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My Recruiting Process: Kris Hutson

by Kristopher Hutson

My recruiting process has been going great. Being recruited and having a chance to go to college for free is a once in a lifetime opportunity.


I got my first offer during my time as a freshman. Receiving that offer is the most exciting thing about this whole process, because that is the main goal for every athlete.

If you only receive a Division-2 or Division-3 scholarship, don’t start doubting yourself, because many pro athletes have come from even community colleges. You can go anywhere and ball-out, then transfer to a big-time university to improve your exposure. Never lose hope.

I committed to the University of Southern California early in my junior year. However, after thinking about it hard and talking with friends and family, I realized USC was not a place for me. If you’re getting recruited and you commit to a school, make sure you fit the school and the environment. I rushed the commitment with USC and didn’t look into the school and the current culture. I committed because of the legacy of what USC was instead of what it is right now. 

So, I decommitted from USC and I will now be attending Oregon. Decommitting from USC was a big risk, because other colleges would be able to see that I went back from my word. However, it is not all bad because I was once again able to have an open mind about where I want to spend the next years of my life.

There is no better place for me than Oregon. It’s the school I feel will be best for me, as it’s the best overall fit and where I feel the most comfortable. I had a great visit last week, and the moment I got there I felt like I was at home. I got that family feel right off the bat, which is what I have been searching for.

I have a chance to step in and play right away. They need receivers, and I think I can make an immediate impact there. I like the offense a lot, it’s similar to what we run at St. John Bosco and their style of play is a real good fit for me. They can move me around to take advantage of mismatches and I’m excited to show what I am capable of.

The coaching staff has been consistently recruiting me for some time now. It’s not just one coach, it’s the whole staff, including head coach Mario Cristobal, which is why I felt an instant connection there. I was planning to wait to make my decision, but the more I thought about it, the more I was ready to get this done and make my decision public and it feels great to be a Duck.

Also, I am being recruited strictly at receiver, but I have actually looked very good playing some corner as well. In terms of my playing style, I’m similar to Oregon signee Josh Delgado in terms of size, smooth route running, and hands.

Being recruited like this and having all these offers is a big thing. Meeting coaches is also  very important because you only get one first impression. When I meet Coach Cristobal, it was a pleasure. Meeting college coaches is better than any team meeting. Special thanks to head coach Jim Harbaugh as well. 

Overall, getting recruited by colleges is a good thing, but the main thing is to not get cocky. Always be humble and stay positive. You can talk but don’t talk too much. Overall, my recruiting process has been going great.

The best advice I would give to someone is to take their time with this whole process, because you do not want to rush anything and be forced to go somewhere you do not want to go. 

Sports: Bosco Baseball Season Review

by Caleb Wiley

After two straight good seasons, the St. John Bosco baseball team never reached their full potential as they took a step down with a 4-12 record and a last place spot in the Trinity League.


The Bosco baseball team had incredibly high hopes going into this season. They were second in league the year before and felt like they had even better talent this year, especially with the return of senior star David Hays and the addition of freshman pitchers Louis Rodriguez and Julian Orozco.

However, the team never seemed able to piece everything together as a whole. As a result, the losses came in fast.

“We had the talent this year, we truly did. We had talent on both sides but we just didn’t come together as a team,” said senior Sebastian Orduno.

The team’s biggest problem this year came on the offensive side of the ball. They just could not find a way to drive in runners when they were on base.

“Driving in runs was something we really struggled with. We would get runners on but we would change our approach or mindset. Instead of just going out and having a good at-bat, we put so much pressure on ourselves,” said Head Coach Don Barbara.

The team could showed spurts of what they can do and they were about but were never consistent with it. They never had games where the whole team would be hitting well as a collective group.

“Players would show up on offense sporadically and that showed up in our team batting average – which was terrible. We never hit well together,” said coach Barbara.

While the team was having major problems offensively, one player that remained consistently good was David Hays. Hays seemed to do everything well on a game-to-game basis. He was even one of their top pitchers as well.

“There was one guy who had a real good offensive year and that was David Hays. He did everything for us offensively from getting on base to driving in runs. He was the MVP of our team,” said coach Barbara.

Despite being bad on the offensive side, the team’s defense showed out every game. They had to, or else every game would not even be close.

“The best part of our team has to be our defense and pitching. They had to carry the slack that our offense left for them. Without them, every game would’ve been a blowout,” said senior Stephen Chavez.

As a result, most of the games ended up coming down straight down to the wire. However, the team had that struggle of coming up with runs so most of the close games unfortunately ended in losses.

The season for the St. John Bosco baseball team did not go as planned, but they have a bright future as a lot of the young players look promising.

Life of a Brave: How To Gain Healthy Weight

by Jacob Jornadal and Sele Pemasa

As easy as it sounds, gaining weight is a bit more complicated than you would think. We are here to inform high school students about the healthy and correct way to gain weight.


Many students today – especially with the ability to drive – have access to all sorts of fast food. Many advisors say to stay away from fast food or to at least limit to once a month.

Other items to avoid is soda. Soda is the highest sugar saturated drink on the market. Consuming these type of foods and beverages will lead to you gaining the unhealthy weight that will produce more body fat rather than muscle, which is what we are trying to avoid.

We asked football coach Steven Lo how others could gain healthy weight and how to maintain it, looking for advice. 

“If you’re in a store, you want to shop on the perimeter of the store. Meats, fruits, vegetables, good grains, not putting crap in your body. No fast food, typically if you’re gaining a pound a week, that’s a good marker for gaining healthy weight. Work out four to five days a week, strength training will build muscle mass and conditioning will help keep everything lean,” said Lo.

Not everything has to do with lifting weights and working out to achieve your ideal body weight. Gaining good, healthy weight truly begins in the kitchen. If you are looking to produce muscle mass, your diet must consist of lean meats like chicken and fish. Maintaining a diet like this takes a lot of consistency and patience, but if you stick to it, you will slowly get the results you are looking for.

If you are going to a gym or weight room, try to create a workout schedule and focus on different muscles for different days, so you are not overworking certain parts of your body.

Another key component is protein, protein should be consumed at the latest 30 minutes after your workout. If not, that workout is wasted. Whether it be shakes, bars, or eating a good meal that’s protein-rich, it will feed your muscles that are gassed out and need recovery. Think of it like this, while you work out, you are tearing microfibers in your muscles, and protein builds your muscles back together.

Gaining healthy weight is a challenge, but all worth the while when you know what you’re putting into your body and feel good, leading a healthy lifestyle.


Sports: Bosco Swim Season Recap

by Lucas Garrison and Joshua Lucero

Now that Bosco’s swimming season has come to an end, it’s time to cover how the team was able to conclude the season.

The Braves started the year very strong, going undefeated outside of the Trinity League.

Image result for jeff powers bosco

Head Coach Jeff Powers

The team was lead by Patrick Burke, Pablo Perez, and Jack Pearce, who all posted personal bests in their respective events this year

They also all qualified for CIF, along with two relay teams. Head Coach Jeff Powers (Olympian, USA Water Polo Hall of Fame) described the season as a very large success.

“Everyone had a personal best by the end of the year, and that’s all you can ask for as a coach,” said Powers. 

On top of that, Powers had high praise and respect that he had a team full of true ‘student-athletes.’

“The thing I love is that my team typically consists of students who are much more concerned with their academics, and swim is secondary for them. This is something that I totally support, and I love that this is ingrained in my players,” said Powers.

Also, Powers seems encouraged of the possibility that several of the team’s members have the ability to move onto the next level for swimming.

“We have several guys that could move onto the next level if they choose to do so,” said Powers.

Concerning league play, Bosco had only one win in the regular season against Servite. However, when the season looked at its worst, at the league finals Bosco was able to finish fourth in the competitive Trinity League, taking down JSerra and Servite – once again. Bosco was also very close to finishing third at these finals as they had only fell behind Orange Lutheran by one event.

“It was a very fun year as always, and now it’s on to the next,” stated Powers in closing.

Bosco aquatics will look to attempt to continue solid success into water polo season next fall, once again led by highly-regarded Powers.

News: Discrimination Against Intersex Athletes Rising Controversy

by Joshua Adoh

In a recently ended year-long court case, female South African runner Caster Semenya has been given a choice.


This choice was appointed by recent ruling from the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) due to her abnormal high testosterone levels to either, “forcibly alter her body’s natural hormones, or give up international competition,” according to Vice Sports News.

This unique situation has brought about an alarming ultimatum. On one hand, you would think it is not right to forcibly change an athlete’s natural gender, but on the other hand a female athlete with noticeably high testosterone levels can have extremely unfair advantages.

Vice Sports News explains that the Caster Semenya situation fell into the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) territory, which mandates medical intervention for Differences of Sex Development (DSD) individuals.

Despite the obvious athletic advantages, I do not think these regulations should require intersex female athletes – like Semenya – to forcibly lower their testosterone levels to align with IAAF maximum limits prescribed for females.

In this specific case, Semenya was born with abnormally high testosterone levels, so who is IAAF to forcibly alter a person’s human genetics. At this point, one should think to themselves: how important is this sport? Is it worth forcibly suppressing the natural hormone that your body produces?

In my honest opinion, I have never cared about what people do with their bodies, because in this day and age everyone has the right to believe what they think is right or wrong. It is not our place as fellow humans to try and convince them otherwise. However, it does frighten me to see people making life-altering decisions for something as trivial as entertainment.

I am not saying this to discredit athletes to any degree, female or male, because as an athlete myself I understand the importance, but I draw the line at having artificial procedures done on my body. The biggest question that I would like to ask you – the reader – is where would you draw the line?

“The DSD policy represents the tortured lengths international sports associations will go to ensure a vague ideal of “fairness” in sports. After decades of doping concerns, the IAAF is now ruling that some athletes must alter their body’s natural hormones just to compete,” states Vice Sports News.

There has been some that came to the defense of athletes like Samenya – such as Dr. Silvia Camporesi.

“Dr. Camporesi is a bioethicist at King’s College who has previously written in defense of Semenya’s right to compete without altering her natural hormone levels,” stated Vice Sports News.

In a recent interview with Vice, Camporesi stated that the CAS verdict is ‘weird,’ in part because the court initially admitted that “there is not enough evidence to support the regulations.”

Camporesi notes that the CAS decision was made based on theoretical ideas about potential advantages, and “not on evidence of a concrete advantage.”

The fact that there is not enough evidence to support the IAAF regulation proves that there is no real logical reasoning behind this real rule, merely theoretical ideas.

“Semenya’s female competitors will remain at a disadvantage even if she agrees to lower her testosterone levels (which can be achieved by taking oral contraceptives) because Semenya will still have a higher-than-average level of the hormone as well as the additional advantage of a lifetime of higher testosterone exposure, which means greater bone and muscle density and lung capacity, among other physical benefits,” states a recent article from Christine Rosen.

This is a pretty ugly situation for Caster Semenya, and a radical move on the IAAF behalf. Whether or not she has the medical procedure, she will still have physical advantages.

In my opinion, the IAAF ruling is unfair and should be reversed immediately.



Sports: Bosco Lacrosse Puts Program On The Map

by Jacob Jornadal and Jake Bailey

The St. John Bosco lacrosse team took the 2019 season by storm with their best season in recent history.


Senior Isaiah Dolphin on the attack – @BoscoLacrosse on Twitter

The team had a comfortable balance of young, ambitious players as well as older, more experienced leaders such as captains Mitchell Myers and the Dolphin twins – Isaiah and Miles. Both Myers and the Dolphin twins will be taking their talents to the Ivy league next year and playing lacrosse at the next level.

“The season went great, we finished 15-2 and had a whole lot of fun as a team,” said Myers.

Mitchell has shined as a starter and mass producer for SJB Lacrosse over the past three years. He had high hopes for his team going into this season, and lead the program in a winning direction this year.

“We only lost one senior last year, which means we were a young team, but hungry. Everyone was a year older, and we’ve grown together as a whole,” says Myers.

As for the Dolphin twins, they have been extremely consistent on the field, and carried a lot of the load for the team overall each game.

“We want to continue to improve and leave a legacy at St. John Bosco,” says Isaiah Dolphin.

The Dolphin boys have strived to be dominant both academically and athletically, and their hard work surely shows. The twins progressively stepped into their roles as captains and leaders over time, and it lead to a great season.

The team started the year diving in head first, wasting no time solidifying their position as a serious contender and starting 10-0.

In comparison to last year, this years’ squad seemed to be much more focused and driven towards their common goal of winning a CIF title. Their increased chemistry and trust with one another spoke volumes on the field and many people surely took notice.

“I think we did a lot better this year, especially on offense and in 6-on-6 situations, we pretty much handled every team we played against,” stated Miles Dolphin.

However, the team’s season left a left unsettled, seemingly. Bosco lost a heartbreaker to Mira Costa in the first round of the division one playoffs, a double-overtime thriller, ending their season.

Nevertheless, the lasting impact the seniors and 2019 team has had on the SJB program will undoubtedly leave a legacy and lasting imprint.

“As us seniors leave, we want the younger guys to be prepared to step in as new leaders and to be able to run a well-functioning team,” said Miles.

The future is bright for Bosco lacrosse, and 2019 was just a sneak peek of the capabilities and potential the program has moving forward.


News: UNC-Charlotte Shooting Kills Two Students

by Jake Bailey

On April 30th, 2019, the community of Charlotte suffered a tragedy that resulted in the death of two University of North Carolina Charlotte students and left many more injured.


“The shooting took place on the last day of classes for UNC-Charlotte, just as the campus was getting ready for a Waka Flocka Flame concert,” said The Charlotte Observer.

Suspect Trystan Andrew Terrell allegedly chose to enter the Kennedy Building at UNCC, and open fire on his fellow peers inside.

“Trystan Andrew Terrell is accused of gunning down two students and injuring four others in a classroom on Tuesday, according to police,” says ABC News.

Fortunately, all who were injured are expected to make a successful and full recovery, but the death of two innocent students is still too much.

As for the motive of the shooting, that much is unclear at this time, according to police and school officials. Terrell, however, is facing more charges and jail time.

“In addition to the two murder charges for the deaths of 21-year-old Riley Howell and 19-year-old Ellis Parlier, Terrell has been charged with four counts of attempted murder, four counts of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury, discharging a firearm on educational property and possessing a gun on educational property, according to jail records,” a police report told The Charlotte Observer.

As for the two students who were killed in the gunfire, one of them courageously risked his life to save many of his peers, and ultimately was killed after stepping in front of bullets intended for others.

“He kept charging. A bullet to the torso did not stop Riley Howell. A second bullet to the body did not prevent him from reaching his goal and hurling himself at the gunman who opened fire last week inside a classroom at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The third bullet came as Mr. Howell was inches from the gunman, who fired at point-blank range into his head,” stated The New York Times.

The chief of police stated that once the shooter was subdued under Riley Howell’s body, no one else was then shot after.

Students and faculty joined together shortly after the tragedy for a vigil in honor of 19-year old Ellis Parlier and 21-year old hero and savior, Riley Howell.

“Since 2014, there have been at least seven other shootings on or near North Carolina colleges and universities,” stated Greenville News.

USA Today offers a few tips to help students on a campus be prepared for a possible school shooting situation. Tips including: keep a cell phone and charger on hand at all times if possible, and sign up for your school’s alert system.

In addition, students should share their location with family and close friends at all times. Finally, students should check to see if there is a Text-to-911 service in their area for as much safety as possible.

It’s sad that times have reached this level of evil and terror in America. But school shootings are now something everyone must be prepared and ready for.

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