Around Bosco: Students Still Waiting on New and Improved Food Program

by Gabriel Botello

As the new school year starts and students come back to St. John Bosco High School, everyone is ready to come and learn in the classroom, but outside of the classroom, students are HUNGRY! So what’s on the menu this year?

One goal of Bosco’s administration has been to update the food program on campus. More options, more nutrition and more variety for students to choose from are some of the features they have been aiming at. Unfortunately, although this all sounds good, the main problem with updating the program is capacity.

“[With all this food] does the MPR become the cafeteria? Can it hold 800 students? Does the [salesian kitchen] also become the kitchen for students?” said Mr. Jaramillo.

The main reason why this is a big update in the food program is because of how lunch is served to the students today. According to some students here at Bosco, the way lunch is served and set-up is a bit inconvenient, and they sometimes don’t even bother to wait in line because of how time-consuming it can be to buy food.

The new proposed update can help fix this inconvenience of buying food greatly. Even with these plans for improvement, Bosco’s food and nutrition goals are still in the process of being fully realized.

“We always make sure that we have food for everyone and every sort of diet. Just stand by because our goal is to change it, that’s our goal,” said Mr. Jaramillo.

From what we can see, Bosco’s administration has worked hard on providing students with smart and healthy food choices. Just recently, the school decided to take out the soda machines and all vending machines containing anything but healthy food. Now, they’ve replaced those machines with healthier food options, such as water bottles and Powerade. They’ve even stocked the new vending machines with granola bars, beef jerky, and Muscle Milk.

As for the lunch menu, the service provides a variety of fruits and salads available for students to purchase and consume.

Even in the Oratory healthy options are available, as this popular student hangout now sells energy-filling snacks such as Gatorade, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and even freshly made burritos from the Salesian kitchen.

Bosco continues to look to improve on its lunch service for the benefit of the student body, according to members of administration.


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