Around Bosco: The Braves Welcome Back A Familiar Face To Spearhead New Lunch Program

by Marco Castro

St. John Bosco High School’s new lunch service has created positive buzz around campus, catering to all students, faculty and staff with fresh and delicious food.

Photo by Alex Diaz, Photo Editor

Bosco has had its fair share of struggles with keeping a lunch program, with this program being its fourth lunch program in four years. Otto Rafael Penarredonda, CEO of Alumni Solutions and member of the Bosco Class of 1974, has come to end those problems, implementing a new lunch program made to last. When Bosco reached out to Mr. Penarredonda, he was hesitant at first but after much prayer and consideration, he decided he was going to help.

“If any school other than St. John Bosco asked, I would’ve said no,” said Mr. Penarredonda.

Being an alumnus of the school, he understood the problems Bosco was facing and felt he owed the community.

“St. John Bosco gave me a foundation that led me into my early 20s to become an entrepreneur.”

Bosco’s Principal, Dr. Kris Anderson, played an instrumental role in bringing Alumni Solutions to the Bosco Campus. After hearing the many complaints about the last food service, he knew it was time to look for a permanent solution to this problem.

“We were listening to the parents,” Dr. Anderson said.

Their voices were heard, and Alumni Solutions was brought to the Bosco campus. As many students have noticed, Alumni Solutions is not a typical food service. One major difference is the cashless system, which raised the eyebrows of many students on campus.

While it may seem tedious to exchange your cash for a ticket at the ASB Student Store, the cashless system actually expedites the lines, solving a problem faced by other food services. Instead of having students waste their lunch waiting to get their food, Alumni Solutions is focused on getting students their food as quickly as possible.

In addition to a cashless system, the money made by Alumni Solutions is split three ways.

“We are not profit driven,” said Mr. Penarredonda.

The majority of the money made goes back to St. John Bosco. Another piece goes to Alumni Solutions to maintain their business. The last piece of revenue goes to Mr. Penarredonda’s orphanage in Colombia, Colombia De Mi Corazón.

In addition to supporting a good cause, the SJB Canteen also has a good product, as well as an easily changeable menu. Just last week, fruit bowls were added to the menu due to students asking for a fresh fruit option on the menu.

Alumni Solutions is here for the students, and has already had better reception from students and faculty than past lunch services.

“The sandwiches are the best,” said senior R.J. Casas. While Freshman Shane Jimenez preferred the pepperoni pizza sticks.

Even Dr. Anderson enjoyed a wrap and a fruit bowl during his interview with The Brave News.

Alumni Solutions is made to last many years on the St. John Bosco campus, and it has had an amazing start so far. Faculty and students alike enjoy the food as well as the efficiency of the lines. Alumni Solutions serves food with a purpose, not only for the students here on campus, but for many less fortunate children in Colombia.

Click here if you would like to donate to Colombia De Mi Corazon.

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