Around Bosco: New Counselor, Ms. Yesenia Moreno, Joins The Bosco Community

by Aydn Morris

Attention Braves! Attention Braves! One of the latest additions to the Saint John Bosco community is Ms. Yesenia Moreno, our newest counselor, take some time to know more about her!

Q. What college did you attend?

A. I attended the University of San Diego for both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Q.  What was your major/minor in College? 

A. I majored in Psychology and double minor in Theatre Arts and Spanish.

Q. What high school did you attend?

A. I attended Cantwell Sacred Heart of Mary High School.

Q. Are you from California, if not where are you from? 

A. Yes, I am from California. Born and raised in Montebello.

Q. If there was any place in the world you could travel, where would you go? 

A. The next place I would love to visit is New Zealand. I have been interested in visiting since high school but have not had the opportunity to visit yet. 

Q. How long have you been a counselor? 

A. This is my first official job as a counselor.

Q. What is the best part of counseling? 

A. Developing relationships and being a support to others.

Q. What is the hardest part of counseling? 

A. A challenge to counseling is the stigma. Mental health and asking for help are both things that are often looked down upon. It’s important to remember that we are never alone in any situation. Someone is always available to support and provide guidance.

Q. Why did you become a counselor? 

A. Since high school, I have wanted to help people but I wasn’t sure how. While in college I found that I really liked psychology and had the idea to become a psychologist. However, while I was studying abroad on Semester at Sea, I felt that I would be of more use at a school where I would be readily available to students and be able to support them in developing persona/social, academic, and career goals.

Q. Did you have a different job other than counseling? If so, what were your jobs before you were a counselor? 

A. Before I started my graduate program to become a counselor, I worked in a few different offices in the division of University Advancement at USD. The role I held the longest was as Gift Coordinator where I assisted in processing donations made to USD. The last job I had was as a Care Coordinator for Children’s Institute Inc. where I assisted with connecting families we supported at 3 school sites to food, mental health, rent, and many other resources.

Q. Was being a counselor a dream job of yours?  

A. Yes! Becoming a high school counselor has been my dream job and I am so grateful that I have reached it.

Q. Do you watch sports and if you do what is your favorite sport and team and player? 

A. I do like watching sports but I don’t have any favorites. I’ll watch whatever game my brothers put on (typically football, soccer, basketball, hockey) but I really enjoy going to a game in person and knowing who the players are so I’m looking forward to attending SJB sports games!

Q. What is your favorite movie? 

A. My favorite movie is My Neighbor Totoro because it reminds me of my childhood. 

Q. What is your favorite genre of music?

A. I listen to a variety of music but in general pop music.

Q. What is your favorite type of food? 

A. My favorite type of food is Mexican because it means home to me.

Q. What are some of your favorite shows? 

A. I really like Queer Eye, On My Block, Derry Girls, and Never Have I Ever.

Q. What is your favorite season? 

A. Summer because I’m able to get outside, travel more freely and go to the beach.

Q. What is your favorite holiday? 

A. Christmas is my favorite holiday because of the delicious foods and traditions my family has around this holiday.

Q. In school what was your favorite subject? 

A. In school I liked subjects based on the teachers and how fun they made the class. I’ve always enjoyed Literature classes because I enjoy learning about people’s stories.

Q. What is your favorite hobby? 

A. I like listening to podcasts. I listen to a wide variety of podcasts from true crime to creating a caring community. For me, podcasts are a way for me to hear stories and learn new things similar to reading but I can do it while driving or cleaning.

Q. Do you have any pets? If so, what is your pet, if not what pet would you like to have?

A. I do not have any pets. I would like to have a dog preferably a labradoodle.

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