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News/Op-Ed: Pope Benedict XVI’s Impact on the Salesian Community

by Connor Sheehan, Editor-in-Chief

The reluctant pontificate has passed away, and as the Catholic world grieves the loss of the Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, his colorful papacy leaves a strong impact on the Salesian order and community.

Photo by Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters

Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger, the birthname of Pope Benedict XVI, was one of the more controversial and complex popes of the 21st century. A fierce defender of Catholic tradition, he fought for cornerstones of the faith such as the doctrine and the liturgy. 

Pope Benedict’s resignation in February 2013, is notable for being the first modern pope in six centuries to resign since Pope Gregory XII, who was, unlike Benedict, forced to resign from the papacy. 

He began his faith journey in the midst of World War II. Seeing his family forced into Nazism, he developed a disdain for fascism and grew strong in his Catholic faith. He served as a teacher, like St. John Bosco, of young minds as a professor of Theology at the University of Bonn, the University of Tubingen and the University of Regensburg for the first decades of his time as a priest.

Pope Benedict believed that education was vital, as he saw places of Catholic education as “a place to encounter the living God who in Jesus Christ reveals his transforming love and truth.”

Indeed, Pope Benedict believed that Salesians play a critical and active role in the education of Catholic youth throughout the world. Addressing the Salesian Order, he praised the tradition that Don Bosco pioneered when he stated, “The special tenderness and commitment to young people… are characteristic of Don Bosco’s charism.”

Pope Benedict, indeed, held a great love for Don Bosco. He addressed the saint as a “shining example of a life marked by apostolic zeal” and praised his motto of “give me souls, take away the rest.”

St. John Bosco students can see that motto everyday on the outer wall of the pool written in Latin and facing the stadium parking lot.

Like we emphasize in Salesianity, Pope Benedict was a strong advocate of the arts as a core aspect of the Catholic faith tradition and a device for the expression of those traditions.

“The great music born in the Church makes the truth of our faith audible and perceivable,” Pope Benedict said.

The pope undoubtedly held the Salesians in high regard, seen when he humbly spoke of his stay at a Salesian Parish, St. Paul, in Luanda, Angola, when they celebrated mass there in 2009.

“Finally, let me offer a particular greeting to the Salesian community and the faithful of this parish of Saint Paul; they have welcomed us to their church, without hesitating to yield the place which is usually theirs in the liturgical assembly. I know that they are gathered in the field next door, and I hope, at the end of this Eucharist, to see them and give them my blessing, but even now I say to them: ‘Many thanks! May God raise up in you, and through you, many apostles modeled on your Patron,” said Pope Benedict.

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVII lies at rest in the Monastero Mater Ecclesiae in the Vatican City.

The Salesian Community offers the same greeting to the Pope Emeritus Benedict – may God raise him up and the apostolic lineage continue to be strong. Requiescat in pace, Papa. 

Sports: Bosco Wrestling, Dominant Ahead of League Play, Keeps A CIF State Of Mind

by Ed Crowe 

Ranging from the freshman to senior wrestlers, each member of Bosco Wrestling has committed their all this year in hopes of earning team Trinity League and CIF titles, as the Braves have placed in each of their non-league tournaments ahead of Trinity League competition.

Photo by @sjbwrestling (Instagram)

One wrestler in particular, senior Nicco Ruiz, has attained great wisdom and a love for the sport since he started wrestling at the age of six. Recently, Nicco took home the Sonora High School Tournament of Champions and Clovis High School Doc Buchanan Wrestling Invitational gold medals in the 160-pound weight class. Nicco was also awarded tournament MVP at both events. 

At the Sonora TOC, three more Braves took home gold: freshman Nathan Carrillo in the 120-pound weight class division, sophomore Nicholas Sahakian in the 220-pound weight class and, finally, senior Mark Ayala in the 195-pound weight class.

After winning an individual CIF State title last year and after a couple first place finishes in tournaments this season, Nicco is obsessed with winning state again this year. However, he has many other goals for his team, such as winning CIF State with the Braves’ team as a whole, and despite being committed to wrestle next year at Arizona State University, Nicco is far from complacent. 

“This commitment makes me want to be better than I am at the moment,” Nicco said. 

Another Brave wrestler to keep on the radar is junior Grigor Cholakyan, who is verbally committed to Stanford University and has a great opportunity, like Nicco, to qualify for CIF State.

As an upperclassman, Grigor believes that one of his advantages this year is his sheer strength, which in the wrestling world is a major advantage when stepping on the mat. Not only is his strength an advantage, but Grigor has also attained massive amounts of agility as well as experience from his eight years of wrestling experience. Though he puts in the work himself, Grigor credits his improvements and successes to his family.

“They all sacrifice so much for me to be at this school and to do what I love to succeed,” said Grigor.  

In terms of making State this year, Grigor believes he can take home gold if he is confident within himself, does the little things right every day and takes the State tournament one match at a time, as he slowly prowls to the title.

Grigor also has high hopes for his team because of how skilled and trained they are, but more importantly, they have their minds set on the prize, and if they can keep it like that, Bosco Wrestling will be unstoppable as they approach Trinity League competition and CIF playoffs. 

Life Of A Brave: Unsung Hero, Director Of Basketball Operations and Football Equipment Manager Coach Burrel Lee

by Christian Angel, Managing Editor

St. John Bosco’s Burrel Lee plays a vital role in the basketball and football programs. He works tirelessly to ensure the CIF State Champion football team is prepared with all their equipment and the basketball program runs smoothly.

Photo by Megan Nash, Director of Digital Marketing & Social Media

Coach Burrel is a well-known face within the Brave community. Whether it is as a substitute teacher, a proctor for an exam, Bosco Football’s Equipment Manager or Bosco Basketball’s Director of Operations, Burrel Lee has done it all.

Born in Compton, California, Coach Burrel graduated from Antelope Valley High School in 1993. He started off his career in the WNBA, working many years with the LA Sparks.

More recently, Coach Burrel was the Head Coach of St. Joseph’s High School Basketball, and currently is the CEO and Director of SoCal Buzz, a youth basketball team he created in 2010. There, he learned everything about game day organizational skills and basketball skills.

“In 2016 when Coach Matt Dunn called me to work with Bosco Basketball, without hesitation I said yes. And that is where I came in to help manage the program and organize all the pieces needed in order to make sure this program can continue to succeed,” said Coach Burrel.

Head Coach Matt Dunn is extremely thankful to have Coach Burrel on his team, as he goes above and beyond to make sure the basketball program is consistently one of the best in the state.

“I think every program needs somebody who is willing to do all the little things. You need that on your team. You also need that on your coaching staff, and it’s incredible the different things Burrel does and has done over the last few years,” said Coach Dunn.

He manages basketball game day operations, including team meals and travel. In addition, he manages many volunteers every game who help work security and admittance. He even prepares the entertainment for every game, and and when the game tips off, you can catch him courtside as the team’s PA announcer.

“As I help coach to set the gym up for the games, including freshman, junior varsity and varsity games, there are so many factors that fall in to achieve. From dealing with referees to picking out the different types of music to play to game day announcements to even making sure all the players, coaches and staff are well-equipped,” Coach Burrel said.

Coach Burrel is also essential to Bosco Football as Head Equipment Manager. He is one of the pillars of the program, making sure all equipment and technology are ready for game day. Coach Burrel has helped Bosco Football since 2013, and his work often goes unnoticed, as he works hard every Friday night with his equipment staff in order to make sure the team is prepared with live in-game footage on the sidelines as well as with coaches’ headsets and communications. 

He evens finds time in the Spring to serve as Bosco Baseball’s Bench Coach and Social Media Manager

Coach Burrel lives Don Bosco’s mission of being an educator with reason, understanding, affection and, most of all, humor, supporting and inspiring many each day to achieve their dreams. 

Around Bosco: Annual Mother & Son Breakfast Brings Christmas Joy To Bosco Community

by Brett Baligad, Senior Editor

This past Sunday, Braves and their maternal figures celebrated Bosco’s annual Mother and Son Breakfast.

As the holidays are in full swing, members of the Bosco community are not shy about welcoming the Christmas cheer. To kick off the month, the Parent Association hosted their annual Mother and Son Breakfast. The event took place at Quiet Cannon in Montebello, as it invited all Bosco students to attend a morning mass, enjoy breakfast and hear from a guest speaker. Students were accompanied by mothers, aunts and grandmothers who have impacted their lives the most. Faculty were in attendance, too, as Principal Dr. Kris Anderson and President Dr. Brian Wickstrom were in attendance with their families.

Mass began at 9 a.m. on Sunday morning. Father Ted led mass while being accompanied by a choir and band consisting of Bosco students. Fr. Ted would dedicate his Homily to the mothers in attendance, as he recollected a story about a man who donated holiday goods to a Canadian family years ago.

“Fr. Ted had a very moving Homily. It resonated deeply with me since the story took place in Alberta, Canada and my in-laws are from there,” said Mrs. Janine Mays, mother of senior Isaac Mays. “It is brutally cold in the winter time, and I can only imagine how that single mother must have felt when the man showed up with food and toys. That was a miracle on its own, and when the child asked, ‘Is that Jesus?’ That gave me chills. ‘Yes, my child, he is our Jesus.’ Jesus lives in all of us all time, not just at Christmas.”

The Homily came with perfect timing, catering to all of the mothers that sacrifice for their children along with a sense of hope during Christmas time.

Following the Mass, a catered breakfast was open to guests. While breakfast was being served, there were raffles, silent auctions and vendors. Raffles included gift baskets from notable sports teams on campus including Football, Baseball, Basketball and Esports.

“I really enjoyed the raffles. There were plenty of options to choose from,” said senior Tyler Baligad. “I actually won a basket full of baseball gear. I am excited to wear them to school.”

The silent auction was also a big hit. The most notable prizes were tickets to a Clippers game against the Bucks and a pair of signed gloves from Oscar De La Hoya. Respectively, both winners belonged to seniors Anthony Rodriguez and Mauro Meraz.

The vendors lined the back of the event center and sold a wide variety of goods that served as perfect Christmas presents for the holiday season. This included bracelets, necklaces and St. John Bosco novelties. 

The event concluded with guest speaker and alumni, Dr. Fidencio Saldaña, Class of ‘91. After Dr. Saldaña graduated from St. John Bosco, he would go on to study at Stanford University. He is currently a Dean of Students at Harvard Medical School. 

“I really enjoyed his keynote speech. He emphasized passion, family and building an image for yourself,” said Ryan Gutierrez ‘23. “I had an opportunity to speak with Dr. Saldaña, and he said he was willing to help me build connections with his colleagues in the east coast.”

Overall, there was plenty to see and do at the Mother and Son Breakfast. Whether it was sharing mass with their mothers, grandmothers and aunts, having breakfast or shopping for Christmas presents, the Mother and Son Breakfast once again showed the importance of the Brave women in students’ lives.

Sports: The Running Braves Raced To State As The Cross Country Team Concluded Another Great Season

by Isaac Mays, Sports Editor

St. John Bosco High School’s Cross Country team just completed another successful season, placing fourth in the Division Four CIF State Finals on November 29th. 

Led by Head Coach and alumnus Tim McIntosh ‘79, the coaching staff is proud as the Braves ran their very hardest this year. Coach McIntosh proudly holds 17 consecutive Trinity League Championship titles. The Braves are already excited as they look ahead to next season, as many of the younger members of the varsity team performed exceptionally well during the back half of the season.

A lot of the credit for the great season can given to the coaching staff. The runners reported that not only would Coach McIntosh assist them in all typical duties associated with his position, but he also went above and beyond with time predictions for each individual runner. This process is called “doping-out.” The athletes even stated that his precision was uncannily accurate.

“[Coach McIntosh] is one of the few coaches that will dope-out races for us, and that really helped us,” said senior Harold Munoz. “He predicts this based off previous times and is always right on the dot.”

Assistant Coach Ruben Solorza, an alumnus of the Class of ’13, also dedicated his time by running alongside the boys throughout many of the harder team exercises, which the boys said had a major boost on team morale.

Bosco’s star runner this year was junior Aiden Aldana, as he played a pivotal role on the team throughout their season. Other notable runners on the squad were seniors Harold Munoz and Isaac Becerra. Through their seniority, they both respectably served as dependable runners and leaders for the team. All three of these runners saw improvement in their personal records and overall performance throughout the season. This only helped rack up more points for the cross country team by the end of the season.

“There has to be a lot of practice and a lot of time put into getting faster,” Isaac Becerra said.

The team persevered through many challenges as illness plagued them, particularly during their CIF State Championship. The team reported that they were feeling generally under the weather and that their performance could have surpassed their fourth place finish if the situation was different.

The Running Braves hope to use this motivation for their season next year. Junior Aiden Aladna will have had another year to grow and fully leave his mark on the team as senior next fall. Many of the Braves will continue running during the track and field season, and the team is currently valuing their offseason while making the necessary preparations to perform to the best of their abilities during the Spring season. 

“Next year I’m going to go for all the records here,” Aiden said.

Around Bosco: The Brothers Of Bosco Are The Newest Service Club On Campus

by Marco Castro

The Brothers of Bosco strive to make an impact on the communities of Baja California, Mexico. With the help of Co-Presidents Tyler Baligad and Christopher Facio, the club hopes to continue to unite the Brave community through service.

As St. John Bosco Braves, students are called to be men of service, and one new club has certainly answered that call. The Brothers of Bosco, founded by seniors Brett and Tyler Baligad, is a new service club on campus that donates money and supplies to the communities of Ensenada, Mexico. 

“We started the club earlier this year because my brother Brett and I saw an opportunity to give back to our grandparents’ church,” said Tyler. “During Covid-19, our grandparents retired in Ensenada, Mexico. Working with their pastor, Fr. Rodolfo, we saw an opportunity to do good.”

After recognizing the chance to help, Brett and Tyler reached out to their friends in the Bosco community for assistance in providing to these people. One person who answered the call to help is the club’s other Co-President, senior Christopher Facio.

“When Brett and Tyler brought up the idea, I was really excited and honored that they wanted me to be part of the moment,” said Christopher.

After assembling a group of students to lead the club, they needed a teacher moderator to officially become a club on campus. Luckily for them, science teacher Mr. Ruben Solorza, Class of ’13, was more than willing to help.

“After I heard how it got started and saw their personal connection with it, I was on board to help them get it going,” Mr. Solorza said.

While the Brothers of Bosco is a brand new club, they have already raised over $1,000 worth of supplies for the community of Ensenada, and are currently hosting a drive collecting warm clothes for the elderly.

“We raised $500 in our first project, $300 at the Dia de Los Muertos celebration, and $300 at the Culture Fair. One hundred percent of our donations have gone back into buying donatable goods for the communities of Ensenada,” said Tyler.

After completing each drive, a few members of the club drive down to Iglesia María Auxiliadora in Ensenada. From there, the clothes and other goods get distributed by the church to the people in the community. 

This club has hit the ground running and hopes to continue that with its current warm goods drive. If you would like to donate, they will be collecting beanies, scarves, gloves, blankets and other warm clothing until December 15th in room 318.

The Brothers of Bosco are always looking for new members and will welcome anyone who wishes to join. They meet every Thursday in Mr. Solorza’s classroom, room 318.

Sports: Bosco Football Reclaims Top Spot Nationally After Exacting Revenge Against The “Team In Red”

by Michael Barba

Bosco Football finds itself on the cusp of another national title after winning the Division One CIF Southern Section Championship at the Rose Bowl against their bitter rivals, the Team in Red. The Bosco Braves take on the Northern Section champions, the Serra Padres from San Mateo, at Saddleback College on Saturday in the Division One CIF State Championship, as they look to secure their third national championship in ten years. 

Photo by Bosco Football via Twitter

Bosco’s CIF-SS Championship match-up against the Team in Red was one of the most anticipated, if not the most anticipated, game of the season of the high school football season with nearly 16,000 fans in attendance.

The last time both titans met was on October 7th in Trinity League play, which ended in a close 17-7 loss for the Braves. The loss motivated the Braves to brush the dust off their shoulders and come back even stronger by the time the opportunity of the rematch came. 

“After we lost to Mater Dei the first time, we changed our mindset and put full focus on winning the championship. Our focus every day leading up to the championship game has remained the same,” said defensive backs coach, Darnell Lacy.

When the time came to show the results of that championship focus, the Braves did not disappoint. Despite the team in red leading Bosco 7-0 in the first quarter, quarterback Pierce Clarkson completed a forty-five yard touchdown pass to senior wide receiver Jahlil McClain to tie it up 7-7.

After a defensive struggle in the second quarter, the third quarter saw Pierce Clarkson complete another touchdown pass on a jump ball to tight end Matayo Uiagalelei, making it a 14-7 lead for the Braves. The Team in Red answered with another touchdown, but Clarkson completed another touchdown strike to senior wide receiver DeAndre Moore. Mater Dei would answer back, but the Braves defense would make a critical stop on the Team in Red’s two point conversion attempt. The final score was a 24-22 championship victory for the Bosco Braves.

“It was a great win because it meant a lot for the team, especially all the seniors, and it just goes to show how we really came together as a team,” said junior safety Peyton Woodyard. 

Because of the championship win against the Team in Red, the Braves will be taking on the Serra Padres from San Mateo, the Norther Section Champion, for the CIF State Championship, with Bosco needing the win to keep their national championship hopes alive.

Currently, the Braves have a 12-1 overall record, and the Padres are 13-0. Bosco holds the top ranking in the state of California and the nation, while Serra is ranked fifth in the state and 27th nationally. The Braves average 40.5 points and 72.3 tackles per game, while the Padres average 31.5 points per game and 36.6 tackles per game.

Get your tickets now to support the Braves in their journey to a third national championship on Saturday at Saddleback College. Kickoff is at 8 pm.

Around Bosco: Rector Major Father Ángel Fernández Artime Visits St. John Bosco High School

by Noah Dawson

Prior to the Thanksgiving break, the Tenth Successor of Don Bosco, Fr. Ángel Fernández Artime, also known as the Rector Major, came to our campus to share with us his story and offer blessings to St. John Bosco’s students and staff.

Video by Noah Dawson

Father Fernandez was born on August 21st 1960 in Luanco-Gozon, Asturias, Spain and was ordained a priest on July 4th, 1987 in Leon, France. He went on to become the Provincial Superior of South Argentina in 2009, meaning he would oversee the religious operation for the Salesians in Argentina from Buenos Aires. He then went on to climb the ranks of the Church when he was appointed Superior of the new Province of Mediterranean Spain, dedicated to “Mary Help of Christians.”

He continued and took upon himself a new role on March 25th, 2014, when he was elected as the new Rector Major of the Salesian Congregation and the Tenth Successor of Don Bosco. The Rector Major position is one of the highest honors one can receive in the Salesian order, and the position holds much responsibility and power.

“The Rector Major is the succession of Don Bosco himself and has the expectation to not only continue but build upon Don Bosco’s mission,” said St. John Bosco’s Spiritual Director, Father Ted Montemayor.

In the much anticipated visit, the Rector Major held a community prayer and a speech to the staff and students in the Bosco Thunderdome. Through his speech, he spoke on the importance of being a contributing member of the community we all inhabit and following in the footsteps and example of Don Bosco in every aspect of our lives.

While this has had a deep impact on everyone from students to teachers, our Dean of Attendance, Mrs. Margie Woods, felt particularly blessed, as this was her first experience with a Rector Major.

“Well, I followed him, of course, from the quad to the parking lot. Honestly, just around everywhere. He’s such a pleasant person to be around,” said Mrs. Woods.

After the Rector Major’s assembly, the school celebrated the Culture Fair, and Fr. Artime even climbed up to the Bosco Victory Bell and rang it for all our students to see. Even when the people around him told him to continue on because had a plane to catch, he insisted on staying to talk to the students and staff. Showing the care and attention that he has for Bosco’s mission.

He actively put the education and experiences of the youth in front of all other needs, mirroring Don Bosco, the very saint which the Rector Major succeeds. Father Ángel Fernández Artime’s visit has deeply impacted the school community and rekindled Salesian love throughout the school.

Sports: Bosco Football Takes On Mission Viejo Diablos In CIF Semi-Finals

by Michael Barba

The St. John Bosco Braves are prepared to take on the Mission Viejo Diablos on the road and propel themselves to CIF Southern Section Finals.

Photo By Alex Diaz, Photo Editor

The Braves are only two games away from being CIF-SS Champions, but Bosco Football is staying focused on the task ahead of them, as Mission Viejo is ranked number 25 in the nation.

Heading into this contest, both semi-finalists have a record of 10-1. The Braves are currently riding a four game winning-streak, while the Diablos are on a eight game winning streak. So without a doubt, both teams are going into this game riding high with confidence.

“Everybody has been locked in. Our coaches have done a great job with helping us prepare for the playoffs, and this week is no different,” said senior wide receiver DeAndre Moore.

This is going to be one competitive game, and both teams are going to be seeing familiar faces heading into this matchup, as the Braves took on the Diablos in a seven-on-seven match over the Summer. The match ended in a loss for the Braves, but they’re now itching to face the Diablos in pads, where it counts most. 

A familiar face in particular on the opposing sideline is Mission Viejo Head Coach Chad Johnson, who used to be the Offensive Coordinator of the Braves during their first National Championship run.

Both of these competitors have some of the best stats in the country this season on both sides of the ball. The Braves currently have 149 pass completions, 69 touchdowns, 853 total tackles and 32 sacks, while the Diablos have 177 pass completions, 62 touchdowns, 930 tackles and 41 sacks. The national averages of these stats, according to MaxPreps, are 75 pass completions, 60 touchdowns, 450 tackles and 13 sacks, numbers both teams comfortably exceed.

If the Braves win this match, it will be their first time heading into CIF-SS Finals since their seven year streak of playing in the championship was broken last season. This allows them to have a competitive edge heading into the big game this Friday at Mission Viejo, as the Braves seek redemption. 

“Heading into this game, we have had a quiet confidence, which is what most of our team exudes and has been led by our senior group, as they have come together over the last few months.” said receiver coach Nate Munson. “So, we’re really excited to compete against some of the best teams in the state and that’s why we’re looking forward to tomorrow night.” 

Prior to this game against Mission Viejo, the Braves played their quarterfinal game against a familiar Trinity League foe, the Orange Lutheran Lancers, at the Panish Family Stadium last Friday. The contest ended in a dominant 49-14 win for the Braves. 

The Braves completed 22 passes and scored a total of seven touchdowns, which were scored by senior quarterback Pierce Clarkson, senior wide receiver DeAndre Moore, senior tight end Matayo Uiagalelei and senior wide receiver Israel Polk. The Braves defense also showed out with 38 tackles and five sacks.

Don’t forget to get your tickets to the game tonight, which starts at 7 p.m. at Mission Viejo High School.

A+E: St. Joseph’s Theatre Company Has Strong Opening Weekend of Musical Oklahoma!

by Brett Baligad, Senior Editor

Last weekend, St. Joseph’s High School’s Five Sisters Theatre Company presented their first musical of the year, Oklahoma!, with three more shows to come this weekend.

The St. Joseph’s and St. John Bosco go back in time with their rendition of Oklahoma! This musical marks Ms. Kateryn McReynolds directorial debut, as she has taken the reins from long time theatre director Mr. Larry Vandeventer. Ms. McReynolds is an alumna of St. Joseph’s and is a recent graduate of Princeton University.

The musical Oklahoma! takes place in the mid-1800s. A cowboy, Curly, played by senior Connor Sheehan and ranch hand, Jud Fry, played by junior Grant Hidalgo-Villanueva, both fall in love with the town’s sweetheart, Laurey, played by St. Joseph’s sophomore Gemma Villalobos. The classic western love story is chock full of romance, singing and hoedowns. 

Oklahoma! is a unique and interactive play. The Five Sisters Theatre Company featured a stage in the round that had audience members sitting around nearly the entirety of the stage. The musical truly has no bad views, as the audience members witness the action from just a few rows back.

“A round has a couple of platforms in the middle and back for cast members to perform on,” said actor and senior Jack Scalas. “In the very front row, a lot of the actors could sit next to viewers of the play which is pretty cool. Throughout the play, we also call on people, which is pretty interesting as well.”

This concept was received well by the stage crew and audience on opening night.

“I know this type of musical can be done in different ways. However, the way it was done was really good,” said stage crew member and freshman Kai Maldonado.

New actors also had positive feedback on adjusting to the interesting style of delivering the play.

“Although this is my first time performing, I have seen a lot of the [St. Joseph’s and Bosco] plays and seeing the way they set it up. It was cool to have the audience interact and have them see everything that is going on,” said actor and freshman William Pearce.

One of the highlights of the experience were audience members getting picked out of the crowd to come dance with the actors. 

“I was happy to see my friends perform,” said audience member and senior Joaquin Ramirez. “However, I was really shocked to be called up. It was really funny.”

With much of the lead cast starring in the previous, Bosco Theater Company’s Peter and the Starcatcher, Oklahoma! came with only three weeks of uninterrupted rehearsals for the cast. With actors Jack Scales ‘23 and Grant Hidalgo-Villanueva ‘24 coming off their debut performances this past October, there was a lot to look forward to as each of them respectively had a major role in the success of Oklahoma!

“We had to rely on Ms. Reynolds, the director, a lot. She did really well at preparing us and getting the cast ready for opening night,” said Jack. “I am really thankful for getting casted and I felt ready for the transition to a bigger role in Oklahoma!

Overall, St. Joseph’s and Bosco both opened strong in their respective plays, with two more productions to come in the second semester. It is not too late to go out and support the arts. The St. Joseph Theater Company invites everyone to come and see their closing weekend performances this Friday and Saturday at 7:00 pm as well as a closing Sunday performance at 5:30 pm. They also invite anyone interested in the arts to come out and audition for future plays.

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