Album Review: Father Of 4

by Christian James

We see another side to Migos member Offset with his newly released album, Father Of 4.”


Offset is a memeber of the famous rap group “Migos,” which includes fellow superstars Quavo and Takeoff. The trio mostly raps together, but in the past year all three have dropped their own solo album. With recently new solo albums “Quavo Huncho” by Quavo and “The Last Rocket” by Takeoff, Offset was up to the plate. Both of these albums had great reviews, but Offset’s new album “Father of 4” blows them out in comparison.

Offset usually raps about money, women, and his hometown of Atlanta, but in this album he does more then that. This project is a lot more personal, which makes it more meaningful for his listeners. There has been a whole lot of news – good and bad – regarding his personal life with his wife, Cardi B, and his four children. Offset reflects all of this into this album for all of his listeners to hear. Seeing this side of him, many listeners – fan or not – have been drawn to his album.

His first song on this project is “Father of 4” where he mainly addresses his struggles raising his children and his gratitude towards them individually. Offset describes the hard life he went through when he was poor and didn’t have a stable job when his daughters were initially born. He was trying anything to provide for his family, whether that meant breaking the law or not.

Being consumed by all this worry, Offset was not always there for his daughter at special times like her birthday, and he apologized for that in this song. He wanted to tell his daughters his story to show them that he really cared for them. In this song he also shows his love for his son and recently newborn daughter, Kulture. He raps about how much his son acts similar towards him and how he promises to protect Kulture from the world. He wants to redeem himself for everything he couldn’t do when he was poor.

In “Don’t Lose Me” – another track on the album – Offset explains his downfall with Cardi B and how he is truly sorry for allegedly cheating on her. He calls himself selfish for breaking their promise and that he is trying his best to be a better person. He wants another chance to treat her like a queen and shower her with diamonds like she deserves. Looking at the song “Clout” featuring no other than Cardi B herself, it seems as if she forgives him. Cardi – in this song – tells all her adversaries to stop using her and Offset’s name for fame and to back off. 

The album contains many popular features such as J.Cole, Gunna, CeeLo Green, Travis Scott, 21 Savage, Gucci Mane, and Quavo. With this album selling 77k-82k copies in the first week, Offset is gaining a reputation from his audience that his talent level has now made him the best rapper out of the “Migos.”

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