Bosco: Hambones BBQ Near Campus

by RJ Johnson

Hambones! An alive piece of Southern hospitality located in Bellflower, California on Alondra Boulevard. This barbeque restaurant brings about a unique presence within the BBQ community that not many other restaurants can offer.


At Hambones, you have a wide variety of different main courses to pick from, along with side dishes that do more than compliment the meal.

Unlike larger barbeque restaurant chains, Hambones prides itself in building personal bonds and relationships with all of their customers. Instead of just being a quick bite to eat, it feels more like an experience. Revisiting Hambones feels like catching up with an old friend, home-cooking away from home.

Hambone’s owner – Kenneth Hambone Hamilton – had the Hambone’s franchise and original recipes passed down to him by his father and was expected to carry on the legacy. Mr. Hamilton did more than just meet expectations, opening up several locations across America in Mississippi, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

A signature item on Hambones Chicago location’s menu are turkey tips. Kenneth


Photo – RJ Johnson

Hamilton says that he is the originator of this dish and it would be extremely rare to find this anywhere else in America.

Since there are very few Hambone locations in comparison to other barbecue restaurants like Johnny Rebs and Lucille’s, what you see at each location will always have it’s very own unique form.

“Our number one ingredient for our meat at every single one of our locations is wood! It has a more distinctive taste, unlike propane. Wood is extremely important for what we do,” said Hamilton.

Mr. Hamilton isn’t only a restaurant owner, but an active leader of the youth, hosting seminars and helping young men stay on the right path throughout the rest of their life. He believes that how we mold our youth is very important and that the future starts with them.

Hamilton has given a few endangered youth job opportunities working with him, and helping them build connections with other successful people.

With all of the things that Kenneth Hamilton already has to do in the community, it would seem as if he has hardly any time left. He still finds the time to be the president of a Motorcycle Club.

Juggling work, the growth of others, and the community around him has found its way to become a norm for Mr. Hamilton. The passion he has shown for his craft has paid off, making Hambones a personal favorite for many barbeque fanatics.


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