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RECAP: Game Plan To “Dominate from the start” Executed, Bosco 63 – Orange Lutheran 6

by Travien Sears, Assistant A+E Editor

One might say that the order restored to the football galaxy last week against JSerra found higher order on Friday night in a Brave routing of the OLu Lancers.

Olu fball2

The now 8-0, 3-0 Bosco Braves performed as fans and football enthusiasts expected and then some against the currently 4-4, 1-2 OLu Lancers, who were coming into Friday’s game hot off of a 28-14 win against Santa Margarita. Hot themselves off of a big 49-10 win against JSerra, the Braves proved on Friday, yet again why they are ranked No. 2 in the state and No. 3 in the nation. 

“Basically our game plan for this week was to dominate from the start, and finish it off strong in the end and that’s what we did. As a team, I think we did that perfectly,” said  starting senior center Che Womack.

The Lancers’ lone light on this Friday night was a fourth quarter touchdown in garbage time. Following a pass interference penalty, the ball at the Braves 2-yard line, freshman quarterback Carson Conklin threw for OLu’s only touchdown for game. However, even that bright spot was short-lived. Under excessive pressure, OLu’s kicker missed the ensuing PAT. OLu fball7

The Braves got off to a phenomenal start, quarterback D.J. Uiagalelei made three passing touchdowns in the first half alone. The first touchdown of the game was a 3-yard rush made by UCLA commit, #24 Nathaniel Jones with #17 Logan Loya following through with the clean PAT. About 6 minutes later, Uiagalelei threw a 51-yard bullet to #88 Beaux Collins for another touchdown.

Despite Collins’ touchdown happening with less than a minute on the clock in the first, the Braves couldn’t be stopped from scoring again to close the quarter. You could almost sense it in a game that was all-Braves from the get… PICK 6! #8, Tayvion Beasley followed an interception with a 20-yard return to put the Braves up 21-0.

Jabari Bates, #20, added 1-yard rushing touchdown in the second to put the Braves up 27-0. But the play of the quarter, and probably the game, was Uiagalelei’s 81-yard pass to #17, and ex-Lancer turned Bosco Brave, Logan Loya, for a touchdown.

Uiagalelei also had a 62-yard pass for #2 Kris Hudson for another touchdown in the first half, as Bosco went into the half up 42-0.

In the second half Braves brought in #12, senior quarterback Isaiah Saldana, who didn’t miss a beat with an impressive 35-yard pass to #88, Beaux Collins for a touchdown to put the score at 49-0.

Then to close out the 3rd, Oregon Ducks-commit Kris Hutson notched another touchdown grab on a 49-yard pass from Saldana, putting the Braves up an astounding 56-0.

OLu Fball 3

To close out the game, the work of the younger players was recognized. Saldana, still on the field as quarterback, threw for the second largest gain of the game, a 73-yard pass to #82, sophomore Jaceon Doss for the Braves final touchdown.

“We played our hearts out tonight, and we played together as a team, and we just dominated offensively  and defensively which is what our goals were for this week,” said Stanford-commit, #60 senior offensive lineman Drake Metcalf.

This form of teamwork, sportsmanship, athleticism and drive is what will ultimately be leading  the Braves into next Friday’s match-up against bitter rival Mater Dei at home in Panish Family Stadium. The game will begin at 7:30pm. 

PREDICTED SCORE (in game preview):

Braves- 63, Lancers- 21


Braves- 63, Lancers- 6

Sports: Braves Look to Avoid Let Down Against Orange Lutheran Ahead of “Game of the Year”

by Hunter Richardson, Sports Editor

The Braves, coming off an explosive performance versus JSerra, look to avoid a trap game tonight meeting the Lancers of Orange Lutheran before the eventual game of the year next week against Mater Dei.

Copy of IMG_5967 (1)

The Braves are coming off one of their most impressive outings last week, where they silenced anyone doubting how good this year’s squad truly is. This week Head Coach Jason Negro will need his team ready to avoid a let down against a team that has had a less than stellar season thus far in Orange Lutheran.

The Lancers of Orange Lutheran enter this game with a 4-3 record coming off a win last week by a score of 28-14 against Santa Margarita. Offense has been a bit of a struggle for the Lancers this season only averaging 20 points a game, and to beat the Braves, you must score points. Orange Lutheran has struggled against high caliber teams this season losing to Mater Dei 51-14, Narbonne 38-0, and Corona Centennial 56-14. Tonight will be a difficult task for the Lancers attempting to break this chain of lackluster performances against top teams, as they try to slow down the number two team in the country in the Braves.

Bosco comes into this game with a 7-0 record and a plus 200 point differential mostly dominating their way through this season. The main thing to focus on tonight will be if this team can handle business and not have a let down looking forward to next week’s showdown with rival Mater Dei. Coach Negro’s squad is firing on all cylinders with Mater Dei a week away from coming into Panish Family Stadium.

Tonight might be the game that the running game breaks through and has their biggest night of the season thus far, which is an area of this high powered offence has slowly progressed to where it needs to be prior to Mater Dei and the CIF playoffs. Quarterback D.J. Uiagalelei will also be the star of the show tonight after a six touchdown performance, look for an encore of that tonight.

One other storyline is that the Braves are returning to Orange Coast College, where they had their most difficult challenge with Servite and the officials. Braves fans will certainly have their eyes on every call made tonight after Bosco’s last appearance in this stadium where the Braves spent the night pining for calls in their favor.

The Braves take on the Orange Lutheran Lancers tonight at 7:00pm at Orange Coast College.

Final Score Prediction- Braves 63- Lancers- 21


News/Op-Ed: CNN & New York Times Co-Sponsor Democratic Debate Featuring Twelve Candidates

by Tim Levine, Executive Editor

On Tuesday night, twelve candidates packed the stage as the largest group ever to participate in a United States presidential debate. 


This most recently anticipated installment of the Democratic Presidential Primary was co-hosted by CNN and The New York Times in Westerville, Ohio over the course of three hours.

The candidates on stage included frontrunners like former Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Senator Bernie Sanders, as well as second and third tier candidates like Senator Kamala Harris, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, entrepreneur Andrew Yang, Senator Cory Booker, former Congressman Beto O’Rourke, Senator Amy Klobuchar, former Housing Secretary Julian Castro, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, and billionaire Tom Steyer. Both Gabbard and Steyer did not meet the requirements for September but qualified for this debate.

With the size of the debate, it made it harder for candidates to get their message across, but one theme was certain throughout and that was attacking the new primary frontrunner Elizabeth Warren, who has begun to edge out former Vice President Biden in some recent polls.

While many polls still predict Biden as the frontrunner, to the candidates on stage, it seemed as though Warren is leading in their minds and candidates felt that attacking her policies could help bolster their poll numbers. Amy Klobuchar attacked Warren on her Medicare-for-all plan, which she deemed too much of a “pipe-dream” that would cut many American’s private insurance plans. Pete Buttigieg also attacked Warren on this issue specifically her refusal to give a number to how much her plan would cost.

While Warren was attacked by Klobuchar and Buttigieg, she was also attacked for her wealth-tax proposal by Andrew Yang. Yang had a strong performance in the debate, countering Warren’s proposal by mentioning that many of the EU’s wealth-tax laws have been repealed, while the value-added tax remains extremely successful, a central component to Yang’s plan.

Yang also continued to bring automation to the forefront, even having Tulsi Gabbard agree with him directly on the issue. This discussion on automation has been brought to the forefront with Yang and, even with his short speaking time, had the biggest impact on the debate.

As far the the low-tier candidate go, Congresswoman Gabbard also had a strong presence on the debate stage, going head to head with Buttigieg on Trump’s withdrawal on troops in Syria and her continued anti-war rhetoric. However, many other candidates seemed to have made little impact on the stage, with their presence scarcely known.

Senator Booker, businessman Steyer and former Housing Secretary Castro all had rather lackluster performances that could send their campaigns a sign that there can’t really be a path moving forward. Biden’s performance was rather weak for a front-runner candidate, which has been a consistent critique of his candidacy.

He did have good points against Senator Warren when it came to bills he helped pass, but his defense of Hunter Biden and attack of Trump did not seem to be conclusive enough to hinder any doubt that Trump has brought up in regards to his son’s presence on foreign boards.

Overall, the debate featured much more concentrated arguments between candidates, even with the crowded stage of twelve, and now only eight candidates have qualified so far for the November debate, so expect the field to narrow slightly.

A+E: Joker “Haunts and Amazes” Audiences

by Tim Levine, Executive Editor

Joker, directed by Todd Phillips, is an utterly dark and riveting origin tale of the quintessential Batman villain that will forever change perceptions of what a comic book movie can be.


Set in 1981 Gotham City, Joker tells the story of Arthur Fleck. A man that works as a clown and wants to be a stand-up comedian. He suffers from mental illness, having to visit a social worker and constantly asking for a bigger prescription. He is not happy, but no one in this grim world he lives in seems to be.

Gotham City shows a gross and decaying society, one with rats infesting the streets and rich seeming to continue to prosper while the others are left behind. The setting seems to parallel the Wall Street society of New York but adding a much darker tone and shade to the landscape. People are getting angrier and it is only a matter of time before the city cracks.

Arthur Fleck feels as if he is one of those people, as though the world steps over him. He is isolated and only has his mother who he cares for in their small apartment, as he gets more and more delusional by the day. The movie depicts his quick and dark descent into madness where the lines of fiction and reality become increasingly blurred.

While not necessarily staying true to any prior origin stories of the clown prince of crime, the story is brilliant in its own right, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of the character, an individual haunted by darkness. Phillips breaks the norms of a comic book movie in a manner that truly lets the viewer look into the mind of not just a villain, but one troubled man.

Joaquin Phoenix does an excellent job of portraying the Joker, showing the transition of the character quickly yet with clear intent throughout the film. The shallow and shy shell that Phoenix portrays early on is juxtaposed with the final rebirth of the character near the end of the film, showing the Joker breaking out of his shell and become the character we all know.

While Phoenix’s acting does the character no faults, certain depictions of his mental state seem to show an oversimplification and exaggeration of insanity. Phillips feels as though he needs to spoon-feed the viewer that Arthur is becoming crazy in some scenes when the subtleties in emotion that Phoenix utilizes are more than enough for us to see this transformation. Outside of Phoenix, no one in the remaining cast really stands out as good or bad, but I think this is better for the film, as with the title, all emphasis should be on Joker.

Definitely the best movie I’ve seen this year, Joker does not hold back, and will leave the viewer with a movie experience that will both amaze and haunt. Look out for this film to be a prominent contender in the upcoming award season.

Around Bosco: Decathlon Represents in Trip to Philippines

by Elias Gomez

Vice Principal Mr. Edgar Salmingo returned from Manila with our Decathlon Program with “Coach of the Year” honors to his name, as Bosco students competed against 600 schools from thirty countries. As a result of their success, they qualified for the next stage of competition, The Tournament of Champions, at Yale University.


While the football team was traveling across the country, our Brave Decathletes took a fourteen-hour trip over the Pacific Ocean and across the globe. Having such a long trip gave competitors time to study and, less importantly, watch all the complimentary movies. The food on the flight was inviting and so were the stewardesses, both of which added to create a hospitable environment throughout the long flight.

They were there for a week but only two days of competition. The first day consisted of the Scholars Challenge (120 questions multiple-choice exam), Team writing (collaborative essays) and the Scholars Debate; all of which take up the entire day. The Scholars Challenge is 75 minutes, the Team Writing is 60 minutes, and the Team Debates vary from two to three hours.

Our Decathlon group placed 20th out of 600 high school teams. There were all sorts of different age groups. One Saint John Bosco student who went was junior Robert Hernandez, who really enjoyed his trip.

“It was cool to fly with my Bosco peers and represent with people I was friends with so that made it better,” said Robert.

Robert Hernandez looked forward to meeting so many people and making friends with people from other countries. He wishes he could have studied more so he could have done better. Next year, his goal is to be the best in his class and to study more. Another junior competitor that took the trip is Charlie Carrera. Charlie looked forward to seeing new places and being out of California. Charlie was proud and humbled to represent Bosco.


“I felt like it was a huge responsibility to do good because we were representing Bosco,” said Charlie.

Charlie did very well in the Decathlon, leaving with some medals and even a trophy. He wants to continue to do good and earn more medals and get another trophy.

Senior Nathaniel Quigg took one of his last decathlon trips with the Braves, and it was a trip he won’t soon forget.

“I was most excited about meeting competitors from all walks of life, and the Cultural Fair was the apparatus for that to happen. Booths from every country filled the ballroom and the smell of distinct candies and fruits filled the room, it was a great experience,” said Nathaniel.

Nathaniel Quigg was in a team of three facing the best and brightest 200 teams from around the globe. Nathaniel’s teammates were Christian Brueggeman and Valley Lin. Their team placed 15th overall. Their highest placing was in the Scholars Bowl- 8th place in the competition. Nathaniel Quigg placed 22nd place out of 600-700 competitors with his highest placing being 16th in the Scholars Debate Scorer. Being able to represent Bosco outside of the US was a big deal for Nathaniel because they are known as the team that does well and has a good reputation to keep so it brings a lot of pressure. Bosco Decathlon also got to visit our brothers, Bosco Technical School in Manila.

“It was like seeing our brothers from across the world, we had the opportunity to share stories and compare our schools as institutions as well as homes,” said Nathaniel.

Nathaniel Quigg loved his trip to the Philippines and was saddened by its conclusion, as he wishes he could have stayed longer.

“I’d definitely wish to stay longer, the people, atmosphere, the whole environment was something I wish would’ve lasted longer than it did,” he said.

One high that Nathaniel had was being able to venture out into an area of the world he wouldn’t normally be exposed to. He values their excursion to Bosco’s Technical School so much. One low that he had was saying goodbye to the coaches, adjudicators, and fellow competitors he gotten to know and come friends with was tough. He is content with knowing that some are still in contact.

With the success of The Bosco Decathlon, they qualified for the next round- The Tournament of Champions- at Yale University. This should be a great test for Bosco Decathlon, a program that is on the rise!

RECAP: “Order restored to Galaxy,” Bosco 49 – JSerra 10

by Travien Sears, Assistant A+E Editor

The Braves (6-0, 2-0) rushed right into Friday night’s Trinity League matchup on the road against the JSerra Lions (5-2, 1-1) after coming off a nail-biting 27-26 win over Servite, securing what can only be described as a “statement” win.


“There was some order restored back into the galaxy tonight,” St. John Bosco’s Head Coach Jason Negro said. “I’m really pleased with the way we played tonight. It was a very clean game, well-officiated and JSerra is a good football team. I was just really glad to get out of here with a win and stay healthy.”

The Lions had a clean and challenging receiving end that definitely woke up the Braves defenders in the start of the game, especially when the Lion’s Sammy Green returned the opening kickoff of the game an impressive 86 yards to the Braves 13-yard line which then set up quarterback General Booty who set left and executed the 13-yard touchdown pass to Chris Street putting the Lions at the best possible start of a 7-0 lead just 24 seconds into the game.

The Braves, however, couldn’t allow JSerra to keep that lead for long, putting on an absolute show on the offensive side of the ball. Braves Senior Quarterback DJ Uiagalelei found a way to almost always make his O-line look solid, from hitting up receivers, giving the ball to the RB’s or even running the ball himself. One of the most impressive and unexpected runs from Friday nights game was when Uiagalelei ran a 73-yard touchdown less than three minutes into the game to quickly tie the scoreboard at 7-7.


“That was pretty tight”, Uiagalelei said, smiling, when asked about the impressively long touchdown run. “I don’t run very much like that. I was pretty gassed at the end and I was just hoping I didn’t get caught at the 1.”

For someone that doesn’t run much like he did tonight, Uiagalelei, a Clemson commit had six total touchdowns, three passing and three rushing. He ran for 110 yards on nine carries and completed 14 out of 22 passes for 251 yards. Uiagalelei, Kris Hutson, Logan Loya, Jode Mcduffie and Rayshon Luke (who ran for a 19-yard touchdown) all scored offensively for the Braves in their 49-10 win over the Lions.

“We made them earn everything, and that’s another thing that I thought coming into the game, if we put them into situations where they had to throw the ball, it was going to be our advantage. We won first and second downs and that was big for us,” Coach Negro said.

The SJB Defense was also amazing Friday night and repeatedly shut down the JSerra offense from getting a first down much less score a touchdown. They were on point and had a phenomenal performance this game, especially after realizing and having to wake up to what the JSerra offense was capable of in the beginning of the game. 

It’s exactly these kinds of shutdown performances from the defense that are extremely important to Bosco’s success for the rest of the season games and come time for playoffs. This will be especially important against high-powered offenses that the Braves will face in remaining games. It will be absolutely crucial that they show up and show out.

Also, a huge shout out to the SJB Braves Marching Band & Color Guard, St. Joseph’s Cheer Squad and to the crowd for the energy and excitement that was present in Friday night’s game. JSerra may be a trek, but that didn’t stop the Bosco community from making the drive to support the team.

PREDICTED SCORE (in game preview):

Braves- 38, Lions- 28


Braves- 49, Lions- 10


Sports: Bosco Football Looks to Rebound After Adversity in Trinity League Opener

by Hunter Richardson, Assistant Sports Editor

The Braves, coming off a tough win against Servite, head down to highly ranked JSerra tonight in one game that could turn into another classic Trinity League battle. 

Copy of IMG_5967

The Braves survived a tight 27-26 victory against Servite in the opening game of league play. Coach Jason Negro’s team battled through tough officiating and a hostile opposing crowd to come out on top and maintain a perfect 6-0 record.

Quarterback D.J Uiagalelei had arguably his toughest outing of the season with only a 53% completion percentage in the game, while still throwing three touchdowns and preserving his zero interception statline on the season. Running back Nathaniel Jones had his breakout game of the season so far running for 82 yards on 12 carries. Defensive tackle Kobe Pepe once again led the team in tackles with eight and defensive back Jake Newman had the only interception of the game.

Week two of Trinity League play for the Braves will take place in San Juan Capistrano tonight against a tough JSerra Lions team. The Lions come into this game boasting a 5-1 record and plenty of confidence coming off a 35-3 thrashing of Santa Margarita last week in their league opener.

JSerra gave the Braves their biggest scare during the regular season last year, only losing by a score of 35-28 in a classic Trinity League game. Lions head coach Pat Harlow will be expected his team ready and confident on their home turf tonight, so the Braves are gonna have to be ready for an all out war. Prepare for another Trinity League classic between these two top teams.

The Lions pose a difficult challenge for the Braves with their physical and stout defensive line and high caliber athletes on both sides of the ball. University of California-Berkeley commit, running back Chris Street, for the Lions is one of the best players at his position in the country and plans to have a repeat performance of last year where he ran for nearly 100 yards and added on a touchdown.

The Lions run a two running back system with another stud back, Sammy Green, who has five rushing touchdowns to his name on the season. The Braves front 7 is gonna have to dominate at the line tonight and make JSerra quarterback General Booty make plays with his arm.

Coach Negro’s squad will have to be ready from the kickoff tonight in front of a hostile Lions crowd. On the field leadership from Seniors D.J. Uiagalelei and Kobe Pepe will be crucial in guiding the Braves to victory tonight in this can’t miss Trinity League matchup.

The Braves play at JSerra in San Juan Capistrano tonight at 7 PM.

Final Score Prediction- Braves 38- JSerra 28

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