Bosco: Tridium Week Recap

by Na’im Rodman


Tridium week is a presentation and event on campus where we acknowledge and appreciate the teachings of our very own Don Bosco.

Don Bosco wants all students from Salesian Communities to look at one message, change it in a way, and make it into our own message. “Be happy, be holy, be brave,” is the message and main focal point this year here on campus.

“The message of it was: how do we challenge ourselves to be holy? We know what happy is and we know what holy is and we know what brave is, but the real hard part for a lot of us is holy,” head dean of students Mr Jaramillo said.

The construction theme this year was symbolism for us always working on ourselves, such as the construction on the beautiful Panish Family Stadium.

“The challenge for this year is how do we actually be holy, and in finding holiness looking at our gifts, the flaws and everything else,” said Jaramillo.

Tridium is a three-day presentation where the first day is about the message of Don Bosco, the second day about reconciliation, and the third day is a celebration through our liturgy.

“When I was a student here, Tridium was big, it was huge, you just knew it was Tridium week like when you know it’s homecoming week now,” said Jaramillo.

He considers it the Salesian form of “homecoming” in a sense of all the activities they did for it back in his days of schooling here at St. John Bosco.

“Tridium for me has always left the impact of questioning what my call is as a student,” said Jaramillo.

The goal of Tridium week is for us as a community to look back and reflect on what messages they were trying to convey to fellow students and teachers.

Jaramillo believes that if students understand or question the message administrators are trying to get across, then they must be doing something right. Tridium week in the past and in the future will challenge kids to think and dig deep into their inner selves. It just all depends on if the students are up for the challenge.

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