New Teacher Q&A: Mr. Shane Beatty

by Lucas Agatep & Christian Bode

For our next new teacher interview at St. John Bosco High School this year, we sat down with teacher and volleyball coach Mr. Shane Beatty.

Q: Where have you previously worked?

A: I previously worked at Long Beach City College, Fairmont Preparatory Academy, Holy Names University and Team Rockstar as a coach and disabled support service specialist.

Q: How long have you been teaching?

A: I actually have no previous teaching at other schools. [This year at] Bosco is my first year teaching.

Q: What college did you graduate from?

A: I graduated from Holy Names University, earning an MBA. [And then] Hope International University for my BA, where I had a focus in Sports Management.

Q: How did you come across St. John Bosco?

A: The Athletic Director from Long Beach City College, Randy Totorp, informed me of the job opening for the volleyball team and it turned out that I was able to teach in the entrepreneurship pathway as well.

Q: What made you consider Bosco?

A: The chance to be a part of such a prestigious high school.

Q: What are your particular hobbies?

A: Skateboarding, video games, beach volleyball, and learning.

Q: Do you have any siblings?

A: I have an older brother Casey Beatty, 28, who is a part of the San Jose Police Department. I also have a sister named Cassidy Beatty, 21, who works at Boise State University.

Q: What is your personal taste in music and who is your favorite artist?

A: I like all music besides modern country and my favorite band is Blink-182.

Q: What sport do you like and what is your favorite team if you have any?

A: Volleyball is my favorite sport, and the OKC Thunder (NBA) is my favorite American sports team.

Q: Currently, what do you think of Bosco and your students?

A: Bosco is a fantastic family-oriented environment that is perfect for the learning and growing young man.

Q: Did you participate in any sports or clubs in high school?

A: I played volleyball in high school, college, and as a semi-pro for the Blizzard Avalanche for one year.

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