Bosco: Club Carnival a Success

by Lucas Agatep

On September 13th and 14th, St. John Bosco held its annual club sign-ups out in the quad, where students explored the different clubs available to join on campus.

Mrs. Jen Schnorr, who organized the club day, viewed that the two days went well. For being a new staff member, the club day happened to be Mrs. Schnorr’s first time organizing a club sign-up at Bosco. 

Schnorr was able to do this years club day by taking her experiences from her prior school and building on them. Without any reference on what Bosco has done on past club sign-up days, she was able to successfully set up an informative and interactive club carnival.

Clubs ranging from culture to other curricular activities were available for students on Bosco’s campus to join. There seemed to be a club for every student’s likings and interests.

Right now, there are 38 active clubs at Bosco for students to join, either for self-entertainment or educational purposes. Though not all 38 clubs were present the two days, the ones that were presented offered interesting choices for students.

“The majority of students join clubs because clubs are something fun and something to participate in extracurricularly. Academic clubs are very important as well, so the students that are more academically minded and interested or thinking about college have options there as well,” said Schnorr.

From the amount of students that were at the club sign-ups, it is clear that the first club meet-ups will be an overall success. The only general issue for clubs are for the members to remain active and participate at all times throughout the school year.

“[The clubs] main goal right now is going to be to start off strong, maintain the students within the club, and have active meetings throughout the school year, because that is always the difficult challenge,” said Mrs. Schnorr.

Clubs are an intricate and important part of Bosco’s community and student life here on campus, and students participating and taking part in the meetings year-round is beneficial to both the students and leaders of the respective clubs.

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