Review: Rainbow Six Siege Update

grim-sky-heroby Enrique Gutierrez

Rainbow Six Siege enters its year 3, season 3 update with Ubisoft introducing new in-game improvements, a renovated Hereford Base, the return of Favela, a new Elite Skin Set and two new additions to the Rainbow Six Siege team.

The long awaited update and game patch has finally released September 4th on all platforms, introducing Operation Grim Sky. PC players were been able to play the new operation as Ubisoft released it on a test server mid-August.

The biggest Twitch TV Rainbow Six Siege streamers including Macie Jay, King George, and Beaulo have shared the content across the web and given a taste to those who were unable to play the test servers. Rainbow Six Siege has exploded and has gained interest over the past month due to it being on a limited time sale and popular Fortnite streamers promoting the game. Thanks to their partnership with Fortnite streamers, they have drawn interest and new players are coming to join the Siege community. 

Rainbow Six Siege introduces a new recoil pattern which affects all weapons and will change the way players play the game. The new recoil pattern will change the direction of bullet path now as where the player aims down sights, that is where the bullet will go. The weapon’s crosshair will be a main role in the way you kill someone as bullet trail before this update was very inconsistent. 

Hereford Base was one of the games original maps at launch back in 2015. The map was a three story army base used for target practice. This map lacked of competitive play and had many gameplay issues. For this reason, Ubisoft decided that Hereford Base needed a change of scenery and received a map rework. Players hope with this renovation that Hereford Base will find a new home in the ranked and competitive playlist. 

“The map will still retain its ‘soul,’ making multiple nods to the old Hereford Base,” posted Ubisoft on their website. 

Another map that will be making a return to Rainbow Six Siege is Favela. Favela is a Brazilian map that has many locations around the map accessible to defend and attack from. The map was removed from the game and vaulted because Ubisoft wanted to fix bugs and glitches the map had. In this September 4th update, the map will make its return to the casual playlist. 

Ubisoft gives elite skin sets to operators that have a high pick rate. In the Season 3 update, the defensive operator Frost was given an elite skin set. This skin set changes the operators entire wardrobe and look. When purchasing this item, the player receives headgear, a uniform, a weapon skin, a weapon charm, and an animation that will play anytime you are the ‘MVP’ of the match. 

One of the newest operators to join Team Rainbow is Maverick. Maverick is an attack operator whose gadget is an Exothermic Torch. The torch is able to burn through walls and give the attacking team an advantage for using a hole in the wall for a line of sight. The torch is also able to give the team an entering route to the objective. Maverick’s ability is unique as he is a counter towards reinforced walls, Bandit’s shock charges, Mute’s mute devices, barb wire, and many more utilities. Maverick is a lightweight operator which makes him a three speed and a one armor operator. 

The second new operator to join Team Rainbow is Clash. Clash is a female operator who is the first defensive operator with a shield. Since she has a shield equipped, this makes her a one speed and three armor. Her unique ability is having the CCE Shield as her primary weapon, with a pistol or an SMG as her secondary – your choice. This shield she has is no ordinary shield either, consisting of high voltage electricity to zap, damage, and slow down the opposition. Although the thought of having a shield defensive operator is overpowered, she is easily counterable with a well-coordinated team giving call outs, flash grenades, Zofia’s stun launcher, and other lethal equipment. Clash is a distraction and a detour for the attacking team to reach the objective. 

Operation Grim Sky is bringing a boatload of content into the game. The two new operators will be changing Rainbow Six Siege’s meta as players will find different ways to win games with these new operators. The game’s additions are completely free to the Siege community besides the two new operators and the frost elite skin set. Hop on the new update now!

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