Spider-Man Swings to a 10/10

by Nick Hernandez

Marvel’s Spider-Man was under development by Insomniac Games for over 3 years. On September 7th, 2018, fans were finally able to get their hands on the video game upon its highly anticipated release.

The PS4 exclusive game was critically acclaimed, earning outstanding support from large game reviewers such as IGN and GameSpot, rating it 8.7 and 9 out of 10 respectively.

The game received enormous amounts of hype on multiple social media outlets and fans were thrilled by all the creativity and ingenuity being put into it. The game truly lived up to all the hype and anticipation brought on it and proved to be well-worth the wait. It has been noted that the amount of detail in the game is evident, as its realistic portrayal of real-life city spaces shows that every detail had intention. Insomniac knew precisely what they were doing during their creation.

Containing over 20 hours of in-game missions and levels, gamers were kept busy by all the opportunities of campaign play and mini-games that were integrated across many areas of the virtual New York City.

Many iconic villains from the Spider-Man franchise were seen both in Story Play and Side Missions. Foes such as Doctor Octopus and the Rhino made appearances, as well as future villains such as the Green Goblin.

The fighting style of the Wall Crawler became highly praised and talked about amongst fans. From flips and kicks to his basic web-swinging throughout the city, the whole experience seemed almost surreal. There are so many possible things to do that it seems as though you’ll never get bored of completing missions like fighting crime or just simply exploring the enormous city.

In game, you are able to play as others characters and see how they grow throughout time. From the relationship between Peter Parker and aunt Mary Jane – to how the next Spider-Man, Miles Morales, came to be – there is so much to do and learn about each character. As a player, you notice the friendship between Spider-Man and the chief of police, Yuri Wantanabe, grow stronger over time. You also get to see how Peter reacts to helping out his Aunt May and the people he meets when not donning the red and blue suit.

As a sort of nod to future games and the evolution of the Marvel Gaming Universe, many other heros and characters can be seen in game and as “Easter Eggs.” Some of these characters include Doctor Strange, Sandman, Daredevil and Black Cat. It seems as though Insomniac and Marvel plan to produce sequels to this game or maybe introduce further iterations in other hero games such as Iron Man.

Overall, the game was well-liked by most all gamers who played and with proper reason, it is truly a great game. The visuals exceeded all expectations and every element of the game abides by perfect creation. Fighting is fast and intense, yet could be taken slowly and missions were creative, yet challenged all those who played.  


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