Bosco: Sports Med Pathway Proving Its Worth On Campus

by Gabriel Botello

Last year was the first year in the annual Sports Medicine competition for St. John Bosco High School.


Photo – Jalen Manson and Michael Beltran

The team competed for the first time as juniors, and with six of them representing St. John Bosco, placed 26th place.

The team had to take 150 multiple choice questions about injury scenarios, different types of injuries, legal terms, nutrition, and other things related to the field. In addition, students also had to perform a practical exam where they were given a structure to palpate, an injury to evaluate, a scenario to perform, and a taping job.

For it being the team’s first year and with over 75 schools from the United States being present, the outcome was successful. This year, the team is coming back with more students and feel more prepared than last year.

The Sports Medicine pathway is all about educating, showing, and preparing students for how to treat injuries resulting in any sporting activity.

“The pathway has inspired me to pursue a career in the medical field. All four years of the pathway has definitely benefited me and made me grow as a person and [see a future] career wise,” said senior Sebastian Padilla.

The pathway has clearly been regarded as highly successful and continues to trend in the right direction. It’s benefits towards students looking to pursue a future career in sports medicine is clear.

“The Sports Medicine pathway gave me structure throughout high school. Entering Bosco I was unsure as to what subject I would study in college, I didn’t have any passions. I was interested when I heard about the pathway and decided to see where this interest would take me,” said senior Javier Ochoa.

Just from the experience of two students, as well as myself, the Sports Medicine pathway at Bosco has been a great addition to an already wide pathway realm.


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