A+E: Coherence Play Preview: A Saint John Bosco Thriller Production In The Times Of COVID

By Joaquin Medrano, Managing Editor

After halting the production of a spring play last school year, Saint John Bosco and Saint Joseph students are ready to showcase their talent on stage.

“Coherence” was originally a film production, directed by the acclaimed James Ward Byrkit. A great challenge was taken by the theatre department when adapting the film into a play.

Coherence deals with the fate of eight unique friends who gather in a dinner reunion as a comet passes by. What they never anticipated is that their lives would be turned upside down after the passing of such comet.

The theatre department had to become clever while producing the show, as they were never accustomed to doing anything outside of live theatre.

This year, a new method was used, in which some parts of the play are recorded, while the rest of the play is streamed live to anyone who wants to watch it.

“I enjoyed learning not only how to act in film, but I was also able to learn about the behind the scenes work that goes with it,” said Saint Joseph sophomore Kate Sheehan, who is portraying Lee, the wife of the dinner host, Mike, in Coherence, “I have gained a new appreciation for the art of filmmaking.”

Coherence plays amazingly in the airs of a pandemic, as themes of fear and uncertainty intertwine with the reality of many.

Even as Broadway is not set to open until next year, the theatre department is taking measures to maintain everyone safe, while still maintaining a show to brighten up an audience.

“It’s about engaging in your passions no matter what the situation is,” said senior Andrew vanHaaster, who portrays the nerdy and awkward friend of the group, Amir, “The show is SPOOKY AS HELL if you are looking for something mind-boggling and crazy, then you’re in for a good show.”

The students at Saint John Bosco and Saint Joseph are ready to show the whole community what they have put hours and hours of work into and are ready to see everyone enjoy the show.

The show will have a short run as everything will be live-streamed. The official dates are Friday, November 6th, Saturday, November 7th, and Sunday, November 8th; all shows will begin at 7:30 PM.

In a world where everything is upside down, having the opportunity to enjoy quality entertainment, even for a moment, is an opportunity to not pass up.

Click this link to access information about tickets


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