Bosco: 2018 Junior Ring Ceremony

by Matthew Ruiz

The Junior Ring Ceremony is where Bosco juniors celebrate their last year as an underclassman. It acts as a right of passage to our senior year – or a small glimpse of it -with a small memento to remember high school.fullsizeoutput_660

This event also brings juniors closer together in brotherhood, as everyone celebrates as a community and remembers and appreciates high school. Principal Christian De Larkin mentioned that the class of 2020 had the biggest participation in this ceremony in all of the years he’d been at Bosco.

As a junior, receiving this ring means a lot. Being able to say I have found a home here at Bosco, along with a playground, a school, and a church to trust following the model of St. John Bosco.

I interviewed a fellow junior named Adrian Gutierrez, who said receiving a junior ring is an honor and it shows who we are and how we developed as young men since freshman year.

Gutierrez also stated that the ceremony was a very special moment in his life, because it shows his commitment to Bosco and how Bosco has changed him to become a better man socially and educationally.

I also interviewed Andrew Serrano, another junior at Bosco. He said this ring is special because since he has a family history here at Bosco it shows that he has been able to overcome any obstacles life throws at him. He mentioned that Bosco has brought him closer to God and receiving this ring is like our commitment to God, saying you will never lose faith and love all of his children.

The Junior Ring Ceremony is a precious time at Bosco for all juniors that pass through, marking their legacy down as lifelong Braves.


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