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Sports: Braves Swimming Dives Into the Season In Style

by Ethan Gibbs

The St. John Bosco swim team is looking forward to the remainder of their season, as they are off to a hot start with one of the most talented rosters they have had in years.

Bosco’s swim team has begun their season with a great start, as they have two wins and only one loss overall. On February 24th, Bosco started their season against West Torrence, which ended up being a loss with a score of 53-117. Despite the loss, it pushed the Bosco swimmers to train even harder. 

“Winning easy meets is a result of our hard work put into our training. When we do lose it motivates us to learn from our mistakes and to get better and faster,” said co-captain senior swimmer Joshua Joson. 

The next meet was against Warren, and Bosco came out on top securing them the first win for the swimming season 115-55. Senior athlete and co-captain Joson placed first in the 200 meters and the 100-meter breast. Another senior and co-captain Jack Woodson placed first in 100 meters back and 100 meters free. 

Bosco’s next opponent was Cypress on March 8th. Fresh off of their first win of the season Bosco swimmers carried that momentum into the next meet. It ended in another win for Bosco, 103-68. Marco Uribe, Tyler Baligad and Joshua Joson all placed first in the 200-meter medley relay.

Bosco’s swimmers are in the water practicing for two hours five days each week. The practice consists on average about 3000 yards every single day. Some athletes such as Josh, Marco and Nico will participate in club swimming outside of Bosco to help them train all year round. 

Bosco’s strongest swimmers are the captains, Joshua Joson and Jack Woodson. They set an example for the whole team to always do their best and lead the team in warm-ups. Coach Jeff Powers, the head coach of the swim team, strives to make his athletes the best competitors they can be. He pushes them at practices to be the best they can be as an athlete and a Bosco student.

“You can just kind of switch off your mind, forget about your problems sometimes and concentrate on your workout,” said Coach Powers. 

The swim team is preparing to continue their success as they still have 14 games before the prelims start. Bosco is training to win a CIF title this year, as they have the talent to do so as well as the dedication. 

Bosco swimming’s next meet takes place on El Dorado starting at 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 15th. The rest of their season’s schedule can be accessed HERE.

Life of a Brave: Five Ways to Give Back During this Lenten Season

by Dominic Ramirez

The season of Lent is an important time to self-reflect and to discover how each person can better prepare their heart for the coming of Jesus, not just by giving something up, but by giving back as well.

5. Adopting from an animal shelter is a nonprofit website someone can use to find local animal shelters near them. Their website can be used to find local shelters with the specific breed, age, and species of pet they are looking for. Their site also has resources for those who want to volunteer or donate. 

Adopting an animal from a shelter is more beneficial than buying one from a pet store as a lot of the animals in shelters were picked up from off the streets or left by people who couldn’t take care of them anymore. When someone adopts from a shelter they are giving those animals a second chance at finding a home.

4. Checking up on friends

Something easy one can do is to make sure their friends are alright. A lot of people struggle with their mental health, but having good friends for support makes a world of a difference. It could be as simple as checking in on how their friends are feeling or reminding them that they are there for them, little acts of kindness can go a long way. As it is written in 1 Thessalonians 5:11, “So continue encouraging each other and building each other up, just like you are doing already.”

3. Helping out the church

Getting involved with one’s local church is a great way to serve God during Lent. Someone interested can speak to a priest or church official about becoming a lector, usher or altar server for their local parish. Helping out with mass is a great way to help out one’s community while also growing closer to god.

St Dominic Savio church will be holding confessions this Saturday from 10 a.m. until 12 p.m.

2. Volunteering

The Surfrider Foundation is a nonprofit organization that focuses on ocean conservation. Volunteer opportunities and events such as beach clean-ups and activism meetings are open to the public. Through their website, one can find out when and where events are being held.

Meals on Wheels America and Feeding America are also two nonprofits that are looking for volunteers. Both organizations specialize in feeding the less fortunate, volunteers are assigned jobs such as delivering meals to people in need and as well as working at food banks. 

1. Donating to charity   

Giving money to a charity is one of the most common ways people give back during lent. Giving money to a charitable organization can provide help on a scale that would be too difficult for just one person. 

Doctors Without Borders and American Red Cross are two large nonprofit organizations that take online donations through their websites. Giving even a little can help make a difference in places around the world. Both Doctors Without Borders and American Red Cross are helping in places such as Ukraine, Afghanistan and Iraq, and giving money to organizations like these can help provide aid in places that may feel too far away to help.

Around Bosco: California Lifts Indoor Mask Mandate for Schools

by Andrew Fierro, Managing Editor

Starting tomorrow and in full effect when students arrive to class on Monday, St. John Bosco High School will adhere to the new guidance of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), eliminating the indoor mask mandate in schools for the first time in two years.

Photo by The Brave News Staff

Going along with Orange County, Los Angeles County lifted their indoor mask mandate for businesses and was one of the few remaining counties in the whole country to do so. Following this, K-12 schools through will also be lifting their mask mandate. However, the CDPH still strongly recommends teachers, staff and students to continue to wear masks indoors, despite the fact it is no longer required.

More and more students have been itching to go without masks, and as the COVID-19 numbers continue to diminish, they has been an eagerness for the mask mandate to be lifted.

“I think that the masks make it difficult in class. Sometimes I am not able to hear my teachers because of their masks and it also makes my glasses fog up which can be very annoying,” said senior Joshua Joson.

Even though many students will no longer be wearing face masks beginning next Monday, there will still be many students who will be wearing face masks due to safety precautions. The choice is for each student to make, and their choice will be respected either way.

One concern that’s been on the minds of many students and parents is if the lift on the mandate will apply for all students or just those who are fully vaccinated. Following the state health guidelines, Bosco’s mask mandate will be lifted for everyone, regardless of vaccination status.

“The end of the mask mandate will not take into account vaccination status and will be across the board for everyone,” said Vice Principal of Student Affairs Ms. Schnorr.

Though for many students this is an important issue, for others it is not as impactful. Many students have grown to live with the mask mandate and are not too worried about whether or not they have to wear a mask anymore. 

“Personally, I am not affected much by the mandate. I don’t really care either way. I am happy to wear a mask if I need to, and if able to, I am happy to take it off,” said senior Kasen Herroz.

Going forward, students will have the choice of going mask free at school if they so wish. Though, if they or their parents are unsure about their safety, they will always have the option to continue to wear a mask, as strongly recommended by the school and the CDPH.

Sports: Bosco Lacrosse with Big Goals for the 2022 Season

by Ian Cook

The  St. John Bosco lacrosse team, led by coaches, Chris Jewett and Tommy Johnson, are excited to kick off their long-awaited 2022 Season with the addition of a few new players.

After a brief, and covid affected season last year with an overall record of 4-6, the Braves are looking forward to finally having a normal 2022 season. After the 2020 Season was canceled, followed by an unexpected 2021 Season, the Braves’ goals have not changed and are still striving for a 2022 Trinity League Championship.  

“I’m really excited going into this season. We have a few new guys and we’re ready to just be able to have a normal season and an even shot to win,” said senior Joel Embray. 

The Braves have welcomed new players such as senior Logan Booher, a former St. John Bosco Football Wide Receiver, and is accompanied by Noah Citek, George Bratton and Evan Stout, three very talented players who transferred from Millikan High School. 

“This season, we are loaded. We are going to shock a lot of people and just put us back on the map, and I’m looking forward to it,” said Bratton.  

Alongside basketball and wrestling, the St. John Bosco lacrosse team looks to turn a lot of heads this season now that they have a full roster. 

“Last year we only had 13 guys on our roster, so it was difficult to have a lot of success with that. This year we have a 27-28 man roster with guys that are fully dedicated to helping us turn our team around and get back on track,” said coach Tommy Johnson.  

With that being said, despite COVID-19 protocols within the last two seasons, the Braves have still been able to produce talented players that are going to make an immediate impact once the season begins.  

“We have the talent, we just need to play as a team. Brenin Melton and Noah Citek are just examples of some guys who are really talented and can go play this sport anywhere in the world,” said coach Johnson. 

The Braves are looking forward to the first game against Downey High School this Friday, they are hoping this game will be the start to a season to remember with a mix of seniors, freshmen, juniors and sophomores all playing key roles in their success. 

“We have freshmen all the way to seniors who play significant minutes that help our team win. I think that’s what makes us so special this year because of the depth this program is going to have for years,” said Noah. 

With the 2022 Season starting in less than 24 hours, the team is ready to take the field in their home opener against the Downey Vikings at 4:00 p.m Friday, and start their run for a CIF and Trinity League Championship. 

Sports: MLB Lockout Keeps Baseball Fans and Players Waiting

by Aeden Alexander, Sports Editor

Major League Baseball announces that the 2022 regular season will have games canceled much to the anguish of players and fans, as players and owners can’t agree to a deal that would end their lockout.

With the original start of Spring Training being on February 26th, the MLB and Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) are way past their deadline of getting a new labor deal finalized. This will not only delay and cancel Spring Training games, but it will now also cause the cancellation of the beginning of the regular season.

After the 2021 season, the current Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) expired, leaving another deal to be made. However, the MLBPA did not agree with the terms of the last deal and believed that it was too unfair for the players in many different aspects.

One of the players’ main concerns is about how poorly Minor League players are treated, as they get less pay than minimum wage in some states, as well as subpar housing in some situations. There were many other aspects of the deal that caused the lockout, including greedy owners and representatives of Major League Baseball.

Both sides have met almost every day for the past three weeks trying to make a deal. Reports have changed day to day, some being that a deal is close to being completed, with some days ending in frustration and talks going back to square one. 

The first deadline that the MLB set for an agreement to avoid canceling games was 5 P.M. on March 1st, which was not met due to Major League Baseball wanting a 14-team playoff bracket, opposed to the players’ preferred number of twelve teams.

Once the news broke about the first weekend series being canceled, many players and associates of the game of baseball came out on social media expressing their disgust with the league.

One of the main reasons the MLB owners are able to go so long without a season is that statistically, the first month of the season is always their worst economically. Losing the first few weeks doesn’t mean much to them.

In addition to the players, fans are also in outrage because America’s pastime is not happening and getting shortened. Baseball is coming off of one of its most exciting years in the past decade, which included the two-way phenom Shohei Ohtani as well as the underdog Atlanta Braves winning the World Series.

The lockout has made many things tough within the league as well, due to the fact that players are not allowed to be around each other at times, which makes it difficult during holidays. 

The board members of the MLBPA include some of the faces of baseball, as well as other respectable players. There are hundreds of players involved, but there are a selected number that really have a say in negotiations.

Tony Clark is one of the few retired players within the association and the Executive Director. Other associates consist of Max Scherzer, Andrew Miller, Elvis Andrus and Daniel Murphy.

This is only the ninth time in history where there has been a lockout in baseball, and the last time there was a lockout was right before the steroid era, in the 1990s. 

For America this is a major blow, as usually the end of the Super Bowl and NFL season signals the beginning of baseball. But now, with there being conflicts and delay, the future of the game due is at risk to the fact that kids are not watching any baseball.

MLB set another deadline for the end of the day on March 9th. If there is no agreement made, they will be canceling more games and most likely not play a full season.

Sports: Bosco Baseball Starts Season Off Strong

by Ian Cook

After not having the season they longed for last year, the St. John Bosco Braves baseball team, led by Head Coach Don Barbara, have started off their 2022 season strong with an overall record of 5-1.

Photo by Alex Diaz, Photo Editor

This year, the Braves have a grand total of 18 senior players. This team has already proven to be a strong contender as they were ranked 16th in Southern California by the Los Angeles Times. With this experience, they are hopeful to beat out the very challenging competition and win the prestigious Trinity League Championship.

“We’ve had a great start to this season so far, and since we have a lot of seniors, including myself, I just want to turn a lot of heads and make it big for our team,” said senior third baseman Julian Orozco. 

The Braves will face off against the Jserra Lions and the Orange Lutheran Lancers, two high-level programs that have drawn national attention in the last few years due to their continuous successful seasons. 

The Braves have had to battle through adversity over the course of the last two years due to COVID-19 and an unsuccessful season. Though going into this season, the Braves are excited to get back to a championship-contending team.

“We’ve had a rough two years, our season was cut short due to COVID, and last year we went 6-21. This year we’re finally back to normal and we have a lot of division one talent that we’re ready to display this year,” said senior catcher Dylan Taguiam. 

As of now, the Braves have defeated El Dorado 6-1, Mission Viejo 9-6, Woodbridge 8-1, Newport Harbor 13-1 and San Juan Hills 6-3. The Braves’ only defeat was to a very strong, Tesoro team, losing 4-3 in the championship game of the Newport Elks Tourney. 

The Braves have been able to use their depth to have a successful season thus far and hope to continue this game plan going into a very tough Trinity League stretch. 

“We’ve had a lot of guys this year step up big time and help us make great plays to close out these games. Dylan Lina, and Taguiam, as well as Jake Ellison, are just examples of a few guys that have really helped us close out games these last couple of weeks. We’re going to be counting on them and other guys as well to keep being as consistent as possible,” said senior pitcher Niko Riera. 

With this heavy senior group, comes many commitments, a few to mention are Caleb Brandon, committed to the University of Southern California, Dylan Taguiam, committed to Lipscomb University, Dylan Lina, committed to San Jose State University, Aeden Alexander, committed to Azusa Pacific University and Niko Riera, committed to the University of California Irvine.

Despite the depth in this year’s team, the expectations will even be higher than in previous years. The Braves hope to win the 2022 Trinity League Championship, as well as a CIF Southern Section and State Regional Title. 

The Braves will play an away game against Dana Hills Tuesday, March 8th, at 3 P.M.

Life of a Brave: The SAT Test is Going Digital

by Dominic Ramirez and Andrew Fierro, Managing Editor

Starting 2024, the college board will be offering students the chance to take the SAT test digitally. This change will be made in response to covid restrictions as well as a general rework of the structure of the exams.

On January 25, the college board made the announcement that the test will be offered digitally internationally in 2023, and in march of 2024 for the United States. The test will be taken on a laptop or tablet at school, or at a local testing facility, the test will not be available to be taken from the home.

If a student does not have a suitable electronic device, one will be provided by the college board on the day of the test. Also, if a device runs out of battery, the test will allow for the user to resume once the device finishes charging.

The digital SAT won’t just be the online version of the paper test, the college board plans to restructure the test to make it more flexible, easier to take, easier to give, more secure and more relevant. The test has been shortened to one hour, as opposed to the previous test, which was three hours in duration. This was done by making reading sections shorter and math questions less lengthy.

Making the SAT online also allows test results to be delivered to students faster and easier. SAT scores will also help give students resources like information about local two-year colleges and workforce training programs.

This isn’t the first exam sanctioned by the College Board to go digital, as in recent years they have had to conduct AP exams online due to covid restrictions.

“In this covid environment and in the digital new age, it makes sense to transition to an online version of exams,” said school counselor Basil Totah.

The effects of COVID-19 continue to have an impact on the educational field, with more schools transitioning to online learning, and more tests transitioning to digital versions. Though, for many, this is looked upon as a good thing as it can help with stress and other health issues when approaching tests or school in general. Many students at Bosco feel similarly and look forward to the digital switch of the SAT.

“I think making the SAT digital will help a lot with lowering my stress level on (the) testing day,” said junior Angel Rivera.

This new rework may improve the number of students actually taking the test as many have opted out since it has become optional. Many students would dread the SAT test, knowing that it was a very long and difficult test that had a great impact on a student’s college application. Though, with the length of the exam becoming far shorter as well as the exam becoming digital, students may feel more confident going into the test than they would have previously.

Although the SAT isn’t a mandatory requirement for most colleges it’s highly recommended you still take it as a good SAT score can strengthen your college application. All PSAT exams will become digital in the fall of 2023. To find out more about the SAT exam, one can visit the college board official website at

Sports: Bosco Basketball Sets Sights on State Title

by Aydn Morris

Following a disappointing loss at JSerra last week, the Braves are looking towards their first-round matchup with the La Costa Canyon Mavericks in the CIF State Championship tournament.

Photo by Alex Diaz, Photo Editor

In an uncharacteristic game from the Braves, they lost 60-44 against JSerra. They struggled heavily to put the ball in the basket. In the first quarter, they only scored six points, and things did not get much better as they only scored ten points in the second quarter. 

“We shot the ball very poorly and allowed that to affect our defense. We have to always defend at a high level,” said head coach Matt Dunn.

According to Max Preps, the Braves average 15.7 points in the first quarter, and average a total of 64.3 points per game. The Braves were not able to hit either of these marks in this game, which led to the loss.

“We weren’t talking and did not communicate enough and get organized. We just weren’t ourselves and we can’t let that happen again. We need to improve by having more energy and the seniors leading more vocally,” said senior point guard D.J. Henry

Even with the loss last week, the Braves still have high hopes and expectations in what seems to be a second chance. The state tournament consists of 32 teams. The Braves earned the tenth seed in the southern side of the bracket, and they go against the seventh seeded Mavericks.

“I honestly feel pretty confident in my brothers that we can get the job done, because losing the game against Jserra was a big blow and it was a tough lesson to learn. I feel we have learnt it and we never want to feel that way again, so I feel really confident that we will take it to whoever we play. Just one game at a time,” said senior Marco Kenz 

The JSerra loss seemed to be a huge blow to the Braves, as any playoff loss should, but all they can focus on now is the next game, staying confident and being resilient. 

“Personally, I feel like we have something to prove. I don’t think many people believe we can win this, but our team does. So, we are excited to play,” said sophomore guard Jack Turner.

Fortunately, the Braves did not have to end their season in that fashion because that is not how they want to be defined as a team. The Braves were very resilient throughout their whole season, as they dealt with COVID as well as other adversities, including injuries. 

“We have had a lot of adversity with guys getting injured, and I had to sit out for transfer rules. It took a while for us to finally get in a rhythm together,” said Jack Turner.

These adversities may have benefited the Braves, as it made them play more as a team and play with more toughness, while giving everyone on the team an important role to fill. 

“We need our bench guys to play well. Different guys have stepped up at different times, but Marco Kenz and Christian Lizarraga have been very important,” said Coach Dunn. 

The Braves have many key players that fill their role, such as Jack Turner, Christian Estrada and D.J. Henry. Jack transferred in and became the leading scorer, as well a great defender. Christian is the force in the paint and the leader in both rebounds and blocks per game. D.J. is the leader in both assists per game and steals per game, as well as the senior voice, along with guard Ray King.

The Braves will need to lock in and focus during this game against La Costa Canyon, because they may not score on as much of a high level. The Mavericks have players who can score well, including their leading scorer, junior Christian Brown who is a 6’5″ wing.

The game takes place tonight at 6:00 P.M. at La Costa Canyon High School in Carlsbad, California.

Sports: Bosco’s Hockey Team Secures Second Seed in the Playoffs

by Eric Torres, Editor-In-Chief

Braves hockey continued their tradition of excellence, earning a first-round bye in the playoffs following a strong and tough regular season. 

This season, the Braves, participating in the Anaheim Ducks High School Hockey League (ADHSHL), posted a record of 10-5-2. Their 29 points, the third-most in the league, was not only enough to take the second seed in the playoffs, but also clinch a very important first-round bye.

Even more impressively, this was the Braves’ first full season in Division 1 of the ADHSHL. They entered this division following a Division 2 championship in the 2019-2020 season, which was their second in four seasons, with three championship games reached over that four-year span.

Despite earning the second seed, the Braves’ start to the year was rocky at best. The Braves started the season 1-3-0 after tough losses to Santa Margarita, Lutheran (Orange) and the Capistrano Coyotes. A tough schedule and new players, which meant a lack of chemistry at the beginning of the season, played a big role in the slow start. 

“Honestly, we started against the hardest teams, and we had a lot of new guys on the team, so we needed to get it together,” said senior goaltender Kevin Zamazal.

However, the Braves turned the season around. After that 1-3-0 start, the Braves won their next three en route to taking the next six out of seven. In the end, the Braves only lost two more games in regulation for the rest of the season.

“We played our system more, we didn’t just focus on one guy. We made better passes and got more chemistry,” said sophomore forward Patrik Cech.

Furthermore, in that three-game win streak, the Braves got revenge on both Santa Margarita, who currently holds the first seed in the playoffs, in a thrilling overtime win, as well as the Capistrano Coyotes, in a 6-1 blowout. Unlike the Trinity League, the ADHSHL has different divisions, meaning that there was no competition against teams like “The Team in Red” and Servite. Instead, the Braves have rivalries with teams such as these two.

“Santa Margarita is our rival because every time that we play, it is a very physical game, and it is very tight. There’s a lot of energy when we play,” said junior defenseman Tyler Gagnon.

In order for this type of season to take place, especially in a sport like hockey, contributions came from everywhere. Nichollas Nelson, from Downey High School, led the team with 16 points. Elsewhere, the Braves received a push from their underclassmen, with contributions from Patrik Cech, with twelve points, and freshman center Ty Izadi, who added five goals and four assists in only nine games played.

“Everyone played well. Patrik played well, and Ty Izadi played really well and got a good start for his freshman year,” said Kevin. 

Even with a top-three offense in the division, the defense also carried their weight. The Braves surrendered 58 goals in their 17 games played. With the offensive capabilities of the team, this figure is more than good enough for a top seed in the playoffs. Defensemen, such as Tyler Gagnon, stepped up to hold other teams at bay.

Finally, the goaltending completed a well-rounded team performance in the regular season. Kevin Zamazal posted a respectable .885 save percentage and averaged 3.28 goals against per game. 

“Kevin stood on his head the whole year. Everyone did their part and did what they were supposed to do,” said Ty.

In order to succeed in the playoffs, the Braves will need to play at their highest level, while also remembering the adjustments that put them in this spot. Although they hold the second seed, no team is to be overlooked, especially with the amount of time since the last game. Furthermore, a deep run could allow for the return of senior first-line defenseman Donovan Felton, who is currently sidelined with an ankle injury.

“We need to keep playing like a team and play it simple. We beat the good teams by playing simple and doing the easy stuff. We also need to take our chances,” said Kevin. 

This year, the Braves’ chances to win it all are at their highest. Beyond holding the second seed and a first-round bye, the Braves defeated every team that is on their side of the bracket already this year. Furthermore, due to the seeding, the two teams with the highest points in the division, Santa Margarita and St. Mary’s are seeded on the other half of the bracket. This means that the Braves will not face either team until the final, should they make it.

“We have a big chance to win. In the bracket, we are on the right side, and we have already beat all the teams on our side. If we play our system and we play well we should get into the finals,” said Patrik. 

Due to a first-round bye, Braves hockey does not play their first playoff game until March 10 at Anaheim Ice Rink, which will start at 6:30 P.M. They will face the winner of the matchup between Bellarmine Prep and Pacific Ridge School, with a trip to the semi-finals on the line.

News/Op-Ed: Russia Begins Invasion of Ukraine

by Nicholas Neoman

Russian troops have started to invade Ukraine’s borders, and for days on end, Ukraine has been under severe attack from the Russian invasion, forcing millions to flee major cities like Kyiv. 

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes he is sending these troops as peacekeepers, backing separatist states in eastern Ukraine that want to break away from the democratic country. Hundreds of military caravans have started to fill out eastern Ukraine as the world now starts to speculate the dangers that this could impose. 

Putin has yet to state what the extent of this invasion is. While some believe that it is a tactic to weaken Ukraine and free some lands, others speculate that Russia wants to overthrow Ukraine’s government. Putin’s reasoning behind these attacks is to create the “demilitarization and denazification” of Ukraine. However, these claims have been proven to be utterly false as Ukraine’s president is Jewish and there is no report of mass genocide occurring in Ukraine.

Early Thursday morning, air raid sirens could be heard wailing in major cities of Ukraine. Russia deployed missiles to attack these cities. These attacks are believed to be the most life-threatening air attacks since World War II with the Nazi Blitzkrieg. It also could point to a possibility of war on the horizon for not just Ukraine but all of Europe.

Today Russian forces are growing closer to conquering Kyiv as the death toll rises. Millions were fleeing the city of Kyiv today as fears of more invasion, both aerial and ground, began to grow. 

Increasing Russian units continue to pour into Ukraine as more innocent civilians are forced out of their homes. The Ukrainian government is running wild, trying to find an area to put displaced citizens while trying to mount some form of defense against the Russian government.

The Kremlin issued statements saying Vladimir Putin would eventually reveal how long this invasion would occur and what the goal of this attack is. As the world waits to see what Russia does next, it is interesting to imagine what could occur as a result of these attacks. After World War II, NATO was created, where Western allies would fight for each other in the event of an attack. Ukraine is not a part of this NATO agreement, however. 

US President Joe Biden has stated that the United States would not be defending Ukraine in any physical skirmishes. Unless Russia continues its march through Eastern Europe and attacks Baltic nations in NATO, the United States would remain neutral. Other forces like the United Kingdom and France also follow this same sentiment. 

However, President Biden has created sanctions on Russia economically which includes blocks on technology and special rules and laws for Russian banks. The Biden administration believes that this will hurt the Russian economy both immediately and over time.

Historians speculate that Russia and China, two strong Communist countries, could form an alliance against the world. If these two nations ally together, the US and other democratic nations around the world may be forced into a total war. 

Ultimately, the world still waits to see what unfolds as Europe becomes a chessboard where Putin is the prime mover. Could Putin call off these attacks; or could Europe become the center of nuclear warfare? As of now, all that the world is able to do is to send prayers for those fleeing Ukraine in terror.

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