Around Bosco: Christmas Comes Early To Campus, The First Ever Streamed Christmas Tree Lighting.

by John Udabe

In striving to keep tradition going, St. John Bosco’s annual tree lighting goes virtual.

SJB Christmas Tree Lighting (3).png

St. John Bosco is staying busy during the Christmas season. The unusual circumstances that we all are facing have definitely put a damper on the year, yet Bosco is not letting that get the best of them.

For obvious reasons, in-person events this year must be kept to a minimum. Because of this, the annual tree lighting that we are typically used to cannot happen on campus. Yet this is a minor issue to overcome for the Braves.

This year, the annual tree lighting is going virtual. Premiering Tuesday, December 15th on YouTube, it will feature the same Christmas cheer we are all used to. Hosted by Student Leadership, the online event will feature the music, entertainment, and good tidings that have occurred in the past events.

Normally, the event would include food, hot cocoa, music performances, and camaraderie within the Bosco community. While the inability to meet together on campus does not allow for all this to happen, the virtual event will be just as entertaining. 

The tree lighting will be a great way to finish off the infamous year of 2020. This year has been a first for many things that have occurred within the Bosco community. For the first time ever, Bosco has gone entirely virtual, and has had to adapt to totally unpredictable circumstances. 

This event will be a great opportunity for us as a community to come together (as much as possible) before the end of the year and to be grateful for all that we have been blessed with. 

You can watch the tree lighting event live at Brave Communications on YouTube. A recording of the event will be available for anyone to watch at any time. Hope everyone enjoys the tree lighting!

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