Bosco: Salesian Week Is Here

by Nikolas Molina

The first Salesian week at St. John Bosco High School has come to a close. On Friday, January 25th Bosco held community time to allow the student body to play games and have free time with one another.


The games consisted of softball, beach volleyball and kickball against the teachers. These games are all for fun but there is a competition within each of the grade levels.

This year, Bosco brought back Gold and Silver Cups. The previous rallies held various competitions for the Silver Cup. With multiple games and competitions for the cup, the Rua tribe come out victorious in both of the rallies.

The Silver Cup is earned by the tribe who as part of our salesian values compete on the playground with character and pride.

The games were roughly an hour long which then led into lunch, and were very competitive, but came with smiles, laughter and bragging rights. Bragging rights are what teachers and students strive for here.

Being able to go to a class and brag to your teacher that your team beat their team is very satisfying.

This day of games will lead to a week of celebration and Bosco’s Feast Day on Thursday, kicking off the second Salesian week. On January 31st, Bosco will hold its feast day for our schools founder. We celebrate the gift Don Bosco and the Salesians have brought to our community. Feast day is the biggest celebration of the year for the Bosco community.

“It is a time for fellowship and family time. This is what Bosco wanted by making our salesian school a home, a playground, a school and a church,” said Brother James.

All four of these salesian virtues will be expressed and shown during this two-part Salesian week in which we as Braves will live out the ways over Don Bosco.


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