Life Of A Brave: Unsung Hero, Director Of Basketball Operations and Football Equipment Manager Coach Burrel Lee

by Christian Angel, Managing Editor

St. John Bosco’s Burrel Lee plays a vital role in the basketball and football programs. He works tirelessly to ensure the CIF State Champion football team is prepared with all their equipment and the basketball program runs smoothly.

Photo by Megan Nash, Director of Digital Marketing & Social Media

Coach Burrel is a well-known face within the Brave community. Whether it is as a substitute teacher, a proctor for an exam, Bosco Football’s Equipment Manager or Bosco Basketball’s Director of Operations, Burrel Lee has done it all.

Born in Compton, California, Coach Burrel graduated from Antelope Valley High School in 1993. He started off his career in the WNBA, working many years with the LA Sparks.

More recently, Coach Burrel was the Head Coach of St. Joseph’s High School Basketball, and currently is the CEO and Director of SoCal Buzz, a youth basketball team he created in 2010. There, he learned everything about game day organizational skills and basketball skills.

“In 2016 when Coach Matt Dunn called me to work with Bosco Basketball, without hesitation I said yes. And that is where I came in to help manage the program and organize all the pieces needed in order to make sure this program can continue to succeed,” said Coach Burrel.

Head Coach Matt Dunn is extremely thankful to have Coach Burrel on his team, as he goes above and beyond to make sure the basketball program is consistently one of the best in the state.

“I think every program needs somebody who is willing to do all the little things. You need that on your team. You also need that on your coaching staff, and it’s incredible the different things Burrel does and has done over the last few years,” said Coach Dunn.

He manages basketball game day operations, including team meals and travel. In addition, he manages many volunteers every game who help work security and admittance. He even prepares the entertainment for every game, and and when the game tips off, you can catch him courtside as the team’s PA announcer.

“As I help coach to set the gym up for the games, including freshman, junior varsity and varsity games, there are so many factors that fall in to achieve. From dealing with referees to picking out the different types of music to play to game day announcements to even making sure all the players, coaches and staff are well-equipped,” Coach Burrel said.

Coach Burrel is also essential to Bosco Football as Head Equipment Manager. He is one of the pillars of the program, making sure all equipment and technology are ready for game day. Coach Burrel has helped Bosco Football since 2013, and his work often goes unnoticed, as he works hard every Friday night with his equipment staff in order to make sure the team is prepared with live in-game footage on the sidelines as well as with coaches’ headsets and communications. 

He evens finds time in the Spring to serve as Bosco Baseball’s Bench Coach and Social Media Manager

Coach Burrel lives Don Bosco’s mission of being an educator with reason, understanding, affection and, most of all, humor, supporting and inspiring many each day to achieve their dreams. 


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