Life of a Brave: Incoming Freshman Look to Blaze Their Own Trail

by Elias Gomez

Being a freshman at Bosco is a great responsibility. It is a privilege. In the classroom as well as in the community, where students may don anything carrying the cherished “Bosco” name, they are expected and held to a standard of representing the “Bosco Brotherhood.”


These incoming freshmen Braves began the year with a positive mindset and a fresh start with new student orientation. Like many Braves, one freshman, Diego Marquez, says that he is looking forward to Bosco’s Pathway Programs.

“The Engineering Pathway is something I am excited for because it teaches me how to be a good leader and to problem solve,” said Diego Marquez.

Diego’s intellect and willingness to learn will help him, and all freshman, in his progression through respective Pathway Programs, or just balance the classroom with extracurriculars.

Also like many incoming Braves, Diego is also looking forward to baseball tryouts and working hard to make the freshman team.

Matthew Thomas, another incoming freshman also said he was excited to meet new friends and play on the freshman baseball team.

Matthew Thomas, like many generations of Braves, has an older brother, Anthony Thomas, at Bosco who can help him with trying to get the rhythm of high school..

Obviously, this freshman class has varying goals and ambitions, but it is the responsibility of upperclassmen to set an example and offer guidance.

“Being a freshman at Bosco was a learning experience and had many failures. But I had to keep going and keep trying at the things I loved,” said junior Josiah Briscoe.

Most freshmen are intimidated when it comes to dances, football games and trying to change classes. This is when the big brothers come into play and help the freshman and support them. Being supported or feeling comfort as a freshman is the best thing upperclassmen can provide.

Many freshmen want to succeed in getting good grades, making a sports team and making new friends. The only way to do these things is to stay positive and worry about developing positive work habits. All in all, the incoming freshmen should have fun and just embrace all that Bosco provides with class, politeness, and diplomacy.

Sure, our new freshman will face their failures, but as long as they keep their heads up and keep getting better then they will survive high school, become a better person, and ultimately be able to call themselves a “Bosco Man.”

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