Bosco: “One School Wednesday” Brings Community to Campus

by Lucas Garrison

Throughout the school year so far, the St. John Bosco staff has continued to surprise students, and they have done it again.

Teachers and faculty organized an event last Wednesday where all staff and students were blocked from indoors and came outside to experience lunch as a community. This was done with the introduction to a past tradition of intramural activities at lunch.

It was something that students enjoyed and something that a lot of students hope comes back again and again throughout the school year.

“This all came back just with a few of us teachers meeting and wanting to see the students experience something we had in the past. In the past for the most part it looked like that [the activities]. We had Mr. Mestas who was in charge of it at the time,” said facilitator and history teacher Mr. Mario Cordero.

Mr. Cordero, Mr. David Mestas, and Mr. Eddie Torre, among others all collaborated to bring this event back on campus for students to get out and have fun.

“There are alot of students who still want to be great athletically, whether it’s on the court or field and aren’t quite there yet and this is a sort of outlet for them to still experience that,” said Mr. Cordero.

Students that are normally reserved and unable to express their ability in their respective sports got the chance to do that.

“A large problem we saw as a staff with this event is that it’s hard to do this on a short 25 minute lunch, that’s why it was so nice to have these extended lunches because it not only allows us to setup for these events, but to also enjoy them with time to spare,” said Mr. Cordero.

“It was just nice to have something to do at lunch, and if you didn’t play you still could cheer on your classmates. I would love to see this in the near future again,” said sophomore student Parker Moore.

Students and teachers alike at Bosco enjoyed this event, and the gathering is something many hope continues to take place for the future.

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