New Teacher Q&A: Ms. Carleen Carney

by Lucas Agatep


Attention all Braves. In the third edition of our new teacher Q&A section, we sat down with new Bosco teacher Ms. Carleen Carney. Please welcome her to our community!

Q: Where were you born?
A: I was born in Northridge, CA and have lived in California my entire life.

Q: Where have you previously worked?
A: Before I became a schoolteacher I had my own business, making custom cakes and other desserts. I also taught sugar arts classes, from basic decorating skills to advanced pastry techniques.

Q: How long have you been teaching?
A: This will be my fourth year teaching.

Q: What college did you graduate from?
A: I graduated from Cal State Northridge with my bachelor’s degree in both linguistics and French. From Cal State Long Beach, I earned my master’s degree in linguistics.

Q: How did you come across St. John Bosco?
A: The company that hired me to teach ESL, The Cambridge Institute of International Education, was partnered with St. John Bosco High School to recruit and support international students, so that company placed me here at Bosco. I’ve taught ESL here for three years, but this will be my first year officially working for Bosco.

Q: What made you consider Bosco?
A: I was happy to have been placed here at Bosco, as I was raised Catholic, so the school already seemed familiar and welcoming to me.

Q: What are your particular hobbies?
A: I love creative hobbies! In addition to designing and making special cakes and cookies, I also love to sew. I make dresses and costumes, and I’ve also made props for a major motion picture (Gone Girl). I like to make mosaic art as well, and I also do face painting and henna art. Learning different languages is another hobby of mine!

Q: Do you have any siblings and kids?
A: I have two amazing brothers and two wonderful daughters.

Q: What is your personal taste in music and who is your favorite artist?
A: It’s difficult to choose a favorite artist, because I enjoy many types of music. My favorite genres are rock and classical, and I like to listen to music in the different languages that I’ve studied as well.

Q: What sport do you like and what is your favorite team if you have any?
A: I like baseball and the Los Angeles Angels.

Q: Currently what do you think of Bosco and your students?
A: I love it here because it feels like we are all a big family. My students are absolutely wonderful! It’s been a real treat getting to know them, and we have a good time in class.

Q: Compared to your prior school, what is different and similar to Bosco?
A: Here we teach academics, and at my prior school I taught sugar arts. My students were mostly grown women. In both schools, however, my students have been fabulous.

Q: Did you participate in any sports or clubs in high school?

A: I was in wind ensemble and jazz band in high school. My main instrument was the clarinet, but I also played sax and drums.


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