Around Bosco: St. John Bosco and St. Joseph’s Sophomores Got Lucky At The Annual Sophomore Lock-In

by Ed Crowe

Earlier this month, the St. John Bosco and St. Joseph’s High School Sophomore Board presented the annual Sophomore Lock-In for the Class of 2025.

Photo by Elizabeth Hunt, Dean of Academics and Sophomore Board Moderator

St. John Bosco and St. Joseph’s High Schools’ sophomores were in luck as the schools hosted a casino night for the annual Sophomore Lock-In which included blackjack tables, roulette tables and a craps table. There was also a DJ and a dance floor that the sophomores enjoyed the night. Students were able to play these games to earn chips, which then can be used to buy tickets and in turn were put into a raffle to win prizes. 

In previous years, the annual Sophomore Lock-In did not have a theme, but as time went on, this event turned into an event where all sophomores from both schools, can have fun and meet one another. Mrs. Elizabeth Hunt, who has been the Sophomore Class Moderator for almost a decade in collaboration with the Sophomore Boards from both St. Joseph’s and St. John Bosco played a very huge role in planning the event and fundraising by selling pizza, donuts and much more to help finance the Casino Night Lock-In to make the night into a lucky jackpot. 

“More than anything this is a great opportunity to spend time with their fellow classmates, our boys have an opportunity to interact with the Saint Joseph girls and have fun because there are going to have a lot of other future events as well as formal dances coming up where they might find a future date,” said Mrs. Hunt.

However, the Sophomore Lock-In is more than just a meet and greet. For many sophomores, it may have been their first time attending a Braves-Jesters class event, as there have been many events within the last school year for all grade levels. The last event exclusive to the Class of 2025 was the Freshman BBQ in August of 2021. For many sophomores, it was an event where they shared quality time with one another and created new class memories for the years to come.

“The lock-in was an experience I won’t forget. This is an event that I recommend that future sophomore classes attend because you get to meet people who you may possibly know for the rest of your life,” said sophomore Andrew Ricaldai. 

As this year’s Sophomore Lock-In was a great success, many sophomores from both school’s cannot wait for the next class event, the Junior Picnic, and make new memories.

“This sophomore lock-in was a new experience for me and personally I thought that the theme for it was really cool. I got to make new friends from our sister school which was the best part,” said sophomore Johannes Austin. 

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