Around Bosco: Bosco and St. Joseph’s Celebrate “A Dance For The Ages” For This Year’s Homecoming

by Isaac Mays, Sports Editor

Following a blowout victory during Friday night’s Homecoming Game against Orange Lutheran High School, the Homecoming Dance took place on Sunday afternoon, as the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County hosted St. John Bosco and St. Joseph’s to provide a unique and exciting Homecoming experience. 

Photo by St. John Bosco Student Life

Bosco’s administration chose this venue because it allowed exhibits to be open and accessible, setting a Jurrassic age tone for the dance. Complete fossil structures and life sized dinosaurs were large centerpieces for the evening, and right as the doors opened, they were made clearly visible. 

Throughout the dance floor many prehistoric animal enclosures depicted and showcased many animals in their natural environment. The area known as “Mammal Hall” helped the students feel surrounded by the prehistoric setting. The venue played a major part in the awe-inspiring evening, with many feeling as if they traveled back in time.

“The theme was ‘Back to the Ages,’ so being in the Natural History Museum it kind of set the theme for itself,” said freshmen Associated Student Body (ASB) member and commissioner Kai Maldonado.

The Homecoming Dance Planning Committee more than did their part, providing food and refreshments for the evening. Ample drinks, such as punch, lemonade and refreshing water, were available throughout the entire night, while cheese displayed elegantly on charcuterie boards was readily available. 

“The Homecoming Planning Committee really went above and beyond this evening,” said senior and ASB Co-President Ryan Gutierrez. “I helped choose this venue, and it really stood out to me. I hope it made a really positive impact and a memorable experience on all the guests in attendance.”

Students felt that the dance also provided an experience that they could be proud of. Many Bosco Braves and St. Joseph’s Jesters alike brought dates from other schools. It allowed many new faces to have a great impression of our community.

“I thought the whole night was really cool,” said senior Pierce Watt. “I brought a date from a large public school in my area, and she told me how great the evening was.”

The music was able to accomplish the difficult task of living up the teenagers’ expectations. The DJ for the evening clearly did their best to appeal to the crowd, as the students felt they exceeded their hopes for the evening. The music seemed to be in touch with the listening habits of everyone in the audience.

Students look forward to the next formal dance of the year: Winter Formal hosted by St. Joseph’s. Seniors and their dates will also be able to attend Prom later in April of this year.

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