Bosco: New Students Welcomed to Bosco Brotherhood

By Naim Rodman & Jacob Jornadal

Every year young men come from all over to join the Bosco community, whether it’s from a different country, a public school, a private school, or even home school. Three weeks have gone by since these students have begun their journey as Bosco Braves.

As new transfers or freshmen, it can be hard to adjust to dress code, Mass, new academic and athletic standards and just Salesianity on the whole.

Students coming from private school are used to uniform rules because of their last schools policies.

“I’m fine with it because of I’ve been through it every day,” said lifelong private school student and freshman Andy Moreno.

New braves may face many challenges and adversities throughout the school year. Many students from Bosco have transferred here, and Bosco could be night and day for new students compared to their past schools.

“There really is no comparison the education, athletics, and Christian life are on a whole other level,” senior transfer Taylon Dalton said.  

Even though most new Braves acclimate to the school community without much issue, it could be hard to adjust to new schools. This school gives students many opportunities to make to new friends with dances and extracurricular activities. All new Braves should participate in these activities if they’re having trouble fitting in. You won’t regret it!

If you’re interested in doing a sport, then do it because in team sports you find your closest friends and brothers. If sports aren’t for you, join a club or run for class office. The more active you are in this in community whether it’s sports, clubs, or Associated Student Body (ASB), the more you are able to interact and meet people that could be your Bosco brothers for life.

In essence, new students, don’t be worried or hesitant. Always ask questions if you’re having trouble and be polite to your teachers to stay on their good side because you’ll never know when you’ll need their help.

Other than that, good luck to all our new Braves. Welcome to the Bosco Brotherhood!

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