Around Bosco: Braves Return with a New Year’s Resolution to Keep Cell Phones Off Campus

by Aeden Alexander, Sports Editor

St. John Bosco welcomes the students back on campus after a three-week vacation, looking to finish off the 2021-22 school year strong with new policies and rules.

This new policy officially started January 10th, the day students returned to class, and is in full effect with rules and consequences should the policy be violated.

The new policy states that all students must keep their cell phones in their backpack the entire school day, and must not be used unless in the case of an immediate emergency. If a student chooses to go against the policy, their phone will be taken away and the student will be given a Saturday detention.

For many months teachers have had issues with students having their cell phones out, and often talked about what it would be like with a policy like this in place.

“This policy has really always been on the table. For a while, we as a staff have always talked about bringing it into fruition. In our meetings, especially, it has been brought up, but with the mistakes that occurred last semester, we had to do it,” said Mr. Jon-Paul Masciel, the Dean of Students at Bosco.

One of the main concerns with the phone policy is the consequences, which were based on the Salesian preventive swystem, which consists of learning from your mistakes but at the same time having consequences like Saturday school.

Last semester the policy was announced through a video sent out by Principal Dr. Anderson stated what the policy was and when it would become in effect. There was never any announcement on if it was permanent or could be changed

“Many students ask me if this policy will end, and the real answer is that this policy will be enforced until further notice. It’s not to punish kids, but to help and even boost socialization,” Mr. Masciel said.

This policy is meant to be treated just like uniforms, where there should be no question of following it. There are many policies at Bosco that students follow and never think about. 

“Just like any other policy, it can be changed or amended. It’s the same with uniforms. Possibly down the road we maybe can make it where it’s only certain days, but we don’t know, so for right now it’s in full effect,” said Mr. Masciel.

After one week of the policy being enforced, there have been many disagreements with the policy, but the school has dealt with them using respect and integrity throughout the school.

The phone policy is only in effect during the school hours, from 8 a.m. to the dismissal bell. All use of phones before and after those times are completely fine, and students will not get into trouble. 

The lack of phones also requires students to now provide a legitimate device for school work, and using their phone for school is no longer allowed during the day.

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