RECAP: St. John Bosco 56, San Clemente 6

by Ethan Piechota

The number one ranked St. John Bosco Braves remained undefeated and continued their state and national championship journey with a 56-6 victory over San Clemente High School last night.44778558055_646159bcbd_z

The San Clemente Tritons came into Friday’s CIF Division 1 Quarterfinal matchup against the Braves winners of six straight and South Coast League champions. However, they were no match for the best high school football team in the nation.

The Braves put on an absolute show on the defensive side of the ball, with recent All-American commits and cornerbacks Trent McDuffie and Chris Steele leading the way.

McDuffie was a monster in all three phases of the game, scoring on both a punt return touchdown and rushing touchdown. He also forced (and recovered) a fumble and came up with an interception.

Steele also had an interception and locked down every wide receiver the Tritons lined up against him for 48 minutes.

Bosco started slow offensively, with quarterback DJ Uiagalelei throwing just his fourth interception of the season on the Braves first drive of the game.

However, DJ and the rest of the offense couldn’t be stopped the rest of the way, as the five-star junior finished the game 6-9 for 245 (!!!) yards and three long touchdown plays.

Jode McDuffie also had a punt return touchdown for the Braves on the night, as both brothers flashed their extreme talent on special teams.

Colby Bowman, Kris Hutson, George Holani, and Matt Colombo all scored offensively for the Braves in the blowout victory.

San Clemente quarterback Brandon Costello – an Oklahoma State commit – was under duress all night. Sua’ava Poti and Cole Aubrey both came up with sacks for the Braves in a dominating effort on the defensive side of the ball.

These kinds of shutdown performances from the defense are extremely important to Bosco’s success for the rest of the postseason, especially against high-powered offenses that the Braves may face in remaining games.

The Braves advance to the semifinals and will take on the winner of league rival JSerra and Oaks Christian, a game that will be played tonight.

Mater Dei and Centennial will face off in the other semifinal game next week, so a rematch with the Monarchs is still possible in the championship for the Braves.


PREVIEW: St. John Bosco @ San Clemente

by Ethan Piechota

Following a 49-0 beatdown of Serra in round one of the 2018 CIF Division 1 Southern Section playoffs, the St. John Bosco Braves will travel to take on San Clemente High School this Friday.

The St. John Bosco Braves are the clear number one team for high school football in America. This season, they’ve faced very little competition in many matchups, but the road gets harder from this point on.


Credit – EC Sabin

Quarterback DJ Uiagalelei has been unbelievable all season for the Braves, currently posting a ridiculous 38 touchdowns to just two interceptions on the year over 2610 yards.

St. John Bosco running back George Holani has been a workhorse all year as well, posting a 9.3 average in yards per carry and scoring a total of 21 times. Receivers Kris Hutson, Jake Bailey, Colby Bowman, and Jude Wolfe have been huge all year as well, collectively combining for 31 of Uiagalelei’s 38 total passing touchdowns.

Bosco’s defense, led by recent All-American Bowl commits and cornerbacks Trent McDuffie and Chris Steele have shut down teams all year, and will look to continue that throughout the postseason.

The San Clemente Tritons are easily one of the hottest football teams in Southern California, especially after a very lackluster 1-4 start. Since that tough start, the Tritons have won six straight games, including last week’s 49-26 victory over Murrieta Valley in round one of the playoffs.

Back on September 7th of this year, San Clemente lost to Murrieta Valley 55-38, showing their much-apparent improvement over the last few months.

The Tritons statement win came against league rival Mission Viejo, when they defeated the Diablos 21-20 in an extreme grind-it-out game to wrap up their perfect 4-0 league record.

On paper, the Braves are clearly the more skilled team and are more physically-gifted then the Tritons. Even with Bosco’s long road trip and the pressure of a playoff game, it’s going to be extremely hard for San Clemente to win this game.

The combination of the Braves high-powered and explosive offense and lockdown defense should make this a game decided early on. However, at this point in the year, no team can be overlooked. One bad game sends you home.

If the Braves do return to Bellflower victorious after Friday night, they’ll take on the winner of league rival JSerra and highly-ranked Oaks Christian in the semifinals at Cerritos College.

However, one game at a time. The Braves will look to get the job done this Friday and continue their state and national championship push.


Veterans Day: Homeless Veterans Still An Issue in America

by Enrique Gutierrez & Nikolas Molina

Most Americans use Veterans Day as a day of rest and see it as a regular day. Veterans Day is a day of recognition for those who served in the military and risked their lives for millions of Americans.56cb7b841e000021007028d8.jpeg

Although certain Americans have served for their country in the military, the United States fails to give back to their veteran’s service as there is a mass of veterans who are homeless and earn very low income.

American soldier veterans tend to return from deployment at risk. Soldiers see violence, blood, gore, and death while at war. During their journey in warfare, soldiers live in poor conditions. Being in the military, their tasks revolve around survival of the fittest and tests the ability of one’s mind and spirit. Serving in the military leads to many illnesses and disorders. Some soldiers may get used to the conditions they were living in during their deployment.

Once soldiers return home, many are not the same person they were before their tenure. Those who serve in the military tend to return with bad memories from combat. Some veterans return with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – which is a mental disorder that affects those who lived a tragic or terrifying event – giving them mental flashbacks of the scene. Since veterans lived to see war, they may have extremely bad memories regarding what they witnessed and saw before their own eyes.

The United States fails to give US Veterans aid when they return. Most veterans tend to come “home” homeless. The government fails to give necessary services to their veterans as they try to sustain their needs. Some necessities that are not given to veterans are housing, food, healthcare, and counseling. From the failure of this, some veterans become homeless and become apart of the homeless population living on the streets.

Los Angeles, California has one of the country’s highest homeless veteran populations. According to Libby Denkmann of KPCC – a public radio station based in Pasadena – there were 4,800 homeless veterans “living” in Los Angeles in 2017.

On May 31st, 2018 when Denkmann reported her article, there has been an 18 percent drop in homelessness. The number went from 4,800 to 3,910 in just over a year. This decline is a huge relief to many LA officials, especially after the rate last year raised 57 percent.

In 2012, according to, California held 25 percent of the United States homeless veterans population. In 2012, the population of homeless veterans in the United States was around 62,600. With California having 25 percent of the population, the state alone was responsible for 15,650 homeless veterans.

In 2010, there were approximately 74,000 homeless veterans in America. In 2016, the number has dropped to an estimated 40,000 homeless veterans according to the Military Times. This decrease is a huge drop compared to 2010 but, nonetheless, there are still a large amount of homeless veterans out there.

The ultimate goal is to have zero homeless veterans in America, and the progression in the last couple of years is trending towards that number. According to the Military Times, nearly 25,000 veterans are currently living in temporary facilities. That means that 15,000 are left without any shelter at all.

The concept of veterans being homeless leads to a whole different political problem regarding the government. Immigration in the United States is currently focused on more than taking care of veterans who are living in poverty on the streets dealing with many disorders and problems.

US President Donald Trump is focusing more on the immigration issue going on worldwide rather than worrying about his own American citizens (army veterans) who are living on the streets and fighting with their personal selves. The government needs to take action and provide support to all homeless veterans nationwide. 


League Recap: Bosco Cross-Country

by Caleb Wiley

Coming into their 2018 season with just two returning seniors, the St. John Bosco Cross-Country team overachieved all year, finishing second place in the loaded Trinity League and now running for the CIF playoffs.

Any team lacking experience will go through challenges, no matter how talented or how hard they work. That’s exactly what the Bosco Cross-Country team suffered through this season. Early on in the year, the team showed their inexperience on the track, starting out not very strong.cross-country

“We started the season very slowly with us being a very young team. Struggles were definitely there,” said Head Coach Tim McIntosh.

Most of the team from last season was made up of talented seniors, leaving only two returning runners this year to the Varsity squad, which resulted in many sophomores and juniors moving up to Varsity.

“It’s more or less confidence issues, because it’s different running a Frosh-Soph or JV race then running Varsity. It’s hard,” said Coach McIntosh.

With these growing pains, the team lacked a true leader all season. No one stepped up to be the voice and motivate this young team.

“We kind of lacked a leader. We really don’t have one and it’s not something drastic, but sometimes it’s nice for the runners to hear from someone else besides me. That was a little bit of a drawback,” said Coach McIntosh.

However, the team overcame this obstacle with hard work and determination to get better as the season progressed, performing well in workouts that Coach McIntosh was surprised they were able to do. The work ethic was definitely there with this team.

“100 percent the best thing about this team was how hard everyone worked, getting up at 5:45 AM and doing the workouts every morning. Everyone worked their butt off,” said senior Team Captain Zeke Delgado.

The more time went by, the more the runners got comfortable competing at the Varsity level and the results showed. The team improved drastically, ultimately placing second in the tough Trinity League. Two runners made First Team All-League, and three runners made Second Team All-League.

The team had their best outing yet in their most recent race, the Trinity League finals meet.

“This last race was a confidence booster for the team. They looked good before the meet and they ran good. It helped them psychologically become ready for CIF,” said Coach McIntosh.

With the team coming off their best performance most recently, they will look to carry their momentum to a State Title.

CIF Prelims begin today for the Braves Cross-Country squad at Riverside Community College.


Sports: Two Braves Honored With All-American Bowl Invitations

by Ethan Piechota

This Wednesday at St. John Bosco High School, seniors Chris Steele and Trent McDuffie were both honored with 2019 High School Football All-American Game invitations.


Steele and McDuffie with defensive backs coach Colin Lockett.

Steele and McDuffie have been anchors all year for a top-ranked Bosco defense, both playing cornerback for the Braves the majority of the year.

The two have made a dominant duo at the position, affecting the passing game of opposing teams week-in and week-out.

Steele has played at and attended Bosco all four years of high school, developing into a five-star cornerback and earning multiple scholarship offers for his tremendous performance on the field and in the classroom.

McDuffie recently transferred to St. John Bosco from Servite High School last year, and is also a five-star prospect, listing as an athlete because of his positional versatility as a cornerback, running back, wide receiver, kick returner and punt returner.

The All-American Bowl sent two representatives to honor McDuffie and Steele with official jerseys for which they will wear at the game. Both McDuffie and Steele expressed their gratitude and reflected on their successes in their speeches they gave after.

Recent All-American Game participants have included NFL players Christian McCaffrey, Odell Beckham Jr, and Haloti Ngata, so this invitation for Steele and McDuffie says a lot about their ability and future in football.

The All-American game will take place on January 5th, 2019, and will most likely be shown on ESPN or some other major television network. Make sure to tune in to support the two as they showcase their talents.

Both players will be playing Division 1 college football next year barring something unforeseen.

For now however, the two will look to continue to anchor Bosco’s defense and lead the Braves to a state championship and possibly their first national championship in five years.


News: Black Identity Extremist Arrested

by Joshua Lucero

On December 12th, 2017, Christopher Maurice Daniels, former Marine, Black activist and also known as Rakem Balogun was arrested by the FBI. When the FBI led their attack with a surplus of men and equipment, they bust his door down and surrounded Balogun with 50-to-70 armed men.


Rakem Balogun

Most men were armed with kevlar helmets and night vision goggles, AR-15’s and full body armor. Not only were these men armored, but had military hummers with full automatic machine guns mounted. ATF (the Burial of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms), military task force was present, Terrorist task force and local Dallas Police.

Balogun was investigated for Domestic Terrorism and had been recently monitored by the FBI after supposedly supporting the deaths of police officers and the people who were brutally gunned down in Dallas. He was explained to that he was arrested for “unlawful gun possession” at the time of the arrest.

When being stripped away from his home, Rakem Balogun witnessed first hand of what it means to be profiled as a Black Identity Extremist. Rakem Balogun would be arrested and charged with illegal gun possession and being a threat to law enforcement. After five-to-six month, Balogun was released from prison because the US attorney failing to prosecute him.

During this time period in jail for almost half a year, Balogun was faced with injustice and lost his house, as he was unable to provide for his family, all because of a crime he was wrongly accused of.  

Balogun openly expressed what his group of activists is intertwined in. He is the co-founder of Guerrilla Mainframe, a group modeled after the Black Panthers based on their contributions to the community in several ways. They pride themselves as a community-based political organization.

Guerrilla Mainframe contributes to food drives, self-defense classes, weapon training, open-carry patrols and educates people through political awareness rallies. Balogun’s group does not conspire against any one people, as this group is mainly present to create a sense of family and unity. When Guerrilla Mainframe feels there is an injustice, those who feel the need will participate in protest.

The FBI first stumbled upon this group in 2015 when they protested against the injustice of police brutality, kick starting the FBI’s surveillance on Balogun and other Black Activists for the next few years.

On August 3rd, 2017, the FBI created the Black Identity Extremist assessment, using a Dallas shooting in 2016 and five other unrelated attacks on police to justify their investigation. According to the FBI, they believe it is likely that this “Terrorist” group will strike once again. Because of police brutality and injustice in law enforcement units nationwide, violent revolts against law enforcement will continue in the future regardless.

The people that will advocate for these “violent revolts” will be Black Activist groups, such as Guerrilla Mainframe. This will justify any action taken by the FBI when sprint on any Black Activist group. Many questions  arose from this surveillance and investigation, many with very few answers.

Why are Black Activist groups being targeted for using lethal force and helping communities? Why is this treatment not going toward White Nationalist, Alt-right groups, Neo Nazis and other hate groups who openly express their hate to Black, Mexican, Asian, or any ethnic background that does not identify as white? Why are these White Nationalist groups not being watched more carefully by the FBI?

Ms. Jackson Lee, an American politician who currently is the U.S Representative of the 18th congressional district in Texas, realizes all these injustices. When talking to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Lee needed no introduction, immediately raising questions asking why Black Activists, who only oppose unjust acts, are being attacked.

She followed up with questioning why the same discipline is not being taken against White Nationalist and other hate groups. Sessions, who under his jurisdiction the Black Identity Extremists is pursued, was dumbfounded by the facts that were laid upon him and had little words in response when confronted about other hate groups in which they do little to investigate.

We see this injustice throughout history and continue to see unlawful acts in a society that has created “change.” These new violations against African-Americans have obstructed the rights across all of America, leading to an unequal democracy.

Black Americans are now targeted legally through a federal agency, rather than in the 1900s where discrimination was normal. In today’s society, we are taught that discrimination has stopped, but in reality the social injustices have escalated to a federal point of view. This injustice must stop, but cannot do so without the contribution of others in the community and in American society.


News: Recent Events May Greatly Affect Midterm Elections

voteby Lucas Agatep

As midterm elections arrive November 6th, last months incidences may have an impact on choices made. From the migrant caravan, the synagogue shooting and the mail bombs sent to Democratic politicians, CNN and other news networks may influence the choices people make for the people that they elect for congress.

With the midterm election only a day away, past incidents can impact the end result due to them being used as examples and support for the two parties respective agendas and beliefs. These could be used for either side: trying to interpret what happened and what’s going to happen for political support from voters.

The 7,000-person, large migrant caravan that is trying to reach the US-Mexico border to seek asylum could have people vote for Republican politicians for Congress, on terms that the US needs a more enhanced border control and needs to change immigration policies to restrict illegal immigrants from entering. This is the biggest caravan that has happened in recent times and the timing of this one is viewed suspiciously from the Republican Party, who claim that Democrats are going to try to use this as an opportunity to support to their agenda, accusing them of funding and encouraging this current caravan.

The Pittsburgh synagogue shooting that happened on October 27th claimed 11 lives. This shooting plays into and favors the agenda of Democrats, who are trying to enforce and gun laws to prevent another more mass shootings. When Robert Bowers (the synagogue shooter) was arrested, the police confiscated one rifle and three pistols from him. With this recent shooting, Democrats could only use this as support and evidence to their view that there should be stricter gun laws and reforms or else things like this will happen again.

For the pipe bombs that were mailed to Democratic politicians recently, the potential tragedy could be advantageous to Democrats. Many have expressed concern of the aggression that Trump uses against his opponents. From this, they could use it as evidence that Trump’s words, actions and his intentions are only causing problems and these bombs may have been sent as a result of his acts. Trump, a Republican Party representative, has expressed and shown differences in viewpoints with the Democratic Party in the past.

From last month, these incidents are still on people’s minds and base what politicians are talking about for the upcoming election. Each side has there own way of explaining and focusing on what they want and what to use for support from their voters and independent voters nationwide. Now, it’s up to you and the rest of America to decide the results of these upcoming elections.

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