Around Bosco: Bosco and St. Joe’s Students Enjoy “Junior Jam” Picnic

by Johnathan Gonzalez

On Friday, March 6th St. John Bosco hosted the junior picnic along with Saint Joseph’s for the class of 2021.


This year’s junior picnic held at St. John Bosco was brought together by the ASB board of Braves and Jesters, they brought the class of 2021 together through music, food, and games.

These games included cornhole, ping pong, a jumper, and musical chairs. These activities created a sense of competitiveness among students along with the fun atmosphere of the event. Furthermore, students were welcomed to warm pizza and cold sodas.

The junior picnic is a way for the Braves and Jesters to socialize within their class so that they can create more bonds with new students or even those who haven’t yet met. The ASB board of Bosco and Joseph’s came up with innovative ways to allow the students to interact with each other through music and games, this allowed students to have a good time and hangout.

“I think the Picnic was pretty cool. I haven’t gotten to see a lot of my friends at SJ because I’ve been busy with baseball”, said junior Aaron Pena.

The picnic allows for an excuse for those who don’t really get to go out due to their respective sports. The event being held shortly after school hours allows for students to stay at school and wait around as their friends from St. Joseph to arrive.

“It’s pretty convenient that I could come from Baseball practice and go to hang out with my friends from SJ and I can grub”, said junior Jesus Barretto.

The Bosco staff enclosed the quad so that way it’s strictly only junior students attending the event, this created a sense of communion among the juniors and made it easier to communicate.

“The event wasn’t what I was expecting, I thought it would be a flop instead I actually really enjoyed the whole thing. It was fun being able to destroy my homies in ping pong and talking to the females,” said junior Luca Pater.

Luca’s thought mostly sums up what most students thought the event would be, instead the general outcome was positive.

“When my friends asked me if I was going to go to the picnic I kinda cringed but they talked me into it, overall I’m actually glad I went. Musical chairs were somehow a blast to play,” said junior Adrianna Natividad.

The event was a very enjoyable experience for all involved, students were presented with the opportunity to interact with their friends and play games. Although the title may suggest it was just a picnic, it was much more than that, it was a hangout, a gathering of friends which allowed students to catch up and meet new faces.

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