Around Bosco: Brave Teachers Defeat Students in Thrilling 3v3 Tournament

by Aydn Morris

In Bosco’s Winter Spirit Week’s 3v3 basketball tournament, both teachers and students enjoyed friendly competition, with the teachers coming out on top.

Photo by Bo Visty, Assistant Photo Editor

In the 16-team tournament, the Long Beach Dawgs came with the win, following two huge back-to-back victories against Bosco Baseball and Wavy Navy in the championship game. For winning the tournament, the Dawgs’ players received a $40 Nike gift card for their effort. The Dawgs team consisted of basketball coach Michael Bartelt, history teacher and former baseball coach Mr. Mario Cordero, water polo head coach and Olympic Hall-of-famer Mr. Jeff Powers and basketball coach Ms. Allegra Weinstein. 

Photo by Bo Visty

Mr. Cordero randomly selected the team to participate in tournament.

“I clicked the link to sign up for the 3v3 tournament, and put down myself, Powers, Bartelt and Weinstein, and they didn’t even know until I sent them a screenshot saying ‘Congratulations, you’re on the LB Dawgs,’” said Mr. Cordero.

Due to this random selection, some Dawgs players were not ready to play, which gave them some trouble throughout the tournament. 

The trouble came from multiple situations, such as the miscommunication with the game schedule. The Dawgs were not told that they were going to play against Bosco Baseball on the Thursday before the finals, so they did not bring any of the appropriate clothes for the game. This miscommunication forced the Dawgs to play back-to-back games on Friday, against Bosco Baseball then Wavy Navy. 

Photo by Bo Visty

“I had no shoes, and Mr. Cordero had on jeans. We would not have been able to play,” said Coach Powers.

This trouble obviously did not affect the Dawgs in the long run, except for maybe putting them into retirement from basketball, as they still came up victorious in both of their matchups.

“To be honest I did not know if I was going to be able to bring it in that last game. And I can’t speak for everybody, but Coach Powers and I think we retired from basketball,” said Mr. Cordero

Besides some of the hardships, the Dawgs enjoyed the tournament and had a lot of fun.

“I had a lot of fun interacting with not only my colleagues but also the students in a different environment, and not only being seen as a teacher,” said Coach Weinstein.

Photo by Bo Visty

The tournament built a different type of bond between students and teachers, which made the tournament much more enjoyable.

“I thought it was fun seeing the energy at lunch from the students and staff and hearing the music. I thought it was very effective in building spirit,” said Mr. Cordero.

There were some things that may have made the tournament better, such as having it held in the gym instead of outdoors. 

“Right now, given our circumstances, having it all outside made sense. But in the future, when not everyone has to wear mask, we can put all of the gym baskets down and have multiple games going on indoors,” said Coach Weinstein.

There were also some things in the past 3v3 tournaments that could be implemented in the future to make the tournament better, such as the mini hoop dunk contest. 

“For next year we can implement the past slam dunk competition and for six feet and under you dunk on the eight feet and for over 6 feet they dunk on the nine and half foot hoop,” said Mr. Cordero.

In all, the 3v3 was a complete success, and was one of the best school events of the year. It was put together by ASB member Justin Samonte.

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