Life of a Brave: The makings of a great Liturgical Choir

by Kyle Moats and Victor Curiel

Calling all Braves! To all interested in acquiring a new skill, joining a tight-knit campus community, or just looking to have an all-around good time with classmates, Bosco’s music department is the right fit for you!

When people hear of St. John Bosco High School, the words that are often automatically associated are sports, academics, and the Salesians. However, while each of these aspects is an integral part of the Bosco experience and community, one component that does not receive as large of a spotlight is our school’s marching band and liturgical choir. 

Due to many of the music program’s members being in last year’s graduating class, the department has been left shorthanded this year. In an interview with Bosco’s music drector Mr. Eugene Fabiero, he expressed his thoughts over his department’s current predicament. 

”Well right now we’re above water, it’s not like we’re dying here. But, I’d like to grow the program,” said Mr. Fabiero. 

While our school’s music program will continue to march on and bring that exuberant Brave spirit to games and rallies, it has been made apparent that the department is in need of expansion. This is where we, as Braves representing the Bosco community, come into play.

If what you’re looking for at Bosco is a welcoming extracurricular with hardworking, passionate individuals dedicated to honing their skills and developing yours, you can’t do much better than marching band. Your age or experience doesn’t matter as much as the music and songs you and your partners perform. Music is a skill anyone can acquire and one we in the Bosco community are always grateful for those who practice it. 

”Sports are very important, but I can’t think of a time I’m turning on the TV on Saturday to [just] watch football. I associate college football with their bands, you wouldn’t want to go to a USC football game and not hear [their band]. It’s part of the whole experience,” said Mr. Fabiero.

The students who take part in the program don’t regret doing so afterwards. Sophomore Max Fernandez is a current members of the music program and had nothing but praise and enthusiasm for his extracurricular experience. 

”I recommend it. I feel like a lot of people who see the choir, or new freshmen, think it’s kind of daunting…but I recommend it yeah,” said Fernandez.

Fernandez hopes to expand the music program program and is very eager to welcome new members into the fold. Even if you have no idea which end of a trumpet you’re holding there’s no reason to fear. The marching band is perfectly fine and content with teaching and instructing those who are new to music. This is part of the appeal of the Bosco music department, everyone in it is learning and working off and with each other.

Each individual works to get better and to ensure their partners do as well. After all, a band is no good if only one or two people can play proficiently, as it’s a team effort. With that being said, we hope more Braves decide to pursue an interest in music and choir because let’s face it, what’s a football game or church event without a good music group? 

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