Around Bosco: COVID-19 Spoils Senior “Lasts” in Spring Athletics, Theater and Band

by Aharon Colon, A+E Editor

This was originally supposed to be an article previewing the rest of the volleyball season, but instead it turned into a piece centered around the new pandemic and how it ended our Spring sport season. 


The spring sports had so much promise to them leading up into the Trinity League season, notably baseball and volleyball. This volleyball season was set to feature a new core of talent, such as newly minted captain junior Matthew Medina and 6’4” sophomore Maxwell Wootton, who both have great potential.

Seniors Alex Rotter, Ian Callahan and Elijah McCray have been the glue and backbone of this team since entering the program as freshman. But sadly, they won’t get to finish their seniors years as they might have envisioned.

“The season was going pretty great,” said junior captain Mathew Medina. “We were feeling confident of going to the playoffs and going pretty far into it. It is a bummer for all of us, but especially our seniors. They worked hard for four years, and for the first time, they had a chance at going to CIF and now it will not be able to happen.”

We also had our storied baseball program making some noise at their end. Unfortunately, the team has a core of seniors, 15 out of the 28 players on the roster, led by captains Coby Morales and UCLA-commit Jonathan Vaughns, Ty Collins, and Stanford-commit Albert Rios. Ending this current season with a record of 4-2, with wins over San Clemente and Capo Valley, you could tell that the players’ hopes for making it to the CIF playoffs were at an all time high.

“It was like a piece of me was torn away you know?” said senior captain Coby Morales. “You worked so hard in the summer, offseason, doing the conditioning in the heat and having to build the team from the ground up, to just have all of it taken away just hurts.”.

Our sports have not only been cancelled, but our arts as well. St. Joseph’s spring musical, Newsies, was set to premier last Friday but was cancelled. Never getting enough attention, the theater programs at both Bosco and St. Joseph’s have been making steady improvements, with more attendance for both high school’s productions than has been seen in recent years. The actors were excited to be a part of Newsies. Senior Cruz Cordero, a seasoned veteran of Bosco and St. Joseph’s theater, might have already acted in his last high school production.

“It’s pretty saddening that the show is cancelled, but if we still performed, the audiences every single night would be very small due to the fear of the virus, and we worked tirelessly for two months for the crowds to be only about 50 every night,” Cruz said.

Along with theater, the band was also devastated about the news. The band and drumline had a lot planned for the upcoming weeks leading up to Spring Break. With shows and competitions just around the corner, the band and drumline were revving to go.

“Our first competition was going to be last week, but now that they cancelled drumline and everything, we never had an opportunity to compete,” said senior James Roman. “Drumline took up my free time, but now I can’t do anything extracurricular related.”

This virus has had an impact on all our extracurriculars, but it impacts the seniors the most. Not knowing that these last couple games, performances or competitions might have been their last could leave lasting regrets and heartbreak. All the hard work and extra hours they have put in will be unfulfilled, as we are left only to think “what if?”

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