A+E: BatFleck No More

by Nick Hernandez

As of Wednesday January 30th, Ben Affleck tweeted and has seemingly alluded to his resignation as the role of Batman.


This news was revealed when The Hollywood Reporter stated that “Matt Reeves, [upcoming film] ‘The Batman’ [will premiere] on June 25, 2021, following a recent interview with [Reeves] about the plot, the movie’s villains, and more.” When news sources got wind of this, many twitter accounts posted about the feature film and shortly after, current Batman actor, Ben Affleck had this to say:

Affleck’s tweet implied that he would not be featured, nor be reprising his role in the film and after making this statement, many fans were shocked to hear the information that came about.

Ben released this statement after director Matt Reeves announced his plans for a Batman movie starring the Caped Crusader in his earlier days, meaning that a new actor would need to be cast and seemingly had Affleck retire from the role.  

However, while it seems that Ben would not return to portray Batman again, fans and co-workers of him alike are remaining optimistic and hope to see Affleck return to the spotlight. Ray Fisher, the current actor portraying the Justice League’s Cyborg, had this to say about the whole situation.

“It’s my understanding that it’s going to be a younger take on Batman,” Fisher says. “So that’s not to say that our older version of Batman can’t show back up.”  

Many fans are both hopeful for Affleck’s return and anxious to hear about news following the casting decision on who will premiere in the solo film, but most importantly the man set to fill the role as The Dark Knight.


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