Life Of A Brave: Test-Taking Advice

by Na’im Rodman

It’s that time of year again, and by time of year, I mean Midterms. This time of year can be very stressful especially for athletes that are being checked for eligibility or just for students that want to get their grades right heading into the second half of the semester.

This is the time of the year where you want to establish habits that will be successful during Finals Week in December. Tests can be dreadful for some students who are not the best test takers, struggle in their study skills and preparation, or don’t have all the best grades going into the tests. So here’s some advice on how to prepare for and ace your exams in the future!

1. Just because the teacher gave you a study guide, doesn’t mean that everything on there is going to be on the test. Make sure you go over as much as you can because you can never be too safe. In other words, never do the bare minimum because that can set you up for failure. Teachers at Bosco expect students to be diligent in their studying and go all out for the A grade.

2. Take advantage of your free time and study every opportunity you get, whether it’s during lunch or reading some flash cards in the hallway while you’re on your way to class. For athletes their study schedules can be a bit more strict due to practice, so they have to take advantage of their free time, whether it’s at lunch, break or before or after practice.

3. That said, I don’t think studying 24/7 helps much, just try to relax for a few minutes after studying a certain subject so you can refresh your brain and relax.

4. Treat yourself! Get a study snack and give yourself “brain breaks.”

5. ACTUALLY STUDY! When people study it ups their confidence, and when you’re confident about something, the sky’s the limit. Give the extra effort and take your studies seriously, and you’ll be successful.

Good luck on your assessments moving forward, Braves! Don’t procrastinate, don’t cut corners, and always do your very best.

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