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SPORTS: Bosco Volleyball Shows Fight and Resilience

by Omar Cerezo

Despite not having the best of starts Bosco, Bosco volleyball is making the most of an unprecedented season.

Being at home during a lockdown isn’t an easy thing to do as you aren’t able to enjoy time with friends, visit places or play any indoor and outdoor sports. The volleyball team has been making great progress in overcoming these challenges and being able to practice with each other while following COVID-19 regulations. This shows what being a Bosco Brave is all about and not only sets a good example for the school but for many teams during these times. 

Head Coach Shane Beatty, also an entrepreneurship and algebra 2 teacher, has been coaching volleyball at Bosco for three years now and explained that there has been setbacks, like getting the team gym time and having to do COVID-19 testing on a weekly basis. 

“You got to have patience and just focus on controlling what you can control,” said Mr. Beatty

He wasn’t even expecting to have a season, but now that they are able to play, there are some restrictions on what they can and cannot do. This taught the team to be patient and always keep their heads up and have a good spirit.

“Our energy for sure our strength. There’s no other group of guys that I want to go to battle with,” said Mr. Beatty 

Beatty describes how there are a lot of kids with high energy no matter what the situation is during these times, and it goes on to show what being a Bosco Brave is all about. 

Junior student Alex Mayo has been playing on the Bosco volleyball team since he was a freshman. He echoed Coach Beatty’s sentiments about the challenges they’ve faced returning after the pandemic layoff.

“You had to learn how to adapt,” Alex said.

Even from all this recent diversity Alex was still able to have that Bosco brotherhood with his teammates on and off the court. 

“Its different, man; you got to just try it out,” said Alex, explaining that volleyball is a sport where you have to experience the sport to understand the fun of it. 

As far as the challenges the volleyball team had to face, it’s been visible that they never gave up and continued to move forward. They have not let this COVID-19 pandemic interrupt their experience at Bosco during their volleyball season.    

Sports: Bosco Wrestling Coach Juan Archuleta Faces A Strong Challenger In Sergio Pettis For His First Bellator Bantamweight Title Defense

by Andrew Fierro

Archuleta, who has been a coach and mentor to St. John Bosco’s wrestling team, has his first title defense coming up. He has had a huge impact on the St. John Bosco team, who have been wrestling fantastically for many years and are having a great start to the 2021 season which was condensed due to COVID-19. 

In a fight taking place on Friday, May 6th in Uncasville, Connecticut for Bellator 258, Archuleta, who has just recently acquired the Bantamweight crown, looks to successfully complete his first defense against Sergio Pettis.

Sergio Pettis, who is the brother of well known former UFC fighter Anthony Pettis, has looked very well in his first two bouts as part of the Bellator organization and looks to carry forward his performances against Archuleta in the biggest fight of his career. 

However, standing in his way is the extremely capable Juan Archuleta, who is 20-1 since 2015 as well as 25-2 overall and is coming off one of his strongest showings of his career in his title victory over Patchy Mix via decision. He showed off even more of his fast pacing and strength in every aspect of mixed martial arts with his wrestling and his boxing being great strengths of his.

Though Juan Archuleta may be the favorite going into this fight, Sergio Pettis is no slouch, having been a former UFC fighter fighting amongst the best in the world and having an incredible transition into the Bellator organization. 

In this fight against Sergio Pettis, Juan Archuleta is facing a fighter with an amazing all around fight style that allows him to look for finishes in all areas of the fight. Whether it is through submission or knockout, Sergio Pettis has a chance to end the fight at any given moment. Paired up against the incredible pacing Juan Archuleta brings to the fight, the fight will most likely be an extremely active and fun fight to watch for fans. 

In this fight, the future of MMA will be showcased, according to Juan Archuleta. With both of these fighters having high caliber skills in every aspect of mixed martial arts, the age of being skilled in only one strand of MMA is fading. Now, to be able to compete at the highest level, one must be able to use every aspect of MMA to their advantage or will not be able to keep up with the highest competitors of the sport.

In this fight, both the fighters are able to do so, which is why the fight will be extremely interesting to watch and is the start to a new age of MMA, where both the fighters are extremely well versed in every aspect of MMA. 

The mindset of Archuletta going into the fight is not about defending his throne, but gaining something new. He believes that the belt is up for grabs and they both have the same opportunity of receiving it, so rather than him defending it, it’s him acquiring it once again. 

The fight will be a very intriguing fight, and both of these fighters seem well prepared and extremely excited to get into the octagon together. The fight will consist of five, 5-minute rounds and the winner will be the Bellator Bantamweight Champion. With Pettis looking to hold nothing back to take the belt from Archuleta and become the champion, Archuleta is ready for whatever comes his way and excited to defend his throne for the first time in his career. 

Sports: Bosco Basketball Is Rolling Ahead of Trinity League Battle Against “The Team in Red”

by Jackson Smith

Braves basketball have gotten off to an incredible start this season, as they currently hold a 12-1 record behind star players Lamaj Lewis, Jeremiah Nyarko and Scotty Washington. 

Head Coach Matt Dunn has the utmost faith in his team and their future. Coach Dunn says that he is happy to just get to play this year and give his players a chance to get out on the court. 

Coach Dunn is happy with their start, even though he believes that they should have won the game against Santa Margarita. That game went into overtime, and they lost by only three on a last second shot. It seems that all of the players on the team believe that they should have pulled that game out. They’ll have another shot against the Eagles this Friday at home in the Thunderdome.

Dunn says that every team in the Trinity League poses a problem and every game is going to be a fight, and the hardest part is getting ready for another tough team each and every week. But that’s exactly what the Braves need, as Coach Dunn and his squad have set their sights yet again on the CIF-SS Open Division playoffs. 

The team seems to have a great spirit and camaraderie, and Coach Dunn thinks so too.

“Our guys do a tremendous job supporting each other,” said Coach Dunn, as that seems to be an important key to being a great team. Coach sees this team as one of the best he has had, not only in terms of talent, which is without a doubt there, but also in togetherness and really being a team.

“We have built an identity, which is the most important part of our season,” said senior captain Hunter Richardson.

Coach and the team believe that what has brought them down, if anything, is the lack of practice time, which has impacted all teams throughout the state. However, Dunn believes their lack of time together makes the players grateful for any time that they do get together. 

“We got to treat every game like it’s our last, and we got to stay together through these tough times,” said senior point guard Lamaj Lewis.

Dunn sees seniors Lewis, Richardson, and guard Scotty Washington as the leaders of the team.

“They are mature young men and that helps them become leaders. These three help the team in more ways than just scoring,” said Coach Dunn.

The Braves’ biggest challenges will be mental, as they are a team with size, strength, speed and skill that feels very few teams can beat them without them beating themselves.

“Our hardest battle is the mental battle because physically we can beat any team out there,” said Richardson.

The Braves take on “The Team in Red” tonight on the road in what is perhaps the most anticipated basketball game in the Southern Section so far this season, a game that will be televised live on KDOC at 7:30pm.

Sports: Another Brave In The NFL, Offensive Lineman Wyatt Davis

by Diego Santizo, Sports Editor

Former St. John Bosco and Ohio State guard Wyatt Davis was selected 86th overall by the Minnesota Vikings in the third round of the 2021 NFL Draft on Friday night.

Despite initially opting out of the 2020 season, he returned to Ohio State and finished the season as a unanimous All-American. Davis, a team captain in 2020, also earned First-Team All-Big Ten honors in his final two seasons as a Buckeye. He capped off his time at Ohio State by winning the 2020 Big Ten Conference Rimington-Pace Offensive Lineman of the Year Award, becoming the first guard in program history to earn that accolade.

Davis put together an illustrious career with Ohio State, capping off his time in college with 24 straight starts in his final three seasons. He really excelled in his redshirt sophomore and junior seasons, earning First-Team All-American honors in 2019 and 2020 for his play at right guard. He is the fourth Buckeye to hear his name called in this year’s draft, following behind Chicago Bears Quarterback Justin Fields, New Orleans Saints Linebacker Pete Werner and Green Bay Packers Center Josh Myers.

Davis’ decorated college career wasn’t a surprise after he was the number one guard prospect in the nation out of high school for the 2017 class. A five-star recruit, Davis starred here at St. John Bosco High School and was a teammate of current NFL Quarterback Josh Rosen. His strong play along the offensive line helped St. John Bosco win 38 games in his final three seasons, including a 13-win season and a Division I CIF championship in 2016. Davis was named a U.S. Army All-American and the Los Angeles Times’ Southern California Player of the Year.

Davis is a physical tone-setter with the length, use of hands and anchor to excel in a diverse run scheme while setting a firm pocket in pass protection. He needs to shore up his footwork out of his stance and weight distribution to improve his ability to stay upright and locate defenders in space as a run-blocker, but he has the right demeanor and skill set to excel as a pass protector right away and hold his own as a run-blocker.

Many draft experts were surprised to see Davis still on the board in the third round and praised the Vikings for getting tremendous value with him at number 86. In fact, a glance at a trio of pre-draft big boards shows that Davis was among the highest-ranked guards in the draft class, with many experts expecting him to go earlier in the third round. The big board at CBS Sports had Davis as the number 42 overall player in the draft, while analytics website Pro Football Focus had Davis at number 61 overall. Dane Brugler of The Athletic ranked Davis as the 63rd-best player in the draft.

Nonetheless, another Bosco alum is taking his talents to the NFL. Brave Nation wishes him the best of luck going forward!

Sports: LeBron James Catches Heat For Twitter Comments

by Ryan Dwyer

As one of the most outspoken athletes in the world, LeBron James often feels the pressure to speak out on issues of social justice. However, at what point does it become excessive and controversial, if at all?

On April 21st, 2021, Lebron James Posted a tweet with a picture of a police officer which was captioned “YOU’RE NEXT⌛” followed by the hashtag “#ACCOUNTABILITY.” The officer who was featured in this tweet was an officer by the name of Nicholas Riadon, a Columbus, Ohio police officer who was involved in the deadly shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant, a 16 year old African American girl. Bryant called police after she was attacked by a group of girls in her neighborhood.

Initially the vast majority of people were outraged and saw this as yet another racially motivated killing. However, footage soon came out showing that once the officer had arrived on the scene, the incident had fizzled out and no one was being harmed, until video surfaced on Nicholas Riadon’s body cam that showed Ma’Khia out of nowhere lunging at two of the girls with a knife, leading to her eventual fatal shooting.

As sad as the situation is, it was widely accepted that this proved Nicholas Riadon innocent of any racial motivations as he was simply saving a girl from being stabbed or possibly killed by Ma’Khia Bryant. LeBron’s tweet had come out after this information was already made public though, so it faced immediate backlash as many believed he had neglected to do any sort of research on the situation, which is something he has prided himself on doing in the past. He deleted his tweet less than a day later after a massive uproar. In the following days, he put out several tweets in which he both directly and indirectly addressed the situation.

One day after the initial tweet, he put out a new one, in which he stated, “ANGER does any of us any good and that includes myself! Gathering all the facts and educating does though! My anger still is here for what happened that lil girl. My sympathy for her family and may justice prevail!”

This tweet gave sort of an admittance to the lack of research used just the day prior, but still showed his anger for the situation. Later that day, he addressed the fact that he had deleted the prior controversial tweet by putting out one last tweet.

“I’m so damn tired of seeing Black people killed by police. I took the tweet down because it’s being used to create more hate -This isn’t about one officer. It’s about the entire system and they always use our words to create more racism. I am so desperate for more ACCOUNTABILITY,” LeBron said, shedding some light on his reasoning behind deleting the tweet.

It seems as though it was more about preventing a false narrative and preventing the conversation from being taken away from the problem at hand. Also, it was about ending the backlash and controversy. Regardless of the statements put out by LeBron and the removal of the tweet, he still faced significant hate and criticism. This continual outpour of anger and hatred was made even more prevalent when the news broke that an Ohio bar owner had been quoted as saying that NBA games won’t be shown at his establishment until LeBron is expelled from the league.

Lebron responded to this news by retweeting a MSN article about the situation, saying “Aww Damn! I was headed there to watch our game tonight and have a drink! Welp.”

Even former president of the United States, Donald Trump, released a statement about LeBron saying “LeBron James should focus on basketball rather than presiding over the destruction of the NBA”… “He may be a great basketball player, but he is doing nothing to bring our Country together.”

Statements like that only further push a narrative that LeBron spoke when he shouldn’t have, and conservative Americans are not very happy about it.

Nonetheless, LeBron is a massive figure in both sports, activism and pop culture. He is just simply one of the most well known people in the world, and that title holds a lot of weight. He is one of the biggest voices in the world of activism and awareness, so no matter how much hate he receives he will always stick by what he believes is right.

On top of that, he is one of the best basketball players the world has ever seen, and there is no doubt that regardless of the backlash he faces he will always be just as successful and sought after as he’s always been. No matter what happens – what controversy he is surrounded by or what mistakes he makes – LeBron James will always show up for his team and the community to dominate both on and off the court as the voice for so many voiceless people.

Sports: Lakeshow Is Back To Normal Operations

by Aeden Alexander

The defending NBA Champions Los Angeles Lakers are finally opening up the Staples Center to fans for the first time in 386 days.

Over a year later the 2020 NBA Champions Los Angeles Lakers have finally opened up the Staples Center to fan. There will be some new rules implemented and the Lakers are one of the last teams to let their fans into their home stadium. The reopening has been possible thanks to the fact there are new vaccines and lower cases in Southern California.

In their first game back with fans in the home crowd the Lakers host the Boston Celtics and plan to soon unveil their 2020 championship banner. The Lakers are expected to hold around two thousand fans at the Staples Center with a few restrictions to comply with the due to the limited capacity.

To begin with the fans have two options to get into the stadium. The first one is to either get vaccinated with both doses of either maderna, or pfizer and have sufficient proof of your shots with your vaccination card. The second option is to have a negative COVID test three days prior to your arrival. 

Many Laker fans have been looking forward to this return as they come off a red hot championship year. The team has also gotten a new and improved look as they made multiple key moves this past offseason.

The arena will look to have thirty-five percent capacity for the remaining home games and if they did not have two previously mentioned arena restrictions they would have been forced to comply with only a ten-percent capacity.

Once you have your ticket you will have it electronically on your device and are required to bring that device in order to have access into the game. When you get in the Staples Center there will be face masks required for ages two and up and must be worn at all times with no exceptions whatsoever.

No bags are allowed inside of the arena and everything must be able to fit in your pockets. All of the fans transactions will be either credit or debit with cash not being allowed at this time as an acceptable form of payment. Any food or drinks you wish to buy must be purchased after scanning a QR code.

Sports: It’s That Time Of The Year Again!

by Diego Santizo, Sports Editor

The Braves are ready to take the field in Santa Ana to once again assert their dominance as the best high school football team in the nation.

Since 2014, there hasn’t been a bigger high school football rivalry in the region, state and country then St. John Bosco and team in red from Orange County.  

The two national powers have met 10 times in that span and it’s been either to decide a Trinity League, Southern Section or Southern California regional title. 

All eyes, computer screens, binoculars, smart phones and TV cameras will be focused on Santa Ana Stadium at 7 p.m. Saturday when both powerhouses tangle to unofficially decide which is the best team not only in Southern California, but also the state and perhaps even the nation. 

The two national elites have been sparring, jabbing and throwing haymakers since 2016 to officially decide the Southern Section’s Division I champion, which has parlayed into national ramifications, rankings and even championships. 

In their last 10 contests, each has won five times. The cumulative score in those games: St. John Bosco 295, Orange County team 287. 

The top two ranked teams in the Golden State have been pegged also among the top five squads in the country the last five years and would have been once more in 2020 had the season not been postponed to the spring due to the pandemic. 

With no league, section or state playoffs offered, and Saturday being the last date football teams are allowed to play in the Southern Section, Bosco versus team in red is billed as the unofficial state championship. The Orange County team is No. 1 in the state according to MaxPreps Top 25 California rankings while St. John Bosco is No. 2. 

Last week Pierce Clarkson threw touchdown passes on his first three throws and St. John Bosco scored six touchdowns on its first 22 offensive plays in what would end up being a dominating victory over the visiting Orange Lutheran by a score of 55-0.

Clarkson, a sophomore, completed 5 of 6 passes for 130 yards, junior Katin Houser hit on 7 of 9 for 158 yards and another score, and nine ballcarriers ran for 255 yards as Bosco (5-0 overall, 4-0 Trinity) amassed 542 yards including 382 in the first half and 476 by the end of the third quarter.

Bosco went into half-time leading 48-0 and would then let loose the reserves for the whole second half of the game.

Meanwhile, the opponent for Saturday consisted of freshman quarterback Elijah Brown throwing for four first-half touchdowns and running back Raleek Brown rushed for two scores as they headlined a 49-13 victory against No. 4 Santa Margarita at Santa Ana Stadium.

All hell is going to break lose in Santa Ana and normally more than 5,000 fans would jam into Santa Ana Stadium, but only a little more than 1,000 will be allowed in the stadium for Saturday’s game due to social distancing precautions. 

Sports: Bosco Wrestling Returns At Last

by Andrew Fierro

Bosco Wrestling is back in a new format which has already affected the wrestlers and their seasons leaving an impact on the future of their wrestling careers.

Though the wrestling season for most of the wrestlers starts in the fall of every year, this year due to restrictions from Covid-19 the season isn’t getting underway until late April and into May.

With the restrictions from Covid-19 the seasons format will be updated with new schedules and different outlooks on duals. There will be no tournaments and instead will have duals and a will indeed have a CIF Dual Championship at the end of the season. This is different from the usual season with a variety of team duals and individual tournaments for the wrestlers.

The biggest update for the season is the unlikelihood of a state championship tournament. With no tournament at this scale it will have a major effect on the seniors wrestling who are scholarship hopefuls. Without this type of stage that will give the seniors the chance to make a name for themselves it will become more difficult for the wrestlers to get the notoriety of different colleges in hopes for scholarship opportunities.

Many seniors who are not looking to wrestle in college will also be heavily impacted because of the loss of a large portion of their last season. Many wrestlers from all over the state will be disappointed to not have the opportunity to compete at the highest level.

One senior who was hoping to have a standout performance in the 2021 wrestling season to help boost his scholarship opportunities was Bosco Wrestler Jasper Centeno.

“The season usually is able to provide us with exposure to college scouts, so with the season being dramatically reduced, it has a large effect on being scouted,” said Jasper.

Though he has had to deal with lots of issues with the season Jasper shows excitement towards the season and being able to wrestle.

“I’m just happy I will be able to participate in something in my final year,” said Jasper.

It’s been hard for wrestlers like him and many others who may have lost focus and motivation for the oncoming season which is something that Jasper spoke on. 

“It’s easy to stay lazy and not better yourself, you have to make that choice to get up and improve yourself,” said Jasper.

Many seniors like him are going through the exact same issue and are being hit hard with the chance of not being able to get offers to wrestle at a higher level college next year. Covid has had a drastic effect on the way colleges scout, though seniors are not the only ones going through tough times due to covid. 

Another wrestler having to fight through the adversity caused by covid this season is junior Bosco Wrestler Oscar Aranda. Oscar Aranda has also dealt with many challenges going into this season and is disappointed that the season is not as long as usual which doesn’t bring the same excitement as usual. His biggest disappointment is in the unlikelihood of a state tournament.

“The changes to the season are restraining and the possibility of no state tournament is bad because it is the highlight of many wrestlers’ high school careers,” said Oscar.

There are also limitations on practice and with all of the wrestlers being unable to practice up until now it will be hard for them to compete at the best of their abilities. There will be strict policies from each school in the CIF that will limit the amount of participants and what the criteria is to be able to participate.

Though one good thing that has come out of covid is the eagerness it has given the wrestlers to compete. The wrestlers have been starved from not only competition but even practice which has caused wrestlers like Oscar to become anxious to get back to it.

“Yes not being able to practice much has made me hungrier to get back on the mat which I believe is a good thing,” said Oscar.

As the season begins Bosco Wrestling looks to keep that high status in the wrestling community and continue their dominance throughout the year with hungry wrestlers who are eager to get back to sport. 

Sports: After A Series Of Upsets, UCLA Made A Surprising Final Four Run During March Madness

by Jackson Smith

Against all odds, the UCLA Bruins made a shocking March Madness run, led by Head Coach Mick Cronin and stars Johnny Juzang and Jaime Jaquez Jr. Despite taking the NCAA by storm, the Bruins missed out on a chance to play for the National Championship after their loss to Gonzaga in heartbreaking fashion.

The Bruins, led by Jaime Jaquez Jr and Johnny Juzang, had their run stopped by #1 seeded Gonzaga in the last seconds of overtime. Gonzaga Guard Jalen Suggs dribbled down most of the court and then made a one footed 3 pointer that banked in as the clock hit zero, crushing UCLA’s dream run. 

After hitting the shocking buzzer beater, Suggs, a potential lottery pick in the upcoming NBA Draft, jumped onto the scorer’s table and celebrated as UCLA players stood crushed. In a show of sportsmanship, after celebrating, Suggs hugged Jaquez Jr. and Juzang while they dealt with the shock of their loss. 

In a game where everyone ruled them out, the Bruins went and gave one of the best college teams a serious run for their money, being just a miracle shot away from forcing double overtime. It was arguably one of the greatest NCAA March Madness games of all time. 

Right before the end of the game, with only two seconds remaining, there was a controversial call by the official. The call was a charging foul, which is what gave Suggs a chance at his game winner. If it had been called a blocking foul, then Juzang would have gone to the free throw line with a chance at a two point lead. At the time it seemed like a good call, but the replay left some serious doubts amongst fans. 

UCLA was never supposed to be in the game if the scoring was plentiful, but their big three came up with extraordinary numbers that night. Juzang, Jaquez Jr. and Tyger Campbell came out and competed. Campbell, UCLA’s point guard, went out and scored consistently, while Juzang went out and put up 29 points. Jaquez Jr’s clutch shooting nearly made all of the difference. 

UCLA came into college basketball’s biggest tournament as the number 11 seed from the west, but even before that they had to play Michigan State for their spot to even compete. The Bruins got hot after their overtime win against Michigan State. They defeated BYU and Abilene Christian with a case for an underdog team. They overcame number 2 seed Alabama in overtime and scraped by against Michigan. 

UCLA was never supposed to go so far in the tournament. If someone had bet they would have gotten 50-1 odds for them to make the Final Four, behind even St. Bonaventure and Georgetown. They were the obvious outliers in the final four with two 1 seeds and a 2 seed compared to their 11 seed, and despite seeming like a hell of an underdog, they almost won the bloody battle against 1 seed Gonzaga and a spot in the National Championship game

After the teams successes, UCLA Head Coach Mick Cronin received a multi-year extension to remain with the school for the foreseeable future. If past is prologue, the Bruins – who went from the first four to the final four against all odds – may very well have the opportunity to win the elusive National Championship under Cronin. 

Sports: Bosco Looks To Stay Hot As They Take On Orange Lutheran Saturday Evening

by Diego Santizo, Sports Editor

The Braves look to head into Santa Ana next weekend with momentum as they look to stay undefeated in 2021.

Last Saturday afternoon, the home crowd was treated to a show as the Braves took yet another big step toward the season with a clinical 66-14 rout of the visiting JSerra.

Bosco (4-0, 3-0 Trinity) scored touchdowns on its first, third, seventh, 11th, 19th, 21st and 25th offensive plays, rolling up a 35-0 advantage by the end of the first quarter, pushing that to 49-0 after seven possessions and to 59-7 by halftime.

The Braves rolled up 419 total yards in the first half, 491 for the game and missed the end zone just twice all afternoon, settling for a Andre Meono field goal near the end of the first half and, with mostly reserves on the field, forced to punt in the third quarter.

They scored in special teams thanks to Rayshon Luke’s 85-yard punt return at the end of the first half and on defense after Zion Austin’s had a school-record 96-yard interception return early in the fourth quarter.

“We played really well, cleaned up a lot of the mistakes,” “We had just two penalties, we had no miss-tackles, and we executed. All the balls we threw were on time, we made our blocks, and we got so far ahead of them that we just overwhelmed them” Negro said in an interview with the Long Beach Press Telegram

The Braves will now turn their attention towards Orange Lutheran, who have just scored 20 points in its two games. Both resulted in losses to Servite (69-13) and Mater Dei (49-7). Lancers junior quarterback Logan Gonzalez threw for 197 yards, a touchdown and an interception against Servite.

The Braves have been using two quarterbacks, sophomore Pierce Clarkson and junior Katin Houser and both have had success.

Clarkson has passed for 406 yards and six TDs while completing 71.9% and has also rushed for 195 yards and a touchdown. Houser has thrown for 432 yards and six TDs and has completed 65.9% of his passes. Neither has thrown an interception.

The St. John Bosco running game — led by junior Rayshon Luke — is averaging 8.6 yards per carry. Luke has gone for 267 yards and four TDs on just 18 carries, a 14.8 average.

St. John Bosco’s first five games in this spring football season are all about preparing for the sixth and final outing, against Mater Dei to determine the Trinity League champion.

Negro knows his players are looking ahead to that game, even with Orange Lutheran headed to Bellflower on Saturday, and that’s totally okay. The eight meetings the past four seasons have decided the Trinity League or CIF Southern Section titles, and although there will be no playoffs this season, they see the April 17 faceoff at Santa Ana Stadium as a CIF final. Bosco was No. 1 in the nation in 2019, while Mater Dei had the title in 2017 and 2018.

“We mention it all the time,” Negro said. “You can’t hide from it. I mean, our kids know. We’re certainly not looking past our opponents, but it’s the elephant in the room, and we’re going to recognize it, because I think that’s the one thing we’ve done in our program the whole time, is we know what’s on the horizon, we know what we need to be successful in that game, and we’re going to use these opportunities before it to get there.”

Apart from Saturday’s game against Orange Lutheran, there will be a special Homecoming presentation taking place at half time where the first ever Homecoming King will be named! The nominees are Seniors Anthony Mejia, Andrew Cruz, and James Pearce.

Not only will there be a special presentation on halftime, but after the game there will be an afterparty taking place in the Quad. Students from Bosco and St. Jospehs are welcomed to attend as long as they show their wristband which will be available for pick up in front of the MPR from 6-7 PM.

The afterparty will be a nice little taste of what Homecoming could have been if the pandemic never struck and will conclude at 11:00 PM.

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