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Vaping Poses New Health Risks in High Schools

by Matthew Ruiz, George Holani, Elliston Ospina, and Jake Newman

“Vaping in general is a major health risk to teens and young adults for brain development, addiction, and behavioral risks.”

Teenage vaping of nicotine and marijuana can have long-term effects on the brain. When teens and young adults expose their brain to these substances, they are susceptible to side effects that include addiction, mood changes, and permanent lowering of impulse control.

Nicotine can also lead to addictions with more advanced tobacco products. Some evidence suggests that E-Cigarette use is linked to alcohol use and other substance use, such as marijuana.

According to The Guardian, Americans currently spend around $40 billion a year on legal and black market marijuana.

This intake is almost certain to increase, as marijuana becomes easier to access and is declared legal in more states across America. The “pot industry” continues to marijuana pot as compatible with a healthy and relaxing adult life.

The same is not true for middle and high schoolers.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 53 percent of people who have used marijuana began smoking between the ages of 12 and 17. Even more worrisome, 21 percent of high school students have reported marijuana use in the past 30 days.
This is extremely problematic as a lot of youth are not aware of the negative impact of marijuana on the teenage brain.

Marijuana is associated with the impairment of many brain functions. Teens develop weak memory recollection, difficulty understanding concepts and school subjects, and lower life satisfaction, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

The use of marijuana has been consistently increasing over the past few years as it has reached the highest point in the past thirty years according the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. This drastic increase in use is a result of extreme accessibility. Marijuana now comes in a multitude of forms such as: pens, vapes, and natural grown herb.

With the emergence of smoking in general, vaping, both of nicotine and marijuana, has become a major issue across high schools in America and at St. John Bosco.


Common Vaping Device

“[Vaping nicotine] was the same as patches and chewing gum that they would use to get smokers off of cigarettes and on a healthier plan with vaping,” says English teacher and former Dean of Students Mr. Derek Fernando.

Mr. Fernando supported vaping devices when they first came out, but has since determined that they influenced the wrong culture of teens.  

“There’s a problem with how they market the devices and vaping in general,” argues Mr. Fernando. 

Teens and young adults who vape see it as a fun thing to do, and ultimately aren’t prepared for the health effects and chemical changes to their body in the long and short term.

“The benefits of vaping aren’t meant to help people under the age of 25,” said Mr. Fernando.

Getting caught vaping is like getting pulled over for speeding or getting caught drinking underage, as there are consequences and certain fees you have to pay.

“I have not yet caught anyone in the act of vaping [at Bosco], but I have caught some students with the vaping paraphernalia on them,” Fernando said. “I have to put myself in the parents [of students] shoes and see how they feel about their son or daughter vaping and ask, why are they doing this to there body?” he said when speaking about students vaping at Bosco.

School President Dennis Mulhaupt obviously doesn’t condone vaping of  E-cigarettes or marijuana. His view is that, when in school, students are responsible for working hard and being responsible, not thinking about having to vape.

“It’s a socially cool thing to do,” said Mulhaupt. “We need to educate our students and show them why [vaping] is a bad thing. If students choose to vape on campus, it’s not permitted and disciplinary actions will be taken against them.”

Junior ASB member and student-athlete Nathaniel Quigg has a strong viewpoint on vaping within our school as well as outside of school.

“Vaping isn’t as harmful as smoking or doing marijuana, Vicodin, or Methamphetamine, but it still affects students regarding their learning capabilities and mental state,” Quigg claims.

Two anonymous seniors who play a sport and vaped at the same time possessed a negative stance on vaping.


Teen vaping has become a major issue across high schools in America.

“Vaping affected my studying and changed the way I think. It made me lazy and encouraged me to not do any homework,” said one senior, a single-sport athlete. “Vaping is a bad thing, but we all do things that aren’t good for us here and there.”

He says most students are influenced by their friends to vape, and in turn over time they become addicted. Sophomore and junior year this senior was addicted to vaping, and all because of some close friends who influenced him to do it at first.

“I don’t do it like I used to because I learned to grow,” said the senior of his situation now.

The second anonymous senior is a multi-sport athlete at Bosco, who also had a negative stance on vaping. Some of his views were similar to the first anonymous senior but possessed a different perspective.

“Vaping takes time away from school and everything I do in general. Obviously vaping isn’t healthy because it prevents our bodies from developing due to the amount of nicotine we inhale smoking it,” said the senior.

Vaping affects him in sports because it’s harder for athletes to breathe because they have bad lungs. The senior mentioned that the only reason he vaped was because he thought it was cool, but learned to stop and became more focused on his academics and sports.

All of the new technology poses a problem in itself as people may not be aware of what they are ingesting in their body. Increases in lung issues such as popcorn lung, a disease where holes develop in the alveoli in your lungs, have been on the rise.

Combining both the accessibility and the negligence of the product in a present-day problem. Our youth are harming themselves without knowing the outcome with little to no accountability. 

Vaping and smoking in general is a growing issue across America for all high school students and needs to be prevented before serious issues stem from it. We can start here at St. John Bosco High School by taking necessary actions and helping those that vape, stop.


Bosco: Feast Day Celebration

by Enrique Gutierrez and Kris Hutson

On January 31st, we remembered the life and death of Saint John Bosco as nations worldwide celebrated his life.

Image result for feast of don bosco

Don Bosco was a priest, educator and a writer of the 19th century. Don Bosco worked in Turin, where there was ill effects. He was dedicated to the betterment and education of the children in the street and kids in juvenile, and other disadvantaged children. Don Bosco taught methods on love rather than punishment. This method that became known as the Salesian Preventive System. 

Bosco was a follower of the spirituality and philosophy of Francis De La Sale. Bosco was an ardent devotee of Mary, mother of Jesus. He later dedicated his work to De La Sale’s when he founded the Salesians of Don Bosco based in Turin. He taught Dominic Savio of whom he wrote a biography that helped him become canonized.

During the Mass at Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis addressed Don Bosco with recognition and respect. Pope Francis acknowledged Bosco by referring him as a role model to all priest. Don Bosco was a prime example to who Jesus Christ was. Don Bosco was well known for helping the less fortunate children who wandered the streets in poverty. Bosco helped children grow and develop themselves as men.

Pope Francis focused on how Don Bosco viewed people he helped. Pope Francis said, “to look upon reality with human eyes,” and with “the eyes of God,” and this means “spending a lot of time before the tabernacle.”

Pope Francis’ quote referred to the perspective one gives to another person. Humanity can see a person or the state of someone with disgust and disrespect. Pope Francis makes it well known that man should see the world how God saw life everyday. No matter how terrible a person can be, there can always be a way to help them change and help them develop their lifestyle. God wants us to help those in need for motivation and encouragement.

“And what is the sign that a priest is doing well, seeing reality with human eyes and with the eyes of God? Joy. When a priest does not find joy within, he should stop immediately and ask himself why. And Don Bosco’s joy is known, eh? Because he made others joyful, and rejoiced himself. And he suffered. Today, let us ask the Lord, through the intercession of Don Bosco, for the grace for our priests to be joyful: joyful so that they have the true sense of looking at things regarding pastoral ministry, the people of God with human eyes and with the eyes of God,” were the final remarks of Don Bosco from Pope Francis.

St. John Bosco’s legacy will always be remembered and celebrated worldwide by giving Bosco praise for being an idol for humanity. 

News: Update On Trump’s Border Wall

by Gabriel Botello

The government shutdown is over and President Donald Trump is still extremely serious about a potential border wall, to the point where he is willing to build a “human wall.”


Throughout his presidential term, President Donald Trump has shown time and time again his true intentions regarding the proposed US-Mexican border wall. Although this is one of the President’s top priorities, his proposals have been continuously rejected by Democratic House speaker Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi has shown that she will not budge for the funding of this border wall during the government shutdown and after.

This has ultimately resulted in the Trump’s persistence and willingness to go so far as to declare it a national emergency to fund the border wall. Not only is this an extreme declaration to announce, but President Trump is also debating on removing funds from other government owned organizations to aid him in his quest to build the Mexican border wall.

“[President Trump] continues to threaten that he will divert funding for other military and infrastructure projects to build the wall, with or without congressional approval,” says The New York Times.

President Trump has expressed in many tweets how extremely important this wall is for the United States. In many of his tweets, he has clearly illustrated his thoughts and feelings for how the wall should be built, funded, and why it should be built.

“Tremendous numbers of people are coming up through Mexico in the hopes of flooding our Southern Border. We have sent additional military. We will build a Human Wall if necessary. If we had a real Wall, this would be a non-event,” said Trump recently.

“With Caravans marching through Mexico and toward our Country, Republicans must be prepared to do whatever is necessary for STRONG Border Security. [Democrats] do nothing. If there is no Wall, there is no Security. Human Trafficking, Drugs and Criminals of all dimensions – KEEP OUT!” the President stated two days ago.

There has been lots of controversy over Trump’s time as President in regards to the border wall. During Trump’s campaign, he has mentioned many times that he will make Mexico pay for the border wall and that the wall will be “enormous” and “huge.”

Currently, the President is finding this plan to be more difficult for him to pursue than he may have thought.

With Nancy Pelosi constantly denying funding, and Mexico also refusing to pay for the border wall, our Trump is trying every possible option, but running out of time to build this border wall.


News: Measles Outbreak Spreading Across The Nation

by Gabriel Botello

The measles outbreak in Washington has reached the highest number of infections since 1996, and has now spread to California.


The disease known as measles has again reached the U.S and is spreading across the country. With rates low on people who take vaccinations for measles, many have been infected. The case of measles began with an international traveler who had contact with communities with low vaccination rates. This led to many outbreaks in the US, first starting in Washington.

According to the Washington Department of Health, “officials identified 11 health care facilities, 13 schools and child-care centers and over 100 public places, including stores, where people may have been exposed to the virus.”

In order to contain the infection from spreading, Washington declared a state of emergency where many nursing programs were put in place to encourage families to receive vaccinations and check-ups. This led to the increase of vaccinations throughout Washington and the beginning of controlling the disease within the state.

Unfortunately, diseases and bacteria spread rapidly and tend to become difficult to control when many people fly and travel from state to state on a daily basis. This led to the disease reaching California. Measles is continuing to spread within the state today.

According to information from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state health departments: Washington, Hawaii, Oregon, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Colorado, California and Georgia have reported cases of measles in 2019.

Measles is a disease in which a person develops a high fever and rashes throughout the body. This disease can easily spread through a cough or a sneeze and can remain in the air for about two hours, easily infecting a person without a vaccination. Sadly, this disease is very dangerous towards young children and has been known to hospitalize many who weren’t vaccinated.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “One or two out of every 1,000 children who get measles will die from complications.”

The measles vaccine is known to be very effective towards a human and is highly recommended within states that are infected. One dose of the vaccine is known to be 93 percent effective in preventing the infection and a second dose increases that resistance to 97 percent.

According to reports by CNN, “Vaccination rates are low in certain communities, with as few as 60 percent of children having been vaccinated.”

This measles outbreak is putting unvaccinated children and adults at risk and is continuing to spread across the US. With protocols being put into place, many people are vaccinating their children, hoping that this disease will be controlled soon.


A+E: BatFleck No More

by Nick Hernandez

As of Wednesday January 30th, Ben Affleck tweeted and has seemingly alluded to his resignation as the role of Batman.


This news was revealed when The Hollywood Reporter stated that “Matt Reeves, [upcoming film] ‘The Batman’ [will premiere] on June 25, 2021, following a recent interview with [Reeves] about the plot, the movie’s villains, and more.” When news sources got wind of this, many twitter accounts posted about the feature film and shortly after, current Batman actor, Ben Affleck had this to say:

Affleck’s tweet implied that he would not be featured, nor be reprising his role in the film and after making this statement, many fans were shocked to hear the information that came about.

Ben released this statement after director Matt Reeves announced his plans for a Batman movie starring the Caped Crusader in his earlier days, meaning that a new actor would need to be cast and seemingly had Affleck retire from the role.  

However, while it seems that Ben would not return to portray Batman again, fans and co-workers of him alike are remaining optimistic and hope to see Affleck return to the spotlight. Ray Fisher, the current actor portraying the Justice League’s Cyborg, had this to say about the whole situation.

“It’s my understanding that it’s going to be a younger take on Batman,” Fisher says. “So that’s not to say that our older version of Batman can’t show back up.”  

Many fans are both hopeful for Affleck’s return and anxious to hear about news following the casting decision on who will premiere in the solo film, but most importantly the man set to fill the role as The Dark Knight.


Sports: Bosco Basketball CIF Preview

By Caleb Wiley

The St. John Bosco basketball team now has made the CIF Southern Section Open Division for two years in a row, and they are even more prepared and ready to make a long run and hopefully bring home the trophy.


Along with making Open Division, the team also are Trinity League champions for the first time in school history. Bosco is proud of what the team has done, and bringing a league title back is no small accomplishment.

“I couldn’t be more proud of that, this is the year where everybody said that the Trinity League was as deep as its ever been,” said varsity head coach Matt Dunn.

The players are excited and ready to take on their second try at Open. Last year, Bosco took a first-round exit against Bishop Montgomery and the players have been looking forward to getting back ever since.

However, this can be their biggest asset coming into playoffs. The experience that comes with just being in Open along with the amount of returning seniors will serve this team well.

“We have a lot of guys who have done this before. I think senior leadership is really important,” said coach Dunn.

This team has had a lot of good times this year but were plagued with injuries that the team had to overcome. Jonathon Salazar became their starting center but was ruled out for the year with a knee injury.

Not long after, Chris Estrada – who filled in the starting center role – was sidelined as well with a gruesome knee injury. Bosco now has lost their starting center twice, but remain strong.

When key players go down, someone who can rally and lead a team to persevere becomes imperative. Good thing leaders aren’t something that Bosco lacks.

“Chris James has been a big part of this team. He’s a great leader. As well as Jalen Manson, he’s a great leader too,” said sophomore forward Scotty Washington

As the team is looking forward to Open, they train and work hard every day striving to get better. Bosco knows it will be a tough next three games but are feeling confident no matter who they get matched up against.

“I am feeling confident in my team. We’ve been prepping and perfecting our stuff. We’re going to be ready,” said Washington

St. John Bosco comes in at the 6th seed, which is a two-spot improvement from last year. Here are the rest of the teams in Open.


Pool 1

2. Sierra Canyon

Sierras Canyon looks to go back to the CIF Open Division State Championship game after losing to Mater Dei there. The main reason this star-studded team is not at the top spot is that they couldn’t end the season with a win against Rancho Christian.

3. Corona Centennial

With a record of 25-3 and the only teams they have lost to is the top two teams in Rancho Christian and Sierra Canyon, Centennial is looking like a tough out. The first game Centennial plays is St. John Bosco as it should be a good showing of who is the real deal.

7. Mater Dei

The reigning CIF Open Division State Champions come into playoffs with the 7th seed. More importantly, they get a rematch against rival school St. John Bosco and prove to everybody that they are still the team to beat.


Pool 2

1. Rancho Christian

This year the Open Division basketball playoffs are moving to a pool format. At the number one seed we have Rancho Christian coming in with a 24-4 record. Rancho Christian had a convincing 61-58 win against top-ranked Sierra Canyon that locked up the top spot for them.

4. Rancho Verde

Rancho Verde comes in at the number 4 seed with a 15 game winning streak and an overall record of 24-4. During this winning streak the team has beaten top-ranked opponents such as St. John Bosco and Long Beach Poly as well beating 47th in state Notre Dame High twice. It seems like nobody can beat the Mustangs as of late.

5. Etiwanda

At the 5th seed, we have the 24-3 Etiwanda basketball team. With such a good record and good wins throughout their schedule such as Rancho Verde and St. John Bosco, Etiwanda gets a bottom 4 seed due to their last 52- 60 loss against Chino Hills where they were down 9-16 in the first and were never able to get the lead.

8. Bishop Montgomery

The former first seed now gets the last spot in Open, in a season that has been a clear result of a team suffering from a loss of star seniors. The Knights look to complete the run they couldn’t after their loss to Sierra Canyon last season.



Sports: What’s Wrong With The Lakers?

by Caleb Wiley

After picking up LeBron James in the off-season, the Lakers look to be back and better after record lows in 4 consecutive years. However, things have not gone exactly as planned.


When LeBron James – who is widely regarded as the best player on the planet – chose to come to LA to play with the Lakers over teams who have better talent such as the 76ers, it became the story of the year. For someone who is as great as LeBron to go to the Lakers who through the years have had many legends walk on the court with the purple and gold, it seemed like it was fate.

This decision received many different types of reactions from all fan bases. Many people believed that he made the wrong choice and he’ll never make it to the NBA Finals again. Most Laker fans were thrilled to have him while some were not as happy. Many mixed emotions were involved when it comes to LeBron’s shocking choice to play in the city of legends.

Besides LeBron, the Lakers were unable to acquire another All-Star, but did become successful in picking up key role players such as former All-Star Rajon Rondo and champion big man Javale Mcgee. Also, picking up streaky Lance Stephenson and resigning Three-and-D SG Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to a one year deal.

To start off the season, the Lakers played the Portland Trail Blazers and the Lakers come into the game losing 15 straight to the Blazers. It was time for LeBron to show why he is the best player in the world and end this drought along with a win to start the season. Also, lasts year’s second overall pick Lonzo Ball came of the bench to start the season because of an injury he suffered in the off-season and he was just getting back on his feet.

Despite a 26 point triple-double from LeBron, the Lakers took the loss and the streak went to 16. This was a preview of how the season would be like for the most part.

They started the season off 0-3, but after a 20 point win to the Suns the Lakeshow started showing potential of what they can do. They went 16-7 in their next 23 games and started showing a groove that would only be breif.

During this stretch, LeBron had the same usage rate as he had in Cleveland last season but in less minutes. So the fans wonder if he would be able to do this any longer without wearing out his body. 

On Christmas day against the Warriors, LeBron injured his groin that has him currently sidelined. For a player as durable as he is, a whole month is a long time for him and it’s apparent that this young Lakers team surely misses him.

Since LeBron’s injury, the Lakers are 6-11 have quickly fallen towards the bottom of the playoff picture and its becoming more clear every game LeBron misses that they need help.

Lonzo ball has been a nice surprise becoming one of the best defenders in his position and having a good all-around game, but lacks aggressiveness to takeover a game. Kyle Kuzma has been their leading scorer since LeBron has been out but it seems that scoring is the only thing in his game.

Brandon Ingram has been the most disappointing out of their young core as he doesn’t seem to do anything extraordinarily well and looks like he’s just a big body out there. Therefore, if the Lakers want to compete with teams like the Warriors and the Thunder in the west, then getting an all-star to have alongside LeBron is imperative and it could be as soon as this trade deadline.

Superstar Anthony Davis has requested a trade from the Pelicans and is expected to announce that he intends to sign with the Lakers when he is a free agent in 2020. So if any other team trades for him then he’ll essentially be a rental. This can be a huge opportunity for Magic Johnson and the Lakers to trade for not only an all-star, but a top 5 player in the NBA to pair up with LeBron.

However, in doing so the Lakers are probably going to have to goodbye to 2 of their 3 young top players. A combination of Kuzma and Ingram with young three-and-D player Josh Hart and big men Ivica Zubac and a couple picks might get the job done.

If the Lakers can find a way to acquire Anthony Davis, it would make them an instant championship contender and a team who can make it hard for a star-studded Warrior team to three-peat.

Some fans; however, would like to keep their young core and see if they can grow to their potential to win now with LeBron or when he’s is gone.

Now with all that being said, Laker fans better appreciate what LeBron has brought to his team. Not only his play on the court and being the reason why your in playoff contention, but with attracting star players such as Anthony Davis and Klay Thompson.

So far if this season has proved anything, it’s that signing LeBron has been the best thing this Lakers organization has done in a long time.


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