Around Bosco: Trinity League Game, NFL Prices

by Lucas Garrison, Sports Editor, and Isaiah Holm

The time is here for the most anticipated high school football game of the year, as the Bosco Braves take on the “team in red.” However, the height of the competition seems like it won’t be taking place on the gridiron, but online and at the box office. 


Yes, this game not only sold out in less than 24 hours, but it is now facing problems of scalping of tickets, security and space.

Although the game selling out in less than 24 hours could be a story in itself, with so much going on as a result of the fast sell-out, we need to cover it all.

Let us start by taking a look at the scalping of tickets and tailgating spaces. Let me remind you that the tickets were released on Saturday morning, but the following Tuesday morning had someone reselling a ticket for $200. No one has ever heard of this before; this is a straight-up high school game that is having tickets being sold at the same price that several NFL teams sell their tickets. Later that afternoon, when this had been made public, someone posted a ticket pack of 5 tickets for $1500. High school games have never had tickets sell at this high index.

When Brave News insider Isaiah Holm went on the hunt to ask administration and the football coaching staff of what they thought of these high ticket prices, all answers were the same.

“Surprised? No. What do you expect? These are two powerhouse teams on and off the field. People wanna see it; they wanna be apart of it. The pack of five is what $300 dollars per ticket, how much is a Laker ticket? Yeah, this is crazy for us and for them, but I’ve only paid top dollar for only one game in my life and that was a playoff baseball game,” said offensive coordinator Stephen Lo.

In addition to game tickets, the Braves host their own tailgate for parents and faculty. The other tailgate area take place in front of the pool in the parking lot. The big news surrounding the two tailgating spots was that they both sold out in a matter of hours along with game tickets.

“At the tailgate I have in the quad, there are over 500 people expected to show up. Now yes, there is going to be a mix of Mater Dei parents with Bosco parents, which I think is great. It’s awesome how they want to put themselves in our atmosphere, and it’s a great way to kick off the evening before the game. That’s what Bosco is about at the end of the day: the family,” said Ms. Amy Krisch, Director of Alumni Development and Special Events.

That’s what I truly believe will sum up this weekend, FAMILY, whether or not the Braves beat the “team in red,” these two schools have so much respect for one another that they are a family. But like any family, they fight, and both are gonna treat us all to a show that will definitely be worth the price of admission.


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