How To Make The Most Of The Christmas Season

by Michael Beltran

Living in the great city of Los Angeles, you are open to a variety of activities to do with your family during this Christmas season. With the amazing weather, it’s not too cold to go out and walk around, opening up many options.


Naples Lights on Second Street

A great experience is going to Disneyland during the Christmas theme. With the decorations and the huge Christmas Tree, it makes it feel as if you are living in a Christmas fairytale.

The down side to doing this is the price, which makes it more of a once in awhile experience.

A cheaper thing to do is going to see Christmas light-seeing, and with places all over LA there might be one in your city. Christmas light-seeing is very kid friendly and overall a great way to hop into the Christmas spirit.

In the city of downtown Los Angeles, you can go ice skating right in the center of LA live. The enjoyment this brings is amazing. It’s also a great place for a date or to spend time with the family.

If you are big into the snow and want to take a little getaway vacation, you can always visit Big Bear Mountain, where you can go snowboarding, skiing, sliding and so much more.

Big Bear is outside the Los Angeles area – but it is not far – it’s roughly two hours and 30 minutes away. If you like the snow and want to get away for the weekend, this is a great idea to think about.

If this is not already enough, or you just want to stay home, go to your local grocery store and pick up a movie from Redbox. Grab some hot cocoa and enjoy some time with your loved ones.

With so many options to get you into the Christmas spirit, here are some ideas you can consider doing this year to make the most of the Christmas season.

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