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Sports: Bosco Baseball Mid-Season Review

by Samuel Rodriguez

Our very own Bosco Baseball team has very high hopes set for the future of their season. Despite the future looking brighter as each player works harder and harder, the Braves had a rough beginning to their 2019 season.


Photo – @BoscoBaseball on Twitter

As of right now, the team is 1-5 in Trinity League with a lone, crucial victory over Jserra, The team is 7-11 overall.

“With these past few losses, coach has been pushing us a lot harder. He expects a lot more out of us and I know that we can do so much better than we are playing,” said senior shortstop and captain Derek Delgado.

The team is striving to become more competitive and hope to earn more wins in future games.

Our Bosco Braves are starting over and beginning anew with a step toward the right direction as they put in more work to become a better unit as a whole.

The team’s chemistry as a whole has been an area of concern all season, and something that could be holding the team back.

“I think that the players on the team aren’t the issue, it’s really just the fact that for some reason we can’t seem to function together very well.” stated senior Stephen Chavez. 

Though chemistry has been an area of concern thus far, Chavez and others don’t see it as a lasting issue.

“Although our previous games haven’t gone how we expected, I think we’re going to step it up and start winning,” continued Chavez.

The instrumental change occurring within the team is going to be a better work ethic. The future looks to be bright as the Braves are improving their chemistry and playing harder for each other to get wins.

Head Baseball coach Don Barbara has high hopes for the future of his team. He referenced that many important players, such as senior Kyle Moats and junior DJ Uiagalelei, are coming back from injuries and are going to be able to ‘jump start’ the team.

Coach Barbara has also developed new practice routines to help strengthen the teams weaker aspects of the game.

“We are putting more emphasis on our hitting and our hitting approach and things that will help us in games in hopes that in the last 11 games we can pick it up,” stated Barbara.

The Bosco Baseball team, despite their previous record, has high hopes for the road that lies ahead. With the return of vital players and a work ethic specified to strengthen the teams weaknesses, it is still very likely that they will make playoffs and perform better as a unit going forward.


News: Indian Anti-Satellite Missile Test Fails Horribly

by Nikolas Molina

On March 27th, 2019, Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, announced that the country had successfully launched an Anti-Satellite missile in Low Earth Orbit (LEO).


India was the fourth country to use an Anti-Satellite weapon, according to TNW.

Thankfully, this test on the satellite was not aimed for anyone and also did not violate any international laws.

According to NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine, the test created 60 pieces of debris in space, that are mostly greater than 10 centimeters.

“That is a terrible, terrible thing, to create an event that sends debris in an apogee that goes above the International Space Station,” stated Bridenstine to NBC.

The debris from this test can cause danger to the ISS (International Space Station), the fellow humans living on it and all the experiments taken place in space.

“We are charged with commercializing Low Earth Orbit; we are charged with enabling more activities in space than we’ve ever seen before for the purpose of benefiting the human condition. All of those are placed at risk when these kind of events happen and when one country does it. Then other countries feel like they have to do it as well,” continued Bridenstine.

Bridenstine said that NASA has identified around 400 pieces of orbital debris from the test, including the 60 pieces greater than 10 centimeters in diameter that the agency can track and 24 that have traveled through the space station’s orbital height.

The 24 pieces that have traveled through the height of the ISS has risen the risk of the ISS of being hit by debris by 44 percent.

Bridenstine confirmed that the astronauts will be safe and if anything happens they can move the ISS to avoid damage.

TNW reported the response of Tapan Misra, senior advisor to the ISRO chairman, saying Tuesday that the experiment was not an explosion, but “more like a bullet,” and that the resulting debris will burn out in six months because it was only 300 kilometers in space.

Daniel Porras, the space security fellow at the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research, talks about a Chinese demonstration in 2007, where much of the debris from that test is still in space.

“The Chinese demonstration was carried out at 800 kilometers and was widely condemned because of the resulting space debris, which will likely stay in orbit for decades or longer. India’s demonstration was conducted at 300 kilometers, so the debris will likely be out of orbit in months. For this reason, the reaction has been much less,” reported TNW.

India’s test has annoyed a lot of agencies and governments. Although there is no consequences of this test, the view of India being a peaceful country while trying to make scientific advances has taken a blow.


News: 2020 Presidential Election Voter Guide

by Lucas Agatep

As the 2020 Presidential elections come up multiple people have thrown in their hat to contend with current President Donald Trump.


Recently at the beginning of the year many Democratic politicians have announced that they will by running for President with only one other Republican candidate, so far, trying for the position.

For the Democrats there are people like:

Cory Booker 

The current member of the U.S. Senate from New Jersey.

Has focused his campaign on racial inequality and discrimination.

Before he became a member of the U.S. Senate Booker was the 38th Mayor of Newmark, New Jersey from 2006 to 2013 and a member of the Newmarket Municipal Council from the Central Ward from 1998 to 2002.

Pete Buttigieg 

As a openly gay man, an Afghanistan War veteran and current Democratic Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Buttigieg is trying to be the “next generation” President. 

His current political message is unclear to say the least but what he has expressed for his campaign is that a new generation should take charge of America.

Julian Castro 

Was the 16th U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under the Obama administration from 2014 to 2017. 

On the campaign trail he has put his focus on education, Medicare and affordable housing.

Prior to running for President, Castro was the the Mayor of San Antonio from 2009 to 2014 and a member of the San Antonio City Council from the 7th district from 2001 till 2005.

John Delaney  

Delaney was a former Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives from 2013-2019 who represented Maryland 6th Congressional District. Was the first person to decide to run for President in 2020 back in 2017.

His campaign has been mostly to address issues related to globalization, automation and technology. 

Prior to being in the House of Representatives Delaney was the cofounder and CEO of CapitalSource, co founder and CEO of Health Care Financial Partners, and as well Blueprint Maryland which is a nonprofit organization made to create jobs in Maryland’s private sector.

Tulsi Gabbard 

Is another current Democratic member in the United States House of Representatives from Hawaii. 

On the campaign trail Gabbard highlights her experiences in the military during the Iraq War and expresses her view on the current foreign policy of the US.

Before becoming a member of the United States House of Representatives Gabbard served in the U.S. Army since 2003 and has been deployed twice to the Middle East. She was also a former member of Hawaii’s House of Representatives from 2002 to 2004 and a member of Honolulu City Council from 2011 to 2012.

Kirsten Gillibrand 

A current Democratic U.S. Senate from New York.  

Her campaign targets issues that are both social and economic, sexual assault in the military, Medicare for all and universal paid family leave. 

Before working in the Senate Gillibrand was apart of the US House of Representatives from New York’s 20th district in 2007 to 2009.

Kamala Harris 

The current Democratic member of the U.S. Senate from California.

 She has focused her campaign on economic issues, debt-free college, tax cuts and Medicare.

Before she was a part of the Senate Harris was the 32nd Attorney General of California from 2011 till 2017 and 27th District Attorney of San Francisco from 2004 to 2011.

Amy Klobuchar 

A Democratic member in the U.S. Senate from Minnesota.

 Klobuchar has concentrated her campaign on automatic voter registration, reduced money in politics and re-implementing environmental policies terminated by the Trump administration.

Before becoming a member of the U.S. Senate, Klobuchar was Court Attorney of Heppenin County in Minneapolis, Minnesota from 1999 to 2007. She was also a partner of Dorsey and Whitney, and Gray Plant Mooty which are two Minneapolis law firms before becoming Court Attorney.

Bernie Sanders 

Coming back for a second attempt at getting the Presidency Bernie Sanders, who is a current Independent member in the U.S. Senate from Vermont and a caucuses with the Democratic Party is trying to challenge Trump again for the position.

Sanders is using the same message that he used back for the 2016 Presidential election which is mostly about implementing socialist programs and fighting racial inequality.

Sanders has the longest history in politics compared to the rest of the candidates. While in college he was the protest organizer for the Congress of Racial Equality and Student Nonviolent Coordination Committee during the civil rights movement. Years after college he became the 37th Mayor of Burlington from 1981 to 1989 due to being re-elected three times.  Then became a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Vermont’s at-large district from 1991 to 2007 only later to be elected to the U.S. Senate in 2006 taking office in 2007. Finally in 2013 Sanders became the Chair of the Senate Veterans’ Affair Committee till 2015.

Elizabeth Warren 

Is another current member of the U.S. Senate from Massachusetts. Warren has put economic issues as her main message in her campaign. Issues including taxation on the wealthy, student debt relief, the Green New Deal and Medicare for all.

Prior to her becoming a member of the Senate, Warren was the Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel from 2008 to 2010 and Special Advisor for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau from 2010 till 2011.

Marianne Williamson 

Who is a author, entrepreneur and activist who has written thirteen books having four of them became New York Times best sellers. 

Williamson has concentrated her campaign on support for the Green New Deal, slavery reparations up to $100 billion and Medicare for all.

She is also the founder of an organization called Project Food Angel, which is a volunteer program delivering food to homebound people with severe illness and disabilities. As well the cofounder of The Peace Alliance, a nonprofit organization that support in peace projects.

Andrew Yang 

An entrepreneur and founder of a nonprofit organization Venture for America. A organization that helps graduates and new professionals startup their own companies.

Yang’s centerpiece of his campaign is what he refers to as “The Freedom Dividend” which is a universal basic income (UBI) of $1,000 per-month for every adult aged American.

Prior to running for President Yang himself as founder or executive work on different startups and early stage growth companies from 2000 to 2009. He has also written two books “Smart People Should Build Things” in 2014 and “The War on Normal People” in 2018

John Hickenlooper 

Till recently was Democratic Governor of Colorado from January 11, 2011 until this year on January 8. 

For Hickenlooper’s campaign, it mainly targets on implementing environmental protection laws, Medicare and to expand more on gun control.

Before he became Governor of Colorado, Hickenlooper was the 43rd Mayor of Denver from 2003 till 2012 and Chair of the National Governors Association from 2014 to 2015.

Jay Inslee

Is the current Democratic Governor of Washington. 

Inslee made climate change the foundation for his campaign. His method on doing so is by funding into more clean energy sources, developing industries based on this message and producing electric vehicles.

Before becoming Governor, Inslee was a member of Washington’s House of Representatives from the 14th legislative district from 1989 to 1993, a member of the US House of Representatives from Washington’s 4th district from 1993 to 1995 and then only later to be a member of US House of Representatives from Washington’s 1st district from 1999 to 2012.

The Two Republican Candidates are:

President Donald Trump 

Current President Donald Trump is obviously running for his second term in office. Over the past year he has had multiple rallies talking about his policies and economic changes under his administration, as well promoting his future plan to run again for his second term as President. 

He is still going with his America First platform for his campaign but is potentially changing his slogan from “Make America Great Again” to “Keep America Great” which he has hinted at in some of his speeches.

Bill Weld 

In recent years Weld left the Republican Party to join the Libertarian Party in 2016 as running mate for former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson. Then to only return to the Republican Party for the 2020 election.

For why he is willing to challenge another Republican, Weld has criticisms on Donald Trump’s decisions on economic policies and also his personality viewing Trump as unfit and immature for the position.

Before all this Weld was the 68th Governor of Massachusetts from 1991 to 1997, as well the US Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division from 1986 to 1988, and US Attorney for the District of Massachusetts from 1981 to 1986.

With the year only beginning there is still potential for other people to enter in the race for the position of President. While unconfirmed they have expressed consideration on entering in. People like:

Stacey Abrams (Democrat)

Was a member of the US House of Representatives 

Michael Bennet (Democrat)

Currently the US Senator from Colorado 

Joe Biden (Democrat)

Was the Vice President of The US under the Obama Administration 

Steve Bullock (Democrat)

The current 24th Governor of Montana 

Andrew Gillum (Democrat)

Was the 126th Mayor of Tallahassee 

John Kerry (Democrat)

68th US Secretary of States

News: The Venezuelan Crisis

by Joaquin Medrano

“Ni Jesucristo resucitado podrá conmigo,” (Not even Jesus Christ resurrected can beat me) said Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.


Since 1999, Venezuela has been in a humanitarian crisis as a socialist regime took over government under ex-president Hugo Chavez. Hugo Chavez set up the grounds for an economic inflation in Venezuela, making prices for necessary things, like toilet paper or even water, unobtainable for citizens.  

Hugo Chavez died in 2013, from cancer complications, but before dying, he set up one of the worst governments ever seen in world history, leaving a new dictatorship under Nicolas Maduro’s rule.

Maduro has claimed to be the greatest leader Venezuela has ever seen, he has confronted against so-called “imperial governments” such as the USA, and verbally attack its leaders, such as ex-president Barack Obama and current president, Donald Trump.

Maduro has stuck the Venezuelan government in a reign of terror, Maduro is not only corrupted, but he and his government are keeping the economic inflation and violation to freedom of speech in Venezuela, things that started with Hugo Chavez.

“Multiple countries from around have seen the need that the people have in Venezuela, they have heard a cry from help, they are informed about the corruption that one person can cause, and they are here to help those in need,” stated BBC News.

The situation really took a pivotal turn this year, as opposing forces lead by Juan Guaido are supported by many governments, some even recognizing Guaido as the legitimate president of Venezuela, instead of Maduro.

Nicolas Maduro really doesn’t like the idea of countries supporting Guaido, and this was seen on Saturday, February 23rd.

Back in the Colombia/Venezuela border, there were trucks filled with humanitarian aid for Venezuelans that were stopped by military forces sent there by Maduro. This angered the people and countries like the United States who sent that help specifically for Venezuelan citizens.

Maduro decided to burn that aid, many resources helpful for those in need were burned just for his own satisfaction and people were not happy. Unfortunately, the protests became quickly violent, and as of March 1st, there’s been 285 people were injured and 37 hospitalized on the Colombian side of the border, according to Colombia’s foreign minister, and an unverified number of deaths.

Countries like the United States, Colombia, Canada, and Brazil were involved in the aid. This not only angered the government, but it also called for an act to stop Maduro.

These countries’ support for Guaido continues to increase and ask for his recognition to take place as soon as possible.

This act from Maduro is not only putting political and economic alliances in danger, but also many lives and many resources, if there’s anything we could do.

“[There is] a need to keep praying for the Venezuelan people and support all efforts that help save the population from further suffering,” Pope Francis asks for, according to Vatican News.

There are also many organizations like Alimenta Venezuela, Comparte Por Una Vida, and SunRisas that bring help to those in need.



Bosco: Sports Med Pathway Proving Its Worth On Campus

by Gabriel Botello

Last year was the first year in the annual Sports Medicine competition for St. John Bosco High School.


Photo – Jalen Manson and Michael Beltran

The team competed for the first time as juniors, and with six of them representing St. John Bosco, placed 26th place.

The team had to take 150 multiple choice questions about injury scenarios, different types of injuries, legal terms, nutrition, and other things related to the field. In addition, students also had to perform a practical exam where they were given a structure to palpate, an injury to evaluate, a scenario to perform, and a taping job.

For it being the team’s first year and with over 75 schools from the United States being present, the outcome was successful. This year, the team is coming back with more students and feel more prepared than last year.

The Sports Medicine pathway is all about educating, showing, and preparing students for how to treat injuries resulting in any sporting activity.

“The pathway has inspired me to pursue a career in the medical field. All four years of the pathway has definitely benefited me and made me grow as a person and [see a future] career wise,” said senior Sebastian Padilla.

The pathway has clearly been regarded as highly successful and continues to trend in the right direction. It’s benefits towards students looking to pursue a future career in sports medicine is clear.

“The Sports Medicine pathway gave me structure throughout high school. Entering Bosco I was unsure as to what subject I would study in college, I didn’t have any passions. I was interested when I heard about the pathway and decided to see where this interest would take me,” said senior Javier Ochoa.

Just from the experience of two students, as well as myself, the Sports Medicine pathway at Bosco has been a great addition to an already wide pathway realm.


Bosco: Hambones BBQ Near Campus

by RJ Johnson

Hambones! An alive piece of Southern hospitality located in Bellflower, California on Alondra Boulevard. This barbeque restaurant brings about a unique presence within the BBQ community that not many other restaurants can offer.


At Hambones, you have a wide variety of different main courses to pick from, along with side dishes that do more than compliment the meal.

Unlike larger barbeque restaurant chains, Hambones prides itself in building personal bonds and relationships with all of their customers. Instead of just being a quick bite to eat, it feels more like an experience. Revisiting Hambones feels like catching up with an old friend, home-cooking away from home.

Hambone’s owner – Kenneth Hambone Hamilton – had the Hambone’s franchise and original recipes passed down to him by his father and was expected to carry on the legacy. Mr. Hamilton did more than just meet expectations, opening up several locations across America in Mississippi, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

A signature item on Hambones Chicago location’s menu are turkey tips. Kenneth


Photo – RJ Johnson

Hamilton says that he is the originator of this dish and it would be extremely rare to find this anywhere else in America.

Since there are very few Hambone locations in comparison to other barbecue restaurants like Johnny Rebs and Lucille’s, what you see at each location will always have it’s very own unique form.

“Our number one ingredient for our meat at every single one of our locations is wood! It has a more distinctive taste, unlike propane. Wood is extremely important for what we do,” said Hamilton.

Mr. Hamilton isn’t only a restaurant owner, but an active leader of the youth, hosting seminars and helping young men stay on the right path throughout the rest of their life. He believes that how we mold our youth is very important and that the future starts with them.

Hamilton has given a few endangered youth job opportunities working with him, and helping them build connections with other successful people.

With all of the things that Kenneth Hamilton already has to do in the community, it would seem as if he has hardly any time left. He still finds the time to be the president of a Motorcycle Club.

Juggling work, the growth of others, and the community around him has found its way to become a norm for Mr. Hamilton. The passion he has shown for his craft has paid off, making Hambones a personal favorite for many barbeque fanatics.


Bosco: “Ragtime” Play Review

by John Gallegos

The St. John Bosco theater program entered 2019 with the task of tackling the play Ragtime: The Musical. A play with a social message that resonated with the audience as the material, although taking place in the early 20th century, parallels similar struggles we face today.1_Ragtime_Poster_(1)

Like many great works of art, there are a plethora of layers to be depicted throughout “Ragtime”. Yet these layers are glaring as they deal with the continuing problems in American society with topics like social justice movements, race relations, immigration, as well as privileges stemming from affluence.

Although these may take place in at the turn of the century, over a hundred years ago the relevance is enhanced in this tumultuous time period we are in. 

Malcolm X once said  “You can’t drive a knife into a man’s back nine inches, pull it out six inches and call it progress. The progress is healing the wound the blow made.” 

Many of these issues have been addressed, yet no true healing has ever occurred as social problems have been drawn out through the last century and carried over into today’s society. 

The issues surrounding immigration are not just a topic that just we as Americans are familiar about. The play followed the journey of Tateh, a Jewish immigrant played by Victor Curiel, and the struggles he faced throughout his search and hopes for the so-called American Dream. Although coming from different places and for different reasons, immigrating at this time was still a hot topic and a pressing issue.

 The issue of privilege deriving from affluence and authority is another issue touched upon throughout the play in several different ways. Actor Joshua Dreyer played the Father in the play. Father was a character who was extremely wealthy yet received no true repercussions for his actions.

A topic all too familiar at this time as the recent college admissions scandals have been publicized and the means in which certain public figures would get around the college admissions process. The saying goes “access is power”, which happens to resonate with today perfectly, as the access to virtually anything is possible to those with the means to achieve it. 

“Ragtime” may brush through several issues that surround us today but none is more glaring than the issue of race and race relations, especially in regards to the African-American community. Taking place during the Harlem Renaissance, black empowerment began to surge and spread like wildfire as people were questioning what does justice mean, and if it has a color.

Newer movements like Black Lives Matter and other self-empowering movements are still asking the same questions. “Ragtime” was able to capture a snippet of what it was like to be a black man at this time. Although we have come a long way from the early 1900’s, we still see residual effects that people have to deal with.

The audience was able to peer into the life of a troubled African-American in Coalhouse Walker Jr. through the portrayal of actor Ryan Jones. He played the position with extraordinary passion as well as a demeanor that captured the attention of the audience with a charismatic charm. Smooth piano playing Coalhouse was willing to put his life on the line, after everything was taken, for what he believed and never lost hope in the Promised Land. Jones took the play over with his extraordinary vocals throughout, even with the extremely challenging task in playing as Coalhouse.

Director Martin Lang said, “[Ryan] is a unique individual who has great strengths and has done a great job with the broad emotions and was able to do it all.”

Mr. Lang also did a stupendous job, especially while challenging the theater program with such a deep and difficult musical. He created a stunning atmosphere through the scenes, as the set was remarkable in achieving its goal. His set didn’t do too much but did the perfect amount to spark creativity throughout the play, allowing the actors and actresses to take the reigns.

“They did an amazing job, as they were given truly tough material that they rose up to produce, but most important of all… they told the story well,” said Mr. Lang

Ultimately, the play “Ragtime” was another success out of the SJB/SJHS theater programs as they gave the audience a memorable performance each and every night.

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