Around Bosco: St. John Bosco and St. Joseph High School Revive Long Missed Tradition of Seniors Trading Places

by Isaac Mays, Sport Editor

St. John Bosco and St. Joseph’s High School seniors brought back an old tradition of swapping campuses and enjoying a “day in the life” of fellow Braves and Jesters.

Photo by Megan Nash, Director of Digital Marketing & Social Media

Brave and Jester seniors were given the opportunity to enroll in a raffle that gave them both a chance, if chosen, to trade places with one another to experience what life is like in each other’s shoes.

Bosco made sure to accommodate the St. Joseph’s Jesters as much as possible, as faculty members designed specific lesson plans for their visitors. 

“The faculty has been really nice. They’ve helped me out with any questions I’ve had,” said St. Joseph’s senior Cynthia Ortiz.

Braves and Jesters alike were contributing in classes and were given a fun chance to bond, making many envy the co-ed schooling system.

Bosco’s Senior Board provided lunch inside the MPR with pizza for all the seniors to share together. Seniors were able to converse with their peers without being separated by their gendered schools. Throughout the entire experience, many new friendships were made, as people interacted that typically never would.

The level of friendliness that was shown throughout the school impressed the Jester visitors. Any negative dispositions held against the Bosco Braves were quickly disproved, as new perspectives were gained.

Many Jesters spoke of being apprehensive regarding their journey to Bosco, although all were happy they did. Most credited the Braves for helping them with tasks that would be difficult without prior knowledge of the school. Jesters were specifically grateful that the Braves helped guide them throughout campus and walk them to their classes. 

Jesters were even given the opportunity to attend classes that normally would not be offered to them, such as courses within the Academic Pathways.

“Definitely my favorite class was [Biomed Pathway] Medical Genetics. That’s the one that I found the most interesting and most applicable to my major,” said senior Xochitl Moreno. 

This event helped reinforce a bond that is frequently overlooked. The Jesters and Braves need this connection to help hold the legacy of being brother and sister schools. The positive interactions between the two schools on Monday helped promote perspective and happy relationships. Hopefully, the administration at both schools will decide to continue this tradition past the Class of 2023 for all future seniors to experience.

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