Around Bosco: Bosco Football Meet With Rams’ Pro Bowl Cornerback Jalen Ramsey

by Marcelles Williams

Four-Star St. John Bosco Football cornerback Marcelles Williams recounts his encounter with NFL star Jalen Ramsey.

Photo by Jessie Christensen

On Tuesday, October 18th, Bosco Football welcomed Jalen Ramsey, a member of the Los Angeles Rams, Super Bowl Champion, three-time First Team All-Pro and five-time Pro Bowler, who met with all of the varsity defensive backs, including me, for around an hour and a half. He left me awestruck as he stood before me. Not only does he play for my favorite team, he happens to be my favorite player in the NFL.

I was sort of star-struck and couldn’t believe that I was able to meet and talk with arguably the best player in the world at my position. Ramsey’s where I strive to be someday and to hear how he got there inspired my Bosco Brothers and me. He gave some strong and influential messages during his time on campus. He talked about a lot of things that related to us, like college recruitment, watching film and the things he did at a young age to set himself up for success in the future. I feel that I will be able to use his words and advice to help guide me throughout my athletic journey.

When things go wrong, Jalen does not let it get to him and that can really help me in life by not letting my emotions get the best of me.

“Stay steady. Let me not get too mad, too down, too angry at myself, I just need to stay steady,” Ramsey said.

Ramsey is not your average NFL defensive back. What I believe separates him from the others is his mentality and all the extra work he puts in. Ramsey’s mantra is: “Be The Best. Simple.” He proves he is year in and year out. All the extra work he puts in contributes to that.

“There’s nothing that they can do that I haven’t seen in practice or stressed myself in practice that’s going to throw me off my pivot,” said Ramsey.

One thing I always liked about Jalen is how enthusiastic he is on the field. When he makes a play, you can count on the fact that he’s going to yell, scream and celebrate. That’s all a part of his “mind game,” as he calls it. Even though it may not seem like it, he actually has boundaries when it comes to talking to the opposing team.

“Other than family, I’m a go at you,” Ramsey said.

This isn’t the first time Bosco Football has had the opportunity to meet a celebrity or professional athlete on campus. Quavo, the Migos rapper, came to our practice my freshman year and played quarterback. In addition, Justin Herbert, the starting quarterback for the Los Angeles Chargers, stopped by campus to shoot a Nike Commercial.

The experiences I get being a Bosco Brave are second to none. I truly cherish my time here and the memories I have made, especially getting to share this experience with my Bosco Brothers.

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