Bosco: 2018 Fall Signing Day

by Kyle Moats

Fall Signing Day was a very special time for the Bosco community. Ten athletes represented four different sports teams at Bosco and one at St. Joseph’s.

  • Sebastian Orduno – University of Oregon
  • David Hays – University of Nevada, Reno
  • Derek Delgado – Concordia University
  • Kyle Moats – United States Air Force Academy
  • Oscar Favela – University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Mitchell Myers – Dartmouth University
  • Jonathan Salazar – University of the Pacific
  • Antonio Lorenzo – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
  • Cleveland Belton – Arizona State University
  • Mckenzie Barbara – University of Mississippi

Don Barbara, the head baseball coach at Bosco, not only got to see five of his student athletes sign from the baseball team, but also his daughter, Mckenzie Barbara. A St. Joseph’s student, Mckenzie normally would have signed with her St. Joseph sisters on national signing day. This was not the case for her. Since Coach Barbara would be unable to make it to that ceremony because of his Bosco athletes, the Bosco administrators and staff invited her to sign with her Bosco brothers.

This was a special moment, not only for Mckenzie but for the Bosco community as well, as that has never been done before. Coach Barbara had some meaningful words to say on the subject of signing his daughter.

“I thought it was a great day, a very emotional day as well. When I was waiting for Dr. DeLarkin to introduce me, I thought it was going to be easy to introduce my daughter, but once I got to the podium and had to talk about her, it was very emotional because we are really close and she’s a great kid. She worked her butt off to get to go to Ole’ Miss and I couldn’t be more proud of her,” said Barbara.

It was a very touching moment overall and there were tears throughout the ceremony.

“My dad getting to introduce me and him sending me off to college is what made it an emotional experience for him and I. Also being able to sign with my Bosco brothers made the day even more memorable,” said Mckenzie.

It was definitely a day to remember for the whole Barbara family.

Coach Barbara had also some kind words to say about his five student-athletes signing from the baseball team.

“For my guys, it was a special moment. It is a credit to this program, it is a credit to the kids, and it is a credit to our school that they get to go and play at a high Division 1 level for baseball now. It’s very emotional when you have these kids in your program for so long and getting to see them move on and do something they have wanted to do their whole life is amazing,” said Barbara.

The additional athletes represented at the signing table have great stories to tell as well.  Mitchell Myers signing to Dartmouth was a first for the Bosco lacrosse program. During his speech, Myers mentioned that he came to Bosco and joined the team in their formative stages. He witnessed the team grow and developed with his journey culminating in a championship season last spring.

“To join the prestigious Bosco signee group and join the many that have come before me is just an awesome feeling. To be a precursor to the Bosco lacrosse program of the future and to represent them is just a magical moment for not only me but for the Bosco lacrosse community,” said Myers.

Myers committed to Dartmouth University, a very prestigious school academically and athletically.

“I couldn’t be happier to commit to Dartmouth. My main goal was to put 100 percent of my effort into lacrosse and to get the best education possible and be able to still play ball at a high collegiate level. To get the call from Dartmouth and be able to make these dreams come true was a blessing,” said Myers.

Jonathan Salazar, a student-athlete from Panama, came to the United States and originally attended school in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is living with another Bosco basketball family and has overcome language and cultural challenges to pursue his dream of an education and college basketball career. This has led to his commitment to the University of the Pacific next year.

Last but not least are the wrestling signees, Antonio Lorenzo and Cleveland Belton.  Bosco has a historically dominant wrestling program and these young men are no exception. Their coaches praised the extreme dedication and work ethic needed to perform at such a high level and the fierce competition they faced along the path to a college wrestling opportunity.

This event is truly special. The start of school is delayed so that as many students and faculty can attend as possible. In contrast to other signing events across the area, and even the state, Bosco has its soon to be college athletes dress in formal attire and prepare a speech given prior to signing their letters of intent.  One common thread amongst all of the student athletes’ speeches was their appreciation of their families, coaches, and faculty. These young adults are aware of the amount sacrifice and support necessary for them to be on that stage.

Photo Credit – Edward Torre




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