Bosco: New Bell Schedule Debuts in 2019 Spring Semester

by Joshua Adohbest-stuent-lab-relaxed

At last, the rumored new schedule change has finally graced itself into St. John Bosco High School’s curriculum.

A popular topic around school grounds in recent time, Bosco has finally made the switch to a block period centered school schedule.

Current principal Dr. Christian De Larkin believes our new schedule will greatly enhance the learning environment at St. John Bosco.

“The addition of more block periods per week allows for teachers to design [the classroom] in a way that encourages collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and communication among students,” said Dr. De Larkin.

“In an 80-minute block period, you have more time to plan deeper learning experiences,” Dr. De Larkin continued to say.

Another aspect of the new schedule change is every-week late starts. Not only do students benefit from this, but teachers as well.

“Teachers and staff don’t have late start, but students do. The late starts allow for [faculty and staff] to come in in the morning to work and prepare ourselves for the day,” said Dr. De Larkin.

The St. John Bosco community patiently waited for this new schedule to roll out. This new schedule allows for students to take classes and learn in a real college-prepatory environment.

No one person made the decision to change the schedule, but instead it was more of a collective decision by faculty, staff and the Bosco community as a whole.

Dr. De Larkin says he talked to faculty, staff, students and parents to see how this new schedule would affect each of them and went through with finalizing his decision once he believed he had a general buy-in with the community.


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