St. John Bosco Brave Vision: For the Students

by Matthew Ruiz and George Holani

Just less than a month into the school year, St. John Bosco’s Brave Vision team started filming, editing, and recruiting new kids for their first episode, which aired on August 30th school wide this month.

A monthly television program aired for the benefit of informing and giving the entire Bosco student body and staff a laugh, Brave Vision is excited for their upcoming year making videos for the students.

“The first episode will highlight the freshman, new teachers and especially the first football game,” said Mr. Nold regarding the first BraveVision that just came out.

Brave Vision / August 2018 Episode

Nold is the co-director of the Brave Vision service alongside theater teacher and lead director Mr. Lang, and the two run and edit the publication together.

The episode did just what the team had hoped, with hyped videos of the first Bosco football game of the season at home as well as a few new teacher interviews, one with new counselor Mr. Tota.

“Inspiration [for our videos] comes in the form of the oratory model St. John Bosco set up for the kids,” said Nold.

The oratory at St. John Bosco High School consists and is defined by a Church, School, Home, and Playground. In every Brave Vision episode, members of the team try their best to highlight those four key points.

As the program is still progressing and running, Mr. Nold has started teaching video editing in his Media Production class for students interested in learning. Already in its fourth year of running, Nold is looking to expand and progress student abilities.

“The most difficult part of Brave Vision is that it’s time consuming and editing,” said senior Brave Vision member Dalton Tuscany.

Dalton enjoys making his fellow students laugh and entertaining the entire school with funny actions, and can unleash all of that with full freedom on episodes of Brave Vision, in which he currently hosts a “Cool Cars of the Month” segment.

The Brave Vision team is active and working on a day-to-day basis around campus and will look to continue making successful and community strengthening videos all school year.


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