Around Bosco: Due To COVID-19, Is This Going To Be A Year Without Kairos?

by Zach Gardiner

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Bosco’s Class of 2021 may not be able to experience Kairos, the well renowned senior retreat which brings the class together and creates memories that last a lifetime.

Kairos is the spiritual trip that the seniors of St. John Bosco High School take every year. The trip is supposed to bring seniors together and is a prime example of the famed Bosco brotherhood. As a 2021 graduate I speak for myself and plenty others when I say that Kairos is something that is very looked forward to. With this year’s unprecedented events, that might not happen. 

Earlier this week, Mr. Jaramillo, head of the retreat committee, spoke about the possibility of not having a Kairos retreat this year. When asked about how many Covid-19 cases the city of Bellflower would have to be under for a month, he said that it was “unclear at the moment but that it was most likely the same number for Bosco to have permission to go back to school next semester”.

Furthermore, Mr. Jaramillo also said that the goal was to “have two retreats before the year’s end, and that there was going to be a virtual retreat at the end of January”. Since the old location had been shut down because of a loss of business, and then permanently damaged by the fires earlier this year, a new location would have to be found.

Mr. Jaramillo said that he and the others in charge of the retreat were looking into locations in Orange County where the quarantine guidelines aren’t as strict, as a result of lower Covid-19 cases. 

As a member of the very first Kairos retreat, Mr. Jaramillo said that he “couldn’t imagine a year without Kairos”. It is obvious that this hits close to home for Mr. Jaramillo and that he is trying his very hardest to have a retreat for the seniors.

This retreat means something to the Bosco community and for a year to go by without it, it almost seems incomplete. I’m sure that the class of 2021 are hoping that things get better with the virus so that we can have our Kairos.

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