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Dia De Los Muertos Celebration Recap

by George Holani and Matthew Ruizshirt-1510256257-bc164d1a6e5b9c2edac485f775679688

The “Day of the Dead” or “Dia de los Muertos” is a Mexican holiday and tradition that runs every year from October 31st to November 2nd in Mexican and Spanish cultures.

This event is celebrated throughout Mexico and with Mexican families and heritages everywhere. The holiday focuses on family gatherings and coming together to pray for past friends and family members who have died.

The “Day of the Dead” is important because it relates to and challenges societal views on honoring the dead. The event is celebrated through festivals, parades, and family gatherings at cemeteries to pray for their deceased family members and friends. FULL STORY

New Bell Schedule Coming Soon?

by Ethan Piechota and Joshua Adoh_DSC9519

Talk of switching to a permanent block schedule at St. John Bosco High School is a hot topic, and the general feel among students and faculty is that the school is ready to make this change.

“It’s a community decision, and if you talk to some teachers they’re ready to go now, but I would like to move slower because this is something that affects everyone,” school principal Dr. De Larkin said.

Dr. De Larkin is in no rush to implement this potential schedule change and looks to make the transition as smooth as possible. FULL STORY

Annual Club Carnival a Success on Campus

by Lucas Agatepclubs

On September 13th and 14th, St. John Bosco held its annual club sign-ups out in the quad, where students explored the different clubs available to join on campus.

Mrs. Jen Schnorr, who organized the club day, viewed that the two days went well. For being a new staff member, the club day happened to be Mrs. Schnorr’s first time organizing a club sign-up at Bosco. 

Schnorr was able to do this years club day by taking her experiences from her prior school and building on them. FULL STORY

New Teacher Q&A: Ms. Allegra Weinstein

by Lucas AgatepIMG-0090

New teacher Ms. Allegra Weinstein comes to Bosco with experience as a teacher and with people in general, bringing something unique and new to Bosco’s teacher staff and faculty.

Q: Where have you previously worked?

A: I have worked at St. Joseph’s Hospital in the ER and at CHOC in the cardiology ward. I was a medical scribe at both hospitals. I did research at UC Irvine at the Pediatric Exercise and Genomics Research Center. I worked on a NIH funded project looking at the effect of exercise training on children with asthma. I am currently the JV Women’s Basketball head coach at Esperanza High School. I will be starting my 8th season this year. I was a science teacher for 2 years at Halstrom Academy in Anaheim Hills.

Q: How long have you been teaching?

A: I have been teaching for 3 years.

Q: What college did you graduate from?

A: I graduated and received by BI from Claremont Graduate University. FULL STORY

Tridium Week Recap

by Na’im Rodman

Tridium week is a presentation and event on campus where we acknowledge and appreciate the teachings of our very own Don Bosco.

Don Bosco wants all students from Salesian Communities to look at one message, change it in a way, and make it into our own message. “Be happy, be holy, be brave,” is the message and main focal point this year here on campus.

“The message of it was: how do we challenge ourselves to be holy? We know what happy is and we know what holy is and we know what brave is, but the real hard part for a lot of us is holy,” head dean of students Mr Jaramillo said. FULL STORY


Review: Project Brave

by Samuel Rodriguezholiday-jukebox-clipart-1

Recently, St. John Bosco High School hosted its first dance of the year, the annual welcome dance. The dance had an astounding attendance of 1,200 students, making it one of the biggest dances in Bosco’s history.

The success of this dance is accredited to its fiery atmosphere, great taste in music, and a live appearance by St. John Bosco’s very own, Ms. Valerie “Mama” Shields. The music was able to keep the students engaged and lively and the tables and chairs outside helped students socialize with people from other schools. The refreshment stand and bar was a success as well. FULL STORY

The Evolution of St. John Bosco High School: A Lifelong Development

by Enrique Gutierrez

Over the past 80 years, St. John Bosco High School has made its name academically and athletically. Bosco Brave students over the generations have developed in mind, body and spirit from Bosco’s Salesian model of providing a home, school, church, and playground. 


Since its founding in 1940, St. John Bosco High School has made a name for itself in Southern California through its continued improvement in the areas of technology, athletics and student life. In tracking the evolution of our school, one thing is for sure: Bosco wasn’t built in a day. FULL STORY

Bosco: “One School Wednesday” Brings Community to Campus

by Lucas Garrison


Throughout the school year so far, the St. John Bosco staff has continued to surprise students, and they have done it again.

Teachers and faculty organized an event last Wednesday where all staff and students were blocked from indoors and came outside to experience lunch as a community. This was done with the introduction to a past tradition of intramural activities at lunch.

It was something that students enjoyed and something that a lot of students hope comes back again and again throughout the school year.

“This all came back just with a few of us teachers meeting and wanting to see the students experience something we had in the past. In the past for the most part it looked like that [the activities]. We had Mr. Mestas who was in charge of it at the time,” said facilitator and history teacher Mr. Mario Cordero. FULL STORY

New Computer Science Pathway is Here, New Computer Lab on the Way

by Victor Curiel

computer scienceIn response to the community’s need and desire for computer science curriculum, Bosco’s administration looks to begin construction on a computer lab in the 300 building to serve a brand new Computer Science Pathway.

The new pathway was established for students who felt that they weren’t adequately prepared for all the new challenges and career opportunities that come with our fast-paced, highly technological world. It also gives those students already knowledgeable in the field a chance to hone their skills with further instruction.

Several faculty members have reported being concerned that their students may be at a disadvantage as future professionals in current tech-heavy industries.

“We saw a growing need across the student population. A lot of students were asking about it, and it’s kind of an intimidating class to teach, so not many teachers were willing or knew how to [teach the classes],” Computer Science Pathway co-founder and coordinator Mr. Nathan Corkhill said. FULL STORY

New Teacher Q&A: Ms. Carleen Carney

by Lucas Agatep


Attention all Braves. In the third edition of our new teacher Q&A section, we sat down with new Bosco teacher Ms. Carleen Carney. Please welcome her to our community!

Q: Where were you born?
A: I was born in Northridge, CA and have lived in California my entire life.

Q: Where have you previously worked?
A: Before I became a schoolteacher I had my own business, making custom cakes and other desserts. I also taught sugar arts classes, from basic decorating skills to advanced pastry techniques.

Q: How long have you been teaching?
A: This will be my fourth year teaching.

Q: What college did you graduate from?
A: I graduated from Cal State Northridge with my bachelor’s degree in both linguistics and French. From Cal State Long Beach, I earned my master’s degree in linguistics. FULL STORY

St. John Bosco Brave Vision: For the Students

by Matthew Ruiz and George Holani

Just less than a month into the school year, St. John Bosco’s Brave Vision team started filming, editing, and recruiting new kids for their first episode, which aired on August 30th school wide this month.

A monthly television program aired for the benefit of informing and giving the entire Bosco student body and staff a laugh, Brave Vision is excited for their upcoming year making videos for the students.

“The first episode will highlight the freshman, new teachers and especially the first football game,” said Mr. Nold regarding the first BraveVision that just came out. FULL STORY

Bosco: Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease Awareness

by Jake Bailey and Jude Wolfe

“It was probably one of the worst I’ve ever had, mostly because of the almost complete disablement and the constant feeling of being uncomfortable as well as the duration of the virus. The feeling of being useless really begins to weigh on you, and it is extremely annoying to deal with.”

At the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year at St John Bosco High School, many students arrived at school happy and healthy, primed and ready to enjoy another exciting year of school. However, a dangerous, menacing, and wildly contagious disease swept over some of the members of the Bosco community. Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease is a very intense and unique disease, most commonly found in children, with symptoms including sores in the mouth and vicious rashes on the hands and feet.

“The bumps came on both my arms and on the bottom of my feet, these bumps were painful to the touch and without ibuprofen it was pretty difficult to even move around the house,” said a Bosco faculty member who wished to remain nameless like the rest of the interviewees. FULL STORY

Around Bosco: Oratory Makeover

by Ty Nakagawa

It is a new year at St. John Bosco High School, and there has been no better time than this past summer to turn some things around in the school’s own Oratory.

It has been a decade since Brother Nold and Mr. Woods re-opened the Oratory to its current state. The Oratory is an essential part of the Salesian program at Bosco, for it is both a home and a playground for students at the school.

Many families rely on it as a shelter and safe place for their kids who have to be dropped off at six o’clock in the morning and picked up later in the afternoon. The Oratory is a place where students can take a break to engage in friendly banter outside of school hours. FULL STORY

New Teacher Q&A: Mr. Shane Beatty

by Lucas Agatep & Christian Bode

For our next new teacher interview at St. John Bosco High School this year, we sat down with teacher and volleyball coach Mr. Shane Beatty.

Q: Where have you previously worked?

A: I previously worked at Long Beach City College, Fairmont Preparatory Academy, Holy Names University and Team Rockstar as a coach and disabled support service specialist.

Q: How long have you been teaching?

A: I actually have no previous teaching at other schools. [This year at] Bosco is my first year teaching. FULL STORY

Students Still Waiting on New and Improved Food Program

by Gabe Botello


Photo by Gabriel Botello / The Brave News

As the new school year starts and students come back to St. John Bosco High School, everyone is ready to come and learn in the classroom, but outside of the classroom, students are HUNGRY! So what’s on the menu this year?

One goal of Bosco’s administration has been to update the food program on campus. More options, more nutrition and more variety for students to choose from are some of the features they have been aiming at. Unfortunately, although this all sounds good, the main problem with updating the program is capacity.

“[With all this food] does the MPR become the cafeteria? Can it hold 800 students? Does the [salesian kitchen] also become the kitchen for students?” said Mr. Jaramillo. FULL STORY

New Teacher Q&A: Mrs. Jen Schnorr

by Lucas Agatep and Christian Bode

“I have everything from hip-hop to reggae to punk to latin and more. I would have to say old school hip-hop and reggae are my go-to genres. Some of my favorite artists are Talib Kweli, Nas, Mos Def and KRS-One.”

The St. John Bosco community and administration wants all of us to welcome new teacher Jen Schnorr to the staff. Mrs. Schnorr graduated from UC Santa Barbara and is going to be working in the World Languages department, teaching Spanish.

Mrs. Schnorr gave us a few minutes out of her day to answer some questions regarding her past so we as a school can better get to know her. FULL STORY



St. John Bosco: Pelican Engineering

by Samuel Rodriguez

Our very own St. John Bosco Braves had the privilege of interning at Pelican Engineering throughout the summer. Pelican Engineering is a company that specializes in military-grade cases to safely store weapons, ammunition, and other valuable gear.


The students that participated were from Bosco’s engineering pathway and were sent to discover what it takes to be an engineer in the real world. Senior Ethan Persi gave us an insight on the type of work that went into play while at Pelican.

“When we would work, we had to construct a prototype and come up with the final solution for the project that they had given us. With [their prototype], we had to make a design for it so that they could pick up where we left off because the stuff we made is actually going to be implemented into their line,” said Ethan when asked about the tasks that they performed while at Pelican. FULL STORY

BOSCO: Panish Family Stadium opening a success

by Ethan Piechota

The beautiful, state-of-the-art new athletic stadium on St. John Bosco’s campus opened up with a Braves 49-0 victory yesterday night on a legendary day in Bosco history.

Five years. It’s been five whole years since a home football game has been hosted on the campus of St. John Bosco. But no more. Panish Family Stadium officially opened last night on a beautiful night in Bellflower, California.

“I think this is big for the culture of our campus. [This stadium] will bring everybody back together and back on our campus, which is great,” school president Dennis Mulhaupt states.

Not only is this new stadium for football, but is for all athletic teams that use the field in their respective sport to enjoy and to use. It will also be a central point for school rallies and community building exercises that all of Bosco can enjoy. FULL STORY

Bosco Signing Day (2018)

by Julian Boyd

On February 7, 2018, seven athletes from St. John Bosco high school were able to celebrate signing their National Letters of Intent to play sports collegiately. Kevin Coblentz (University of Nevada, Reno), Sal Spina (Stanford University), Cole Aubrey (Montana), Demetrious Flowers (Arizona State University), Kedron Williams (Washington State University), Stephan Blaylock (University of California Los Angeles), and Eli Deroon (Air Force Academy) are among those 7 athletes.

Six out of those 7 athletes listed trusted the process the whole way through, staying at Bosco through every circumstance. A lot of these players didn’t earn much playing time at all until their sophomore and junior years. 

Senior linebacker Kedron Williams expressed gratitude to Bosco for helping prepare him for the next level. 

“I was able to look up to a lot of older [Division 1] guys at my position as a younger guy and I was able to learn from their game and put pieces into mine. Also, the nationally staged games helped me preform on a high level and get looked at,” Williams said. FULL STORY

Bosco Athletic Stadium Update (2017)

by Ethan Piechota

This past spring, St. John Bosco high school received excellent news. After months of fundraising, planning, and preparation, the school finally received approval to begin construction on the state-of-the-art athletic stadium being built for the use of many major athletic teams at Bosco.

The stadium will be occupied by the football team, soccer team, lacrosse team, rugby team, cross country team, and track team for the start of the 2018 sports season if all goes according to plan. This beautiful to-be stadium will change Bosco and the overall identity of the school for the better. FULL STORY