he said that it was “unclear at the moment but that it was most likely the same number for Bosco to have permission to go back to school next semester”. FULL STORY.

High School Football In SoCal Is Pushed Back Once Again Thanks To COVID-19

by Diego Santizo, Sports Editor

In what was supposed to soon be the grand reopening for De La Salle and St. John Bosco, kicking off the high school football season in California will have to be delayed once again due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

The rematch of last season’s Open Division state championship game, won by Bosco nearly 12 months ago, was scheduled to unfold in Southern California on January 8th.

The announcement last Tuesday has determined that high school football practice in California won’t start until state health officials provide guidelines for youth sports, presumably once COVID-19 cases are flattened once again, thus the De La Salle-Bosco game won’t happen in early January.

De La Salle coach Justin Alumbaugh said Tuesday that it could, noting that in conversations he’s had with coaches, including Bosco’s Jason Negro, everybody is on the same page. FULL STORY.

Christmas Around The World, A Show Of A Lifetime, Arrives At Bosco

by Pedro Ochoa

For the first time in history, St. John Bosco will light up its 36-acre campus and invite the community to come enjoy a contactless, socially distant Christmas Lights Experience!


The biggest St. John Bosco fundraiser of the long 2020 year has officially begun! St. John Bosco has always been known for their involvement with the community. Some of the main events that they have hosted have been annual Tree Lighting and the Día De Los Muertos celebration. 

Due to the Covid-19 guidelines, Bosco has been unable to do many involved community events. This is why this big Drive-Thru Christmas Lights Exhibit is so important. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to view the new lit up 36 acre campus! Not only will you be able to view the beautiful Christmas lights, but you will also be supporting Bosco Student-Life, as all of the proceeds will go towards the students! FULL STORY.

Stronger As One, Joined In Hope, Brave At Heart; How Members Of The Bosco Community Prepare For End A Successful Season Of Benevolenza During The COVID-19 Pandemic

by Pedro Ochoa

Different members of our community at Bosco are preparing to make a difference in these season of Benevolenza both locally and internationally.

Building-wide Charity Drives for the Holidays: Coming Together to Make a  Difference - Hales Property Management

The Season of Giving just got a little more brighter and joyful! The second opportunity of giving during the Season of Benevolenza has started with the Toy Drive. There will always be a time for you to be able to donate, as there will be toy bins in front of the school until December 17th.

We are approaching the end of the Season of Benevolenza, the season of giving, with the Toy Drive being part of the last event! The Toy Drive has been going on for more than 25 years at St. John Bosco High School, and it is only getting bigger every year. FULL STORY.

Bosco E-sports And The Beginning Of A New Era!

by Diego Santizo, Sports Editor

The St. John Bosco High School E-sports team is currently on the rise and is already getting eyes looking their way as they have struck a deal with Gamer Company Razer.

Bosco E-sports is a relatively new program who not so long ago weren’t even a club on campus and now have struck a deal with one of the world’s leading lifestyle brands for gamers, Razer. 

It has been nothing short of a long road to get to where the program is today and a huge contributing factor to why the program exists is Bosco E-sports Head Coach Gabe Giangualano. 

“I had a proposal for the school and next thing we know we had a big fifty player tryout which we narrowed down to twenty and that twenty was ultimately the twenty player roster we carried last season ” said Giangualano.  

Razer is a company known for landing huge partnerships as they sponsor Evil Geniuses who are one of the best E-sport teams in the world, UCLA who always have a solid E-sports program and now they’ve partnered with St. John Bosco High School. FULL STORY.

New Counselor, Ms. Yesenia Moreno, Joins the Bosco Community

by Aydn Morris

Attention Braves! Attention Braves! One of the latest additions to the Saint John Bosco community is Ms. Yesenia Moreno, our newest counselor, take some time to know more about her!

Q. What college did you attend?

A. I attended the University of San Diego for both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Q.  What was your major/minor in College? 

A. I majored in Psychology and double minor in Theatre Arts and Spanish.

Q. What high school did you attend?

A. I attended Cantwell Sacred Heart of Mary High School.

Q. Are you from California, if not where are you from? 

A. Yes, I am from California. Born and raised in Montebello.

Q. If there was any place in the world you could travel, where would you go? 

A. The next place I would love to visit is New Zealand. I have been interested in visiting since high school but have not had the opportunity to visit yet.  FULL STORY.

The Season Of Benevolenza Is Upon Us!

by Ryan Tavera

St John Bosco’s Season of Benevolenza highlights the importance of giving from ourselves to others especially in the time of solidarity and confusion the event calls out to our Bosco Braves in order to contribute to our community. 

The Season of Benevolenza has always been a staple event in St John Bosco High School’s history, as it marks our time to give back to the larger community and make an impact in other’s lives. The specific drives that Bosco does annually are the Food Drive and Toy drive. 

“Giving is always important but recognizing that there are particular times of the year we should focus on these things and around Thanksgiving and Christmas it represents a good opportunity and recognizing that it’s really about giving. It’s giving of ourselves to other people like our family and to our larger community,” said Christian Service Coordinator John Weinandy. FULL STORY.

Fate Of A Future Reopening? Short-Term Signs Leave Bosco In The Air Of COVID-19

by Joaquin Medrano, Managing Editor

During recent months, several plans for a future reopening of the school have been thwarted by health guidelines keeping Los Angeles County in the state’s “purple tier,” as St. John Bosco High School waits to open its doors for in-person learning.

As cases in LA County remain high, the chance for the school to reopen in the near future gets further and further delayed. But that hasn’t been all negative, as it’s given Bosco time to prepare and create a safe environment.

“I think that COVID is something that could help us prepare for any type of challenge that comes in the future,” said Bosco CEO and President Dr. Brian Wickstrom. “We have implemented bipolar ionization, which actually helps viruses and bacteria in the air, which I think it’s a big positive in all student areas: classrooms, hallways, gathering spots. So I think our school is more prepared than most with all our agile space [on campus] for lunch and student gatherings.” FULL STORY.

Bosco “Car Hop” Bing Cruises Back In Style

by Miles Bondoc

Prior to state and local COVID-19 protocols and guidelines, Bingo served as a major fundraising event at St. John Bosco. Bosco Bingo temporarily shut down following the closure of the campus in March, but returned to campus in new form last month, bringing back the funds and the fun. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bingo_web.png

Bingo returned amidst the COVID-19 chaos safely, introducing “car hop” bingo in partnership with BingoMeNow. Now, like back in the “old normal,” Bosco hosts bingo each week – albeit in the parking lot – from 5:00-8:00 PM. Participants can reserve their spots now via the Bosco website

The BingoMeNow app allows users to buy in and participate in car hop bingo. Bingo Manager Steve Waller oversaw the reopening process and wrote the school’s plan in accordance with state and local COVID-19 protocols and guidelines for similar events. Prior to the return of bingo at Bosco, other bingo programs reopened, but many of them promptly shut down due to their lack of sufficient precaution. FULL STORY

Bosco’s Spanish Honor’s Society and Key Club Join Forces

by Diego Santizo, Sports Editor

St. John Bosco’s Spanish Honors Society and Key Club came to an agreement to unite for every single service project for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year, which can end up becoming an agreement for years to come. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is shs-4.png      This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bkc-1.png

Spanish Honors Society. Key Club. Two totally different clubs, yet two clubs with the same ambitions, announced an unexpected partnership and the future looks bright!

Spanish Honor Society Executive Director Joaquin Medrano, Key Club President Hector Andrade, Key Club and Spanish Honor Society Vice President Diego Santizo and Club Ambassador Pedro Ochoa were the four brilliant minds behind the partnership and have nothing but amazing ideas planned for the current school year regarding these two clubs. FULL STORY

COVID-19 Spoils Senior “Lasts” In Spring Athletics, Theatre and Band

by Aharon Colon, A+E Editor

This was originally supposed to be an article previewing the rest of the volleyball season, but instead it turned into a piece centered around the new pandemic and how it ended our Spring sport season. 


The spring sports had so much promise to them leading up into the Trinity League season, notably baseball and volleyball. This volleyball season was set to feature a new core of talent, such as newly minted captain junior Matthew Medina and 6’4” sophomore Maxwell Wootton, who both have great potential.

Seniors Alex Rotter, Ian Callahan and Elijah McCray have been the glue and backbone of this team since entering the program as freshman. But sadly, they won’t get to finish their seniors years as they might have envisioned. FULL STORY

Breaking On-Campus, School Suspended As Community Members Screened for Coronavirus

by Lucas Garrison, Sports Editor

As the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, continues to have pandemic ramifications, the Bosco community finds itself the most recent victim of the fast-spreading global disease, as school administrators opt to suspend on-campus classes through at least next Friday. School will continue online for students starting next Wednesday via Schoology.


The Bosco community received an emailed statement from Principal Dr. Christian De Larkin at 8:16 pm Thursday night stating that a member of our community is in the process of being screened for the novel coronavirus. In response, the Brave administration decided to cancel school tomorrow Friday, March 13th through Monday, March 16th for faculty and staff. Next Tuesday, faculty and staff will return to receive training for online-based learning for students, which will resume beginning next Wednesday.

“Further details will be communicated regarding online learning guidelines and expectations. We will reevaluate school operations for the week of March 23 and update all early next week,” said Principal De Larkin in his emailed statement to the community. FULL STORY

Bosco and St. Joe’s Students Enjoy “Junior Jam” Picnic

by Johnathan Gonzalez

On Friday, March 6th St. John Bosco hosted the junior picnic along with Saint Joseph’s for the class of 2021.


This year’s junior picnic held at St. John Bosco was brought together by the ASB board of Braves and Jesters, they brought the class of 2021 together through music, food, and games.

These games included cornhole, ping pong, a jumper, and musical chairs. These activities created a sense of competitiveness among students along with the fun atmosphere of the event. Furthermore, students were welcomed to warm pizza and cold sodas.

The junior picnic is a way for the Braves and Jesters to socialize within their class so that they can create more bonds with new students or even those who haven’t yet met. FULL STORY


Students Reflect On Their Faith At Youth Day 2020

by Ryan Tavera

Last Thursday, St. John Bosco students were given the chance to share their faith with thousands of different students from around the country at Youth Day 2020.


“Hopefully, the students who were involved left inspired and challenged to live as missionary disciples in their homes, schools, parishes, and communities,” said Brother Quang.

Twenty fortunate students went to Anaheim for the day, to see other kids their age who come from many different backgrounds all throughout the Archdiocese.

The staff and students were able to experience many unique workshops that focused on a certain aspect of life and how God can guide one through rough conditions. Bosco students found themselves in front of Bob Perron, an advocate of his faith and speaker. Perron’s workshop dealt with relationships and if they are really worth the risk many go through to maintain them. FULL STORY

Feast Day of St. John Bosco

by Johnathan Gonzalez, Kristopher Leal

The Feast Day of St. John Bosco is a day that brings the saint back to life and brings him with the children of his school. St. John Bosco’s sole purpose was to give new life and opportunities for disadvantaged youth and delinquents by giving them a home, a place to learn and opportunities that they would have never had.


His patron is of apprentices, editors and publishers, schoolchildren, magicians, and juvenile delinquents. On January 31, The Feast Day was a day dedicated to celebrating John Bosco.

The Feast Day is a very special occasion for St. John Bosco high school and allows for the students to truly understand what it means to be apart of the Bosco community. Mr. Avila, the director of student activities, recognizes the significance of the day and what it means for St. John Bosco and the Bosco community.

“It’s our Patron Saints Feast Day. It’s special because it’s sort of like a birthday and it’s a celebration of his life,” said Mr. Avila.

Following the student’s shortened classes, the day began with the Feast Day mass. This mass featured the new Archbishop Savio Hon Tai-Fai from Hong Kong, which was very interesting for each of us that took part. He is a Roman Catholic archbishop and the nuncio of the Holy See to Greece. The Bishop spoke about many life stories that the Braves enjoyed. In the ending portion of the mass, a senior named Noah Quezada stepped on the stage and took one for the Braves and politely asked the Bishop for a school day off, the Bishop thought about what he said and he decided it was a great idea to give us Braves a day off (That day has been decided to be placed in the month of March). FULL STORY

Braves Football Rides-In Style To Their Second National Title

by Hunter Richardson, Assistant Sports Editor

The culmination of hard work and determination from the Braves football team all came together with a celebration of their historic achievements with the national championship parade and ceremony around the campus and inside Panish Family Stadium.

Bellflower Blvd. was packed with students, faculty, and parents as the Braves Football team paraded down the street to celebrate their historic season as CIF, State, and National Champions. This was not only an event for Bosco, but the whole city of Bellflower. Down Bellflower Blvd. fire trucks, police cars, and classic cars carrying public figures like the legendary Sam “Bam” Cunningham lead the parade while the Braves followed shortly behind on top of a couple of double-decker buses. 

A few prominent players could not be in attendance for the celebration such as Quarterback DJ Uiagalelei who is away at Clemson, and Kourt Williams II who both took part in early enrollment. The Braves O-line held up a picture of the star Quarterback throughout the ceremony just to remind everyone of the beast that was slinging the ball this season. FULL STORY

Homecoming Proves To Be Annual Success

by Ryan Tavera and Johnathan Gonzalez

Homecoming week is a memory filled period in the school year. The week is filled with activities, food and music that all build up to the big event, where friends come together for an unforgettable night: the Homecoming Dance.


November 3rd, 2019 will certainly be a night to cherish for many St. John Bosco and Joseph students, with bright lights and lively music fueling the exciting evening.

“The dance was actually a great time. I really enjoyed the whole event,” said Bosco junior Hector Andrade.

When asked about the experience, many students shared this same response, so it’s safe to say the night was a success, according to a majority of students interviewed. From Freshmen to Seniors, all were able to join each other on the dance floor and enjoy the night collectively, listening to their favorite music and conversing with friends.

“It was funny to see freshman at the dance all dressed up with their friends. it brought me back to when I was a freshman and my first dance,” said St. Joseph’s senior Grace Gonzalez. FULL STORY

Spanish Honors Society Hosts Annual Día De Los Muertos

by Emilio Ceja and Matthew Ruiz

Dia De Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a Hispanic Holiday that is celebrated from October 31st through November 2nd. Every year this event is celebrated throughout Mexico, some parts of Central America and some parts of the United States, including our own community at St. John Bosco High School, which celebrated the event last Wednesday in the quad. 


The Mexican Culture believes the Día De Los Muertos to be a time of remembrance and honor to their loved ones who have passed. They also believe the spirits of those who have passed return to be with their families. The way families remember their loved ones is by making a shrine or altar that contains pictures of who has passed, with their favorite foods, flowers, candles and other mementos that represents the deceased.

There are many ways cities celebrate Día De Los Muertos from concerts, festivals, parades and food trucks. In Mexico, there are a lot of cities that have big celebrations or fiestas to celebrate the holiday. In the United States, some well-known cities that celebrate this holiday are Los Angeles, San Diego, El Paso and New York City. These cities host large parades to highlight celebrations.

At Bosco, the Spanish Honors Society hosts our annual Día De Los Muertos Fiesta, which offers many different activities for the students, their friends and families. The event had food, music, altars and snacks and desserts being sold by clubs from around Bosco. FULL STORY

Trinity League Game, NFL Prices

by Lucas Garrison, Sports Editor, and Isaiah Holm

The time is here for the most anticipated high school football game of the year, as the Bosco Braves take on the “team in red.” However, the height of the competition seems like it won’t be taking place on the gridiron, but online and at the box office. 


Yes, this game not only sold out in less than 24 hours, but it is now facing problems of scalping of tickets, security and space.

Although the game selling out in less than 24 hours could be a story in itself, with so much going on as a result of the fast sell-out, we need to cover it all.

Let us start by taking a look at the scalping of tickets and tailgating spaces. Let me remind you that the tickets were released on Saturday morning, but the following Tuesday morning had someone reselling a ticket for $200. No one has ever heard of this before; this is a straight-up high school game that is having tickets being sold at the same price that several NFL teams sell their tickets. Later that afternoon, when this had been made public, someone posted a ticket pack of 5 tickets for $1500. High school games have never had tickets sell at this high index. FULL STORY

Students, Parents and Teachers Catch Up to Schoology Learning Curve

by Jonathan Gonzalez

Schoology, an internet-based learning program for grades K-12 where students can communicate with teachers, find the school calendar and, of course, see their grades, was launched this semester to mixed reviews.


A lot of Bosco parents are extremely involved with their son’s academic lives, and most of the Bosco community may be familiar with our school’s old system called Moodle. However, Vice Principal Edgar Salmingo ensured that Schoology was a practical and beneficial shift. Bosco has advanced its technology so their platforms are better equipped for students.

“Schoology is better at syncing with PowerSchool with grades–seeing your class, seeing when your homework is due. And it shows you what you have to do for homework that week,” said Mr. Salmingo.

Students around campus are already noticing the benefits of the change. Junior Ben Hill believes that Schoology will decrease the stress and pressure he previously felt.

“Using Schoology now for personal use just for the students gives us less stress and pressure felt on from out parents since they no longer get notifications of our grades as were the ones who have to be dependable on our grades at our own pace,” said Hill.

Teachers also feel that it is easier to put PowerPoints, Ed puzzles, notes, homework, tests/ quizzes, etc.; on Schoology. However, Schoology is also just a learning tool and it will not be able to replace PowerSchool. Mr. Salmingo believes that there is still a place for PowerSchool and that it will still be needed going forward. FULL STORY

Decathlon Represents in Trip to Philippines

by Elias Gomez

Vice Principal Mr. Edgar Salmingo returned from Manila with our Decathlon Program with “Coach of the Year” honors to his name, as Bosco students competed against 600 schools from thirty countries. As a result of their success, they qualified for the next stage of competition, The Tournament of Champions, at Yale University.


While the football team was traveling across the country, our Brave Decathletes took a fourteen-hour trip over the Pacific Ocean and across the globe. Having such a long trip gave competitors time to study and, less importantly, watch all the complimentary movies. The food on the flight was inviting and so were the stewardesses, both of which added to create a hospitable environment throughout the long flight.

They were there for a week but only two days of competition. The first day consisted of the Scholars Challenge (120 questions multiple-choice exam), Team writing (collaborative essays) and the Scholars Debate; all of which take up the entire day. The Scholars Challenge is 75 minutes, the Team Writing is 60 minutes, and the Team Debates vary from two to three hours. FULL STORY

Life of a Brave

Senior Privileges Are Awarded To The Class Of 2023

by Brett Baligad, Senior Editor

As the class of 2023 begins their eigth semester, the Senior Board approves class privileges based on the behavior of the overall class. Through spirit wear on finals week, college sweatshirts and extended access to the Oratory, the class of 2023 reflects on their final months at Bosco.

With graduation in sight for the class of 2023, the much anticipated senior privileges have just been implemented. The privileges are conditional, as they represent the leadership and maturity of the school. Throughout their time at Bosco, the seniors had the opportunity to move up the ranks and learn how to lead by example. In turn, the decision to initiate the requested privileges was granted.

“By being role models in the first semester, the administration determines our worthiness of deserving senior privileges and how many,” said Associated Student Body Co-President Ryan Gutierrez.

In collaboration with the administration, the senior class board was able to come to terms with what would be appropriate class privileges.

The first privilege is to have the opportunity to wear college sweatshirts everyday. By April, a vast majority of the senior Braves will have all of their heard back about their college application. With many students already being accepted through early decision, early action and outright athletic scholarships, the past few weeks have already featured college sweatshirts from across the country. FULL STORY

St. Joseph’s High School Host Winter Formal Dance

by Carter Daley

After a relaxing Christmas Break, St. John Bosco and St. Joseph’s High Schools celebrated their Winter Formal Dance at The MODERN, a venue known for unparalleled views and private jet runways.

The MODERN is located on the top floor of the Sky Harbor Hanger giving a fantastic view of not only the city of Long Beach, but also the award-winning Long Beach Airport. The venue is most notably used for weddings.

The event began at 8pm on Saturday as students arrived in party buses and carpools. Upon entering, students were greeted by each school’s respective faculty as they checked in. Accompanied by two private elevators, the area also includes a lounge where students can dance, a center bar to serve food and beverages along with a terrace that overlooks the dance floor. The appearance of the venue allowed students to have a great time in a smaller environment. 

“Saint Joseph’s ASB Board wanted to take a more intimate and smaller approach to this year’s Winter Formal dance, as opposed to this year’s Homecoming Dance,” said Vice Principal of Student Affairs Ms. Jen Schnorr. FULL STORY

Unsung Hero, Director Of Basketball Operations And Football Equipment Manager Coach Burrel Lee

by Christian Angel, Managing Editor

St. John Bosco’s Burrel Lee plays a vital role in the basketball and football programs. He works tirelessly to ensure the CIF State Champion football team is prepared with all their equipment and the basketball program runs smoothly.

Coach Burrel is a well-known face within the Brave community. Whether it is as a substitute teacher, a proctor for an exam, Bosco Football’s Equipment Manager or Bosco Basketball’s Director of Operations, Burrel Lee has done it all.

Born in Compton, California, Coach Burrel graduated from Antelope Valley High School in 1993. He started off his career in the WNBA, working many years with the LA Sparks.

More recently, Coach Burrel was the Head Coach of St. Joseph’s High School Basketball, and currently is the CEO and Director of SoCal Buzz, a youth basketball team he created in 2010. There, he learned everything about game day organizational skills and basketball skills.

“In 2016 when Coach Matt Dunn called me to work with Bosco Basketball, without hesitation I said yes. And that is where I came in to help manage the program and organize all the pieces needed in order to make sure this program can continue to succeed,” said Coach Burrel. FULL STORY

Unsung Hero, Dean Of Enrollment Mrs. Becky Ellison

by Ed Crowe

Anyone who has walked into Mrs. Becky Ellison’s office has been the beneficiary of her kindness, compassion and selfless attention. 

Mrs. Ellison is a treasure to the Bosco community. As the dean of enrollment, she has helped many students of St. John Bosco High School in their admissions process. She works with many eighth graders with their incoming freshmen interviews, along with giving tours of the St. John Bosco campus. However, her biggest work comes with the responsibility of planning and organizing Open House. 

As part of the admissions department, Admissions Coordinator Mrs. Patty Lazcano works alongside Mrs. Ellison and has developed a strong friendship with her.

“I think there is no better person than Mrs. Ellison. She has a strong faith that is lived out everyday. She is always serving others and being a role model to our Bosco community. Her laughter is contagious and her heart is huge. I feel very honored and blessed to be working alongside her,” Mrs. Lazcano said.

“Smart, funny, committed, honest, Godly woman. A wonderful Mother and hard working.” FULL STORY

21 Questions With New SJB Global Director, Mrs. Diane Gihring

by Christian Angel, Managing Editor

St. John Bosco High School welcomes SJB Global Director Mrs. Diane Gihring, as she works to serve all students on campus and around the world with St. John Bosco High School’s innovative online learning option.

Q. Where did you grow up?

A. I grew up in Corona, California.

Q. What school did you attend for university?

A. I got my Bachelors degree at Concordia University Irvine. I studied English and got my Teaching Credential at Concordia University. I also attended Chapman University and got my Masters degree in English. I am currently attending Claremont Graduate University and pursuing my Doctorate degree in English.

Q. Do you have any prior experiences working in constructing an online school program as SJB Global?

A. Yes! I helped build Orange Lutheran Online starting 20 years ago. I created online classes, trained and taught online as a teacher, became an administrator and oversaw the day to day running of the online school and visioning for the future.  This included hiring, training, and supervising online teachers, developing and overseeing curriculum creation, and working with students and our office team to support everyone in their roles. FULL STORY

21 Questions With New Learning Specialist And Counselor, Mrs. Cathy Roohan

by Noah Dawson

St. John Bosco High School welcomes Mrs. Cathy Roohan, a former Bosco parent, to the counseling staff as a Learning Specialist and STEP Counselor, working to serve all students with their academic needs.

Q. Where did you grow up?

A. As an immigrant family, I moved to where my father’s job took us. After we arrived in the United States, we lived in Eagle Rock and Koreatown. I also lived in Costa Mesa, Garden Grove and Huntington Beach. When people ask where I am from, I say Huntington Beach because I spent my high school years in HB, and it is the city where I spent the most years growing up as a teenager.

Q. What school did you attend for high school?

A. For high school, I attended a very small religious-based school, Liberty Christian School, in Huntington Beach. This is significant because it formed the foundation for my spirituality and Catholic-Christian worldview. 

Q. What school did you attend for university?

A. I attended Boston College, just outside of Boston, Massachusetts for my undergraduate years. At this Jesuit college, I re-discovered my Catholic-Christian identity, which reshaped or redefined my worldview. FULL STORY

21 Questions For The Newest Addition To The Athletic Training Team, Christain Knighten

by Christian Angel, Managing Editor

St. John Bosco High School welcomes new athletic trainer and sports medicine teacher, Mr. Christian Knighten, as he works his hardest to give the best possible experience, treatment, and wisdom to the athletes and students on and off the field.

Q. Where were you born?

A. I was born at Torrance Memorial Hospital.

Q. Where did you grow up?

A. From the age of three, I was raised in Mariposa California. So while I was born in Los Angeles, I consider my hometown to be Mariposa, a small little mountain town at the base of Yosemite National Park.

Q. Where did you go to college and what did you study?

A. I studied at Long Beach State university, with my major being Athletic Training.

Q. What was your dream job growing up as a kid?

A. As a kid my dream jobs changed from wanting to be a movie director or screenwriter to working in physical therapy. FULL STORY

For Alumni Teachers, Bosco Is A Home Away From Home

by William Reynolds and Ed Crowe

In the wake of Homecoming Week, alumni faculty reflect on the influence St. John Bosco High School had on their own academic career. With many alumni returning to teach at Bosco, the brotherhood continues to grow stronger within the Brave community.

Since St. John Bosco was established in 1940, the school has been constructed around four core values. These include the ideals of St. John Bosco being a home, school, church and playground. Homecoming made the students feel the pillar of home more than ever with all of the fun activities. This is especially true for the alumni faculty, as Bosco is much more than just a job.

Many great alumni teachers, such as Mr. Walter Wippler ’83, Mr. Joe Griffin ’75 and Mr. Derrick Fernando ’00, have found their way back to Bosco. All these teachers have truly been a major part of the Bosco community over the years as students, athletes, coaches and teachers. These experiences that they have attained from all these years is now shared to the community, which brings a sense of unity. Although the reasoning for returning differs amongst teachers, the concept of the second home is viable in each of their stories.

Mr. Wippler ’83 has been in the Bosco community for over 30 years. He is currently the head of the Engineering pathway as well as a physics instructor. Outside the classroom, he is the faculty moderator for Bosco’s Robotics Team 4123. FULL STORY

The Bosco Community Welcomes Geoff McArthur, New Dean Of Students And Wide Receivers Coach

By Connor Sheehan, Editor-in-Chief

Mr. Geoff McArthur arrives at St. John Bosco High School seeing his younger self in many of the Brave student body and with the hope to teach the Braves about how perspective as well as respect can better the world.

Mr. McArthur grew up in South Central Los Angeles and went to Palisades High School, where he was coached by Steve Clarkson, father of current Braves quarterback Pierce Clarkson. He attributes finding out about the opening at Bosco to Coach Clarkson.

Mr. McArthur holds the record for most receiving yards at the University of California, Berkeley, where he was recruited after having the most receiving yards in the country during his senior year at Palisades. He was Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ primary target during their shared time at Cal – and was a projected second round draft pick prior to his decision to walk away from playing football. Educationally, he received a Bachelor’s in Social Welfare from UC-Berkeley and went on to receive a Master’s in Education from Lindenwood University. FULL STORY

Bosco Welcomes Back “Brave For A Day”

By Marcelles Williams

The “Brave For a Day” shadow program is one of Bosco’s top admissions resources. With a successful start to the application season, more prospective students are learning about Bosco’s Brotherhood.

St. John Bosco hosted its first group of “shadows” on September 7th and have been going strong ever since. The school has hosted around 150 shadows so far and that number is going to grow with more future Braves shadowing over the upcoming months. There is expected to be over 500 shadows by the end of the application season. The shadow program is essential for our admissions as over 50% of shadows end up attending Bosco and joining the Brotherhood.

When students shadow, the parents of those prospective students are able to take a tour around campus. Spearheaded by Ms. Patty Lazcano, parents get to learn about the Bosco experience and the programs the school has to offer.

“We start in the 200 building, go over to the 300/400 buildings, then we crossover to the athletic side and show them the weight room and talk about the garden, then talk about our other soccer and lacrosse fields, then we come back with a Q and A at the end,” said Ms. Lazcano. FULL STORY

BR. Artemide Zatti To Be First Salesian Brother Canonized As A Saint In The Catholic Church

By: Connor Sheehan, Editor-in-Chief

The Holy Father, Pope Francis, announced the certification and widespread publication of the decree that proclaims the miracles of God that were seen through Artemide Zatti’s works as true, paving the way for Zatti to be the first Salesian brother to be canonized as a Saint.

Br. Artemide, born on October 12th, 1880, in Boretto, Italy, was a prolific lay Salesian Brother and doctor. He immigrated to Bahía Blanca, Argentina at 17 but spent the rest of his life in Viedma, Argentina. An immigrant, he assimilated to Argentinian culture by a Salesian parish in Bahía Blanca and attending Spanish language masses held by Salesian Priest Fr. Carlo Cavalli, who later guided Br. Artemide to a Salesian life.

He ran a pharmacy and hospital for the sick and poor for forty years, in which time he cared and aided countless patients and provided hundreds of jobs and opportunities for work to his community in Viedma. His philosophy, adapted from his predecessor and mentor, Fr. Evaristo Garrone, was to provide all patients, no matter their class, with high quality and holistic care. He followed Garrone’s philosophy: “He who has little, pays little and the one who has nothing pays nothing.” FULL STORY

21 Questions With New Counselor, Ms. Pantoja

by Noah Dawson

St. John Bosco High School welcomes new counselor, Mrs. Melissa Pantoja, to the counseling staff, as she works to serve all students with their academic needs.

Q. What is your hometown?

A. I am from La Mirada, California

Q. What school did you attend for high school?

A. La Mirada High School

Q. What school(s) did you attend for college? 

A. Cerritos College, Cal State Dominguez Hills and Oregon State University. FULL STORY

St. John Bosco and St. Joseph’s Seniors Got Their Groove On At Annual Senior Luau

by Brett Baligad, Senior Editor

This year’s Senior Luau was filled with plenty to see, do and eat. The successful night is a strong indicator for what the rest of the year has in store for the graduating Class of 2023.

After long preparation, the Senior Luau made it’s return to St. John Bosco High School. Every year, each class hosts an annual class bonding event. This includes the Freshmen Barbecue, Sophomore Lock In, Junior Picnic and Senior Luau. A luau is a Hawaiian party with food and live entertainment. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Senior Luau is only the second class event for the class of 2023, as they hosted a successful Junior Picnic last spring.

The luau was held last Wednesday and started at 6:30pm and concluded at 9:00pm. Upon entering the Mary Help of Christians Quad, seniors were greeted with Hawaiian music, pick up volleyball games and plenty of students dressed to the theme. The quad was lined with round tables for Bosco and Joseph’s seniors to socialize.

Not long after the beginning of the luau, seniors were served Hawaiian food, while they caught up with their Brave brothers and Jesters sisters. Even after four years together, to many, it was surprising to see there were still a lot of new faces to meet and befriend. FULL STORY

21 With New Science Teacher, Ms. Krista Welty

by Michael Barba

The Brave family is proud to welcome new biology teacher, Ms. Krista Welty.

Q: Where did you grow up?

A: Long Beach, CA.

Q: What is your ethnicity?

A: A Mix of Irish, German, Turkish and Spanish.

Q: What is your favorite meal?

A: Sushi. It’s an acquired taste, so I understand why some people don’t like it. I think the key is to mix your wasabi into the soy sauce then dip the sushi in.  If you put it on top, you can’t taste anything else.

Q: Do you have a favorite sport?

A: Football. Go Packers! FULL STORY

21 Questions With New Teacher, Mr. Brian Miller

by Robert Visty III, Photo Editor

Science teacher Mr. Brian Miller returns to education this school year after two years away from the profession and is another welcomed new addition to St. John Bosco High School.

Q. Where did you grow up?

A. I grew up in Pasadena, CA

Q. What high school did you attend?

A. I attended La Salle High School in Pasadena.

Q. What college did you attend?

A. I attended the University of California, Santa Barbara where I studied Ergonomics, or movement efficiency. Unfortunately due to family issues, I returned home and complete my degree at California State University, Los Angeles. I also have an MA in Educational Administration from Concordia University in Irvine.

Q. Have you always been a teacher? If not, what did you do before becoming a teacher?

A. I have been teaching in one form or another since my junior year in college. I did take one year off and sold insurance for New York Life when I was 27 and spent the last two years selling and training sales people at CarMax, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. FULL STORY

Triduum Week Reveals New Strenna, “Sharing Our Gifts, Transforming Our World”

By Connor Sheehan, Editor-in-Chief

During Triduum Week, St. John Bosco High School Campus Ministry unveiled a new guiding theme for the year, called a “strenna” (Italian for “gift”), which calls for Braves to embrace their gifts while pursuing improvement and change in the world.

In a society that is increasingly polarized, this message of combining individual talent with cohesive and unified action is a powerful one. It is consistent with a Bosco community that has thrived being an environment of many perspectives and ideas while retaining the core principles of a Salesian community.

“What any good strenna is meant to do is simultaneously uplift our Salesian family while presenting them with a gentle but concrete call to action,” said Campus Ministry President and senior Ricardo Rodriguez. “The first step in achieving that goal is recognizing and developing a sense of courage and security from the gifts we’ve been blessed with as individuals. Once we do that, we are empowered to point those gifts outward to engage in the Oratory.”

Rodriguez refers to the Oratory system of schooling pioneered by Don Bosco and continued at Salesian institutions around the world – a holistic educative system fostering learning around the tenets of home, school, church and playground. FULL STORY

Bosco Esports Welcomes Their Newest Alumni Assistant Coach, Damon Jimenez

By Ed Crowe and William Reynolds

St. John Bosco High School alumnus and former esports player, Damon Jimenez, serves now as an assistant coach for the program. With every alumni that comes back, the esports program and the Bosco community overall grow stronger as a brotherhood.

“The amount of brotherhood I felt when first entering the Esports Lab was unreal,” said Coach Jimenez. “I was given so many opportunities. I felt like I should repay them by offering my help and giving more students the same amount of help I was given.” 

The decision to become a coach for Bosco Esports was backed by fellow alumnus, Head Coach Gabe Giangualano. Coach Gabe was a key factor in Damon’s decision in coming back and helping out the team that he played for when he was at Bosco, which is their Rainbow Six Siege team. 

“As a person, he is fantastic. He is a good young man that is very committed, focused and goal oriented. He knows what he wants to do and how to get there,” said Coach Gabe.

Damon Jimenez is currently attending college. However, he is still excited in giving his spare time back to Bosco. FULL STORY

Alder Meets The Braves

By William Reynolds and Ed Crowe

During Fall orientation for the 2022-2023 school year, the St. John Bosco High School senior class had a once in a lifetime opportunity to speak with members of Alder, an organization featuring a diverse collection of motivational speakers from various professional fields.

Principal Dr. Kris Anderson got the idea to collaborate with Alder when he met with Bosco parent, Mr. Kyle Cox. As a member of Alder, Mr. Cox possesses connections with dozens of successful entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers and professional athletes who were willing to come and share their stories with the senior class.

Their stories were shared in the course of a panel discussion. The main focus of the discussion was the three principles of self, family and community. Alder believes that in order to help your family, you must first fix yourself, and in order to help your community, you must first fix your family. You cannot go to the next step without completing the previous step. If the steps are not followed in order, the goal will be harder to obtain. FULL STORY

Alumnus Dr. Eric Lane Returns To Fill Big Shoes As Athletic Director

By Connor Sheehan, Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Eric Lane, Class of 2003, returns as the successor to St. John Bosco High School legend Mr. Monty McDermott, with an overarching plan to, in his terms, “trust the process,” as he looks to continue and evolve the rich tradition of Brave athletics.

Photo by Robert Visty III, Photo Editor

Dr. Lane is aiming to first and foremost develop Bosco’s student-athlete’s as holistic young men, emphasizing the importance of both academic and athletic life. Dr. Lane mentions that to develop a holistic man, certain parameters have to be met.

“Trust the process. We are extremely blessed here at St. John Bosco high school because we have developed a reputation of excellence. We didn’t get here by not being holistic,” Dr. Lane said. “We’ve done things the right way since this school’s creation in 1940. We have to continue to trust that process, and it’s our job to foster those young men and continue to implement the strategies we’ve learned.”

He believes that retaining that guiding principle will allow Bosco to continue its success in athletics, but also serve as the springboard for even greater success. Trusting that process, but reimagining it at the same time.

Dr. Lane attended Bosco from 1999-2003. During his time at Bosco, he served as team captain for the varsity basketball team, and his team won a CIF Championship in 2003.  Succeeding a prolific winner in Mr. McDermott, Dr. Lane is no stranger to success and winning at a high level. FULL STORY

21 Questions With New History Teacher, Kevin Jung

By Brett Baligad, Senior Editor

A new school year welcomes new faces to St. John Bosco, and Mr. Kevin Jung is one of the more notable arrivals, as he joins the Brave family to teach AP U.S. History, AP U.S. Government and Politics as well as AP Human Geography.

Photo By Bo Visty, Photo Editor

Q. Where did you grow up?

A. I was born in South Korea and moved to California when I was four. I grew up in Orange County all my life, originally living in Cypress and eventually settling down in Fountain Valley. 

Q. Do you have any siblings?

A. I have one younger sister named Jessica. She currently lives in Santa Cruz, contracted with Apple Maps to work on GIS models. 

Q. Are you a morning person or night person? 

A. I’m definitely an evening person, but I love that hygge feeling you get in the mornings. Maybe I’ll eventually switch over. 

Q. Where did you attend high school and college? What did you study?

A. I went to Cypress High School and attended California State University, Fullerton. I majored in English and minored in Business. Then, I got my Masters in Education from Union University and Masters in Divinity from SBTS. FULL STORY

Unsung Hero, Longtime Golf Coach And Faculty Member, Mr. Jack Hastert

By Aydn Morris

Mr. Hastert continues to make his mark in the Bosco community, even after first stepping foot on campus 56 years ago.

Mr. Hastert has been all over the Brave community. Whether it was as a student, teacher, coach or counselor, he has done it all.

Mr. Hastert taught 37 years at Bosco, focusing mainly on the religious aspect of teaching, as that is what he wanted to give back to the students. He taught sophomore Morality, Social Justice and Relationships, as well as freshmen Old Testament and New Testament. He also taught Christian Service, which was a senior class that took place off-campus. The class was for seniors to serve their community any way that they can, whether it was tutoring, helping out at handicapped kids, among many other noble causes, with the goal to follow God’s will to serve others.

“I never really had much of a career plan. My goal was always to have this vague idea to help others, but I never really knew how I would go at it,” said Mr. Hastert.  FULL STORY

Q&A With St. John Bosco’s Class of 2022

By Ethan Gibbs

As graduation approaches, many seniors are reflecting on their past years here at Bosco.

Kai Storch

Q. What is your favorite memory at Bosco?

A. The junior ring ceremony where I got to speak at the event and get our rings was my favorite moment.

Q. What advice would you give to incoming freshmen or shadows?

A. Get involved. Make sure you come to Bosco and do something. Don’t come here and do nothing because you will be bored. Come here and try to get involved in something, as everyone here has open arms.

Q. Where do you imagine yourself ten years from now?

A. Hopefully I’m successful and doing what I’m passionate about, which is public health. I’m majoring in public health, and that’s what I like to do, so hopefully I’ll be able to be stable and happy.

Q. Who is your favorite teacher at Bosco and why?

A. My favorite teacher at Bosco would have to be Mr. Perez. I had him sophomore year for Algebra 2, and he is funny and always made me laugh. FULL STORY

Studying Tips For Final Exam Test

By Matthew Parsons

As finals week approaches, instead of stressing, here are some tips in order to prepare for all the exams.

Don’t Just Read:

Too often, students just read over their books or notes. Instead, try reading the notes and then create questions or answer questions from the material. Just rereading the material isn’t the optimal way to study for exams.

Practice Tests:

Retrieval tests are extremely beneficial to retaining information and being prepared for your exams. Retrieval tests can be as simple as quizzing a friend over the phone or creating flashcards with a question on the front and the answer on the back. Try to ask questions in the same way that a teacher would ask. Don’t just ask surface-level questions either, try to dig deeper to be prepared for more complex questions.

Use Pictures:

The use of pictures makes it significantly easier to grasp material for some. Try to use images from class materials and if there are none, try to find or make some. Using pictures allows the brain to create more complete models in one’s head. FULL STORY

A Magical Night At Sofi

by Aeden Alexander

As the 2022 school year comes to an end, St. John Bosco High School held its senior prom at Sofi Stadium. Home of the reigning Super Bowl champions the Los Angeles Rams as well as the Los Angeles Chargers.

The stars were shining bright in Los Angeles as Bosco and St. Joseph’s came together for the 2022 senior prom. The venue was one of, if not, the best venue Bosco has had for their events and it did not disappoint. 

Prom would begin at eight and kids would trickle in as the night went on. The loud DJ and the homemade pretzel bites were great but the announcement of the prom king and queen really took over the show.

The Bosco prom court consisted of Eric Torres, Jake Ellison, Michael Carbone, Gian Noble and David Mayoral. The winner was picked by who had the most votes which were taken on Friday during the senior retreat. FULL STORY

Unsung Heroes In St. John Bosco’s Front Office, Ms. Laura Wilson, Ms. Cat Hocanson, And Diane Whitten

by Andrew Fierro, Managing Editor

Despite flying under the radar, St. John Bosco’s front office continues to provide in critical ways for the school.

The front office consists of three women who take care of a variety of tasks that ensure Bosco’s success. These three spectacular workers include Ms. Cat Hocanson, the supervisor, Ms. Laura Wilson, the financial operations manager, and Ms. Diane Whitten, who is the receptionist. Working together, these three operate a system that ensures the most efficient work environment.

Each member of the front office was born and raised in Southern California, and, as of now, have no intentions of leaving. Ms. Wilson and Ms. Hocanson hold a record of service at Bosco longer than most faculty members, as Ms. Wilson is in year 27 here, while Ms. Hocanson has 23 years. Though Ms. Whitten just began a month ago, she already creates an impact on the Bosco community and the front office. FULL STORY

Unsung Hero, Bosco’s Director of Football Operations Mrs. Jesse Christensen

by Sione Hala

Bosco’s own Jessie Christensen is an absolute necessity for the football program’s success. She works hard every day on a variety of tasks to ensure the team is prepared on and off the field.

Graduating from St. Joseph High School, Mrs. Christensen started off her career professionally in the NFL and the NBA, working many years in in-game entertainment that included ten years with the Los Angeles Clippers. There, she learned everything about game day productions and ticket sales to the type of music to play to pump up a crowd.

“For the game itself, I have to prepare a manifesto of sorts, with all the elements like: Is this good music? Is it cheerleaders? Is it the video board? It’s all stuff I learned when I was working for the NFL,” said Mrs. Christensen.

Head Football Coach Jason Negro is extremely thankful to have her on board. She does everything no one wants to do, and Coach Negro and the rest of the coaching staff at Bosco all know that she is a necessity.

“She started in our program back in 2013. Her presence alone elevated us to a level to become a national brand. The experience that she brought and her commitment to excellence are two things that really elevated the entire profile of our program,” said Coach Negro. FULL STORY

Learn More About Civil Rights Activist Cesar Chavez

by Dominic Ramirez

A week ago today, the Bosco community celebrated Cesar Chavez Day, which is a national holiday in celebration of the civil rights work Chavez accomplished in his life. Chavez was an American farm worker, labor leader and civil rights activist, whose message still resonates today.

Chavez was born on March 31, 1927, in Yuma Arizona, into a family of farm workers. Like many farmworkers at the time, the Chavez family lost their property to the great depression, and because of this, they moved to California in search of work.

After he finished eighth grade Cesar dropped out of school to help support his family as a migrant worker, he would go on to be a migrant worker into his early adult life.

However, by 1944, Cesar wasn’t just a migrant worker anymore, he had started a civil rights group called the National Farm Workers Association, which is now known as the United Farm Workers of America (UFWA). FULL STORY

Unsung Hero, Engineering Pathway Coordinator and Science Department Chair Mr. Walt Wippler

by Matthew Parsons

Mr. Walt Wippler, a native of Southern California, grew up in the city of Downey and attended public schools throughout his childhood until his high school years, where he attended St. John Bosco for all four years. 

Bosco was Mr. Wippler’s first experience attending a private school, so it took a little bit of time for him to adjust. At first, he struggled with having friends because of the new environment that he was in. Eventually, he found his way, and he now describes Bosco as a place where everyone has a place.

“I didn’t know anybody. Some guys who lived in Downey also realized that I went to the same parish. Back in those days, people would ride their bikes to school, so they picked me up and we’d all ride there together. It was a welcoming place back then. It was a place where everybody had a spot where they could fit in and do something that they were interested in,” said Mr. Wippler.

Mr. Wippler wasn’t the greatest when it came to academics, but even so he took a strong liking to both math and science. In addition, Mr. Wippler also pursued athletics and music throughout high school, as he was in both band and soccer. However, he eventually put soccer to the side for his interest in music, something that he began to regret as time went on. FULL STORY

Five Ways to Give Back During This Lenten Season

by Dominic Ramirez

The season of Lent is an important time to self-reflect and to discover how each person can better prepare their heart for the coming of Jesus, not just by giving something up, but by giving back as well.

5. Adopting from an animal shelter is a nonprofit website someone can use to find local animal shelters near them. Their website can be used to find local shelters with the specific breed, age, and species of pet they are looking for. Their site also has resources for those who want to volunteer or donate. 

Adopting an animal from a shelter is more beneficial than buying one from a pet store as a lot of the animals in shelters were picked up from off the streets or left by people who couldn’t take care of them anymore. When someone adopts from a shelter they are giving those animals a second chance at finding a home.

4. Checking up on friends

Something easy one can do is to make sure their friends are alright. A lot of people struggle with their mental health, but having good friends for support makes a world of a difference. It could be as simple as checking in on how their friends are feeling or reminding them that they are there for them, little acts of kindness can go a long way. As it is written in 1 Thessalonians 5:11, “So continue encouraging each other and building each other up, just like you are doing already.” FULL STORY

The SAT Test Is Going Digital

by Dominic Ramirez and Andrew Fierro, Managing Editor

Starting 2024, the college board will be offering students the chance to take the SAT test digitally. This change will be made in response to Covid restrictions as well as a general rework of the structure of the exams.

On January 25, the college board made the announcement that the test will be offered digitally internationally in 2023, and in march of 2024 for the United States. The test will be taken on a laptop or tablet at school, or at a local testing facility, the test will not be available to be taken from the home.

If a student does not have a suitable electronic device, one will be provided by the college board on the day of the test. Also, if a device runs out of battery, the test will allow for the user to resume once the device finishes charging. FULL STORY

21 Questions With New Digital Marketing Director, Ms. Megan Nash

by Sione Hala

This year, St. John Bosco is excited to welcome Ms. Megan Nash to the Brave Community.

Q. Where did you spend most of your childhood?

A. I grew up here in Los Angeles. I’m from Manhattan Beach, in the South Bay.

Q. Where did you attend high school and college?

A. I went to high school at Notre Dame Academy in West Los Angeles. It’s an all-girls high school, and I went to Loyola Marymount for college.

Q. What event in your life made you decide to become who you are today?

A. I grew up in a household where my dad is a Certified Public Accountant, and my mom is an artist. She’s a painter. From a young age, the duality of business and creativity were instilled in me, so marketing is a blend of both. I studied business at Loyola Marymount University and loved my marketing classes.

Q. What was your first job?

A. I played volleyball at LMU, so my first job was an assistant coach at Occidental College for their volleyball program.

Q. What do you contribute here at Bosco? 

A. I’m the Director of Digital Marketing and social media, so I work on the website, anything that touches the brand and the marketing of the school. FULL STORY

Guide To A Wonderful Valentine’s Day

by Ethan Gibbs

This Valentine’s Day, there are a variety of different places and activities to try out for couples in the Los Angeles area, including restaurants, nature walks and more.


For an extraordinary breakfast and coffee, go to Culver City Super Domestic Coffee. This amazing coffee shop is located at, 10054 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232. It has a great selection of different coffee blends and a delicious assortment of pastries. 


Nearing lunchtime, Pieloon is an amazing old-school, country diner-like destination that serves favorites such as steaks, omelets and sandwiches. This diner is in Downey and is known for its great prices and mouth-watering pies. Pieloon has been supporting the hungry mouths of Downey for over 30 years. They will take reservations, walk-ins, Take Out, Catering and Waiter Service. The diner is located at, 10822 Lakewood Blvd. Downey, California 90241. FULL STORY

Unsung Hero, Athletic Trainer and Teacher Mr. Coreyon Edwards

by Matthew Parsons and Sione Hala

Through thick and thin, Mr. Edwards serves the Brave community in many ways, doing his best to give the best possible experience to the athletes and students under his care.

Hailing from Compton, California, Mr. Edwards moved around a lot as a child. He bounced between the houses of his mother and father, which, although caused him grief as a child, allowed him to become the family person he is now, and greatly value his familial relationships.  

As a child, Mr. Edwards’ most impactful hobbies were his love of LEGOs and athletics. He played a variety of sports such as football, basketball and baseball, but his main priority was always football, which he played up until his senior year of high school. As a child he had always been a winner, as he acquired four championships in his youth football career. 

Mr. Edwards attended Starr King Elementary School in Long Beach, and for his high school years, Mr. Edwards moved north to Palmdale, to attend William J (Pete) Knight High School. Even though Mr. Edwards originally wasn’t a fan of this move he now finds himself understanding the decision to do so. FULL STORY

St. John Bosco Mourns The Loss Of Longtime Athletic Director And Alumnus Mr. Monty Mcdermott

by Eric Torres, Editor-In-Chief

Last week, the Brave community lost Mr. Monty McDermott, class of 1986, who most notably served as the Director of Athletics, but to many, was far more than that. 

For 29 wonderful years, Mr. McDermott was a pillar of St. John Bosco. Since taking over as Athletic Director in 2002, St. John Bosco enjoyed the most successful athletic department run in the school’s history. Including a move into the elite Trinity League, Mr. McDermott is responsible for many of the changes that led to the successes that the school and its community have been accustomed to for quite some time now. 

During his time as Athletic Director, St. John Bosco won a remarkable 52 varsity league titles, 79 CIF titles, 26 state championships and 11 national championships. 

“They (Mr. McDermott and former principal Pat Lee) made an institutional commitment to compete with the teams in the Trinity League,” said instructor of Religious Studies Mr. Joe Griffin, class of 1975. FULL STORY

Alumni Spotlight With Joseph Griffin, Class Of ’75

by Oscar Aranda

Joseph Michael Griffin first stepped foot on the St. John Bosco campus 50 years ago in 1971, where he found a home within the Brave community.

Photo by Alex Diaz, Photo Editor

After working as a teacher for ten years, Mr. Griffin, or to many on campus, Coach Griffin, returned to campus in order to teach religious studies and to coach football in August of 1990. He joined the Bosco teaching staff together with Mr. Linares and Mr. Antonelli. Mr. Griffin is the religious department lead and is also a part of the freshman football coaching staff. In his 32 years as Bosco he has also served as vice-principal, CYM twice. He was the varsity football offensive coordinator for three years and the head freshmen football coach for several years.

Mr. Griffin always felt welcomed at Bosco and felt as if it was a second home. He was a quieter kid in high school and while not excelling in academics and sports, still felt very welcomed at Bosco. Though a lot of the campus has changed, for Mr. Griffin, the environment of the school has remained the same.

“There really are not many differences. We always had a diverse student community in those days,” said Mr. Griffin. FULL STORY

Alumni Spotlight with Anthony Fierro, Class of ’57

by Andrew Fierro, Managing Editor

For many, high school is a steppingstone to college. But for Mr. Anthony Fierro, class of 57’, St. John Bosco changed his life, and the lessons he learned set him down the path to an incredible and eclectic career.

Mr. Fierro was born and raised in Southern California, and although he ended up loving his time at St. John Bosco, coming to school here initially was not the plan. His mother, who had reached her limit with his antics as a child, actually sent Mr. Fierro to St. John Bosco.

“I was thrown into Bosco by my mother. I was kind of a troubled child and I was always getting into hot water. The last straw was when I was in the sixth grade, when I took the flag from the flagpole and was swinging it all over the place, and it was a mess,” said Mr. Fierro.

Though he may not have wanted to go to Bosco at first, the experiences he had at the school did nothing but good things for him and his future. Before going to Bosco, Mr. Fierro did not have his priorities straight, and the change that Bosco provided for him was something that had and continues to have a significant impact on his life. FULL STORY

Bosco Alumnus and First-Year Teacher, Mr. Ruben Solorza ’13, Takes 14th in Impressive Showing at the Los Angeles Marathon

by Brett Baligad

Mirroring the ongoing success of Bosco Cross Country, Mr. Solorza represented the Braves very well in the Los Angeles Marathon.

Last weekend, Mr. Solorza, an environmental science teacher at Bosco, competed in the LA Marathon, as he took 14th place with a time of 2 hours and 38 minutes. This is a huge achievement, as he ran with over 8,000 runners at the event. 

Mr. Solorza stands confidently in the top 2% of runners who have broken the three-hour plane. Impressively, he ran at a pace of 6 minutes per mile for the whole event. 

This is not his first time running a marathon, however, as he also ran the Chicago Marathon only a month beforehand. His best run was in 2018, as he achieved a time of 2 hours and 38 minutes in the Sacramento Marathon. As a man who loves to travel, he hopes to run internationally or even possibly at the Olympic level over the next few years. FULL STORY


by Oscar Aranda

With today being Veterans Day, citizens across the United States take time off to reflect on those who have served or are serving in the U.S. Military. St. John Bosco takes this day to remember those from the Bosco community who have served, as well as those who have served from all over the nation.

Veterans Day is the day that originally honored the end of World War 1, then was called Armistice Day until it was changed in 1954. Now Veterans Day has evolved into a day in which the U.S. citizens can also recognize those who have served and those who have fallen victim to any Wars throughout the country’s history. The country celebrates this honorable day on November 11th of every year, and the United states recognizes Veterans Day as a federal holiday.

Veterans day became a national holiday on May 13, 1938, though it was first observed by congress in 1926 as Armistice Day. Armistice Day was the celebration of the end of world war 1 and was correlated with the peace that came with the end of said war.

Within the St. John Bosco (Bosco) community, there are many men and women who have served, or are currently serving in the military. They do a significant amount and sacrifice a great deal in order to protect, serve and keep this country safe.

Marie James- Garcia, aunt of Carlos Garcia (Bosco 22’), served the country in the United States Army and was stationed in Ft Hunter Liggett, Ca. Her interest in serving came at an early age due to possibly watching too much M*A*S*H.  This was complemented by her fearless attitude that translated well into the rigors of the army. She ended her duties in 1984 and very much enjoyed her time in service. FULL STORY


by Dominic Ramirez

This year, St. John Bosco welcomes Mr. Tommy Johnson, an accomplished artist and athlete, to the Brave community.

Q. What classes do you teach?

A. I teach art classes and yearbook here at Bosco. 

Q. What high school did you attend?

A. I went to Calvert Hall College High School, in Towson Maryland. I received the Princeton award for best high school artist in the country.

Q. Are you from California? If not, where are you from?

A. I am originally from Lutherville, Maryland. I had a fishing pond in my front yard, I miss that. 

Q. What college did you attend?

A. I went to Loyola College in Maryland. The mascot is the Greyhounds.

Q. What was your major/minor in college?

A. I majored in arts and teaching. I was the captain of a national championship lacrosse team, and I played professional lacrosse for the Baltimore Thunder. I have been teaching art and coaching lacrosse since I graduated. FULL STORY


by Eric Torres, Editor-in-Chief

From St. John Bosco High School to the United States Air Force to the Middle East, nobody knows more than alumnus Bruce Horvat, ‘59, about what it means to be a Brave.

Mr. Horvat was born just prior to World War II in Ohio. Being the oldest child in a lower to middle-class family with four siblings, his family moved out to California due to the better opportunities that the war industry presented. Although his family settled down in Long Beach, Mr. Horvat did not go to school there. Like many students find today, public school just wasn’t the right fit, which is why he ended up at St. John Bosco. 

“Public school was extremely easy for me, and so I would get into trouble. For example, I would create my own hall passes,” said Mr. Horvat.

The St. John Bosco campus that Mr. Horvat attended is drastically different from what is known to the Braves’ students today. At that time, the only resemblance to today’s campus was the football field and the pool. 

At St. John Bosco, Mr. Horvat found people who were just like him. He fit in well to the Bosco community, as he played football, involved himself with the library and was even a member of the student newspaper. This allowed Mr. Horvat to take a lot away from his experience at St. John Bosco. 

“When I left, I didn’t realize how much I took away from Bosco. I was taking away getting over the fear of making mistakes, which took me some time to get over. Also, I had problems getting along with people originally, but at Bosco, everybody was my peer, and I didn’t have any problems,” said Mr. Horvat.FULL STORY


by Ethan Gibbs

Being a competitor in an individual sport presents me with a uniqueexperience. Win or lose, there is no one to blame but myself.

When I am climbing up the ladder to the diving board, my brain is racing a million miles per hour. I am thinking about all the possibilities, positive or negative. “Am I gonna smack,” “What if I lose my spot” and “If I squeeze my shoulders I could rip.” 

The second I take my first step on the board, my mind is clear. I am 100% focused on my dive and think about nothing else. It is as if every thought and emotion leaves my body. 

After I hit the water, everything comes back to me, all the emotions and thoughts. I start thinking about how good my dive was, and if I am going to get good scores. 

My name is Ethan Gibbs, and I am a springboard diver for St. John Bosco and for my club team, Crown Valley Divers. I will continue to dive for Bosco my senior year, as I did my sophomore year. FULL STORY

Life of a Brave: Ms. Jen Schnorr Becomes the First Female Vice President in St. John Bosco’s History

by Matthew Parsons

As the first female Vice Principal of St. John Bosco High School, Ms. Schnorr is paving the way for more diversity in the Bosco community.

Ms. Schnorr grew up in an active household in the South Bay. She is the oldest of four children, with two sisters and a brother. She and all of her siblings were involved in many sports and activities throughout their upbringing, which perhaps planted the seed for her to become a fun and dynamic leader.

Ms. Schnorr participated in an abundance of extracurriculars in her school years, including volleyball, basketball, soccer and softball at the varsity level in high school. She even participated in boy’s baseball her senior year. Not only was she a student-athlete, but she was also a member of her school’s ASB every year.

Ms. Schnorr attended St. Margaret Mary for elementary school, St. Anthony High School and then went on to attend college at California State University, East Bay for a year before transferring to UC Santa Barbara. She double majored in Global Studies and Spanish Literature. FULL STORY

Life of a Brave: Alumni Spotlight With Computer Science Teacher Mr. Nathan Corkhill, ’09

by Oscar Aranda

St. John Bosco’s very own Nathan Corkhill, class of 2009, returned to Bosco to give back to the place he calls home and educate the new generation of Braves.

Mr. Corkhill attended St. John Bosco from 2005 to 2009 and follows a family legacy not too many people are aware of. Mr. Corkhill’s former Bosco teacher, Mr. McMorrow, was his idol when it came to teaching. A combination of Mr. McMorrow’s impact and a time of self-reflection in Europe subsequently led Mr. Corkhill down his path of teaching. 

Mr. Corkhill started off as a volleyball coach at Bosco, and shortly after became an administrator due to a convenient job opening. 

“It was the circumstances that got me here (Bosco), but being back on campus kept me here. No place is like it here, it’s like you are coming home,” said Mr. Corkhill. FULL STORY

Life of a Brave: 21 Questions With Brother Kris Tran

by Ethan Gibbs

This year, St. John Bosco High School welcomes Brother Kris Tran from Vietnam to the Brave community.

Q. Where did you grow up?

A. I grew up in Saigon, officially known as Ho Chi Minh City, in Vietnam.

Q. What inspired you to become a Brother?

A. Don Bosco. The more I learn about the life, the work and the spirit of St. John Bosco, the more I want to be like him and dedicate my life to young people.

Q. What event in your life gave you the most impact on becoming a Brother?

A. It’s hard to pinpoint one singular event that impacted my decision to be a brother, because it’s a gradual process. So, I guess if you think about your whole life as one event, it is that event, as  God has kept working to change me for the better. FULL STORY

Life of a Brave: How Principal Dr. Kris Anderson’s Path Led Him Back to Bosco

by Andrew Fierro, Managing Editor

From student to teacher to principal, alumnus Dr. Kris Anderson has gone through a long journey of being educated as well as educating, which has led him back home to become the new principal of St. John Bosco.

Dr. Anderson has filled the spot of Dr. Christian DeLarkin as the new principal of the school and could not be more thankful for the responsibility he now holds. Before coming to school at Bosco, Dr. Anderson already knew that it was the school he would attend. Dr. Anderson made up his mind pretty quickly on Bosco after seeing a role model of his enroll.

Though this role model is what got him initially interested in Bosco, it was Dr. Anderson’s continued research into the school that really solidified his enrollment. Since his enrollment, Dr. Anderson has had countless great memories of the school, though one of the standout memories was going undefeated in Serra league football his junior year.

“It was the best league in California, if not the whole country, and there was no way whatsoever any team would be able to go through this league undefeated, and in its first year of its existence we went undefeated in that league,” said Dr. Anderson. FULL STORY

Life of a Brave: Alumni Spotlight With Social Studies Teacher Mr. Mario Cordero

by Oscar Aranda

Students are thrilled to be back at school, but for former St. John Bosco student Mr. Mario Cordero, class of 97’, he’s continued to return for the last 20 years to give back to the Bosco community as one of the campus’ most beloved teachers.

Mr. Cordero, a social studies instructor here on campus, attended St. John Bosco from 1993 to 1997. Mr. Cordero had already came from a Catholic school environment before attending Bosco and was accompanied by half a dozen of his closest friends. This allowed him to make the easy transition into Bosco and get involved with the school pretty early. However, as a student, teaching wasn’t always the plan for Mr. Cordero.

“I wanted to be a shortstop for the Dodgers and then I realized that I shouldn’t put all my eggs in that basket. The next thing I would rather do is be a teacher, and I don’t want to do anything else,” said Mr. Cordero.

Mr. Cordero also noted that there are differences between campus from when he was a student and now. He noticed that the campus had more students while he was at Bosco and was a little more wild. For Cordero, campus now has less kids and is a much calmer environment than the Bosco that he attended. Another difference at Bosco was the rule that the students were only allowed to eat by the 400 buildings and were not allowed to use the basketball courts.

Mr. Cordero found a sense of a community while at Bosco and felt that he had found himself at home when he attended school. He found himself back at Bosco when he was hired by his former baseball coach Chris Jondell to help out at Bosco. The fond memories and his time at Bosco as a former student was what made him excited to come back to Bosco as a teacher. Mr. Cordero has been here for 20 years, but feels the persistent need to keep coming back.

“What makes me keep coming back to Bosco is the students and the coworkers for sure. The students we have are really exceptional students that are great young men,” said Mr. Cordero. 

Not only was Bosco a home to Mr. Cordero, but furthermore, an environment in which he felt he belonged. Mr. Cordero was involved in numerous activities here at Bosco including student government, soccer and baseball. FULL STORY

Life of a Brave: 21 Questions With New Long-Term Sub Ms. Munoz

by Aydn Morris

St. John Bosco welcomes new long-term sub and St. Joseph alumna Ms. Munoz, who specializes in biological sciences.

Q. What College did you attend and when did you graduate?

A. I attended Cal Poly Pomona and graduated in December 2020.

Q. What did you study in and why did you choose to study that?

A. I majored in Biological Sciences because I had always planned to be in the medical field or teach on the subject.

Q. What high school did you attend and did you grow up there?

A. I graduated from Saint Joseph High School and actually had to take the bus every morning because I lived in Los Angeles.

Q. What interested you about becoming a science teacher?

A. Science has always been something I have been passionate about. Being exposed to working with and mentoring kids from high school until I received my bachelor’s degree was a very rewarding experience, which made me want to pursue it. FULL STORY

Life of a Brave: Unsung Hero, Head Athletic Trainer Ms. Melody Mohebbi

by Matthew Parsons

A guardian angel for all at St. John Bosco, Ms. Melody Mohebbi, known by many student-athletes simply as “Ms. Mel,” serves as both the Head Athletic Trainer as well as the Pathway Coordinator for Sports Medicine.

Born in Tehran, Iran, Ms. Mel and her family weren’t tethered to any single place, constantly moving across the country. She grew up in a relatively average sized household, and it was only her, her parents and brother. Like those she treats now, she was an athlete in her youth. Coming from an athletic family, she went down the path of being a gymnast and a swimmer as a child.  

“I grew up in an athletic family. My mom was actually a gold medalist in diving. And my dad was a basketball coach,” said Ms. Mel.

However, her athletic career was cut short after an injury to her arm. Although she had to give up her competitive career in sports, this injury actually gave her inspiration to later become an athletic trainer.

Since she was constantly moving across Iran, she wasn’t able to stay at a singular school. Somewhat similar to St. John Bosco, the schools in Iran are single-sex, rather than co-ed. She eventually went on to attend university after her high school years and studied geology. Although Ms. Mel never struggled with grades, she regrets that she did not try harder in school.

“I really didn’t care about grades, never did growing up. I wasn’t a bad student, but I wasn’t getting straight A’s. I’m being honest; I was a very procrastinating person. I would always, always – I’m not even kidding you when I say – I would study the night before,” said Ms. Mel. FULL STORY

Life of a Brave: Bosco Football Brothers Make Lifelong Memories In Virginia

by Jeremiah Davis

With league play fast approaching, the Bosco Braves took a trip to Virginia to dominate in football and to experience everything the state had to offer, from BBQ food to American history.


Bosco Football has been known throughout the past decade as being one of the top football teams in the state as well as the nation. This was proven once again when the Braves took a trip to Virginia to play Oscar F. Smith High School.

The game ended up being a lopsided contest with Bosco dominating Oscar Smith by a score of 49-0. However, there was more than just practice in the lead up to the game, as the Braves were able to spend quality time in Virginia.

The Braves departed from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on Tuesday night, September 14th, and arrived in Virginia on Wednesday, September 15. Immediately after landing in Virginia, they were transported to Catholic High School in Virginia Beach where they conducted their first practice.

“The practice overall was a good experience. Before the trip, I had never even thought about visiting Virginia, let alone playing football there,” said senior Zion Austin, a strong safety for Bosco.

After practice, the Braves ended up going to one of Virginia’s finer food establishments, Mission BBQ.  With a slogan, “The American Way,” the folks at Mission BBQ were appreciative of Bosco and happy that the mighty Braves from Southern California were supporting their business. Afterward, the team headed to their hotel, The Wyndham Virginia Beach Oceanfront, for some much needed rest. FULL STORY

21 Questions With New Activities Director Mrs. Mayra Fernandez

by Andrew Fierro, Managing Editor

St. John Bosco is delighted to welcome Mrs. Mayra Fernandez, Activities Director, Spanish teacher and St. Joseph High School alumnus, to the Brave community.

Q. What college did you attend, when did you graduate, what did you study and why did you choose to study that?

Photo by Alex Diaz, Photo Editor

A. I attended California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), and graduated in 2007. Although my original major was math and Spanish was my minor, after a trip to Argentina, I decided to change my major to Spanish. I then graduated with a Bachelor of the Arts (BA) in Spanish.

Q. What brought your interest in becoming an activities director? 

A. Although I love teaching Spanish, I also love to plan and organize events. I love supporting my students in and outside of the classroom. I am always at their games and events, so it seemed like the right fit for me.

Q. How did you find St. John Bosco and what made you interested in working here? 

A. I attended St. Joseph High School and taught there for 7 years. As a junior moderator, I would plan events with Bosco and I just loved the campus. It has always had a great reputation, so it was always my goal to work here. Also, the fact that it is less than 10 mins away from my house is an extra bonus. FULL STORY

21 Questions With The Newest Member of The Athletic Training Team,Kiana Gleason

by Mathew Parsons

This year, St. John Bosco welcomes Kiana Gleason, certified athletic trainer, to the community.

Photo by Alex Diaz, Photo Editor

Q. Where were you born? Where did you grow up?

A. I grew up in Oxnard, California, which is about an hour north of Los Angeles.

Q. Where did you go to college?

A. I got my bachelor’s degree from Loyola Marymount University and my master’s degree from California Baptist University.

Q. What made you want to work as an athletic trainer?

A. During high school I knew I wanted to do something in the medical field. My high school was small and didn’t have athletic trainers, so I had no idea what an athletic trainer was until my mom told me about the profession. I looked into it and loved it. It was the perfect combination of sports and healthcare. FULL STORY

Unsung Hero E-Sports Head Coach Gabe Giangualano

by Matthew Parsons

Head Coach of the E-sports program, General Manager of the soccer team and teacher at St. John Bosco, Coach Gabe Giangualano, has worked incredibly hard over the past few years at Bosco to provide the best opportunities for his students.

Photo by Alex Diaz, Photo Editor

Despite not getting much recognition for his work around campus, he is still extremely passionate for what he does and is dedicated to all the boys who practice and work under him.

Before arriving on the Bosco campus as a teacher and coach, Coach Gabe was also, once upon a time, just another student who attended St. John Bosco. As he grew up in a family of nine in West Covina and Anaheim, all of his siblings took the private school route although he was the only one to attend Bosco. Coach Gabe has also had three of his sons attend Bosco, all of them active in the community and part of athletics programs. 

As a child, Coach Gabe fell in love with sports, more specifically soccer. He’s always had a love for gaming, but his strong passion for E-sports came much later in his life. His love for soccer was ignited as a child when he scored a game winning goal. FULL STORY

21 Questions with New Teacher and Baseball Assistant Coach A.J. LaMonda

by Aeden Alexander, Sports Editor

St. John Bosco welcomes Mr. A.J. LaMonda to the community, a teacher of anatomy and physiology as well as an assistant baseball coach.

Q. What college did you attend and what did you study?

A. I attended Loyola Marymount University, and I studied anatomy, physiology and biology.

Q.  Who is your favorite athlete and why?

A. My favorite athlete is Bo Jackson, who is the greatest athlete of all time. Just go watch highlights; the man was a monster in the NFL and MLB. FULL STORY

Life Of A Brave: Armenian Wrestlers Become Bosco Brothers

by Oscar Aranda

Bosco Brotherhood! A common feeling that both Armenian wrestlers, sophomore Grigor Cholakyan and freshman Niko Sahakian, have felt since arriving on the campus of St. John Bosco.

Sophomore Grigor Cholakyan (Photo by Jim Thrall/Mat Focus)

Both wrestlers are underclassmen here at St. John Bosco and are now both experiencing their first in-class studies after being online for the entirety of the past year. Niko and Grigor both agreed that the welcome they have felt at Bosco is like no other, especially compared to the school environment in Armenia.

“At this school, we have a special brotherhood that you may not always find at schools in Armenia. There’s no comparison,” said Grigor. 

These wrestlers also have big academic goals for themselves this year. Grigor and Niko made it clear that the most important thing to them was to maintain a 4.0 GPA status while winning a team and individual CIF-State title. They both realize that they will have to study hard to achieve these goals all while balancing their athletic careers. However, they are unfazed, as they are fueled with the desire to attend an American division-one college. FULL STORY

21 Questions With First-Year Teacher And Bosco Alum Mr. Ruben Solorza

by Eric Torres, Editor-in-Chief

St. John Bosco welcomes back alumnus Mr. Ruben Solorza, a 2012 CIF Champion in cross country and member of the class of 2013.


Q. Where are you from, and what schools did you go to for elementary/middle school?

A. I am from Whittier, California. I attended St. Bruno’s Elementary, in Whittier, from Kindergarten all the way to 8th grade.

Q. Did you play any sports or do any extracurriculars in high school?

A. I tried out wrestling for one season (yikes), and then ran cross country and track for three years after that. I occasionally helped out with The Brave newspaper as well. FULL STORY


by Joaquin Medrano, Managing Editor, and Omar Cerezo

After a year of COVID-19 protocols and shutdowns, Bosco is ready to welcome most students back to the classroom next week along with an expansion of continued participation in extracurriculars and the reintroduction of student life events, as L.A county shifted into the “red tier” last week.


Los Angeles County has been in the purple (widespread) tier since March 2020. Recently, many people were shocked to find out that L.A County was moving towards the red (substantial) tier during the third week of March 2021. The progress towards a lower-tier brings new regulations, which has impacted schools in a positive way, as it has allowed schools like Bosco to begin operating at a 75% capacity.

Currently, Bosco is planning to bring most of the student body back to campus, while still offering an online option. This is an effort to accommodate every family and allow them to choose what works best for their schedule and health. Mr. Adan Jaramillo, the newly appointed Interim Principal, has been hard at work, as administration and faculty prepare to welcome back all students next Monday.

“We are having two grades, freshmen and seniors, come back on Monday, and on Tuesday, we start with everyone else,”  said Mr. Jaramillo. “It is only for the students who selected to on-campus learning back in August and obviously we will still offer the online component because that is an integral part, especially in a global pandemic.” FULL STORY


by Joshua Hernandez, Editor-In-Chief

“For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” – 2 Corinthians 4:17-18.


On Friday, February 12, 2021, the St John Bosco High School community lost a giant, a man who truly embodied everything it meant not just to be a Bosco Brave, but a Salesian man.

The life and service of Mr. Ismael “Ish” Fernandez is a story that may be righteously told to future generations of Brave students and staff.

While Ish served the Bosco Community with boundless love and protected students and staff alike with unlimited devotion, he will be remembered as far more than just his official capacity as the Head Security Guard.

Indubitably, there are a multitude of ways that the Bosco Community will remember Ish – his famous Golf Cart being one of them. The signature image for Ish was riding around campus in the cart to ensure the safety of the premises, thus certifying the protection of the boys he never failed to protect.

“Ish was literally the gatekeeper of Bosco. All the students and staff knew him by name and by voice. Amazingly, he knew so many of their names as well. Just as part of the role of the Good Shepherd (in the bible) is to keep the sheep safe, it was Ish’s vocation to keep the students and staff of Bosco safe from danger. Ish was easily the most visible person on campus and surely one of the most respected,” said Religion Instructor and Football Coach Mr. Joe Griffin.

Yet, while such a memory may be held by so many Bosco students, alumni, faculty and staff, it is not all he’ll be remembered for. FULL STORY


by Ryan Tavera

Bosco athlete and scholar Cael Valencia continues to make huge strides in the classroom and on the wrestling mat as he exemplifies what it means to be a Bosco Brave. 


St. John Bosco wrestler Cael Valencia is the Press-Telegram boys athlete of the week. (Photo courtesy of St. John Bosco wrestling)

Senior Cael Valencia has remained a staple name in the wrestling community currently ranking #5 in the Class of 2021 at 160lbs. In addition, the Bosco Brave is a two-time California state runner up, 2019 Super 32 Champion, and multiple time Fargo Champion.

These achievements to name a few are a testimony of Cael’s determination and his commitment to wrestling.

“I’m always working whether it be in my online classes or on the mat but first I always have to eat,” said Cael.

As for Cael’s wrestling style, it can only be described as explosive and persistent. Cael breaks down his opponents through relentless pressure which is supported by his sharp technique.

“My wrestling style is constant attacking, motion, inside and outside. I think if I just keep constant pressure it’s going to open up my game,” said Cael.

On the flip side, Cael is also an active participant in school and has many fond memories of Bosco particularly of Mr. Bartelt’s class.

“Memories that make me appreciate high school would have to be with Mr. Bartlet and all the help he gave me letting me know I could succeed,” said Cael.

Cael believes that he wouldn’t be the person he is today if it wasn’t for the support of his coaches and teachers and St John Bosco. FULL STORY


by: Andrew Fierro

It looks like we are seeing the best version of Aaron Pico!


Going into this fight Aaron Pico was 6-3 and was coming off of two of his best performances he has had. He started off his Bellator career with a 4-1 record before having two disappointing losses. Despite having a rocky start he seemed to be a changed fighter and looks to be better than he ever has.

The fighter he was facing in this fight named John de Jesus was also coming off of a win with a unanimous decision over Vladyslav Parubchenko where he was dominant the entire fight. The fighter used his wide range of different striking techniques to keep his opponent always on his back foot keeping the fight where he wanted. Though with Pico this didn’t work.

About midway through the first round, Pico was able to take John de Jesus to the ground and out wrestle him the rest of the round. It was a dominant round win for Pico and it seemed to be a good start to the fight for him. After this going into the second round he looked to do the same with an early takedown being landed. FULL STORY


by Joshua Hernandez, Editor-In-Chief

Mr. Edgar Salmingo, Jr, an important member of the faculty and staff as the Vice Principal of Academic Affairs here at St. John Bosco High School, plays a key role to ensure that all school-related operations run smoothly. Despite not getting enough recognition as he should, he is extraordinarily committed to the Bosco community, as he spearheads efforts at Bosco to help students and teachers succeed.


Before arriving at St. John Bosco to embark on his journey of becoming a teacher in a Salesian setting, Mr. Salmingo believed he had a different calling as he navigated through life after graduating from college. Born into a family of five with two other siblings and growing up in both Hawthorne and Harbor City, California, Mr. Salmingo poured himself into his education as a kid, prioritizing school over all else.

After finishing middle school, Mr. Salmingo decided to attend Loyola High School, where he excelled as a student. Upon graduating from Loyola, he attended UC Irvine for his undergraduate degree, where he majored in Computer Engineering.

After getting his degree from UC Irvine, he attended Loyola Marymount University, where he got his Credential and Masters in Secondary Education. To further reflect his commitment to education, Mr. Salmingo currently attends Pepperdine University for his Doctorate in Learning Technologies.

Initially, Mr. Salmingo wasn’t drawn to Education as a career, first working at Apple as a Genius Administrator, or in layman’s terms, a Manager of the Repair Department for Apple Products. Despite being the Genius Administrator at Apple, which was a relatively stable job after finishing his studies, Mr. Salmingo felt as if he wanted to do more with his life. FULL STORY


by: Andrew Fierro

Aaron Pico who is currently 6-3 and on a two-fight win streak fights on Thursday Night for the Bellator organization in the featherweight weight class.


Aaron Pico started off his Bellator career with a 4-1 record finishing all of his fights inside one round using his high level striking and wrestling.

Though his hot streak came to a halt when he crossed paths with Henry Corrales who finished him in the first round. The fight started off well for Pico as he dropped him with a punch at the beginning of the fight, though instead of taking it to the ground he let him back up which proved costly in the end. FULL STORY


by Pedro Ochoa

If someone last year told you that we would be doing all of our classes on our bed via ZOOM, would you have believed them? Of course not. Isn’t it weird that most of the time in our physical classes, our teachers would tell us that we had to put our electronics away? And now, they ask us to open our electronics, because if we don’t, then we will get marked absent. How things have changed in 2020!


Waking up five minutes before class, in your bed, and in your pajamas is amazing right? Can you imagine being in front of a screen for more than ten hours a day? Well stop imagining it, not only are you doing this now, but most of you were doing it before the pandemic (stop shaking your head – you know I’m right).

Online learning has a lot of positives and negatives. First and foremost, every quarter is different for everyone. There have been many students that are pulling their hair out because they are taking their hardest classes in the first quarter, while some students are sleeping and dreaming of those sheep jumping on clouds because they have free periods. I know this because I was one of those sheep dreamers first quarter, while now I am starting to grow white hairs. FULL STORY


by Nicholas Neoman

The Bosco community is experiencing a divide over the rapid change of quarters this semester, sparking dialogue on whether a quarter system is beneficial or detrimental to both students and faculty during online learning.


Teachers, as well as some students, feel the pinch of a quick turnaround. For a multitude of reasons, they believe that the three day break between quarters one and two was far too short.

When Mrs. Michele Dolphin, a teacher for the Biomedical Pathway and Chemistry, was asked about the single-day grading period, she responded with a sentiment many other Bosco teachers may share as well.

“I ended up not meeting that deadline and so I asked for an extension because it was just impossible, I felt really stressed and overwhelmed,” Mrs. Dolphin said.

Mrs. Dolphin represents the general consensus of many teachers at Bosco. Teachers like Dolphin finished administering their finals Thursday afternoon and were expected to grade them by the end of the following day. The tight pinch between academic quarters forced teachers into a frenzy, grading at an alarming rate. Teachers were expected to grade finals within a day and start teaching their next classes a few days later. Much of the teaching staff would have benefited greatly from an elongated break to grade finals and relax before they set out to teach a new set of courses.

Noah Citek, a Junior in the Sports-Medicine Pathway, responded similarly when asked about his view on the short grace period. FULL STORY


By John Udabe

Over the summer, St John Bosco hired on a new President and CEO of the school to bring change to the Bosco community, Dr. Brian Wickstrom.


With a rich resume, Dr. Wickstrom is an exciting and enriching addition to the Bosco community.

Dr. Wickstrom was raised and educated in the state of Kansas, along with his identical twin. As a student athlete in high school, he eventually went on to receive a full scholarship to Kansas State as a Track and Field athlete running the 400 meter. This background makes it easy for him to relate to the load many Bosco student-athletes take up in order to have an opportunity to compete at the next level, as he has experienced first-hand what that feels like.

“You have to learn to manage your time and you have to learn to survive, make friends, get along and build relationships to get through school and set yourself up to be able to have the contacts for the rest of your life,” Dr. Wickstrom said. “I think it’s very similar to going through the brotherhood of St John Bosco and the value of the relationships and the brotherhood that you make here in school.”

At Kansas State, he earned his MBA with a management concentration. After that, he earned a Masters of Sports Administration from Ohio University and later became a Doctor of Education and Educational Leadership from Eastern Michigan University.

“I just knew that I had such a great student experience and student athlete experience, that I wanted to impact students,” Dr. Wickstrom says.

Dr. Wickstrom’s family is a testament to the emphasis and importance of education on his life. FULL STORY


by: Andrew Fierro

Juan Archuletta, a bantamweight fighter in the Bellator organization, and a role model to Bosco’s varsity wrestling team acquires the bantamweight championship with a win over Patchy Mix on September 12.


Almost exactly one year after losing his first title fight against featherweight Patrico Freire, Juan Archuletta challenges for a title once again and this time gets a unanimous decision to take home the championship. His record is now 25-2 and he has only lost one time in the past 5 years.

Archuletta’s great ground defense became a pivotal role in his win, with him being taken to the ground early in the first round and having to defend off many submission attempts from his opponent Patchy Mix. Though once he was able to get back to his feet it was obvious that he was in control of the fight with his superior boxing.

Archuletta commented about the difference between wrestling in a regular match and a fight, saying, “it’s different because in a fight you’re getting punched, you can’t just shoot in when you’re tired”. He cited differences in the amount of things to worry about stating “there are a lot more things to worry about when you’re fighting because it’s not only about wrestling”. FULL STORY


by Aydn Morris

High school student athletes are now panicking as college scholarships won’t be any easy to come by this year thanks to the ongoing pandemic. 


St. John Bosco High School Athletic Director Monty McDermott, like many student-athletes and parents, is concerned about the matter. Around 500,000 students end up becoming a student athlete in college and from those 500,000 only 150,000 are under an athletic scholarship, according to Mr. McDermott.

“Now it is even tougher to get a scholarship because the number of high school students are rising but the number of scholarships are decreasing,” said Mr. McDermott.

Prior to the outbreak only 2% of student athletes were given a scholarship which resorted to only 15,000 students receiving one. It is no secret that it was already tremendously hard to get an athletic scholarship in general, and now it is going to reach a level of toughness we have never seen before.

The California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) has been trying to figure out a way to let as many high school students as possible play their respective sports. They came up with the idea of reducing the sports seasons by only having Winter and Spring seasons, which allowed the fall sports to practice and try out due to not being able to during the summer. FULL STORY

Don’t Make Halloween A Pandemic Nightmare

by Nicholas Neoman

Celebrating Halloween in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic poses a tremendous new health risk. In the wake of a spike in cases nationwide following Labor Day weekend, health experts are concerned with the implications Halloween places on the rate of transmission.


According to NBC Los Angeles, Labor Day saw a massive “uptick in virus cases.” Events such as barbecues and public gatherings on Labor Day caused a spike in the COVID-19 infection rate. According to the Blueprint for a Safer Economy, Los Angeles County’s cases are hovering around 7 cases per 100,000 people. Health experts fear the COVID-19 infection rate will see exponential growth during Halloween, which may mean the popular holiday will look different for at least 2020.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has placed new guidelines for Halloween in the midst of this pandemic. Social gatherings, such as parties, are now forbidden as close interactions will surely cause a spike in cases. Other traditions like Trick-Or-Treating are strictly advised against. Everyone must be six feet apart, which is simply not realistic. While many restless children will still go door-to-door asking for candy, the Health Department strongly advises to limit the amount of contact. Even small interactions with others, like handing out candy, put people at risk of contracting the novel coronavirus.

Furthermore, the Health Department has deemed online parties and drive-in-movies as safe actions for celebrating Halloween. While many are still very sick of doing everything from a distance, one moment of close interaction can ruin what months of time have built. Halloween floods people with nostalgia of times before this pandemic. Thus, the inclination to return to “normal” will be stronger than usual. But, remember: this can be deadly. FULL STORY

#BraveTogether Fundraiser Shows Strength of Community In Time Of Crisis 

by Ryan Tavera

Since its founding in 1940, St. John Bosco High School has been committed to empowering students to develop and achieve their fullest potential, but due to the recent economic decline caused by COVID-19, St. John Bosco’s goal to serve students has been put in jeopardy. Luckily, our community has stayed #BraveTogether to make sure no one gets left behind.


COVID-19 has made nearly 10 percent of our families struggle to make due and pay tuition. Furthermore, the pandemic has resulted in several major fundraising events being canceled. As a result, an estimated $250,000+ was lost that needs to be made up.

Previously, Bosco aided 60 percent of students through its tuition assistance program. Unfortunately, no additional funds are available to help these families. So during these hard times, it is stressed as a faith and school community that we exercise perseverance and offer a helping hand to our fellow Bosco families.

The Brave Together fundraiser serves as a beacon of strength and unity and to inspire others to help one another. FULL STORY

“Senioritis” Strikes Again

by Emilio Ceja

All of the hard work done for four years of high school by students can in some cases mean nothing if they catch “senioritis”.


All of the good grades, outstanding GPA’s, and credit for classes can be looked over and ignored if students continue through the last months of high school with this epidemic. The unwillingness to do work the second semester of senior year can not only mean lower grades for students but can also bring much larger consequences to the table. 

Throughout my years at St. John Bosco I have seen many seniors change from their academically achieving selves into the sweatpants wearing, sandals rocking, seniors that no longer care about the whole highschool appeal. Many of these seniors sometimes do not realize the real harm that they can cause to their own future by not doing the often simple work that is assigned to them. Once accepted into colleges, the colleges themselves have the ability to revoke your acceptance if your grades are not adequate to maintain acceptance. For many this can be unknown, once they realize the guidelines, it is too late for anything to change and they are stuck without the option to attend a university that they didn’t intend on choosing. FULL STORY

Bosco Water Polo Coach and Former-Olympian Jeff Powers

by Christian Estrada

With all of Bosco’s big sports glory, do not be surprised that an Olympian walks among Braves. Head water polo coach Jeff Powers was inducted into the USA Water Polo Hall Of Fame this past Summer, yet another big athletic splash in the Brave community. 

Mr. Powers was born January 21, 1980 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, but went to San Luis Obispo High School and played basketball, soccer, baseball, swimming and water polo.

He started water polo in high school, however, he did not take the traditional route. While Coach Powers understands the importance of hard work in a sport, he believes it is best for an athlete to participate in multiple sports.

“I am a big fan of [athletes] playing multiple sports and just having fun year around, and if you are an athlete you will be fine, it allows you to build character. Once you get to high school then you can start singling out and focusing on one sport. But until then, I say play all the sports that you can. I think you will be a better athlete, and lower your chance of injuries,” said Coach Powers. FULL STORY

Juniors Share a Nostalgic Night at Ring Ceremony

by Ryan Tavera

November 20, 2019 marked a significant day for many students attending St. John Bosco and their families, as the juniors received their class rings.


Junior rings have been a tradition in many high schools over the years and Bosco is no stranger towards the tradition. The ring is a token of appreciation and congratulations to juniors in the man they are today and the man they are shaping into. It also signifies their progression through high school, and the start of the end of their high school days.

Students were to meet in the Chapel with their family shortly after school ended, and they were seated together while their families sat towards the back of the chapel.

The mass focused on admiring, wishing the junior’s a good future. The main difference between this mass and others, was that it had a more professional tone to it, almost like mini graduation.

Following the mass, Mr. Flaherty delivered a speech detailing the significance of the ring and what exactly the purpose of the ceremony is and what it means to him. FULL STORY

Men of Service During “Season of Giving” and Beyond

by Che Womack, Contributing Writer

With the season of giving nearly approaching, the urge to help others in need comes into full force. However, this desire to assist those who need help is not limited to just the holiday season. It is a way of life that should embody a person’s character all year long. 


This desire to give is represented in full force by the St. John Bosco Christian Service Program at Skid Row in Los Angeles, California, which takes place throughout the school year.

The St. John Bosco High School Service Program is an aspect of the school that pertains to the student body, reaching out to foundations and helping others in need. Students are required to achieve a certain amount of service hours each year in order to graduate.

However, the impulse to help others does not only come from the faculty and staff but from the student body itself. Many students have dedicated countless hours of their personal time as it genuinely lets them enjoy time away from themselves to help the less fortunate. FULL STORY

Unsung Hero Counselor Ms. Alyssa Skipper

by Dominic Sanchez

Ms. Alyssa Skipper, a prominent member of the faculty and staff here at St. John Bosco High School as our Director of Counseling, may not be as well-known to some parents and alumni, but she is a mainstay in the lives of our student body. She plays a dominant role in the community in helping hundreds of students reach their academic potential and goals for the future to come.

Photo for Article

Ms. Skipper’s journey to St. John Bosco has been drawn out and alluring. She was born one of two daughters in Torrance, California and then raised in Lakewood for the majority of her life. Growing up with a very supportive and loving family who supported her through anything, they would go to any limit to help her succeed with her goals throughout her early life.

After middle school, Ms. Skipper decided to attend Mayfair High School participating in cheerleading and several other clubs. Graduating from high school she chose to go to UC Santa Barbara as an undergraduate and got her Masters at Cal State Dominguez Hills College. She then chose to start majoring in sociology, as well as minoring in applied psychology to broaden her opportunities for the counseling career she’s been pursuing.

By the time she was about to leave high school, she knew that being a school counselor was a career path she wanted to be in. Besides working at a few fun jobs on the side during high school in the Summer, like Soak City Water Park, which she definitely did not enjoy.

“It was a terrible first job; I will definitely say that,” said Ms. Skipper. FULL STORY

The “Team in Red” Will Have Their Hands Full On and Off the Field

by Aharon Colon, A+E Editor

Not only will there be a battle on the field, but there will also be a battle in the stands. 

St. John Bosco’s student section, “The Tribe”, has had a great year so far planning new themes and showing out at every home game. Here is everything you need to know about them, and what you should expect from tonight’s game.

With the emergence of a big social media presence spreading across Twitter and Instagram, The Tribe’s stock has risen tremendously over the past 2 years in the eyes of the public.

Starting with our first viral video, ironically at last year’s regular season game, the Tribe was seen jumping up and down singing the tune to “Seven Nation Army” in the rain. This was in response to rumors that the game was going to be cancelled, and a high school football fanpage got a hold of the video and posted it. Since then The Tribe has never looked back. FULL STORY

Get Hype for Tonight’s Epic Battle with 4-Star Strong Safety Kourt Williams

by Kourt Williams

It is difficult to put into words what a game like this truly means. Some are calling this the high school football game of the decade, even the century. From a players point of view, I can tell you this is nothing short of the opportunity of a lifetime. 


This is the first time Bosco will play the team in red game at Panish Family Stadium. It’s number one and number two. No, not in the state of California, but in the whole United States. I thank God that I can be a part of it.

For the first time in a long time, we are considered the underdogs coming into a football game. We have been waiting for the opportunity to play these guys ever since last Winter, when we lost to them in the CIF-SS Championship game.

You best believe me and my teammates will be coming into the game with a big chip on our shoulders. We know Brave Nation has something to prove. FULL STORY

Unsung Hero Ms. Jeanne Pantuso

by Matthew Ruiz

Ms. Jeanne Pantuso is a well-known asset to Athletic Director Monty McDermott, all the sports teams and the staff and faculty members here at St. John Bosco. However, many parents and students don’t know who she is nor do they know all the work that she does to help the school’s athletic department, students and the overall community here at St. John Bosco High School. 


Ms. Pantuso was born into a large family consisting of four brothers and two sisters. Her family has been associated with Bosco for decades, especially because her brothers came to Bosco. One brother, Mr. Jack Hastert, is still an extremely active and involved faculty member for the school, being the head golf coach and a recently retired religion teacher after over 30 years at Bosco. But Coach Hastert is far from the only connection to Bosco for Ms. Pantuso.

“My son Graduated from Bosco in 98’ with a football scholarship, and my daughter graduated from St. Joseph’s in 00’ two years later,” Ms. Pantuso said. She’s had many family members go through Bosco and St. Joseph’s High School whether that be siblings, nieces, nephews and brother and sister in-laws. FULL STORY

The Humility, Gratitude, and Leadership of Five-Star Quarterback D.J. Uiagalelei

by Che Womack, Contributing Writer

The persona of a five-star high school quarterback, especially in the eyes of Hollywood, comes attached with arrogance and an unlikeliness to be deferential of teammates and coaches. This is not D.J. Uiagalelei. A true quarterback has to be someone who has the physical talent and mental fortitude to lead ten other individuals on the field to success. A quarterback is a leader, a headman, a commander. This is D.J. Uiagalelei.

OLu Fball 3

Growing up, D.J.’s world revolved around athletics, family and church. Coming from a religious family, D.J.’s faith was instilled at a young age. His church, Abundant Living Family Church, in Rancho Cucamonga, California, hosts people from all walks of life, as it opens its doors to people of all faiths. Diving deep into his faith, D.J. gave a visual on how his faith drove him to the promised land of virtue and prosperity.

“God has blessed me with a lot, besides being blessed by waking up day-to-day, he has blessed me with an amazing life, an amazing family, and year-by-year, an amazing team,” D.J. said. “He has blessed me by being able to play the game of football, by that blessing: He gives me the opportunity to showcase the talent he has given me.”

D.J.’s faith and family have driven him to the best person that he can be. Involving himself with Pop-Warner games, youth camps and other virtues that involves him helping others, D.J. chooses to be a part of something greater than himself. FULL STORY

Hawaii Football Trip Travel Log

by Kourt Williams

Day 1: 


As the team and I are ready and set for the trip, eager to start this once in a lifetime experience, first we had to go through the challenge of getting there. I had to wake up at three o’clock in the morning to be able to get to Bosco by four. By the time I got to the school, the majority of the team was already there ready to go. As we drive in the dark on our way to the airport, even though this time of morning is usually peace and quiet, my teammates and I were wide awake, almost as if we were on our way to a party. You could just feel the excitement in the air.

As we arrive at the airport, after talking to my teammates about the trip, this is the first time some of them have ever been at an airport, let alone an airplane. Just the fact, young men in high school get to travel to an island and experience something only a few ever get to do, in all just to play a football game, is something I will never forget, always cherish, and never take for granted. FULL STORY

New Faculty Q&A Featuring Ms. Sparks

by Christian Estrada

IMG_2586For our first new faculty interview at St. John Bosco High School of the year, we sat down with administrative assistant Ms. Emma Jean Sparks to ask her some questions and welcome her to the SJB family.

Q: What’s your favorite movie?

A: Anything (and everything) from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Q: When is your birthday?

A: November 13

Q: What is your favorite color?

A: Blue – the color of the ocean!

Q: What is your Job?

A: I’m working as an administrative assistant – helping with registrar duties while Rubi Araque is out on maternity leave, and also helping Mr. Salmingo with the school’s technology update!

Q: How do you like your job?

A: Getting to work with the Bosco community has been such a fun experience. The staff, teachers, and students have all been so welcoming and warm. FULL STORY

When Being A “Brave” Means Getting Help, CPLA Is There

by Emilio Ceja and Jesse Neville

ymh_infographicStress levels in teens are beginning to match and even surpass the levels of adults, often in worse conditions than those stressed adults because of the unique social pressures adolescents face. Without a way to cope or handle this stress, many students often become overwhelmed and can fall behind in taking care of their schoolwork, their personal relationships and, most importantly, themselves.   

However, students at St. John Bosco have a choice. Bosco began its mental health counseling program began during the 2006-2007 school year, offering a free and personalized counseling service to help with student stress and other issues they may face. Through this program, the students are not treated as “clients,” but are treated as a friend that has others around them that they are able to talk to.

The original “Outreach Concern” counselors at Bosco have been replaced by counselors from a new company called Counseling Partners of Los Angeles (CPLA). These new CPLA counselors serve the same purpose as the Outreach ones and help the academic counselors meet all aspects of student needs. FULL STORY

Incoming Freshman Look to Blaze Their Own Trail

by Elias Gomez

Being a freshman at Bosco is a great responsibility. It is a privilege. In the classroom as well as in the community, where students may don anything carrying the cherished “Bosco” name, they are expected and held to a standard of representing the “Bosco Brotherhood.”don-bosco-2_comp

These incoming freshmen Braves began the year with a positive mindset and a fresh start with new student orientation. Like many Braves, one freshman, Diego Marquez, says that he is looking forward to Bosco’s Pathway Programs.

“The Engineering Pathway is something I am excited for because it teaches me how to be a good leader and to problem solve,” said Diego Marquez.

Diego’s intellect and willingness to learn will help him, and all freshman, in his progression through respective Pathway Programs, or just balance the classroom with extracurriculars. FULL STORY

My Recruiting Process: Kris Hutson

by Kristopher Hutson

My recruiting process has been going great. Being recruited and 140107160532-college-sports-logos-story-tophaving a chance to go to college for free is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I got my first offer during my time as a freshman. Receiving that offer is the most exciting thing about this whole process, because that is the main goal for every athlete.

If you only receive a Division-2 or Division-3 scholarship, don’t start doubting yourself, because many pro athletes have come from even community colleges. You can go anywhere and ball-out, then transfer to a big-time university to improve your exposure. Never lose hope.

I committed to the University of Southern California early in my junior year. However, after thinking about it hard and talking with friends and family, I realized USC was not a place for me. FULL STORY

How To Gain Healthy Weight

by Jacob Jornadal and Sele Pemasa

As easy as it sounds, gaining weight is a bit more complicated than you would think. We are here to inform high school students about the healthy and correct way to gain weight.


Many students today – especially with the ability to drive – have access to all sorts of fast food. Many advisors say to stay away from fast food or to at least limit to once a month.

Other items to avoid is soda. Soda is the highest sugar saturated drink on the market. Consuming these type of foods and beverages will lead to you gaining the unhealthy weight that will produce more body fat rather than muscle, which is what we are trying to avoid. FULL STORY

SJB Unsung Heroes: Ms. Amy Krisch

by Kyle Moats

Ms. Amy Krisch is one of St. John Bosco’s hidden gems.img_0207

While Ms. Krisch is a well-known face in the staff and administration, she may not be as well-known to many parents and students. This is ironic in that the students at St. John Bosco are the primary beneficiaries of her many efforts and the results her events provide.

I had the privilege of being able to sit and really get to know who “Miss Amy” – as she is affectionately known – is and how important her position is to us at St. John Bosco.

Ms. Krisch’s road to St. John Bosco has been equally lengthy and interesting. She was born one of three daughters, in a town outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and spent most of her early childhood there. FULL STORY

Deep Web Poses Virtual Threat To Students

by Joshua Lucero and Elijah Ramos

What is the Dark Web? The Dark Web is part of the world wide web that can only be accessed by a special software, allowing participants to be anonymous whilst participating in illegal activities.


The Dark Web is more than just a label that has been given by the feeble minds of those who do not understand the magnitude of this creation.

The “Dark Web” and “Deep Web”  can be seen as separate online resources. However, the Deep and Dark Webs are virtual seas where users can access information that they cannot in regular search engines such as Safari, Yahoo and Google.

The dark web is purposely hidden and encrypted from others. These encryptions include sites that distribute drugs, guns and other illegal products. FULL STORY

SJB Unsung Heroes: Ms. Margie Woods

by Elliston Ospina and Jake Newman

“Through my husband, I was able to see the eyes of Bosco,” said Ms. Woods.

Ms. Woods is one of the most beloved members of our school’s faculty. IMG_1109She represents the light and kindness of Don Bosco in her everyday routine.

The legend herself – Ms. Margie Woods – has a very dynamic role at Bosco. She is responsible for attendance control and messages, absences and notes, an everyday, all-day type of task.

Administration requests that she remains in a static position in terms of the tasks that she does, but that doesn’t sit well with her. FULL STORY

SJB Unsung Heroes: Bobby Bernado

by Jacob Jornadal and Jake Bailey

In any well-functioning community, there are always certain IMG_1918individuals that keep everything running smoothly, like the oil that keeps the engine running in an automobile.

Within the St. John Bosco High School community, there are many stars – academic and athletic – that shine very bright in all aspects of life, but without the unsung heroes doing the blue-collar work that they do, those “stars” at Bosco would struggle to succeed as much as they do.

Bobby Bernardo is Bosco’s “Mr Everything.” From maintenance to organizing sporting events, Bobby does just about anything he is asked to do and more with a smile on his face at all times. FULL STORY

Depression In Youth At An All-Time High

by Joshua Lucero

Depression and anxiety are common issues that have infected the youth especially in recent history.


Many believe that depression is simply a choice and young teens overreact to their problems. Depression is a disease that can be caused from a variety of problems. Young teens have transformed from a group of children to mature young adults in this day and age.

Studies show that mature teens care and worry about adult problems such as financial issues, helping siblings, future careers, with this often leading to depression. A popular coping method of depression includes the taking of drugs and alcohol. FULL STORY

A Letter To Eugene

by Eddie Torre, contributing writer

Dear Eugene,

A week ago today when I visited, you and Karin were together for Valentine’s Day—not DzbBiISVAAAZIu5.jpg-largein the most romantic place but rather in a place of healing called Cedars-Sinai hospital.

A week ago today your eyes teared up when you saw the get-well card your Bosco students and band members signed for you.

A week ago today we were making plans for when you got better to go to Gerry’s Grill in Cerritos—and, break bread together with other Bosco colleagues on the condition that you would not eat any Filipino food. Ha! FULL STORY

Remembering The Life Of Mr. Eugene Fabiero

by Ethan Piechota

“His memory of you was joy, you brought him joy.”


On Thursday, February 21st, 2019 at 1:25 PM, the St. John Bosco community lost a man who embodied the true spirit of a “Brave.”

The life of Mr. Eugene Fabiero won’t be remembered just through his love for instruments and music.

He won’t just be remembered for his love for traveling and venturing around the world, and exploring new places.

He won’t just be remembered for his iconic motorcycle that he rode to school from 90 minutes away every morning.

And he won’t just be remembered for his incredible impact on the St. John Bosco High School band program in such a short amount of time. FULL STORY

Vaping Poses New Health Risks In High Schools

by Matthew Ruiz, George Holani, Elliston Ospina, and Jake Newman

“Vaping in general is a major health risk to teens and young adults for brain development, addiction, and behavioral risks.”

Teenage vaping of nicotine and marijuana can have long-term effects on the brain. When teens and young adults expose their brain to these substances, they are susceptible to side effects that include addiction, mood changes, and permanent lowering of impulse control.

Nicotine can also lead to addictions with more advanced tobacco products. Some evidence suggests that E-Cigarette use is linked to alcohol use and other substance use, such as marijuana. FULL STORY

Alumni Update: Alberto Gonzalez ’16

by Gabriel Botello

Bosco alumnus Alberto Gonzalez and his team dominated the internship competition at Facebook University and got to meet the famous Mark Zuckerberg recently._E5mh9pW_400x400.jpg

Alberto Gonzalez is an alumnus of St. John Bosco High School and was a part of the graduating class of 2016. For two years, Berto has been bouncing around with different majors such as neuroscience and PPE (philosophy, politics, and economics).

As he was still trying to find what he truly wanted to major in, Berto landed an internship in Washington, DC during the summer where he decided to minor in computer science. With this decision, Gonzalez worked on getting an internship for the class the summer after. FULL STORY

Kairos 46 Reflection: Live The 4th

by Joshua AdohDpmgsLHVAAANAF5

Out of all the retreats that St. John Bosco holds throughout a traditional Braves’ four-year experience, Kairos takes the cake.

Going on this retreat is a guaranteed eye-opening experience. I learned many messages, such as how to treat people the right way and how to spread love to others. One major thing I took away however is that you must first love yourself in order to love others. That will stick with me forever.

I have learned the importance of self-love and how it plays a big part in my life as a young man. Ms. (Mama) Valerie Shields opened my mind to the idea of going on this retreat, which helped me understand that I am never alone in this world as long as I have God, my family, and my close-knit friends. FULL STORY

Nnamdi Chugbo Breaks the Mold

by RJ Johnson

Nnamdi1Traditionally, the Brave of the Issue has been awarded to exceptional Bosco athletes and scholars, such as Jaiden Woodbey and Colby Bowman. However, even these illustrious awardees haven’t achieved some of what class of 2019 senior Nnamdi Chugbo has in his own time at St. John Bosco.

On December 24, 2017, Nnamdi launched his clothing brand ‘Saint’ with the release of his “The World is Yours” t-shirt. His inspiration behind  “The World is Yours” design came from his feelings toward life.

Nnamdi has always grown up not only believing, but knowing that he was destined for more in life than just traditional standards in which to conform. FULL STORY

Long Hair Not Cutting It

by Joshua Lucerobest-student-learning-commons

On August 21st, sixth grader Faith Fennidy arrived to school at Christ the King Parish School in Terrytown, Louisiana and received a notice about being in violation of dress code. The Archdiocese of New Orleans stated she was not expelled, but rather “withdrawn” from Christ the King. But what school administration didn’t bargain that day was this being the beginning of a problem for the school’s haircut policy.

Faith and her family were sidetracked and shaken by the news. Faith left her campus in tears after her natural hair didn’t meet her school’s standards. However, this was not the first time Faith received notice regarding her hair being in violation of dress code. FULL STORY

Test-Taking Advice

by Na’im Rodman

_DSC9584It’s that time of year again, and by time of year, I mean Midterms. This time of year can be very stressful especially for athletes that are being checked for eligibility or just for students that want to get their grades right heading into the second half of the semester.

This is the time of the year where you want to establish habits that will be successful during Finals Week in December. Tests can be dreadful for some students who are not the best test takers, struggle in their study skills and preparation, or don’t have all the best grades going into the tests. So here’s some advice on how to prepare for and ace your exams in the future! FULL STORY

New Black Student Union on Campus

by RJ Johnson

Discussion of a Black Student Union on St. John Bosco’s campus has been up for several years, on and off with no one truly taking initiation to get the club started.

With St. John Bosco being such a diverse community and rich in cultural clubs such as Filipino Club, Spanish Culture Club and more, a club to represent African-American culture and pride seemed to be missing.

St. John Bosco senior students Parker Grey and Cole Grey have taken the role of getting a BSU started here on campus. FULL STORY

Mama Shields: Surviving Hurricane Katrina

by Gabriel Botello


“It changed my whole life, I became homeless and jobless. I had possessions in my home that could never be replaced.”

With Hurricane Florence affecting residents of North and South Carolina, Bosco religion teacher Ms. Valerie “Mama” Shields reflected on her own story of being a victim of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Going through a hurricane is extremely tragic, and many people living in California are fortunate enough to have avoided the experience. Residents must leave their belongings, their money and most importantly their homes while evacuating. For some people, it’s the home they grew up in. FULL STORY

Standford-Bound Colby Bowman Helps Lead Bosco’s National Title Run

by Caleb Wiley

DjDf8-NVAAAQQPr.jpg-largeColby Bowman transferred to St. John Bosco High School after his freshman year and immediately fit into the winning culture at Bosco on and off the field.

Bowman heard about the Brave football powerhouse not only from all the friends he had going to the school, but also through playing against (and getting beat by) Bosco during his freshman year at JSerra.

“After playing against Bosco my freshman year, I knew right away what school I was going to next year. The way they played like a team and with passion really caught my attention,” said Bowman. FULL STORY

New Students Welcomed to Bosco Brotherhood

By Naim Rodman & Jacob Jornadal

Every year young men come from all over to join the Bosco community, whether it’s from a different country, a public school, a private school, or even home school. Three weeks have gone by since these students have begun their journey as Bosco Braves.

As new transfers or freshmen, it can be hard to adjust to dress code, Mass, new academic and athletic standards and just Salesianity on the whole.

Students coming from private school are used to uniform rules because of their last schools policies. FULL STORY

Life of a Brave: Dress Code Crackdown

by Joshua Lucero & Lucas Garrison

By attending St. John Bosco High School, students have to comply with the school dress code. The past few years these rules have been overlooked. So far in the 2018 school year, there has been a clear reinforcement to these rules.

School Vice Principal of Student Affairs Mr. Jaramillo has been tasked with the job to have the structure of the school run fluidly. A former dean on campus, Jaramillo is familiar with the rules and regulations on campus.

“My job is holding up the stage and making sure the lights work on the stage,” says Mr. Jaramillo.

These school requirements of clean shaving, tucked in shirts and belts are all major cultural changes on campus. Mr. Jaramillo is not trying to make the lives of students difficult, as he tries to bring equity and unification to the school community. FULL STORY

Life of a Brave: The makings of a great liturgical choir

by Kyle Moats and Victor Curie

Calling all Braves! To all interested in acquiring a new skill, joining a tight-knit campus community, or just looking to have an all-around good time with classmates, Bosco’s music department is the right fit for you!

When people hear of St. John Bosco High School, the words that are often automatically associated are sports, academics, and the Salesians. However, while each of these aspects is an integral part of the Bosco experience and community, one component that does not receive as large of a spotlight is our school’s marching band and liturgical choir. 

Due to many of the music program’s members being in last year’s graduating class, the department has been left shorthanded this year. In an interview with Bosco’s music drector Mr. Eugene Fabiero, he expressed his thoughts over his department’s current predicament. FULL STORY

Brave of the Issue: Jaiden Woodbey

by Ethan Piechota

Every day, Jaiden Woodbey drives to school here at St. John Bosco high school from his home in Fontana, California.

The one-hour drive every morning is tough for the star football player and track-and-field standout, but represents the commitment and dedication Woodbey has as a Bosco Brave and member of the community. 

“It’s tough, but then again I have a goal, so it’s not really that hard,” said Woodbey about the drive. “I have a reason why I’m doing it, so it makes it that much easier.”

It’s not easy to be a 5-star recruit and one of the top defensive backs in his class, while in the process exemplifying what it means to be a Bosco Brave. Woodbey graces the campus every day as a role model for everyone. On and off the field, he’s a true 5-star recruit. FULL STORY


Bosco Football Dominates JSerra In Homecoming Game, Takes On Orange Lutheran At Home Tonight

by Michael Barba

The Braves pulled off an impressive 31-0 win against JeSerra to move to 2-1 in Trinity League play, and look to put on another show for the fans tonight against the Orange Lutheran Lancers.

Photo by Alex Diaz, Photo Editor

Last Friday, the Braves added a seventh win to their collection in the Homecoming game against the JSerra Lions. This imposing win places the Braves second in the Trinity League, second in California and fourth in the nation, with their only loss coming to the “Team in Red.”

Entering the contest, the Braves were confident considering all of the work that went into this match up. Defensively, the Braves were dominant with 84 tackles in total, and senior defensive back Jshawn Frausto-Ramos secured two interceptions – one he returned for a touchdown.

“Heading into game day I was very confident because it was our Homecoming game,” said Jshawn. “The reason our defense was so on point was because of our defensive coordinators getting us ready for the game.” FULL STORY

Bosco Football Faces Off Against The “Team In Red”

by Michael Barba

The Braves completed their sixth straight dominant performance of the season with a 49-3 win against the Servite Friars, and will continue on to the Santa Ana Bowl to take on the “Team in Red” in the most anticipated match-up of the year so far.

Photo by Alex Diaz, Photo Editor

Bosco Football retains their title as number one high school football team in America and seek to defend their mantle and win streak against the second best high school football team in the country in the “Team in Red.” 

The anticipation for this game is like no other, with the last game against the “Team in Red” drawing a total of 6,000 strong at Panish Family Stadium last season. Due to the talent on both ends of this rivalry, the Braves have been putting every ounce of effort and focus in preparation for gameday.

The last match-up between the two ended in a 42-21 loss for the Braves, but it is looking more competitive than ever with both teams holding on to a 6-0 record heading into this year’s contest. FULL STORY

Bosco Football Opens Trinity league Season Against Servite

by Michael Barba

After an unmerciful 65-0 win against the Central Catholic Raiders, the Braves head into Trinity League play undefeated against their long time rivals, Servite High School Friars.

Photo by Alex Diaz, Photo Editor

The Braves have yet to disappoint with an impressive 5-0 win streak against some of the fiercest competition in the country. The title of the number one high school football team in the nation currently is awarded to the Braves, but the 33rd ranked high school football team of Southern California, the Friars, looks to knock them from that mantle.

The Friars were the last football team to beat the Braves, ending their run for CIF gold last season. Due to this, Bosco Football looks to be stronger than ever by the time they step onto the field to seek revenge. 

“What we have been doing over the past five weeks is to prepare for the entire Trinity League, not just Servite. We’re trying to get better as a football team and improve on some of the areas from week-to-week that we feel we’ve been deficient in,” Head Coach Jason Negro said. “Servite is a talented team. They ended our season last year, so we are motivated.” FULL STORY

New Sailing Team Hopes To Show They’re Worth Their Salt

By Isaac Mays, Sports Editor

St. John Bosco High School Athletics hoisted the sails this Summer, introducing a new seafaring team, adding to the already impressive range of sports to join.

Photo by Jacksnowwwwww via Instagram

Bosco Sailing plans to embark on a fulfilling and competitive journey, with hopes of gifting a passion for a world of seafaring to many students. This program is largely student-led, with co-captains Jack Snow and Samuel Mohinani helping to direct the team. The prospect of students being partially at the helm makes the environment more approachable and friendly for the Braves who are just getting into sailing.

The team currently sails in the Los Alamitos Bay in Long Beach at the Alamitos Bay Yacht Club (ABYC). Their season has just started, although any students interested still have time to join. The team already plans to participate in a few sailing competitions, known as regattas, throughout the season, and the program is ramping up to be an exciting new opportunity for the Bosco community.

While the team is still in their preparation phase, they are nonetheless excited to unveil their talents and skills at the approaching regattas. Skippers sophomore Jack Snow and junior Samuel Mohinani both have prior sailing experience and are able to help aid in the learning process for new sailors. FULL STORY

Bosco Football Defeats Kahuku, Takes On The Central Catholic Raiders From Northern California

by Christian Angel, Managing Editor

After defeating the Kahuku Red Raiders last week in their home opener, the St. John Bosco Braves look to continue their winning streak and national title run against the Central Catholic High School Raiders from Modesto at Panish Family Stadium tonight.

Photo By Alex Diaz, Photo Editor

Head Coach Jason Negro and the Braves represented in the The Trinity League vs. USA Showcase last week against the Aloha State’s best, the Kahuku High School Red Raiders, claiming a gritty 34-7 victory.

While fans are looking ahead to the Braves entering Trinity League play and eventually taking on the nation’s second-ranked “Team in Red” on October 7, the Braves’ main focus is to dominate their last non-league game against Central Catholic. 

Bosco Football comes into this week again as the consensus number one high school football team in the nation after going 4-0 in the past four weeks, defeating their first four opponents by a combined score of 177-28. FULL STORY

Bosco Water Polo Has Its Sights Set On CIF Playoffs

By Marcelles Williams

Head Coach Jeff Powers is encouraged by an experienced squad featuring a strong core of senior leadership, who he hopes will use their experience to leave their final mark on Brave Aquatics.

Photo by Robert Visty III, Photo Editor

This team presents a lot of strong talent, and who better to coach them than Coach Powers? Coach Powers first found the sport in 1994 and became a two time Olympian who played a major factor in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where Team USA brought home a Silver Medal. He scored a late goal in the medal game to secure the win for his team and nation. In addition, Coach Powers was inducted into the prestigious Water Polo Hall of Fame in 2019.

He strives to bring the Olympian lifestyle and work ethic to his players in and outside of the water.

“I try to bring some of the things I learned as an Olympian in my coaching, like dedication, hard work and accountability,” Coach Powers said. FULL STORY

Bosco Football Returns For Home Opener Against Hawaii’s Kahuku Red Raiders

By Christian Angel, Managing Editor

After defeating the Central Catholic Rams last week in Eugene, Oregon, the St. John Bosco Braves face another out-of-state opponent, the Kahuku High School Red Raiders, as the Braves continue their national championship quest in their first home game of the season at Panish Family Stadium Saturday night.

Photo by Alex Diaz, Photo Editor

Head Coach Jason Negro and Bosco Football secured a big win against the number one team in Oregon, the Central Catholic High School Rams, in a huge 49-0 blowout. They now look ahead to the 2021 Hawaiian Open Division Champion in the Red Raiders, who are ranked 34 in the nation by MaxPreps and are the second strongest football team in Hawaii.

Bosco continues their show-stopping national tour, looking to earn another win against the Aloha State’s best at home.

Kahuku will attempt to knock the Braves from the their throne as the consensus number one high school football team in the nation, as the Braves are currently undefeated in the opening three weeks, defeating Allen 52-14 in week one, defeating Bishop Amat 42-7 in week two and a statement performance defeating Central Catholic 49-0 last Friday. FULL STORY

Bosco Football On The Road Again To Face Oregon Powerhouse Central Catholic

By Christian Angel, Managing Editor

After defeating the Allen Eagles and the Bishop Amat Lancers the last two weeks, the St. John Bosco Braves travel out of state again to continue their national championship quest against the Central Catholic High School Rams at Oregon University’s Autzen Stadium, one of the most notable college football venues in the country.

Head Coach Jason Negro and Bosco Football took the show on the road once again Thursday morning to begin preparation to face Central Catholic, who are ranked number one in the state of Oregon by MaxPreps and won the Class 6A State Championship in 2021.

Bosco looks to earn another show-stopping, out-of-state win against the Beaver State’s best.

Bosco comes into Eugene, Ore. continuing their reign as MaxPreps number one high school football team in the nation after the going 2-0 in the past two weeks, defeating Allen 52-14 in week one and crushing Bishop Amat 42-7 last Friday night. FULL STORY

Bosco Football Silences Bishop Amat’s Kiefer Stadium Crowd

By Michael Barba

St. John Bosco Football gave the Bishop Amat Lancer’s raucous crowd little to cheer about with a casual 42-7 win, as they look ahead to tomorrow night’s game against Central Catholic High School in the Beaver State of Oregon at Autzen Stadium.

Video by CLA Sports

Last Friday, Bosco Football was able to retain their title as the number one ranked high school football team in the entire country. The anticipation for this game had thousands of people in attendance at Amat’s classic Kiefer Stadium to support these storied high school programs despite the 90 degree nighttime weather. 

The Braves didn’t waste any time jumping on the Lancers. Within the first seven minutes of the game, junior running back Cameron Jones scored a touchdown. With four minutes left in the first quarter, senior quarterback Pierce Clarkson completed a 90-yard pass touchdown to senior running back and wide receiver Eric Denham. The Braves added another touchdown to their first quarter total with about a minute left, as Jones was able to secure his touchdown of the night.

After going up 21-0 in the first, the Braves didn’t look back. FULL STORY

Bosco Football Brings The Thunder To Allen, Texas, Faces Bishop Amat Tonight On The Road

By: Isaac Mays, Sports Editor

After a beat down of the Allen Eagles last Friday, tonight the Bosco Braves return to Southern California to continue their reign as the number one high school football team in America.

Photo by Alex Diaz, Photo Editor

Bosco Football comes back to their home state to face off against the ninth strongest football team in California, the Bishop Amat Lancers. The Lancers hold a 2-0 record, with dominant wins against Valencia (29-6) and La Habra (42-7) under their belt this season.

Saint John Bosco is coming off a 52-14 blowout victory against Allen High School in Texas on a significant stage. The game against the Lancers has players and coaches alike fired up to return to California and prove how strong the Bosco Football team currently is.

This return continues Bosco’s journey to take the National Title for the 2022 year. There is a major factor of not having to play a game halfway across the country, the players no longer have to stay away at hotels and not be able to access the same comforts typical to preparation. FULL STORY

Bosco Football Sets Its Sights on the Lone Star State’s Allen Eagles

by Christian Angel, Managing Editor

Everything is bigger in Texas, including high school football, and the town of Allen, home of the Allen High School Eagles, has an $60 million 18,000 seat stadium to prove it. Though the state’s natives tell others not to mess with Texas, the St. John Bosco Braves look to prove that warning does not apply to the number one ranked football team in the nation.

Photo by Alex Diaz, Photo Editor

Head Coach Jason Negro and Bosco Football left for Texas Wednesday morning to begin preparation for the Eagles, who are ranked number 46 in the nation by MaxPreps and won the 2017 Texas Class 6A Division I Football Championship.

“Allen is a tradition-rich Texas program that takes a lot of pride in their football program. Brave Nation can expect our team to represent the school, league and state well,” said Offensive Coordinator Stephen Lo. “You will see some hungry Braves flying around the field making plays. Our players have been working for a long time in preparation for this moment, and the game should not disappoint.”

All eyes will be on the players who make Bosco America’s top team coming into the 2022 season. Ms. Melody Mohebbi, Head Athletic Trainer, takes seriously the responsibility of moving Bosco’s athletic training operations to Allen to ensure the players receive top-tier treatment so they can compete at the highest level. FULL STORY

Spring Football Is Back As Preparations For Next Season Begin

by Ian Cook

After a great 2021 season, the St. John Bosco football team has opened up their 2022 season with Spring football, college showcases and barbeques.

This is the first normal Spring football season for the Braves in over two years. Spring football workouts started in February giving the Braves a very short off-season. Now in May, the team is in full swing, getting new playbooks, watching films from previous seasons and practicing without pads. 

“Once the season ended we pretty much started working out right away. There really is no offseason for us, we might get a couple days to rest here and there but with 7v7 tournaments and showcases, it’s pretty much year-round,” said junior quarterback Pierce Clarkson. 

With Spring football picking up, so has the college recruitment for the Braves as well. On May 11, the Braves hosted their annual Spring Football College Showcase and Barbeque. FULL STORY

After A Hard-Fought Season Bosco Baseball Narrowly Miss CIF Playoffs

by Aydn Morris

After having a winning record and an incredible improvement over last season Bosco baseball was snubbed out of the CIF playoffs.

Photo by Alex Diaz, Photo Editor

The Braves had an outstanding season even with falling short of playoff expectations.

The Braves baseball team, led by coach Don Barbra, finished with an overall record of 16-12 and a Trinity League record of 6-9 which was good enough for fifth in the Trinity League.

The Trinity League is regarded as one of the toughest leagues in high school baseball, similar to its reputation in many other sports. Even with the fifth spot finish for the Braves, they still had a chance of making the CIF playoffs, as the other four teams ahead of them made it to the playoffs. 

If the Braves were to have won one or two more of their Trinity League matches, it would have changed the outcome of their season. As the fourth-seeded team, Santa Margarita won six games in the league as well, and was able to make the playoffs. FULL STORY

Golfer Matthew Ingram Finishes Second In Trinity League, Best Individual Finish In 16 Years

by Ian Cook

With only 20 days left until summer, the spring sports of St. John Bosco have been able to keep their focus on their athletic season and not be distracted by the excitement of the 2021-2022 school year coming to a close. 

The 2022 St. The John Bosco golf team is an example of one of the many spring sports that has been able to have a strong season thus far. 

Recently, the Braves finished 2nd out of 16 teams in the Ontario Christian Tournament. Senior and Drew University commit, Matthew Ingram, was one of the key performers for the Braves during the tournament as well as in Trinity League play. 

“Matthew Ingram took 2nd place in the Trinity League Individual Tournament, which is the highest finish a Bosco golfer has had in that tournament in 16 years,” said Head Coach Jack Hastert. FULL STORY

St. John Bosco Lacrosse On The Rise, Sets Sights On A CIF Title

by Aeden Alexander, Sports Editor

This week, Braves lacrosse finished the regular season strong with a win over Oak Park on senior day, leading them into Division 2 CIF Playoffs ranked third in the section.

Photo by Alex Diaz, Photo Editor

Baseball Is Back!

by Aeden Alexander

After the Major League Baseball Lockout has ended the season is right underway as both local Los Angeles teams the Angels and Dodgers look to make a run for it all this year.

Expectations are high in Southern California after an amazing offseason from both local clubs. The two teams went with different routes that would fit what they were looking for and both have improved significantly heading into the season.

The Dodgers are the 2022 favorites to win the World Series and that’s not by coincidence. Not only did the Dodgers manage to bring back many of their core players but as well brought on some new guys.

The biggest move however for them would be the addition of 2021 World Series MVP Freddy Freeman. Freeman was the first baseman for the Braves and will continue to hold down his position in Los Angeles. FULL STORY

Braves’ Track And Field Team Starts Off Season Right

by Ian Cook

The St. John Bosco track and field team has started their season on the right foot after recently performing well at the Quad Meet at Mater Dei, as they lead into their Trinity League matches. 

Photo by Alex Diaz, Photo Editor

The 2022 St. John Bosco track team has made many top marks in the state and national marks as well. With many key performers this year, Head Coach Tim McIntosh and the Braves are working hard to have a successful season and turn many heads this Spring. 

“A lot of seniors have been key performers this year, Jaden Smith, Camryn O’bannon, Rayshon Luke, Jackson Harley, Jabari Bates, Tayvion Beasley and Chris Chavez to name a few,” said Coach McIntosh. 

The Braves have performed very well on the track as they are ranked number two in the state in the 4×2 relay. Camryn O’bannon is ranked number one in the state in the long jump, number three in the state in the triple jump and also number three in the nation in the Triple Jump. FULL STORY

Students Weigh In On Grass VS. Turf

by Aydn Morris

Each year more and more sports fields change from natural grass to artificial grass in order to improve the cost and looks of their complex. Though it may be more dangerous for the athletes to play on turf rather than well-maintained grass.

Artificial grass (turf)  holds many benefits to athletes, as it can be easily maintained and can allow the athlete to perform better. Although turf may have many benefits, it also has strong negatives as it is significantly harder on the body than grass is. 

Turf fields have been highly preferred by Bosco athletes to play on due to how badly grass fields may be maintained. Artificial grass has been installed more in high school and college-level sports due to how much cheaper it is to maintain over time compared to natural grass.

Turf fields have not had the greatest history when it comes to injuries, as many athletes like to play on turf fields, in a long-term decision grass is more recommended to play on to prevent injury. FULL STORY

Braves Swimming Dives Into The Season In Style

by Ethan Gibbs

The St. John Bosco swim team is looking forward to the remainder of their season, as they are off to a hot start with one of the most talented rosters they have had in years.

Bosco’s swim team has begun their season with a great start, as they have two wins and only one loss overall. On February 24th, Bosco started their season against West Torrence, which ended up being a loss with a score of 53-117. Despite the loss, it pushed the Bosco swimmers to train even harder. 

“Winning easy meets is a result of our hard work put into our training. When we do lose it motivates us to learn from our mistakes and to get better and faster,” said co-captain senior swimmer Joshua Joson. 

The next meet was against Warren, and Bosco came out on top securing them the first win for the swimming season 115-55. Senior athlete and co-captain Joson placed first in the 200 meters and the 100-meter breast. Another senior and co-captain Jack Woodson placed first in 100 meters back and 100 meters free. FULL STORY

Bosco Lacrosse With Big Goals For The 2022 Season

by Ian Cook

The  St. John Bosco lacrosse team, led by coaches, Chris Jewett and Tommy Johnson, are excited to kick off their long-awaited 2022 Season with the addition of a few new players.

After a brief, and covid affected season last year with an overall record of 4-6, the Braves are looking forward to finally having a normal 2022 season. After the 2020 Season was canceled, followed by an unexpected 2021 Season, the Braves’ goals have not changed and are still striving for a 2022 Trinity League Championship.  

“I’m really excited going into this season. We have a few new guys and we’re ready to just be able to have a normal season and an even shot to win,” said senior Joel Embray. 

The Braves have welcomed new players such as senior Logan Booher, a former St. John Bosco Football Wide Receiver, and is accompanied by Noah Citek, George Bratton and Evan Stout, three very talented players who transferred from Millikan High School. FULL STORY

MLB Lockout Keeps Baseball Fans And Players Waiting

by Aeden Alexander, Sports Editor

Major League Baseball announces that the 2022 regular season will have games canceled much to the anguish of players and fans, as players and owners can’t agree to a deal that would end their lockout.

With the original start of Spring Training being on February 26th, the MLB and Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) are way past their deadline of getting a new labor deal finalized. This will not only delay and cancel Spring Training games, but it will now also cause the cancellation of the beginning of the regular season.

After the 2021 season, the current Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) expired, leaving another deal to be made. However, the MLBPA did not agree with the terms of the last deal and believed that it was too unfair for the players in many different aspects.

One of the players’ main concerns is about how poorly Minor League players are treated, as they get less pay than minimum wage in some states, as well as subpar housing in some situations. There were many other aspects of the deal that caused the lockout, including greedy owners and representatives of Major League Baseball. FULL STORY

Bosco Baseball Starts Season Off Strong

by Ian Cook

After not having the season they longed for last year, the St. John Bosco Braves baseball team, led by Head Coach Don Barbara, have started off their 2022 season strong with an overall record of 5-1.

Photo by Alex Diaz, Photo Editor

This year, the Braves have a grand total of 18 senior players. This team has already proven to be a strong contender as they were ranked 16th in Southern California by the Los Angeles Times. With this experience, they are hopeful to beat out the very challenging competition and win the prestigious Trinity League Championship.

“We’ve had a great start to this season so far, and since we have a lot of seniors, including myself, I just want to turn a lot of heads and make it big for our team,” said senior third baseman Julian Orozco. 

The Braves will face off against the Jserra Lions and the Orange Lutheran Lancers, two high-level programs that have drawn national attention in the last few years due to their continuous successful seasons. FULL STORY

Bosco Basketball Sets Sights On State Title

by Aydn Morris

Following a disappointing loss at JSerra last week, the Braves are looking towards their first-round matchup with the La Costa Canyon Mavericks in the CIF State Championship tournament.

Photo by Alex Diaz, Photo Editor

In an uncharacteristic game from the Braves, they lost 60-44 against JSerra. They struggled heavily to put the ball in the basket. In the first quarter, they only scored six points, and things did not get much better as they only scored ten points in the second quarter. 

“We shot the ball very poorly and allowed that to affect our defense. We have to always defend at a high level,” said head coach Matt Dunn.

According to Max Preps, the Braves average 15.7 points in the first quarter, and average a total of 64.3 points per game. The Braves were not able to hit either of these marks in this game, which led to the loss. FULL STORY

Boscos Hockey Team Secures Second Seed In The Playoffs

by Eric Torres, Editor-In-Chief

Braves hockey continued their tradition of excellence, earning a first-round bye in the playoffs following a strong and tough regular season. 

This season, the Braves, participating in the Anaheim Ducks High School Hockey League (ADHSHL), posted a record of 10-5-2. Their 29 points, the third-most in the league, was not only enough to take the second seed in the playoffs, but also clinch a very important first-round bye.

Even more impressively, this was the Braves’ first full season in Division 1 of the ADHSHL. They entered this division following a Division 2 championship in the 2019-2020 season, which was their second in four seasons, with three championship games reached over that four-year span.

Despite earning the second seed, the Braves’ start to the year was rocky at best. The Braves started the season 1-3-0 after tough losses to Santa Margarita, Lutheran (Orange) and the Capistrano Coyotes. A tough schedule and new players, which meant a lack of chemistry at the beginning of the season, played a big role in the slow start. FULL STORY

Rams Capture Elusive Second Super Bowl In Thrilling 23 20 Victory Over The Cincinnati Bengals

by Aydn Morris

Despite the many hardships and adversity faced by the Rams, they overcame it all in dramatic fashion to capture the Super Bowl LVI title on their home field.

The Rams began the game in outstanding fashion, taking a 13-10 lead into halftime. Everything was looking promising for them, until star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. suffered a huge non-contact knee injury.

Beckham started the game off with a dominant performance that had the potential to evolve into one that was worthy the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player award. At the time of the injury, he had two catches for 52 yards and a touchdown. However, this is not the first time Beckham has dealt with knee injuries in his career, as he suffered an ACL tear last year.

Although the loss of Beckham put a huge strain on the Rams offense, the team bounced back, showing why they deserved to be Super Bowl champions this year. FULL STORY

Bosco Basketball Rolling Into CIF Playoffs

by Aeden Alexander, Sports Editor

The St. John Bosco basketball team wrapped up their season, and now turn toward the CIF division one playoffs, where they will face off in round one against Culver City High School.

Photo by Alex Diaz, Photo Editor

The Braves had yet another great year, finishing off with an overall record of 19-8. This resulted in a third-place finish in Trinity League play with a record of 6-3, getting themselves another opportunity at a CIF Championship.

This year for Bosco wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine; it was filled with highs and lows. There were critical moments this season where it looked like the Braves were one of the best in the state, as well as some games where they struggled to find their footing.

They started off the year hot, winning twelve of their first 14 games. But after that, their first roadblock hit them. Right before Trinity League games began Bosco would go on to lose four in a row including their first league matchup with JSerra.

They then got a glimpse of light as they beat Orange Lutheran, but quickly got knocked off their feet losing a crucial game to Santa Margarita on a game-winning buzzer beater shot in overtime. FULL STORY

Bosco Wrestling Sets Sights On State Title After Dominant Season

By Andrew Fierro, Managing Editor

After an incredible season, St. John Bosco wrestling now looks to individual tournaments, as the wrestlers prepare for the CIF, masters and the state championship.

Photo by Bosco Wrestling (@SJBwrestling)/Twitter

After a long and hard season, the Bosco wrestling team came out as Trinity League champions and finished the season with triumph. Though the season for the team may be over, for the individual wrestlers, it is just beginning. Now, each wrestler will turn his focus to the three tournaments that will determine the 2022 state champion for each weight class.

Going into these tournaments, Braves wrestling program looks to make a statement, as many wrestlers are going in well prepared and extremely focused. Each wrestler going into these tournaments wants to win, and they each know exactly how hard they must work in order to accomplish this goal. Though luckily for these wrestlers at St. John Bosco, hard work is a point of emphasis, and all of the wrestlers going into competition will be ready for what’s in store.

One great example of hard work and dedication is demonstrated by senior Oscar Aranda. He worked hard his entire life leading up until this moment, and he now looks to win a state championship. He knows that there is nothing left for him to do but go out there, wrestle and leave it all on the mat. FULL STORY

Bosco Continues To Have Students Sign To Colleges During Winter Signing Session

by Ian Cook

St. John Bosco adds on to an already impressive year of athletes signing as they have four more young men sign their letter of intent during Winter Signing Day.

Photo via Bosco Football Instagram

After a successful 2021-2022 season, St. John Bosco Football continues to send more of their student athletes to four year insitutions. Here are the four Braves that will be continuing their athletic and academic careers at the next level:

Defensive Lineman, Jairus Satele-San Jose State University

Cornerback, Tayvion Beasley, Jackson State University. 

Wide Receiver, Chedon James, United States Air Force Academy.

Wide Receiver, Colin Chase, University of St. Thomas. 

These four athletes were a part of the winter signing day which was held at eight A.M. in the gym at Bosco.

With many recruiters, press reporters, and scouts continuing to say Satele is overlooked and underrated, Satele was able to accomplish his goals of continuing his career at San Jose State University after recently decommitting from the Naval Academy. FULL STORY

Bosco Wrestling Wins Trinity League Championship

by Ethan Gibbs

Bosco wrestling has continued its dominance with strong individual tournament and team duel showings, which have resulted in a Trinity League dual championship.

On January 22, 2022, Bosco faced off against Orange Lutheran in the JV Trinity League Duels. Bosco came home with the victory with an ending score of 48-33. Giving Bosco the title of Trinity League JV dual champions. 

Shortly after, on January 25th, 2022 Bosco varsity wrestlers faced off against Servite. Junior Nicco Ruiz started a pinning streak which was continued by seniors Oscar Aranda and Abraham Galicia, sophomores Grigor Cholakyan and Mark Ayala and freshmen Joseph Antonio and Nicholas Sahakian. These pins secured another win for Bosco with a score of 48-33. This victory made the Bosco Wrestling program the Trinity League Champions of the 2022 season. 

Though not only has the team as a whole been dominating, as individual wrestlers have been bringing in medals as well. In the Five Countries Invitational, held January 14th-15th, three Bosco wrestlers won titles, Oscar Aranda, Nicco Ruiz and Nicholas Sahakian all placed first in their respective weight classes. These athletes helped Bosco place 2nd as a team at the Invitational. FULL STORY

Rams Beat Division Rival, The 49ers In NFC Championship To Head To Super Bowl 56

by Aydn Morris

The Los Angeles Rams took on division rivals, the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC (National Football Conference) championship Sunday where the winner would head to the Superbowl to face off against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Photo by Rams Wire

The last matchup of the 2021-2022 season for the two California rivals ended with a victory in favor of the Los Angeles as they finally get a win over the 49ers after being swept this season. In previous season matchups the Rams have struggled with defeating the Niners but finally got over that hump with a victory when they needed it most.

The quarterback for the Rams, Matthew Stafford, had a great performance and did an amazing job limiting his turnovers while only throwing one interception in the game which happened on the first drive. He had 337 passing yards on 31 of 45 completions with two touchdowns. This performance may not seem the greatest but there were a lot of miscues in the game with a few dropped passes and one that was a wide open touchdown pass to Ben Skowronek. 

In the week 18 game Stafford didn’t perform as well, he threw for three touchdowns, 232 yards but with two key interceptions including one to seal the game for the 49ers. Stafford has had this target on his back on whether or not he can be a quarterback for a championship caliber team ever since he got to Los Angeles. FULL STORY

Bosco Football’s Legacy Of Top-Tier Talent Continues As Multiple Braves Announce Commitments

by Aeden Alexander, Sports Editor

On January 8th, Brave standouts Rayshon Luke and Earnest Greene III announced their college commitments at NBC’s annual All-American Bowl game.

Photo via Instagram (@_doughboyspeedy)

This All-American Bowl game, held at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas, showcases the top 100 high school football players from across the country. While at the game, many of the top players in the country, who didn’t already decide, got the chance to announce their commitment. St. John Bosco, being a national football powerhouse, had two players attend and announce their futures: Rayshon Luke and Earnest Greene.

Coming off of a great year, Greene was ranked one of the top offensive linemen in the country. He had scholarship offers from almost every school. He took his time to make his decision by starting off with a top ten, top four, then finally making his decision at the bowl game. 

Earnest’s top four consisted of the University of Georgia, University of Alabama, University of Texas and Ohio State which were all ranked in the top 25 the previous year. 

Greene declared that he will attend the University of Georgia before the game began, where he had a fantastic outing where he made holes and opportunities for his running backs, such as his fellow Brave, Rayshon. FULL STORY

Bosco Basketball Looks To Overcome Adversity

by Matthew Parsons

The Braves hope to get back in the victory column at home tonight against JSerra after having a tough start to the Trinity League season, including a heartbreaking loss to the “Team in Red” last Friday.

Photo by Alex Diaz, Sports Editor

Head Coach Matt Dunn is confident in his team’s ability to persist and play their best basketball moving forward. He believes that every team is very evenly matched in Trinity League. Thus, it is extremely competitive. For the Braves, every week is going to be a battle to be able to come up on top.

The “Team in Red” is off to a strong start, ranked 1st in the Trinity League, Bosco being ranked 4th. The Braves are coming off a tough loss to the “Team in Red”, 61-59.

This season the Braves have had players in and out of games from both injuries and COVID-19. The team has struggled to maintain consistency due to factors out of their control, though their players are all coming back to form and should all be playing together again soon.

“It’s been a challenge with all that’s going on, with COVID and everything. I’m really proud of our group. We’re really plugging away. We’re going to play some really good basketball, and I’m excited for the rest of the year,” said Coach Dunn. FULL STORY

Bosco Soccer Seeks To Finish Season Strong After Slow Start

by Ian Cook

The 2021-2022 St. John Bosco Soccer Team led by David Sabet will be concluding their regular season with only five games left to play and looking to get hot to make a run at making the playoffs and winning another CIF championship.

Photo by Alex Diaz, Photo Editor

The Braves hold a current overall record of 9-10-2, with a Trinity League record of  0-4-1. Bosco was only able to play 11 games last year and have a brief season due to Covid-19. However, this year they have been able to play 21 games thus far and will continue to play more by following the healthy and safety protocols ordered by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

“We went 1-8-2 last year and were only able to play Trinity League teams, this year we are on the verge of making the playoffs and hopefully being able to get to where we were in 2019 and bring it home (a championship),” said senior goalkeeper Jacob Rivera. 

The Braves ended up tying against the “Team in Red” 1-1, and were beaten on the road against JSerra, Santa Margarita, and Orange Lutheran. They were also defeated by a nationally ranked Servite. FULL STORY

Braves Basketball Bounces Back at Illinois Tournament

by Jeremiah Davis

Coming off of two blowout wins to start the season, the St. John Bosco basketball team traveled to Illinois to compete in the Kevin Brown Memorial Tournament of Champions.

Bosco Basketball continued their good form following a 76-40 win over Long Beach Jordan and a 74-49 win over Hesperia as they ventured to Washington, Illinois to compete in the Washington Invitational Tournament. 

The Braves narrowly dropped their first game, 55-50, partly due to a quick turnaround as they arrived at their hotel in Chicago at around midnight the previous night, with the game scheduled in the morning.

However, this mishap only motivated the Braves as they rebounded from their close loss to go undefeated for the remainder of the tournament.  They won the last three games rather comfortably, with a 50-43 win over Metamora High School, a 76-33 demolition of Tinley Park and a defeat of the hosts Washington 52-44 to finish the tournament. FULL STORY

St. John Bosco Football Takes on Servite in the CIF Southern Section Division 1 Semi-Final

by Ian Cook

After a high-scoring game against Los Alamitos High School, the Braves manage to defeat the griffins with a final score of 63-38.  With that being said, the Braves will once again this season take on the Servite Friars, this time, in the CIF Southern Section Division 1 Semi-final. 

In their first meeting, the Braves wound up defeating the Friars 24-10. Both teams will be going through rigorous preparations, as the entire season will be on the line in this game.

Led by four-star wide receiver, Tetairoa McMillan, the Servite Friars are coming into this match as the underdogs. In addition, the Friars came off a dominating playoff victory last week defeating fellow Trinity League opponent, the Santa Margherita Eagles, with a final score of 34-3. 

The Braves will look to send the Friars home after rushing for 588 yards as a team against Los Alamitos. Rayshon Luke led the team with 249 yards on 10 carries resulting in 3 touchdowns. Jabari Bates rushed for 194 yards on 16 carries, resulting in 2 touchdowns, and Michael Hayes rushed for 140 yards on 11 carries, resulting in 1 touchdown. FULL STORY

Bosco Basketball Looks to Continue Successful Run After CIF State Regional Title

by Jeremiah Davis

Coming off an undoubtedly successful season that resulted in a CIF Division 1-AA State Regional Championship, the St. John Bosco basketball team looks to keep it rolling this year with an assortment of new faces who have embraced their roles.

With all the uncertainty last year surrounding the high school basketball season, Bosco basketball embraced the challenge and the team, led by a huge veteran presence, won a CIF championship against Ribet Academy.

However, following the loss of key seniors and transfers, the Braves have revamped their roster with the addition of new transfers, highly-touted freshmen and returners who are looking to increase their role on the team. Despite such heavy losses, the team remains optimistic that they can challenge for a Trinity League title following a couple years of coming up just short.

“I feel like in league, we should be able to win the Trinity League championship, but it won’t be easy at all. We have to take film very seriously and know player personnel, so that we can be really good when the time comes to play,” said senior forward Christian Estrada. FULL STORY


by Aeden Alexander, Sports Editor

After a fantastic year for the St. John Bosco Football team, this Friday night, they match up against high-ranked Los Alamitos in round one of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) Southern Section playoffs.

Playoffs are back at Panish Family Stadium this Friday for the first time since 2019 and the expectations are at an all-time high for the Braves. After a great year finishing 9-1 overall and 4-1 in Trinity play, the Braves look to make a splash in the playoffs.

The Braves finished the season being ranked fourth nationally this year after what many doubters seemed to make it a down year for Bosco. Led by quarterbacks Katin Houser and Pierce Clarkson, they look to continue their great performances and now seek to add yet another National Championship.

They will face off against the Los Alamitos Griffins who finished 9-1 as well while winning the Sunset League and finishing league play undefeated. Led by five-star junior quarterback Malachi Nelson, the Griffins come in as the underdogs in this matchup.

Both Braves quarterbacks will look to continue their hot streak after an amazing year with Katin Houser throwing for 1,366 yards and twelve touchdowns. As well Pierce Clarkson finished the year having thrown 1,296 yards and 15 touchdowns.

This game won’t be easy for the Braves, as Los Alamitos will have a chip on their shoulder trying to knock off the nationally-ranked Bosco Braves. 

“Yeah it’s a big game, it’s going to take a lot of mid-game adjustments and the entire team just needs to be ready to ball. Obviously, with it being one game elimination in playoffs we have to play our best, we can’t worry about who they have or how many stars their players got, we just have to play our game and when we do that I think we are one of, if not the best team in the country,” said Senior Katin Houser. FULL STORY


by Ian Cook

The Bosco E-sports team is in the midst of a very successful season as they seek to compete in the national championships.

After concluding a match that was held a few days ago, the gaming teams in the E-sports program are on track to compete in the national championships in Arlington, Texas.  The Director of E-sports, Mr. Gabe Giangualano, expressed his desire for his program to be consistent in hopes of the program having the best season yet. 

As of now, the Rainbow Six Siege team has a record of 3-1. The Valorant Team is undefeated thus far, recently beating  Clayton Valley High School in Concord, California, while the Overwatch team has a record of 4-2 and is well ahead of the game. 

In addition, the Rocket League team has turned many heads during the last few months, being currently undefeated and ranked number one in the state. They hope to be ranked number one in the nation after the High School E-sports League (HCEL) decides where the Braves stand. 

“The reason we stand out so much is because we have so many talented players. Our Fortnite team has two phenomenal players, Gabriel Lopez and Isaiah Munoz who have been key factors that have made their team have a lot of success,” said Coach Gabe Giangualano.  FULL STORY


by Aydn Morris

The St. John Bosco cross country team heads into playoffs following a magnificent showing at Trinity League finals.

The Braves took second place in the Trinity League behind Santa Margarita, led by seniors Chris Chavez, Ian Sanchez and Ethan Beck. 

Some Braves’ runners set their best run times, as Chavez finished first in the race and ran one of the best ever times on the course at 14:58.9, earning the Trinity League Championship title. He finished about 20 seconds faster than the next best time. 

Although this race may have been dedicated to the seniors for their senior day, sophomores Aiden Aldana and Andrew Perez put on a show as well. Aiden, who has been excellent this year, finished fourth with a time of 15:35.4, while Andrew finished ninth at 15:42.2 

Following a long break from competition due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Braves were excited to have a season without much restriction.

“We have enjoyed being able to travel again this year, being able to meet with a lot of runners and going back to invitationals again,” said Ruben Solorza, an assistant coach. 

Last season, the Braves were not able to do their normal meets because of the pandemic, instead competing league dual meets, which is racing against one opposing team at a time. FULL STORY


by Andrew Fierro, Managing Editor

Following a brilliant performance last week, St. John Bosco enters one of the toughest contests of the year against Servite, with national rankings, pride and second place on the line.  

This game will prove to be important for playoff seeding, as both teams are looking for an easier route to the state championship. Both teams are coming into the matchup 8-1 overall and 3-1 in League Play. This matchup will most certainly be a nail-biter as both teams have looked extremely sharp coming into this game. Servite is currently ranked second in California and fifth nationally according to MaxPreps, with Bosco being ranked third and fourth respectively. 

Bosco has had continuous success with both of their quarterbacks this season, and will once again look to lean on them for support. Both quarterbacks put up impressive stat lines last game, as Katin Houser completed seven of twelve. including a touchdown, while Pierce Clarkson completed nine of eleven, providing two touchdowns. With that in mind, it seems as though both quarterbacks are finding their rhythm, and will both need to be playing at their highest level in order to top Servite.

This will be a make-or-break game for both teams, as both teams are in desperate need of a victory in this matchup in order to be set up for a solid playoff run. Furthermore, the losing team will drop to third place in the Trinity League, where Bosco has not finished since 2011. Though this will not be an easy game for either team, as it seems both teams are playing the best football they have all season.

Servite is coming off of a heartbreaking loss to “The Team in Red,” with the final score being 46-37, and will look to bounce back from that loss with a vital win against the Braves. After playing extremely well last game, it appears that Servite is playing some of the best football they have played in years. FULL STORY


by Ian Cook

Although they weren’t able to get the outcome they wanted, the Water Polo team has worked extremely hard in order to build up their program over this past season and have set the program up for future success for many seasons to come.

The Braves Varsity water polo Team, led by Coach Powers, concluded their 2020-2021 Season with an overall record of 9-17 and an 0-5 record in Trinity League play. Due to COVID-19 Bosco water polo didn’t get to play many games last year.

“We played six games last year, and although we didn’t have the best season it was just a  blessing to be able to go out and have fun with my brothers,” said Joshua Jason, a senior set and three. 

The Braves have had a very diverse team consisting of a fair number of players ranging from Seniors all the to Freshmen.

 “What made our team so special this year is that we had a mix of players from a variety of different grade levels which is going to help out our team in the long run so that we can know what to expect for seasons to come,” said Matthew Casas, a junior utility. 

Playing top competition in the state gave the Braves great experience even finishing with a sub .500 record, and although the Braves were not satisfied with their performance this season, they were glad they could play against these elite teams that ended up becoming key factors into their development.  

“We played a lot of good teams this year, and playing in the Trinity League is tough, Orange Lutheran, JSerra, and Mater Dei are all ranked Top 10 in the State, but iron sharpens iron,” said Anthony Best, a senior two. FULL STORY

Sports: The NBA is Back With the New-Look Lakers Looking to Challenge Eastern Conference Favorites

by Aydn Morris

The NBA kicked off its regular season Tuesday night headlined by the defending NBA Champion Milwaukee Bucks facing the Brooklyn Nets and the Los Angeles Lakers facing the Golden State Warriors in a thrilling first night of basketball.

The atmosphere was at an all time high in Milwaukee where the defending champs held their ring ceremony just moments before taking on ESPN’s top ranked team, the Brooklyn Nets.

The Milwaukee Bucks stunned NBA fans by beating the Nets 127-104 in a dominant matchup. From the tip-off, the Bucks maintained control the entire game starting with last year’s finals MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo, having a stellar game scoring 32 points, securing 14 rebounds and dishing out seven assists with two blocked shots. Behind him was all-star teammate Kris Middleton who scored 20 points and recorded nine rebounds.

What made this game special to the team is not only the ring ceremony, but also seeing Giannis improve so much in his shooting. Last season Giannis struggled from the free throw line and had the longest free throw routine in the league. He shot a free throw percentage of 69% on 9.5 attempts per game and his routine was regularly at or over the allotted ten seconds.

He may not have shot perfectly from the free throw line in the season opener, but he showed great improvements from last year. FULL STORY

Sports: Rams and Chargers Both Look Like Super Bowl Contenders

by Jeremiah Davis

With the NFL season already underway, Los Angeles’ two newest teams, the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers, prove to be potential Super Bowl contenders.

The 2021 NFL season has brought along many exciting, challenging and hard to believe moments. From Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs being “figured out” by the league to Lamar Jackson and the Ravens putting on a show seemingly every game, the league has astonished its many fans.

However, the story of the season for many homers starts in the City of Angels. Although the season is still in its early stages, the Rams and Chargers have both shown that they are serious contenders. 

The Rams, are coming off a dominant win against the New York Giants and boast a great record on the season so far at 5-1, currently holding the 2nd place seed in the NFC West behind the Arizona Cardinals. The Chargers, who recently had a disappointing loss to the Ravens and another heartbreaker earlier in the season to the NFC powerhouse Dallas Cowboys, are still in a good place in the standings with a 4-2 record, which is tied with the Las Vegas Raiders for first place, though due to the head to head record, they have the advantage in seeding if the season were to end today.  FULL STORY

Sports: Bosco Braves Look to Continue League Success Against Orange Lutheran

by Aeden Alexander, Sports Editor

The Bosco Braves take on the red hot Orange Lutheran Lancers in their third week of Trinity league play, coming off a fabulous performance against JSerra.

This Friday, the Braves will be taking on another top league opponent, and are now officially hitting the halfway mark of their league play. 

Bosco comes into this game with an impressive 6-1 overall record as well being 1-1 in league. The Lancers come in with a solid record of 5-2, but are 0-2 in league play.

This will be an important deciding week for both programs, as it will most likely boost the Braves morale heading into the back half of their season as they seek to get revenge on the “Team in Red” in the playoffs. 

For Orange Lutheran this game possibly means everything. After a tough start to their Trinity League play, this game is a must win and will be far from easy. FULL STORY

Sports: Dodgers Advance to the NLCS After Dramatic Finish in Deciding Game

by Andrew Fierro, Managing Editor

In a nail-biting game with both team’s pitching in full effect, the Los Angeles Dodgers edged out the San Francisco Giants in the final game of a five-game series, winning 2-1 and moving them onto the National League Championship Series (NLCS).

Being one of the most well known rivalries in baseball, and even all of sports, the Dodgers-Giants first ever postseason series was one to remember. With both teams claiming one-sided games throughout the series, it was only right for the series to end in a nail-biting one-run game that came down to the very last pitch. 

The Dodgers in a last minute, game time decision started relief pitcher Corey Knebel on Thursday evening at Oracle Park in place of Julio Urias for strategic purposes that would seem to benefit them in the end. The Dodgers would end up using their bullpen to the max this game, creating more favorable matchups for their players and allowing for each pitcher to stay fresh.

Julio Urias would take over for the Dodgers pitching in the third inning out of the bullpen, going on to pitch four innings allowing one run on a solo homer with three hits and 5 strikeouts. 

This would prove to be enough to get the Dodgers the win, as the small ball would pay off with standout Mookie Betts going 4 for 4 with four singles and a run scored. FULL STORY

Sports: The Los Angeles Dodgers Take on the San Francisco Giants in a NLDS Series for the Ages

by Aeden Alexander, Sports Editor

After two thrilling games, the Dodgers are midway through their National League Divisional Series (NLDS) run against National League West division champion and rival the San Francisco Giants.

It’s not every year that a team like the Dodgers win 106 games and only come second in their division needing to play a Wild Card game, but that was the case this year as the Giants would win 107 and go on to secure a playoff spot and the division title.

The Dodgers and Giants rivalry has been one of the biggest rivalries in all of sports. The two teams have met thousands of times and no matter how much better one team is compared to the other, they figure out ways to make the games close and competitive.

But, even with all the regular season battles, this year is the first time the Dodgers and Giants have met in the postseason. The amazing part about this matchup is the fact that the two teams are polar opposites.

The Dodgers have a team full of stars with the highest payroll in all of baseball. Meanwhile, the Giants have a much younger core with a few veterans leading the charge.

The NLDS is a five game series, and the pair have already competed twice thus far. It’s safe to say both games were action-packed and high scoring, as the run total of just two games has come to a staggering 15 runs. FULL STORY

Sports: Braves Look to Regroup Against JSerra

by Aeden Alexander, Sports Editor

The Bosco Braves look to bounce back coming off a hard fought loss to the “Team in Red,” traveling to San Juan Capistrano this Friday to take on the JSerra Lions in week two of Trinity League play. 

League play will continue this Friday for the Braves in what will prove to be an important game for them. The opponent might not be the best, but they need to win big this week to get back on their feet after a 42-21 loss last Friday.

The Braves senior leadership will be put on the spot to help get the team back in check and make necessary adjustments. 

“This week is all about us. The only team that could beat us is ourselves. We believe with the guys we have when we play our game there is nobody in the country that can beat us. So this week we just got to bounce back strong and show why we have the talent to win another CIF Championship as well as National championship,” said Earnest Greene, senior offensive linemen.

The Lions come into this game at 3-3 after an embarrassing loss to another Trinity League opponent, Santa Margarita. This will be a great test to both teams as there should be plenty of adjustments made after coming off of a rough week from both sides.

“We just got to play better, got to execute way better. And we also had a couple of drives in the red zone where we didn’t take advantage of, and that just can’t happen. So we just got to tighten up. We are not worried we will see them [the Team in Red] again,” said Greene. FULL STORY

Sports: Defending World Series Champs Play Host To The Red-Hot Cardinals In Winner-Take-All Wild Card Match Up

by Aeden Aelexander, Sports Editor

Everything is on the line tonight in Los Angeles, as the hometown Dodgers face hated postseason rival the St. Louis Cardinals in a battle of the aces.

Both the Cardinals and the Dodgers are coming off impressive seasons, despite both narrowly losing their division. Being a Wild Card game, the loser tonight will go home, and the winner will go on to face the best team in baseball, the San Francisco Giants, in the National League Division Series (NLDS).

The first pitch is scheduled to take place at 5:10 P.M. PT at Dodger Stadium. Both teams will be rolling out their best pitchers, with the Dodgers starting trade deadline acquisition Max Scherzer against Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright. However, the Dodgers will be without power-hitting first baseman and MVP candidate Max Muncy, who injured his elbow in a collision at first base on Sunday.

As of right now, the Dodgers are -219 favorites according to Caesar Sportsbook. Although the Blue Crew have to play in the Wild Card game, the Dodgers had the second best record in the MLB at 106-56, second only to their divisional rivals, the Giants.

Despite the Dodgers having 16 more wins than their opponent, the Cardinals, who looked hopeless throughout much of July and August, they are not to be taken lightly. The Cardinals posted a 23-10 record in the last month of the season, winning a franchise record 17 games in a row at one point. Therefore, with both aces on the mound, and two offenses that have proven that they can score runs, the match up promises to be one not to miss.

Although they are the underdogs, the Cardinals have a talent-filled roster that consists of a mix of veterans and young players. Future Hall-of-Famers, like catcher Yadier Molina and pitcher Adam Wainwright (who will be on the bump tonight for the Cardinals), have stepped up and led this group to the playoffs. FULL STORY

Sports: The Braves Take On The “Team in Red” at Panish Family Stadium In Epic Match-Up

by Aeden Alexander, Sports Editor

St. John Bosco football opens up league play tonight at Panish Family Stadium against their biggest rival, the “Team in Red,” as the Braves look to continue their perfect season.

The Braves come in ranked third in the nation, coming off dominating performances against five highly ranked teams throughout the state and country in Miami Central (FL), Bishop Alemany, Bishop Amat, East St. Louis (IL), and flying to Virginia to take on Oscar Smith.

Tonight will open league play for the Braves in the most highly anticipated Trinity League opener in recent memory. The Braves will then play three consecutive away games at JSerra, Orange Lutheran, and Santa Margarita before they will return home for their final league game against Servite, which is another contest with a ton of hype.

This will be the first meeting with the Team in Red this year, and the match-up has proven to be one of the biggest and best rivalries in all of high school sports. Last year, the two teams met at the end of their seasons where the Team in Red were victorious over our Braves to close out Trinity League competition in an abridged season absent of any CIF playoffs. This year, the Braves seek vengeance.

The excitement is at an all time high coming off the COVID-19 season, and this game will most likely decide seeding for this year’s upcoming CIF playoffs. If there was any doubt about the anticipation surrounding this match-up, tickets for the game sold out in just four minutes on the GoFan website.

Per usual, both teams come in evenhanded, which have made for instant classics in years past. The Team in Red comes in as the nation’s top ranked team, according to MaxPreps, but Coach Jason Negro’s squad looks to make its case as top dog. FULL STORY

Sports: Is Shohei Ohtani’s Record-Breaking Year Enough to Bring the MVP Trophy Back to Anaheim?

by Aeden Alexander, Sports Editor

The Angels’ two-way superstar, Shohei Ohtani of Japan, leads the Most Valuable Player (MVP) race following a historic year on the mound and in the batter’s box, establishing himself as a modern-day Babe Ruth.

With the baseball season coming to an end, baseball fans look to the MVP race, which is shaping to be one for the ages. The Angels’ Ohtani, who has made history numerous times this year as both a pitcher and a hitter, is the frontrunner in a tight race against prodigy son Vladimir Guerrero Jr. of the Toronto Blue Jays.

The Angels, coming off yet another disappointing year filled with injuries and much more, had light in the performance of Ohtani, as Shohei became “Shotime.” There’s no doubt that Ohtani is doing something that has never been seen before, but does it do enough to overtake Guerrero’s extremely impressive season?

The simple answer is yes, as the name of the award is Most Valuable Player, and even with Toronto being a team that is still fighting for a playoff spot, Shohei Ohtani is much more important to his team. 

Even with Guerrero’s offensive stats being higher than Ohtani’s, he doesn’t provide enough as a hitter only to help his team win as many games. Shohei is coming off a 9-2 season on the bump, with many of his 23 starts being quality starts that ended in no decisions.

Ohtani also had an astonishing 3.18 earned run average (ERA) and went undefeated in his starts at home. He became almost unhittable towards the end of the season, fixing his command issue and making batters swing and miss more frequently. FULL STORY

Sports: Bosco Water Polo Set Sights On CIF Playoff Berth

by Aydn Morris

Although they don’t have the experience of many other teams, Bosco water polo is working hard to reach the top of their division.

The young and inexperienced Bosco water polo team has had a hot start to their new season – their first full season since the start of the pandemic. The Braves have been excited for this season, given their last season was continuously delayed. 

“Last year water polo was getting dragged on forever for the initial start of their season, from being told they would start in October to December all the way back to March. And their ended up being not much hype to the season,” said Head Coach Jeff Powers.

The push back of the season made it tough for the Braves to be consistently prepared as well as motivated for their season. This push back also remarkably shortened the season with water polo only being able to play 6 games in the two-to-three week schedule.

They went 2-4 overall in those six games that they played, but so far this year the Braves are 7-8 after winning their last game against Sage Hill by a score of 13-5. 

With the 7-8 record start for the Braves, they are still in contention for CIF playoffs hopes. As of now they are in Division Five, and if they are able to make it to the playoffs, they will work on a deep playoff run that would hopefully lead to a championship. FULL STORY

Sports: Bosco Student-Athletes And Coaches “On Board” With CIF Regulations

By Ian Cook

After a chaotic year of athletics, the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) released updated COVID-19 protocols so that high school athletes in California can return to the field as safely and with as much normality as possible.

In the last year, the COVID-19 pandemic put a pause on many activities in California, one of them being high school sports. Since March 2021, a year after the initial shutdown, the CIF has been able to give all California high schools the opportunity to play sports, as long as they follow certain procedures and requirements. However, the CIF just released an updated set of protocols that schools must follow. These protocols and requirements have caused a dramatic change in the lives of many athletes and coaches at St. John Bosco High School. 

“We’re social distancing when we can, following the COVID guidelines and keeping our mask on as much as we can,” said senior Ryan Tuaolo, a defensive end and outside linebacker on the football team.

In addition, the CIF, particularly Executive Director Ron Nocetti, put into place mandatory COVID-19 testing for all unvaccinated athletes that play an outdoor sport. They also require mandatory testing for all athletes, vaccinated or not, who play an indoor sport, which starts this week. 

In the last year, the COVID-19 pandemic put a pause on many activities in California, one of them being high school sports. Since March 2021, a year after the initial shutdown, the CIF has been able to give all California high schools the opportunity to play sports, as long as they follow certain procedures and requirements. FULL STORY

Sports: Bosco Caps Non-League Stretch With A Shutout In Virginia

by Aeden Alexander, Sports Editor

After traveling to Virginia, St. John Bosco football obliterated Oscar Smith High School 49-0 for their final game before the start of league play.

The notorious Bosco Braves got to travel to the East Coast to match up for their first road game of the year against Oscar Smith, a top ranked program in the state of Virginia. This was a great opportunity for the Braves as it was a chance to show their talent nationwide. The players, coaches, staff and cheerleaders all flew out in hopes to continue the perfect season. 

The game began with Oscar Smith starting with the ball, this was their first taste of what would be a long and disheartening night for their offense. They began with a solid drive down field, but ended up fumbling just before the end zone resulting in the Braves getting the ball.

Bosco wasted no time, scoring a 70-yard rushing touchdown from senior Rayshon “Speedy” Luke. Oscar Smith was then pressured again on offense and resorted to handing the Braves back the ball.

Michigan State commit Katin Houser came into the game at quarterback and quickly found his targets while moving up the field.

Michigan State commit Katin Houser came into the game at quarterback and quickly found his targets while moving up the field. The drive ended in a quick pass to junior Matayo Uiagalelei for his first of several touchdowns on the night. FULL STORY

Braves Win Fourth Straight In front Of NBA Superstar Zion Williamson

by Aeden Alexander, Sports Editor

In a high-scoring battle between St. John Bosco Braves and East St. Louis High School Flyers, the Braves steamrolled another national competitor to keep their perfect season going.

Photo by Alex Diaz, Photo Editor

The St. John Bosco Braves continued to shine in their final home game before the start of league play against the nationally-ranked Flyers from Illinois. The Braves are now 4-0 and continue to show improvement every week they step on the field.

Such a marquee match-up even attracted the attention of NBA and New Orleans Pelicans superstar Zion Williamson, as he was in attendance for the game.

To start the game, East St. Louis was given the ball and quickly showed they were not backing down from the Braves’ stacked defense. Their first drive did not result in a score, but was the best start for any team so far against Bosco.

But, just like their offense, their defense came to play as well. Despite the Flyers giving up two big plays to start, the Braves were forced to give back the ball. The rest of the first would be a defensive battle with neither team scoring, but that would quickly change in the second quarter.

The Braves would start by scoring the first touchdown of the game on a long run by the quarterback Pierce Clarkson, giving Bosco a 7-0 lead. The Braves defense would continue to shine, giving the ball back to the offense, allowing them to make a drive down the field, which resulted in another touchdown. FULL STORY

Nationally Ranked St. John Bosco Braves Steamroll Bishop Amat Lancers 47-7

by Aeden Alexander, Sports Editor

The Braves continue to stay hot, establishing dominance en route to an easy win over Bishop Amat, as they still await their first true test of the season.

Photo by Michael Goulding/Press-Telegram

The game began with Bishop Amat starting with the ball, but Bosco’s defense continued to put on a show, quickly forcing a Lancer punt.

The Brave’s offense quickly made an impact, as Michigan State commit Katin Houser led the charge at quarterback. The Braves swiftly moved down the field, ending the drive on a rushing touchdown from Houser.

The Lancers offense came out looking to fire back with a score of their own, but the Braves defense proved too strong, intercepting a deep pass and proceeding to get the ball all the way to the 45 yard line. FULL STORY

Sports: Bosco Football Dominant In Victory Over Alemany

by Aeden Alexander, Sports Editor

The Bosco Braves cruise to an easy victory over top-ranked in-state power Alemany, as they continue their national title run while making headlines along the way.

St. John Bosco came off a hot first win over nationally ranked Miami Central in their previous game and looked to win another game against a top-ranked school in California. Bosco’s opponent this time was Alemany, who was ranked very highly and looked forward to putting on a show on the big stage.

Alemany was given the first opportunity to score, meanwhile Bosco’s defense was not slowing down. They were coming off a dominant performance in the previous game and continued to show Alemany how defense wins games and, ultimately, championships.

Bosco quickly gained possession of the football and sought to score and start the game with a bang. But that didn’t scare Alemany, as they were able to somewhat contain the Braves’ offense, limiting them to just a field goal in their first drive. FULL STORY

Sports: Was this the Craziest NBA OFFSEASON in the past decade?

by Jeremiah Davis

As the NBA season is getting ready to start back up, the offseason has brought about some major trades and signings that have had people on the edge of their seats waiting to see what team makes the next move.

Several NBA teams have benefited from the NBA offseason such as the Lakers, Heat and Bulls. The headliner of free agency came with the recent signing of L.A. native Russell Westbrook to the Los Angeles Lakers.  

The team, however, lost some key pieces from their 2020 playoff run, with Kyle Kuzma and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope being traded to the Washington Wizards and Alex Caruso signing with the Chicago Bulls.

With the Lakers’ first round exit in the previous year, the signing of Westbrook ultimately will help the Lakers reach the pinnacle of their true potential as they did in the 2020 season.  

The Miami Heat have also headlined the NBA offseason, as well. The Heat were able to trade away their six-year veteran point guard Goran Dragic for six-time NBA All-Star Kyle Lowry. Alongside that, the Heat were able to resign some key players which is a bonus to their team. Five-time NBA All-Star Jimmy Butler was able to re-sign a deal for four years and $184 million. FULL STORY

Sports: The Braves Are Back With A Dominant Win Over Nationally Ranked Miami Central

by Aeden Alexander, Sports Editor

In an East versus West coast battle, St. John Bosco cruised to an easy victory over Miami Central in a match-up of nationally ranked powers, winning 35-12.

Friday night lights are back in Bellflower, as this was Bosco’s first full capacity football game since the pandemic began. The atmosphere in Panish Family Stadium was at an all time high.

Not only did these two highly ranked teams match up, but both are big name high school football programs for Nike. Both teams are coming off successful seasons for their programs, as they both seek to continue making headlines. This is especially the case for the Braves, who are yet again a favorite to win the National Title.

To start the game captains from both teams met at the center of the field for the coin flip. Bosco started with an edge over their opponent, as they won the toss and chose to kickoff.

Right away the Braves showed how prepared they were by forcing a fumble off the kickoff, which they recovered around twenty yards away from the end zone. Starting quarterback for the game, junior Pierce Clarkson, quickly figured out Miami’s defensive plan and started off the drive by running the ball straight into the end zone for senior Jabari Bates’ first touchdown of the game. FULL STORY

Sports: Bosco Looks To Stay Hot As They Take On Orange Lutheran Saturday Evening

by Diego Santizo, Sports Editor 

The Braves look to head into Santa Ana next weekend with momentum as they look to stay undefeated in 2021.

Last Saturday afternoon, the home crowd was treated to a show as the Braves took yet another big step toward the season with a clinical 66-14 rout of the visiting JSerra.

Bosco (4-0, 3-0 Trinity) scored touchdowns on its first, third, seventh, 11th, 19th, 21st and 25th offensive plays, rolling up a 35-0 advantage by the end of the first quarter, pushing that to 49-0 after seven possessions and to 59-7 by halftime.

The Braves rolled up 419 total yards in the first half, 491 for the game and missed the end zone just twice all afternoon, settling for a Andre Meono field goal near the end of the first half and, with mostly reserves on the field, forced to punt in the third quarter.

They scored in special teams thanks to Rayshon Luke’s 85-yard punt return at the end of the first half and on defense after Zion Austin’s had a school-record 96-yard interception return early in the fourth quarter.

“We played really well, cleaned up a lot of the mistakes,” “We had just two penalties, we had no miss-tackles, and we executed. All the balls we threw were on time, we made our blocks, and we got so far ahead of them that we just overwhelmed them” Negro said in an interview with the Long Beach Press Telegram. FULL STORY

Sports: A Slow Start And A Brave Finish Last Week In Trinity League Opener Sets Stage For Battle Against Servite

by Diego Santizo, Sports Editor 

Despite only leading by one at halftime, Bosco rolled over Santa Margarita in the second half and is now ready to take on Servite tonight.

The high school football spring season in California enters its third week of action with one of the biggest games of the year on tap, as the 2019 MaxPreps National Champion St. John Bosco Braves host the Servite Friars at Panish Family Stadium.

The Friars are 2-0 and ranked No. 2 in the Orange County top 25, behind only Mater Dei. The last two Friar victories have been against Damien, which ended 42-6 and Orange Lutheran, which ended 69-13.

The Friars will take on the current CIF Southern Section Division 1 and CIF State Open Division champions from last year in the Bosco Braves, who are currently 2-0 with wins of 42-21 over Sierra Canyon and 65-28 over Santa Margarita and are ranked No. 1 in the state rankings.

St. John Bosco showed why they are the reigning national champions, as they erupted for 37 points in the second half to defeat Santa Margarita 65-28 on Saturday in their Trinity League opener. FULL STORY

Sports: The Braves Soccer Team Has High Expectations For The Upcoming Season

by: Ryan Tavera

Despite minor setbacks the Brave’s soccer team has set big goals for this year and are training their hardest to make them a reality.

In 2020, the Braves soccer team found much success becoming state and CIF finalists. The team hopes to repeat the success they had last year and go beyond what is expected from the team with the help of Head Coach David Sabet.  

“High expectations for this year, they really developed a lot in soccer and this year our goals are to finish top three in the trinity league,” said Coach Sabet.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions minor setbacks have plagued the team and the late notice of their upcoming season has hindered the team’s abilities. 

“Our expectations are always going to be high; it’s just the reality of where we are at. The thirteen years that I’ve been here we’ve always had a good four or five months to prepare. It’s been difficult, so in reality we can’t really prepare too much, we just have to maintain health,” said Coach Sabet. FULL STORY

Sports: Targeting Potential Laker Trade Deadline Moves Ahead Of Thursday’s Deadline

by: Ryan Dwyer

After a series of injuries, the Lakers must think bold ahead of Thursday’s deadline in order to compete against teams like the Jazz, 76ers, Clippers and Nets.

Trade Away

Marc Gasol: 

Marc Gasol is a player the Lakers were very high on coming into the season. Javale McGee, a player who for the past two years had provided very valuable shot blocking to the team was traded away in a move to allow cap space for the Gasol signing. However more than halfway into the season Marc has not shown up in the ways the lakers had been hoping for, he’s put out a very lackluster performance on the offensive side, and considering who the lakers traded away in order to acquire Gasol, his performance is well below the standards he should be meeting. The Lakers need a much better big man who can contribute more of a shot blocking presence and more of an inside threat then Gasol has proven to show this year. Had the Lakers decided to keep Javale instead of pursuing Gasol, they would be in a much better spot for their center position.

Kyle Kuzma:

Kyle Kuzma has shown an ability to shine when given the opportunity, especially with Anthony Davis out for an extended period of time. With Davis out of the lineup Kuzma has had the ability to play an extended amount of minutes at the forward position, contributing some very efficient defense, and giving some very solid shooting splits just as he did years prior. The problem however is that Kuzma should be the third option but while Davis has been healthy has not shown that he can put up that kind of a production on a consistent basis, he showed a lot of potential and a very wide set of skills in his first few Years on the team, but as time has passed has regressed somewhat. Whilst not putting up very impressive numbers consistently, he is still a very young and skilled player who could be a very valuable part of another teams future, should the Lakers trade him, they could receive a very solid batch of wither players of Picks in return. He could even be a large part of a trade package for a star player should the Lakers be looking to make a big move before the trade deadline. FULL STORY

Sports: After Rolling Past Sierra Canyon, Bosco Has Their Sights Set On Santa Margarita, Looking To Stay Undefeated

by Diego Santizo, Sports Editor 

After a statement win over Sierra Canyon last Saturday, St. John Bosco looks to make it two in a row as they take on Santa Margarita this Saturday in Orange County.

St. John Bosco running back Rayshon Luke breaks through the line for a touchdown run.
(Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times)

It had been 455 days since defending MaxPreps National Champion St. John Bosco took the field in a high school football game that counted. It proved to not be a problem at all as the Braves cruised to a 42-21 win Saturday night over Sierra Canyon to begin the 2021 spring season. 

Bosco sophomore Pierce Clarkson and junior Katin Houser were the ones responsible for filling the void DJ Uiagalelei left under center and they both did a great job alternating possessions. Replacing DJ Uiagalelei at quarterback was never going to be an easy job, but both showed why FBS offers are starting to pile up. 

“We’re going to see some very good quarterback play,” St. John Bosco coach Jason Negro said.

The second half would prove to be a stroll as St. John Bosco dominated the second half thanks to the help of running back Rayshon Luke as he rushed for a 67-yard score on the opening possession. Setting up the play was a connection between Clarkson and sophomore standout Matayo Uiagalelei came through clutch on a third-down conversion. DJ’s younger brother stood out on both sides of the ball and showed why he’s the fifth-rated recruit in California from the Class of 2023. FULL STORY

Sports: After Having Last Season Cancelled Due To Covid-19, Bosco Braves Baseball Is Back

by Aydn Morris

The Bosco Braves varsity baseball team is looking forward to starting their season on the right track in their opener against Dana Hills High School today at home at 3pm.

Bosco Baseball is more than ready to start their season after las season was cut short due to the ongoing pandemic. Even though they didn’t play, last season still had an effect on the Braves, with many of the players not being able to showcase their talents to college scouts. Since then, the Braves have been counting down the minutes until the first pitch this afternoon. 

The previous season should have the Braves fired up with finally having the opportunity to truly showcase their talents. The team is junior-heavy with 12 out of 25 players being juniors, while also having some committed seniors, such as Caleb Brandon, who is a transfer from Millikan High School committed to USC, Anthony Thomas, committed to Colorado Christian, and Dylan Lina who previously won a gold medal for Team USA at an international tournament in Mexico.

The Braves will once again be led by varsity head coach Don Barbara, who played college baseball at Long Beach State and in the minor leagues for eight years. Despite nearly over two decades of coaching experience, this year has been unlike any other for the manager. FULL STORY

Sports: Bosco Cross Country Season Comes To A Close As Seniors Reminisce

by Joseph Theisen

In the midst of a pandemic, St. John Bosco looked forward to an impressive final season for many seniors, and a bright future for the underclassmen. While abnormal, the season was memorable for seniors and upperclassmen alike. 

Bosco Cross Country has recently wrapped up its season, being the final one for many notable seniors and Coach Mac could not be any prouder. Coach Mac has addressed the differences between what a regular season used to be and how the most recent season was during the pandemic. The restrictions have reminded him of the type of competition he had when he himself was a runner.

“The races are like they were twenty years ago, where you run dual meets. We’re allowed to run against only one team at a time in our league.  That’s how it was years ago, and what we’ve been doing in the past twenty years is called cluster meets, which is everybody in the league runs against everybody, all at once, and then you score it separately, but it’s kinda cool,” said Coach Mac.

While the rules of the new season were different for the runners themselves, Coach Mac clearly had experience with dual meets, which is a large reason why he was able to adapt to it so easily from a coaching standpoint. Additionally, it also gave Coach Mac and his runners a bit of a break, as it allowed them to focus on one team at time rather than multiple at once. FULL STORY

Sports: Braves Return To The Field To Defend Their Throne

by Diego Santizo, Sports Editor

After a long delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bosco Football is back, as the Braves are set to take on Sierra Canyon at Panish Family Stadium tomorrow. Despite some new names and younger players leading the team this year, the Braves are still overwhelmingly favored to defend their championship throne.

Aug 25, 2017; Ft Lauderdale, FL, USA; St. John Bosco Braves teammates take to the field prior to the game against the St. Thomas Aquinas Raiders at Brian Piccolo Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The last time St. John Bosco played in an official game wearing its school uniforms, it was while beating De La Salle High School in the 2019 state championship that also crowned the Braves the undisputed National Champions. Prior to the COVID-19 shutdown, St. John Bosco were originally scheduled to kick off their season with an opening game against the same Northern California powerhouse De La Salle, but that game was canceled as the pandemic forced the state to shove football back several times.

St. John Bosco will now instead host reigning CIF-SS Division 2 champion Sierra Canyon this Saturday on their home turf looking to show the world they haven’t missed a beat. Last Saturday, St. John Bosco and Damien High School got together at Damien for a scrimmage before both team’s upcoming season openers.  

While they spent the first half hour working on special teams and scrimmaged just two quarters, it was worth it for both teams to finally feel what it’s like to trade paint again. It won’t be a full season, but for St. John Bosco High School Head Coach Jason Negro, it’s something to celebrate.

“It was just exhilaration and excitement and I was just so happy for all of the student athletes in California to have an opportunity to get back on to the playing field and to do something they loved,” said Negro in an interview with Spectrum News. “That’s something to really shout about and I’m looking forward to coming out of that tunnel and watching these kids compete.” FULL STORY

Sports: The City Of Stars Continues To Grow As Both L.A. Area MLB Teams Make Splashes In Free Agency

by Aeden Alexander

Now that we are almost half way through Spring Training, it’s a perfect time to look at how both the Angels and Dodgers made improvements to their teams and how well they’ll play out.

For starters, the LA Dodgers shocked the world with the major signing of last year’s Cy Young Winner Trevor Bauer. Considering LA’s already loaded rotation which includes the likes of Clayton Kershaw and Walker Buehler, this only added more firepower despite the price the Dodgers payed for Bauer.

In just a few innings of work this spring, Trevor Bauer has shown no signs of slowing down from last years Cy Young campaign as all of his pitches seem to be almost even better than last year. The doubters have been at an all time high, claiming Bauer was only good last season because of the division he played in, which left him matched up against lower skilled players.

This season, though, it will be the ultimate test for him and his Dodger teammates as they have to deal with a young San Diego Padres team that was already good but had one of the greatest offseasons in major league history, picking up former Cy Young winner Blake Snell and star pitcher Yu Darvish, amongst other moves. 

The defending champs are indeed looking to go back to back this year and a major player who helped them win was Justin Turner. After seeing how much money it would take for him to re-sign, many fans believed that he was long gone as he was a free agent. However, LA managed to pull off re-signing Turner on top of signing Bauer in hopes his impact will be as major as it was in the previous years. FULL STORY

Sports: High School Football In Socal Is Pushed Back Once Again Thanks To COVID-19

by Diego Santizo, Sports Editor

In what was supposed to soon be the grand reopening for De La Salle and St. John Bosco, kicking off the high school football season in California will have to be delayed once again due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Kobe Pepe (44), leads St. John Bosco onto the field in a trinity league game.

The rematch of last season’s Open Division state championship game, won by Bosco nearly 12 months ago, was scheduled to unfold in Southern California on January 8th.

The announcement last Tuesday has determined that high school football practice in California won’t start until state health officials provide guidelines for youth sports, presumably once COVID-19 cases are flattened once again, thus the De La Salle-Bosco game won’t happen in early January.

De La Salle coach Justin Alumbaugh said Tuesday that it could, noting that in conversations he’s had with coaches, including Bosco’s Jason Negro, everybody is on the same page.

“Let’s get games in for our kids,” Alumbaugh said. “We’re obviously not playing Bosco on January 8th. There is no way to dive into that type of thing. Obviously, dates are going to have to be shuffled.” FULL STORY

Sports: Game Time Decision To Postpone Steelers Vs Ravens Leads To Major Conflict About Favoritism Which Brings Us To Remembering It Occurs In All Sports

by Aeden Alexander

Sports are not just for entertainment but also a business needing to bring in money in which fans sometimes forget that and only believe they are for viewing purposes only. 

Gail Burton/Associated Press

After fans complained about the favoritism in the NFL about how the Ravens vs Steelers game was able to be postponed because of COVID cases while the league decided to force the Broncos to play Sunday with ZERO quarterbacks available.This led many fans to understand that the NFL and all sports leagues in general is overall just a business.

This decision was very controversial because people believe the decision was unfair and only a “money move” for the NFL as the Ravens and Steelers game was the most important and attention grabber to people. While the Broncos Vs Saints game was not nearly as important and wouldn’t bring in as much revenue. 

These occurrences haven’t only happened in the NFL but in all the professional sports around us. The term “favoritism” is a word that is tossed around a lot in all professional sports because there are many occurrences of certain teams getting more opportunities or chances because they are more popular or the matchup between teams are more important which bring in more attention and money. FULL STORY

Sports: A Fun Night Ends With A Sour Ending As Tyson And Jones Fight To A Draw

by Diego Santizo, Sports Editor 

Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. gave boxing a throwback party on Saturday night, with a bout headlining a pay-per-view event that was heavy on spectacle and light on serious competition.

Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Triller

In what was ultimately a sporting event as bizarre as the year it capped off, boxing legends Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. returned to the ring in a battle of 50-year-old former champions Saturday night.

The pair of former champions, with a combined age of 105, gave fight fans every bit of nostalgia they could have asked for over eight, two-minute rounds inside the Staples Center. Though the fight ended in an unofficial split draw on the WBC-appointed judges scorecards, the bigger and better result was that neither man was badly hurt in the bout

While Jones’ return to the ring was his first since 2018, it was Tyson’s first time back in 15 years. But the man who established himself as one of the most dominant heavyweights in the game back in his prime showed glimpses of the form that made him an undisputed champion decades ago.

“The body shots definitely took a toll,” said Jones post-fight about Tyson’s attack. “It’s something to take the punches that Mike throws. I’m cool with a draw. Maybe we can do it again.” FULL STORY

Sports: Diego Maradona, One Of Soccer’s Greatest Players, Is Dead At 60

by Diego Santizo, Sports Editor 

Very few people in any generation possess the power to make the world hold its breath. Maradona, who died last Wednesday at the age of 60, was one of them.

People gather to mourn the death of soccer legend Diego Maradona, outside the Diego Armando Maradona stadium, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on November 25, 2020. 

Diego Maradona, the Argentine who became a national hero as one of soccer’s greatest players, performing with a roguish cunning and extravagant control while pursuing a personal life rife with drug and alcohol abuse and health problems, died on Wednesday in Tigre, Argentina, in Buenos Aires Province. 

The news fell like a hammer blow to a nation beaten down by months of economic crisis and the coronavirus pandemic, but one where football is seen as a remedy for all ills.

His spokesman, Sebastián Sanchi, said the cause was a heart attack. Maradona had undergone brain surgery several weeks ago.

Devoted fans around the world paid tribute to soccer legend Diego Maradona last Wednesday from his home country of Argentina, to his adopted home in Italy, where he led football club Napoli to their first ever Italian league title in 1987. FULL STORY

Sports: Aaron Pico, Former St. John Bosco Student And Wrestler, Gets An Impressive Knockout Victory In The Second Round Of His Bout With John De Jesus

by: Andrew Fierro

It looks like we are seeing the best version of Aaron Pico!

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Going into this fight Aaron Pico was 6-3 and was coming off of two of his best performances he has had. He started off his Bellator career with a 4-1 record before having two disappointing losses. Despite having a rocky start he seemed to be a changed fighter and looks to be better than he ever has.

The fighter he was facing in this fight named John de Jesus was also coming off of a win with a unanimous decision over Vladyslav Parubchenko where he was dominant the entire fight. The fighter used his wide range of different striking techniques to keep his opponent always on his back foot keeping the fight where he wanted. Though with Pico this didn’t work.

About midway through the first round, Pico was able to take John de Jesus to the ground and out wrestle him the rest of the round. It was a dominant round win for Pico and it seemed to be a good start to the fight for him. After this going into the second round he looked to do the same with an early takedown being landed.

After this take-down was landed they were on the ground for a little while though John de Jesus was able to get back to his feet. While on the feet Aaron Pico had John de Jesus up against the fence with Pico controlling the standing exchange. This is when Jesus went to throw a right knee but Pico was ready and combatted his knee with a right overhand that put Jesus to sleep. FULL STORY

Sports: The Los Angeles Dodgers’ Free-agent Wishlist

by Aeden Alexander

As the MLB offseason is rapidly approaching, the World Series Champion Los Angeles Dodgers have a plethora of options going forward. Despite winning the championship with relative ease, the Dodgers still have ways they’d like to improve, and have the luxury of affording some of the top free agents of the 2020 Free Agency Class.

The Defending World Series Champions Los Angeles Dodgers look to make moves this offseason, bring back players, as well as add some new players to the roster.

The Dodgers have a big decision to make this offseason in bringing back major role players or going all out to hopefully sign major players to hopefully bring back-to-back titles to the city of Los Angeles. These are the top ten free-agents the Dodgers may target. 

(1.) Trevor Bauer RHP


Trevor Bauer is the number one pitcher coming off the 2020 season with an impressive year winning NL Cy Young and leading his Cincinnati Reds to the playoffs. Bauer’s been a successful pitcher his entire career and continues to dominate. He would fit very well into the Dodgers Organization as he went to UCLA and the Dodgers need pitching.

(2.) Justin Turner 3B


The Dodgers veteran third basemen reached the end of his contract with LA this year, and even though he might not have had a MVP type year, he still showed up in the playoffs and played a major role in helping the Dodgers win the World Series. For the Dodgers to have the chance to win again this year they need to keep their offense together and this was a big battery to that lineup. FULL STORY

Sports: More Than A Year After Their Comeback Win Over “The Team In Red”, Bosco Football Is Set To Return In January

by Diego Santizo, Sports Editor

The best High School Football team in the nation will open up the season at home on January 8th against Northern California Powerhouse De La Salle.

St. John Bosco Braves Edward Riley (51) and teammate middle linebacker Ma’a Gaoteote (10) stop De La Salle Spartans quarterback Dorian Hale (10) during the first half of the 2019 CIF Open Division State Football Championship game at Cerritos College in Norwalk, Calif. on Saturday December 14, 2019. (Photo by Raul Romero Jr, Contributing Photographer)

When it was announced this week that De La Salle High will travel to Bellflower on Jan. 8 to open its unusual season against the St. John Bosco Braves, it was just the latest unique aspect to the 2020 high school football season, which won’t take place until 2021.

The national high school football powerhouses made the announcement Wednesday, about 10 months after they met for the state’s Open Division title, which resulted in a St. John Bosco victory.

The two all-boys parochial schools met in the CIF State Open Division championship game last December, when Bosco won its third state title game win over the Spartans since 2013. This will be the first time two teams who met in a CIF Championship Football Final had a rematch in the opening game of the following season.

Currently, the CIF has set up one weekend of games (April 17) after section championships in order to presumably play regional title games, but not for state championships. That would eliminate the possibility of De La Salle and Bosco playing later in the season. FULL STORY

Sports: Former Brave Aaron Pico Competes Thursday Night Against John De Jesus

by: Andrew Fierro 

Aaron Pico who is currently 6-3 and on a two-fight win streak fights on Thursday Night for the Bellator organization in the featherweight weight class.

Aaron Pico celebrates after defeating Daniel Carey via knockout during Bellator 238 at The Forum in Inglewood on Saturday, Jan. 25, 2020. (Photo by Hans Gutknecht, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG)

Aaron Pico started off his Bellator career with a 4-1 record finishing all of his fights inside one round using his high level striking and wrestling. 

Though his hot streak came to a halt when he crossed paths with Henry Corrales who finished him in the first round. The fight started off well for Pico as he dropped him with a punch at the beginning of the fight, though instead of taking it to the ground he let him back up which proved costly in the end. 

After that loss, he faced criticism for not using his high-level wrestling enough in the fight and many believed he would have won the fight had he chose to use it more. After that fight, he was matched up against Adam Borics where he would lose in the second round. After not using wrestling at all in his previous fight, he seemed to use the wrestling too much which became a disadvantage and led to a TKO loss in the second round. FULL STORY

Sports: Controversy Arises As Disagreements On The Nba’s Return Date Continue

by Ryan Dwyer

Despite the 2019-2020 NBA season having just ended on October 11th after the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Miami Heat in six games to win the NBA Championship, Commissioner Adam Silver and league officials have released a tentative start date of December 22nd for the 2020-2021 NBA Season, sparking disagreements amongst players over the condensed offseason.

A basketball court is shown at the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex in Kissimmee, Fla., Tuesday, July 21, 2020. The NBA’s marketing motto for the restart of the season at Walt Disney World is “Whole New Game,” and in many respects, that’s very true. (AP Photo/Tim Reynolds)

After the conclusion of the 2019-2020 NBA Season, the league immediately sought out to find a date for the start of the new season. Although it may seem logical to wait until the start of 2021 to begin the new season, the NBA is still a business and the longer they wait is the more money they lose. So far it is widely known that the league plans on restarting between December 22nd and December 25th.

Although it has not been said directly by big name players in the league, there is certainly a very big possibility that players such as LeBron James may sit out for the first month of play. 

Many players and fans alike believe that merely two and a half months break in between the conclusion of the season and the beginning of a new season is too little of time to give the players for rest and preparedness. 

Teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat especially will need extended periods of time to prepare for the new season as they were the last two teams participating in the playoffs as they were competing for the championship. FULL STORY

Sports: Did Mlb’s Decision To Open Stadium’s To Fans Ruin The “Bubble” Atmosphere After Justin Turner’s Positive Covid Test?

by Aeden Alexander

After Justin Turner’s COVID-19 fiasco during Game 6 of the World Series, many are beginning to speculate whether the MLB’s “bubble” atmosphere was even a safe “bubble” to begin with. 

On October 27th, the Los Angeles Dodgers won their first World Series in thirty-two years, and was it a wild one. After a negative COVID-19 test, Dodgers Third Baseman Justin Turner was pulled out of the game just an inning before the Dodgers won due to a positive test. 

The whole situation had many different opinions on whether it was the MLB’s fault, Turner’s, or just an unforeseen situation. Turner was a major part of the Dodgers World Series, as he had a red hot bat and was making stellar defensive plays at third. Despite being pulled from the game, he was still able to make it out to the field to celebrate with his teammates.

But as seen in many pictures, Turner was spotted not wearing a mask when interacting with teammates. MLB and its commissioner were feeling no remorse for Turner, as they quickly sent out a statement about a potential fine and an investigation into the situation which can lead to a suspension next season. FULL STORY

Life Of A Brave: Juan Archuletta, A Coach To Bosco Wrestling, Bounces Back From A Featherweight Title Fight Loss By Winning The Bellator Bantamweight Championship

by: Andrew Fierro 

Juan Archuletta, a bantamweight fighter in the Bellator organization, and a role model to Bosco’s varsity wrestling team acquires the bantamweight championship with a win over Patchy Mix on September 12.

Bellator MMA

Almost exactly one year after losing his first title fight against featherweight Patrico Freire, Juan Archuletta challenges for a title once again and this time gets a unanimous decision to take home the championship. His record is now 25-2 and he has only lost one time in the past 5 years. 

Archuletta’s great ground defense became a pivotal role in his win, with him being taken to the ground early in the first round and having to defend off many submission attempts from his opponent Patchy Mix. Though once he was able to get back to his feet it was obvious that he was in control of the fight with his superior boxing. FULL STORY

Sports: The Drought Is Over, Dodgers Capture Elusive 7th World Series Title With Game 6 Victory Over The Rays

by Eric Torres

A 3-1 win over the Tampa Bay Rays on Tuesday night saw the talented, fan favorite Los Angeles Dodgers end a 32-year World Series drought. 

ARLINGTON, TX – OCTOBER 27: Members of the Los Angeles Dodgers celebrate on the field after defeating the Tampa Bay Rays in Game 6 to clinch the 2020 World Series at Globe Life Field on Tuesday, October 27, 2020 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

A fantastic effort from the Dodgers’ pitching staff led the way. Dodger ace Clayton Kershaw seemingly exorcised his postseason demons, allowing only three earned runs combined through two starts. He pitched 11.2 total innings, striking out 14. In addition, young phenom Walker Buehler, who was scheduled to start both games three and seven (if necessary), gave a quality start, allowing one earned run through six innings, and struck out 10.

Meanwhile, the Dodger bullpen anchored down these electric starts. In Games one, three, and five, the bullpen held onto leads without much trouble, only giving up three runs total. In game six, a scheduled bullpen game, seven different Dodger pitchers combined to allow only one run on four hits, and struck out 16, with Julio Urias slamming the door on any potential comeback. The only blemish on a wonderful bullpen performance was a disastrous game 4 ninth inning, where a fundamental error would lead to a blown save and a Rays win. 

To complement an electric pitching performance, the Dodgers’ dynamic offense, led by MVP Corey Seager and Mookie Betts, provided enough run support. Although the offense struggled at times, they always seemed to come up with clutch hits, scoring 18 runs throughout the series with two outs. Nine different Dodgers hit home runs in the series, with Justin Turner, Mookie Betts, and Corey Seager each homering twice. In a crucial turn of events in Game 6, the Dodgers jumped on a controversial decision by Rays manager Kevin Cash to pull ace Blake Snell, as Mookie Betts set up a momentum swinging inning with a double, leading to what would prove to be the game winning RBI from Corey Seager. FULL STORY

COVID Strikes Again, College Scholarships Harder To Come By

by Aydn Morris

High school student athletes are now panicking as college scholarships won’t be any easy to come by this year thanks to the ongoing pandemic. 

St. John Bosco High School Athletic Director Monty McDermott, like many student-athletes and parents, is concerned about the matter. Around 500,000 students end up becoming a student athlete in college and from those 500,000 only 150,000 are under an athletic scholarship, according to Mr. McDermott. 

“Now it is even tougher to get a scholarship because the number of high school students are rising but the number of scholarships are decreasing,” said Mr. McDermott. 

Prior to the outbreak only 2% of student athletes were given a scholarship which resorted to only 15,000 students receiving one. It is no secret that it was already tremendously hard to get an athletic scholarship in general, and now it is going to reach a level of toughness we have never seen before.  FULL STORY.


by Zach Gardiner

Everyone loves a good knockout, and the UFC has a history of giving fans the joy of watching people ending up flat on the canvas. The best thing about a fight is that it can change in the blink of an eye. One punch, kick, elbow, or knee can change history forever. 

#10 Dan Henderson vs. Micheal Bisping 

Michael Bisping was no stranger to trash talk, but leading up to UFC 100, Bisping seemed determined to get inside Dan Henderson’s head. In the second round, Dan Henderson delivered his “H-Bomb”, (Henderson’s signature right overhand), and put Bisping to sleep. This was arguably the best moment of Henderson’s career. 

#9 Edson Barboza vs. Terry Etim 

Edson Barboza’s Victory over Terry Etim at UFC 142 had made history, becoming the first ever knockout by way of spinning heel kick. Barboza was climbing the ranks of the lightweight division, and this knockout solidified him as a top contender. The kick seemed to come out of nowhere, and ended Etim’s night rather quickly. 

#8 Conor McGregor vs. Jose Aldo 

Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo were the interim Featherweight Champions in 2015. The two best fighters in the UFC. UFC 194 was marketed as the fight of the decade. A ruthless show of determination, heart, and skill – right? Nope. The entire fight lasted thirteen seconds. Aldo pushes forward, and Conor sits him down. Conor is the new unified featherweight champion of the world and becomes the best pound for pound fighter in the UFC. 



by Aeden Alexander

After failed execution in consecutive games, the Dodgers found themselves in a 3-1 hole. However, the team came back to advance to their third World Series in four years.

ARLINGTON, TX – OCTOBER 18: Members of the Los Angeles Dodgers pose for a team photo on the mound after defeating the Atlanta Brave in Game 7 of the NLCS at Globe Life Field on Sunday, October 18, 2020 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Kelly Gavin/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

 Just one week after the Lakers have won their 17th championship, the Los Angeles Dodgers made a historic comeback against the Atlanta Braves, bringing them to their third World Series appearance in the last 4 years. The NLCS left many fans in awe as it was filled with spectacular plays, massive home runs, and games going down to the wire.

The Dodgers faced the Braves in a seven game series in the “MLB Bubble”, where all games were played in Texas to avoid COVID-19 outbreaks. This entire season has been played with zero fans in every stadium and for the first time since last year the MLB allowed fans to enter the Rangers stadium to watch the Braves and Dodgers battle out a tough series.

Los Angeles got off to a slow start in the series, as they were quickly down two games to zero as the Braves pitching was making the Dodgers offense look foolish. Kike Hernandez had a hot start for LA blasting his first homerun of the series to be the Dodgers only run in the first game.

Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw was supposed to be on the bump for game two of the series, but was ruled out due to back spasms and was scheduled to throw the next game. The offense of LA continued to struggle till the end of game two where they rallied in the ninth inning, scoring four runs, and although they came up short, they began showing glimpses of what Dodgers fans saw all year. FULL STORY


by: Pedro Ochoa

The Titans began the Saga and now the Panthers fall victim – is there a bubble coming?

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – SEPTEMBER 27: Tennessee Titans players huddle in the second quarter of the game against the Minnesota Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium on September 27, 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

This NFL season has really been the most exhausting season in history. Every morning brings fresh news of positive COVID-19 tests, amended protocols, schedule delays, and questions that bring even more questions. This pandemic, and all of the positive tests is not an easy task for the NFL to overcome. As of now, the NFL season is not on the brink of collapse–yet. The league has been discussing possible scenarios on how they can prevent a bigger outbreak, but as of now, the best they are doing is shutting down facilities when someone is feeling ill or has symptomes of the virus, which is not as efficient.

The past few weeks in the NFL has been very unusual, which is something usual for 2020. We are not only living history in 2020, but now living history when following the NFL. Every morning there is something new around the league that causes worry among NFL fanatics. 

COVID-19 not only changed the normality of everyone’s life, but also changed sports in ways that no one was able to imagine. The NBA had to put their season in a hiatus and had to finish their season in a bubble, while the MLB endured outbreaks once the season began, and now the outbreak in the NFL.  

The NFL was the last of the bunch to start their season. They were able to see what each league was doing and see what was working and what wasn’t. Even though the NFL was the only league to start on schedule and were able to see what works and what doesn’t regarding COVID-19, they are starting to have issues around the league that is worrying for the NFL and the players. 

The league started off on the right foot, going two weeks with no issues regarding COVID-19. Week three came along and there was a team outbreak within the Tennessee Titans that resulted in the postponement of the first game of the season which was against the Pittsburgh Steelers. This was an easy fix as the league gave the Titans and the Steelers a Week 4 bye, and brought the Ravens bye week from week 8 to week 7. FULL STORY


by Diego Santizo, Sports Editor

The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Miami Heat in game six on Sunday night to capture the franchises 17th NBA Championship – tied for most in the league’s history.

(Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)

When the clock ticked to 0.0, there was confetti and jubilance everywhere in the mostly empty arena in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The Lakers’ bench circled LeBron James, joyously hugging him on the court while Anthony Davis sat down on the scorers table, in disbelief as the emotions rushed over him.

The Los Angeles Lakers were NBA champions for the 17th time in their history after a ten-year finals drought, and on January 26th, the season for the Lakers took on a whole new meaning after the tragic death of Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and seven others who passed away in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California. 

LeBron James and Anthony Davis led the way for the Lakers all throughout the remainder of the season and finally got the job done in their 106-93 win. James had a triple-double, ending the night with 28 points, 14 rebounds and 10 assists on his way to being named Finals MVP – his 4th time winning the award to go along with his fourth championship.

The win caps one of the most challenging seasons in franchise history. Following several years of missing out on the playoffs, the Lakers entered the season as one of the front runners to win after Davis was paired up with James. In his first year with the Lakers, Davis proved to be a difference maker and played big when the Lakers needed him the most during the finals.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the season was thrown into uncertainty. Racial unrest in the country also threatened the season from finishing but at last on the 356th day of the 74th NBA season, the Lakers franchise claimed its 17th championship. FULL STORY


by Eric Torres

A 12-3 rout of the San Diego Padres on Thursday night in Arlington, Texas clinched a spot in the NLCS for the Dodgers for an astounding 4th time in the last 5 years, where the mighty boys in blue will battle for a spot in the World Series against the up and coming Atlanta Braves.

The Los Angeles Dodgers pose for a team picture after defeating the San Diego Padres 12-3 in Game 3 of a baseball National League Division Series early Friday, Oct. 9, 2020, in Arlington, Texas. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

Game 1 saw an electric combined start from ace Walker Buehler and rookie Dustin May, giving up only 1 run through 6 innings. In a rather quiet game, which only saw 7 hits overall, the Dodgers would draw 10 walks in the first 7 innings, as Padres ace Mike Clevinger would exit the game after the first inning. The Dodgers offense, though quiet for most of the game, broke it open in the 6th inning with 4 runs, led by a Mookie Betts double. Victor Gonzalez, Blake Treinen, and Kenley Jansen shut the door on the Padres in the late innings, only allowing one hit through the last 3 innings.

In game 2, the Dodgers’ offense came alive early, scoring 4 runs in the first 4 innings, canceling out an early run given up by starter Clayton Kershaw. However, Kershaw’s postseason demons came back to haunt him in the sixth, giving up back to back home runs to Eric Hosmer and Manny Machado. Things got a little too close for comfort for the Dodgers in the top of the 7th inning, but Cody Bellinger made the play of the day, robbing a go-ahead 2-run home run by Fernando Tatis Jr. The Dodgers seemingly would close it out in the bottom of the 7th, with Turner and Muncy driving in runs. However, the Padres mounted a comeback in the 9th, which saw Kenley Jansen knocked out of the game, and Joe Kelly recording the final out with the bases loaded, holding on to win 6-5.

With all the momentum in their favor, the Dodgers took game 3 in a blowout 12-3 win. After finding themselves down 2-1 after 2 innings, the Dodgers would score 7 runs in the next 3 innings, with six different Dodgers contributing RBIs. Although the Padres showed signs of life in the 6th, reliever Julio Urias would limit the damage to only 1 run. The Padres would not score again, as Blake Treinen, Pedro Baez, and Dylan Floro made quick work of the remaining Padres, and the Dodgers tacked on 4 more in the 9th for good measure, with Will Smith and Cody Bellinger getting 2 RBIs a piece. 11 different pitchers would throw for the Padres in game 3, with only a single one pitching more than an inning. 

The underdog Padres were going to have a tough task of defeating the Dodgers anyway, but two of their top starters, Mike Clevinger and Dinelson Lamet, left the Padres with a depleted pitching staff. This was apparent, as the Padres changed pitchers 22 times throughout the 3 game set, with only one pitcher lasting more than 2 innings. FULL STORY


by Diego Santizo, Sports Editor 

The Los Angeles Dodgers finished the season with a 43-17 record, the best record in the majors, and will take on a Milwaukee Brewers team that never spent a single day over .500 all season in the first round of the 2020 MLB playoffs. It begs the question – can they finally win it all? 

Dodgers fans always have high expectations for their team when the season starts, but since 2016, they have considered their season World Series-or-Bust, and this year surely isn’t any different. 

The Dodgers ended their 2016 season losing the National League Championship Series 2-4 against the New York Mets. Then, they ended 2017 in heartbreaking fashion losing to the Houston Astros in 7 games in the World Series. After that, 2018 ended with a World Series lost against the Boston Red Sox in 5 games. In 2019, the heartbreak continued, as they lost the Divisional Round 2-3 against the eventual World Series Champion Washington Nationals. 

The Dodgers are a team built to win now and for years to come. They boast a strong farm system and some of the best young talent in the majors, while also having Mookie Betts under contract for the next 12 years. 

It is notable to point out they may not have a lot of familiar faces on the team next year as Justin Turner, Joc Pederson, Pedro Báez and Kiké Hernández are among the players hitting free agency this winter. Even more notably, players such as Clayton Kershaw, Kenley Jansen and Corey Seager are scheduled to hit free agency after next season. Is time running out for this group to win? 

Despite the speculation and talk, the Dodgers dominated the 2020 season and only lost one series all year! 

After winning their eighth consecutive division title and posting the highest winning percentage of any MLB team since 1906, the Los Angeles Dodgers (43-17, .711) earned the National League’s top seed and the right to host the No. 8 seeded Milwaukee Brewers in the wild card round. FULL STORY


by Pedro Ochoa 

NFL Week 3 is making us all question whether or not we are really here and watching football in 2020, as the league’s two most high-octane quarterbacks headline Monday Night Football.

If you are debating whether to start or sit Lamar Jackson from the Ravens, then you should really think again, because Lamar is a must start for Sunday. Yes, he will be playing a tough defense in the Chiefs and their own QB Patrick Mahomes but he’s Lamar Jackson, the NFL’s reigning MVP. 

Another great start for the week is Dak Prescott from the Dallas Cowboys. He has averaged 28.7 fantasy points in the first two weeks, and he looks to continue that against a Seattle secondary that struggled against Cam Newton in Week 2. As for his Running Back, Ezekiel Elliott, he is also a must start. You drafted him to lead your team, and he will do that this week again.

One of my favorite starts this week at the Running Back position are Austin Ekeler and Josh Kelley. The Panthers have allowed the most fantasy points to running backs since 2019. Ekeler and Kelley will be getting a lot of touches and targets and put up some big numbers for your team.

Kenyan Drake has really been quiet this season. Averaging 13 points this season, he is not looking like the RB1 that you drafted him to be. However, he faces the Detroit Lions this week. This should be a big week for him and the Arizona Cardinals. Kyler Murray and Deandre Hopkins will also have a big game. Put them into your starting lineups!

Dwayne Haskins has found his favorite wide receiver in Scary Terry McLaurin. Terry McLaurin has had a great two weeks and this week he has a favorable matchup against the Cleveland Browns.  FULL STORY


by Pedro Ochoa 

After a multitude of injuries around the NFL during week two, Fantasy Football managers entered panic modeas we saw big names suffer serious injuries, including the likes of Saquon Barkley and Christian McCaffrey.

Due to the preseason being cancelled due to COVID-19, as well as a shortened offseason, the athlete’s bodies may not have had adequate time to ease back into the rigors of football, causing their bodies to tire easily, ultimately resulting in injuries.

The NFL’s Week Two kicked off on Thursday Night Football between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns, where there were no serious injuries. On Sunday, we saw 14 games played throughout the day. The Saints and Raiders capped off the second week at the Raiders’ first game in their new Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on Monday Night Football.

Thursday Night Football was surprisingly a good game between the Bengals and the Browns. Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt had a combined 50+ points to lead the Browns to their first victory of the season against the Bengals with a score of 35-30. Odell Beckham Jr. is starting to look like 2018 Odell again, putting up over 17 Fantasy points. On the other side of the ball, the first overall pick, Joe Burrow, put up almost 25 fantasy points. 

Tom Brady has been showing his age lately, but still picked up his first win in a Buccaneers uniform. Despite not having a great performance without his best wide receiver in Chris Godwin, the Bucs still pulled in the win against the Panthers with a score of 31-17. Christian McCaffrey was among the top players who were injured, leaving the game due to a high ankle injury, crushing his team and Fantasy owners everywhere.

The Steelers moved to 2-0 on the season with a close win over the Broncos, at a score of 26-21. James Connor had a bounce-back performance as he ran for 106 yards, a touchdown, as well as 20 fantasy points. Juju Smith-Schuster disappointed fantasy managers this week. Denver’s Drew Lock and Courtland Sutton suffered injuries, which led to Melvin Gordon getting more carries in the backfield. FULL STORY


by Diego Santizo, Sports Editor 

Los Angeles, a city in which high expectations are simply the norm. But when it comes to professional athletics, despite the Angelino fanbase being demanding of every team, they are no strangers to coming up short. 

LAKE BUENA VISTA, FLORIDA – SEPTEMBER 12: LeBron James #23 of the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James #23 of the Los Angeles Lakers during the second quarter against the Houston Rockets in Game Five of the Western Conference Second Round during the 2020 NBA Playoffs at AdventHealth Arena at the ESPN Wide World Of Sports Complex on September 12, 2020 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

The Clippers curse is real. Fans surely had flashbacks from the 2015 Clippers coming into game seven of the Western Conference semi-finals, and they were in for a treat that will leave a sour taste in their mouth for weeks, maybe even months. 

The Nuggets came back from being down 3–1 for the second straight series to make the Western Conference finals for just the fourth time in their 53 year franchise history. This upcoming conference finals appearance marks the first since 2009 which ironically was also against the Lakers. They took game seven by a margin of 104-89, resulting in the Clippers losing once again in the second round. 

Denver was led by its dynamic duo of Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray. Murray led all scorers with 40 points and went 6-of-13 in 3-point shooting, while Jokic finished the night with 16 points, 22 rebounds and 13 assists. Montrezl Harrell led the Clippers with 20 points off the bench, with the Clipper’s superstar duo of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George combining for just 24 points on 10-for-38 shooting. FULL STORY


by Aharon Colon, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Although there is almost nothing to watch in the sports world right now, the UFC lives on with an exciting card on Saturday including two world title fights with a mixture of veteran and young fighters. 

You might think that since this card is taking place at such a time that it would be boring with fighters no one really knows about, but you would be totally wrong. It is actually the exact opposite. The UFC packed this card with fighters crazy enough to take this chance at giving the people what they want. 

Starting at the bottom, the early prelims are filled with young exciting talent looking to make a name for themselves. There is no better time to get your name out there because every MMA fan will be watching this from start to finish. The fight to look out for here is 13th ranked welterweight in the world Vicente Luque taking on Niko Price. Here Vicente is looking to move up the rankings, so he can eventually earn a title shot. 

The prelims are a whole different story. Resembling a main card quality lineup, its main bout is between 15th ranked welterweight in the world Anthony “Showtime” Pettis and 6th ranked Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone. Both fighters have great resumes, a great recond, huge fanbases, and are exciting to watch so expect sparks to fly when they meet in the cage. Other notable fighters on this card are veteran Fabricio Werdum, former world champion Carla Esparza, and Uriah Hall, all looking for upcoming title bouts.  FULL STORY


by Lucas Garrison, Sports Editor

With a ton of build-up, the first-ever online NFL draft proved to be nothing short of interesting. The first ten picks in the draft went off without a single trade, then out of nowhere the Tampa Bay Buccaneers flipped spots with the San Francisco 49ers and selected Iowa offensive tackle Tristan Wirfs. The presumptive number one pick, Joe Burrow, went number one to the Cincinnati Bengals.

As a matter of fact, the first three picks of the draft ended up exactly how all draft experts saw the selections going: number one overall former-LSU QB and national champion Joe Burrow (Bengals), number two overall DE Chase Young (Washington Redskins), Number three CB Jeff Okudah (Detroit Lions). The team with the most picks in this year’s NFL draft, the Dolphins, selected Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa. Tagovailoa will more than likely spend the majority of the season, if not all of the season, from the sidelines. Tagovailoa will be sidelined due to hip surgery, the result of a season ending injury that was the final chapter Tagovailoa’s storied career with the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Several teams seem to have more questions than answers post-first round. The New Orleans Saints selected C Cesar Ruiz (Michigan) whose projection for most experts was not until the 2nd or 3rd rounds. Arguably the biggest lock of the draft being S/LB Isaiah Simmons (Clemson), is now an Arizona Cardinal. No one in their right mind anticipated that happening.

Personally, I cannot believe the New York Giants end up selecting OT Andrew Thomas. Night one proved to be a success. Friday night at rounds 2-3 will begin at 4 P.M. PST. Be on the lookout for teams such as the Steelers and Texans to make a splash, both did not have a first-round pick. FULL STORY


by Hunter Richardson

COVID-19 has halted the regular lives of almost everyone in this country, especially when normally sports fills a void in times of crisis, this virus has ruined the best time of the year for sports fans across the country.

Sports came to a halt when Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert tested positive for the virus and sent a shockwave through the sports world as every league postponed play for an undetermined amount of time. These developments couldn’t have come at a worse time for sports fans with notable events such as March Madness, Opening Day, the Olympics, NBA, and NHL playoffs, and much more being postponed or canceled.

College sports fans are taking the biggest hit amongst other fans during this pandemic as all college sports are canceled for the rest of the year. This included the highly anticipated March Madness tournament which had several great teams, potentially making for an outstanding tournament. This abruptly ended the college careers of several players such as Obi Toppin, Onyeka Okongwu, and arguably the greatest female college basketball player of all time, Sabrina Ionescu.  FULL STORY


by Che Womack, Contributing Writer

In the history of sports at St. John Bosco, the school has known to be competitive regardless of what sport is playing or who the Braves are playing against. In the recent years, the Bosco soccer program has struggled but nonetheless has tried to find its stride in the ranks of Bosco athletics.

In 2016, the Braves made the playoffs and found some success. However, in the last two years, the Braves have missed the playoffs and edged out at the bottom of the Trinity League. In 2017, the Braves went 6-14-3 (2-6-1 in league) and missed the playoffs; last year, the Braves went 12-12-2 (3-6-1 in league) and missed the postseason again. The team came together and decided that this year had to be different.

“I would say the difference was the chemistry of the team,” senior defender Christian Brueggeman said. “We were in unison all year, and we had the talent to contribute to the overall team. Chemistry definitely was a difference maker.”

This year, the Braves took off guns blazing. They started the year 11-2-1 before entering league play, with wins over Arizona powerhouses: Hamilton High School (Chandler, Ariz.) and Brophy College Preparatory (Phoenix, Ariz.).

When the Trinity League schedule began, the Braves started off with a 3-0-2 record. However, the Braves lost their mark, dropped four of the last five league games, and finished fifth in league.

Despite the rocky finish to the regular season, the Braves would receive an at-large bid in the Division 2 CIF-SS Playoffs. FULL STORY


by Che Womack, Contributing Writer

The 2020 CIF Division 1 State Playoff Bracket is one of the most competitive playoff brackets in state history. The bracket features teams venturing from the Trinity League, to the Los Angeles City Section, all the way south to the San Diego Section. All 32 teams are looking to get hot right now as a state championship is on the line.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is esxqisyueaexczz-2.jpg

The St. John Bosco Braves received the No. 8 seed in the CIF Southern Section Open Division Playoffs — the third season in a row the Braves earned this seeding. Bosco struggled in its portion of the bracket, as it went 1-2 in pool play with the two defeats being greater than 20 points. However, the Braves managed to pull out a four-point victory against cross-town rival St. Anthony.    

The Braves did have some bright spots, however, while playing in the Open Division. In their first game against the Sierra Canyon Trailblazers, Jeremiah Nyarko scored 13 points while grabbing two rebounds and a steal.

In the second game of pool play, Bosco faced the Etiwanda Eagles, and junior Lamaj Lewis and senior Josh Camper both scored in double figures. Camper made two 3-pointers en route to 11 points, while Lewis had 10 points along with seven rebounds and four assists.  FULL STORY


by Matthew Ruiz

History is in the making for our Bosco soccer team, who has been steamrolling in playoffs on their way to being CIF-SS Finalists. The Braves now set their sights on a CIF-State Title run.

A three-year playoff drought has been lifted with the 2019-2020 Braves soccer team smoking everyone on the road. The Braves first made playoffs by going 16-6-4, and tied fourth in the Trinity League, the Braves made the playoffs as an “at large” team, which is the result of a winning record, defeating teams who are nationally ranked in a tournament in Arizona and having one of the hardest schedules in CIF.

This team has been led by senior captains Diego Camacho, Diego Galvan, Christian Brueggeman and David Veloz. Even in CIF playoffs, the Braves have been successful on the road, traveling to Oxnard and Santa Barbara to get to the championship on Saturday. The Braves went on the road to defeat Hueneme 2-1,  Tesoro 3-0,  Dos Pueblos 3-1 and Pacifica in the semi-finals 1-0 before finally facing Channel Islands in the CIF-SS championship match, where they fell short by a score of 2-1 in a “Golden Goal” overtime period.

The Braves competed tough on Saturday, knowing this would be the hardest challenge yet. Channel Islands had also been defeating teams left and right and have been averaging over 3 goals a game. One thing that the Braves and Channel Island have in common is that Channel Islands head coach is a Bosco alumni. FULL STORY

Sports: Bosco Basketball Season Update And Preview

by Caleb Wiley

After coming off a very successful season one game away from the Division One State Championship game in California, the top-ranked St. John Bosco basketball team comes in with the highest expectations this program has had in years.


Credit – Parker Gray

This team is the deepest team Bosco has had in a while. They have players like forward Jordan Brown and guard Gabe Campos, who can get on the court and do other things than scoring, like defending and hustling. They understand winning.

“We have have a lot of guys who do the little things very well. They can come into the game and be impactful right away,” said senior starting point guard Chris James.

Along with scrappy players, this team is filled with experience, as there are eight seniors on this roster who are all returning from last year. When you have a lot of returning seniors, it can set you up for a deep run in the playoffs.

“In my time here, this is the first time we have a real seniors class. All these guys were freshman when I started here. The most seniors I have ever had on a team was three. So, having that senior leadership and guys that have been through the ups and downs, which we never really had before, is big,” said varsity Head Coach Matt Dunn.

Every one of those seniors are doing their job in leading this team and the younger guys, which this team needs since they do play many sophomores and juniors on the court as well.

“I think what makes this team special is that we have a lot of leaders. I think Chris James and Gabe Campos are consistently good leaders. Jalen Manson and Fernie Gomez have been great verbal leaders leading with their voice. Then, Josh Adoh always does an amazing job with just how hard he plays,” said coach Dunn.

The team had their first games in the El Monte tournament in November and had their way throughout. The teams they played were not the best competition, but Bosco did their thing regardless as they went on to this tourney’s championship, going 4-0 and winning by an average of 40 points per game.

The last game they played was against St. Anthony, and this was a close game. It went down to the wire, however St. Anthony did not pull the upset as Bosco won this game 67-64. It was a scare, but the team stayed resilient and found a way to win this game.

Bosco currently stands at 5-0 and have a big road trip tournament coming up as they travel to Sacramento for their second tournament of the year. There are gonna be some top-notch opponents this time around. This is a great opportunity for Bosco to show that basketball is for real this year.

“Everybody is going to be good this tournament, there are gonna be eight catholic schools participating. Five of them are from Northern California and a couple are from Arizona. We start off with St. Mary’s, which is the number 20 team in the state,” said coach Dunn.

There are a lot of expectations that come with this season for the Bosco basketball team. According to the Los Angeles Times, Bosco is ranked #3 in all of Southern California.

This ranking could soon be on the rise, as the team looks to have a great tournament in Sacramento and a great rest of the season.



Bosco Water Polo: 2017 Season Recap

by Caleb Wiley

The 2017 water polo season was a tough season to say the least. Finishing up with an overall record of 11-13 and going winless in league, along with a no-show in CIF, the season was somewhat disappointing. The team faced a lot of obstacles but nonetheless fought through and played with their best effort in every game. 

The 11-13 record along with no wins in league was not completely shocking: “Sure, the outcome is not what we hoped for, but there were many factors to having that record,” said Varsity head coach Jeff Powers. The team had injuries and a lack of experience that ultimately factored in the outcome of the team’s record.

“With only two returning seniors on the team, we really missed the leadership and experience out there late in the season,” said Coach Powers. Leadership is really a necessity in team sports such as water polo. Senior captain Gabe Chaine really helped the underclassmen learn and grow in the sport. Unfortunately, Gabe suffered an injury in the middle of the season: “We had our best defender Gabe Chaine out for a while and we really struggled during that time,” said junior captain Pat Burke. With only two seniors on the team, it was easy to observe that without Chaine, water polo did not have the benefit of more leadership and experience. Burke says, “We really came together despite all the obstacles and showed perseverance while Gabe was out.”

Senior Gabe Chaine says that he has no regrets and enjoyed the time he got to play during the season. “I had fun this season…a little sadness does come to me knowing that this is my last year (at Bosco) and we didn’t make a big CIF run.” His last year was not what he hoped for but he is satisfied with what he left at Bosco, especially knowing that the team next is due to have a solid season.

The 2018 season is looking more promising than this year, with everybody returning but two players. The team will have the needed experience that was sorely missed this year. Coach Powers explains, “This was definitely a learning season for next year for the returning players which is basically our whole team.” He goes on and adds, “The players next year will now know what is needed to compete in this league.” The Trinity league is one of the best leagues in the nation and Coach Powers feels confident about his player’s abilities to compete in this league.

This means that the current juniors and sophomores will have more important roles and make a bigger impact than they did this year. The 2017 season was not a complete disappointment, because this season really prepared the returning players. The team can now reflect and learn from the mistakes they made this year and correct them for the better. Therefore the team is optimistic about next year and there chances to win league and ultimately make a big CIF run in the 2018 season.   


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