Bosco Athletic Stadium Update (2018)

by Ethan Piechota

This past spring, St. John Bosco high school received excellent news. After months of fundraising, planning, and preparation, the school finally received approval to begin construction on the state-of-the-art athletic stadium being built for the use of many major athletic teams at Bosco.

The stadium will be occupied by the football team, soccer team, lacrosse team, rugby team, cross country team, and track team for the start of the 2018 sports season if all goes according to plan. This beautiful to-be stadium will change Bosco and the overall identity of the school for the better.

“It’s going to hold near 5,000 people. There’s going to be seat-backs in the middle, there’s going to be a couple of suites in the press box, there’s going to be a press box on the visiting side. There’s a student section that’s really close to the field. It’s just going to be the premier stadium in Southern California,” said head athletic director Monty McDermott back at the start of construction.

Recently, it was noticeable by many Bosco students on campus that the stadium worked on by “Byrom-Davey” has been updated and looks more aesthetically progressed than ever with the addition of this press box and new, large-capacity seats.

The stadium looks primed to be a region-wide landmark and place where games of tremendous magnitude will be played out in the coming years in the various sports that participate on it.

There is just so much optimism surrounding this stadium. Finally, it will complete St. John Bosco high school and tie in the home-church-playground idea that has been given off here at Bosco this entire school year. Instead of having to travel to El Camino or Cerritos College for home games, the stadium will finally be on campus and serviceable for all students, staff and alumni.

The stadium will truly be a state-of-the-art project. It projects to be near the top of all high school facilities in Southern California based on its sheer value and many features.

What a treat for all people associated with St. John Bosco high school alike. From students and athletes to teachers and the staff, this will be something special on our campus for sure. Its impact will be clear and will certainly help enhance the brotherhood represented at St. John Bosco to the fullest.

This beautiful campus projects to go up for the football team to begin practicing on it during the offseason and will hold 5-6 home football games next year.

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