Alumni Update: Alberto Gonzalez ’16

by Gabriel Botello

Bosco alumnus Alberto Gonzalez and his team dominated the internship competition at Facebook University and got to meet the famous Mark Zuckerberg recently._E5mh9pW_400x400.jpg

Alberto Gonzalez is an alumnus of St. John Bosco High School and was a part of the graduating class of 2016. For two years, Berto has been bouncing around with different majors such as neuroscience and PPE (philosophy, politics, and economics).

As he was still trying to find what he truly wanted to major in, Berto landed an internship in Washington, DC during the summer where he decided to minor in computer science. With this decision, Gonzalez worked on getting an internship for the class the summer after.

After applying for many internships, Facebook University happily accepted him, and Gonzalez was also ready to get started.

“I said to myself that this would be my test,” said Gonzalez.

As the year went on, Berto began to learn more and more of and about computer science, even considering it as a major instead of a minor. The summer internship came along and Berto Gonzalez was prepped and ready to begin at FBU.

The program he was involved in was an 180-student program that taught the students mobile development over three weeks. After the three weeks of learning, the students were given an opportunity to build their own successful app using their knowledge they learned through the three weeks. The students were then given their own groups and five weeks to develop their app. The top three apps at the end of the summer got to meet and present their apps to the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg!

Berto’s team – after weeks of hard work – finally developed their app, “Surround.” This app was created to take a group of phones and turn them into a a full 5.1 surround sound system with several phones as speakers and a couple as controllers. The app was so successful it brought Berto and his team to the number one spot, allowing them to ultimately present it to Zuckerberg.

This was a major accomplishment for Berto Gonzalez, as his family and his Bosco community is beyond proud of him. After working and studying so hard to get to where he is now, Berto expressed his thoughts.

“I was overjoyed! I had completed my test. Now, I am a computer science major and am returning to Facebook next summer,” said Gonzalez.


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