Life of a Brave: Juniors Share a Nostalgic Night at Ring Ceremony

by Ryan Tavera

November 20, 2019 marked a significant day for many students attending St. John Bosco and their families, as the juniors received their class rings.


Pictured (Left to Right): Hector Andrade, Diego Santizo, Alfred Munoz, Adrian Garcia-Esparza, Joseph Ochoa, Xavier Zuniga, Vicente Casanova, Andrew Olmos, Joshua Hernandez, Adrian Arredondo, Christian Avila and Jesus Barreto.

Junior rings have been a tradition in many high schools over the years and Bosco is no stranger towards the tradition. The ring is a token of appreciation and congratulations to juniors in the man they are today and the man they are shaping into. It also signifies their progression through high school, and the start of the end of their high school days.

Students were to meet in the Chapel with their family shortly after school ended, and they were seated together while their families sat towards the back of the chapel.

The mass focused on admiring, wishing the junior’s a good future. The main difference between this mass and others, was that it had a more professional tone to it, almost like mini graduation.

Following the mass, Mr. Flaherty delivered a speech detailing the significance of the ring and what exactly the purpose of the ceremony is and what it means to him.

Mr. Flaherty’s advised students to not look at the ring simply as a piece of jewelry, rather the significance and the hard work experienced by all juniors.

“When I put my ring on with my class number glaring on the side I don’t see a piece of metal I see a token of appreciation and a reminder of me and my friend’s hard work and dedication to becoming a better version of ourselves each day,” said junior Josh Hernadez.

For many students, the ring acts as a symbol of remembrance, the ring reminds students of the young man they once were at Bosco and the memories they’ve made throughout the years.

“The ring for me represents my class and the memories I have made during my years at Bosco,” said junior Jake Cuellar.

Many other juniors shared the same expression towards the ring, and the class of 2021 appreciates the memories they’ve made and will make with their fellow Bosco brothers.

“In future years I want to look at the ring and remember the great times I once had at Bosco and all the people that were once apart of my life,” said junior Diego Santizigo.

Multiple juniors also explained how the ring signifies the strong brotherhood that is found between students at Bosco and how it will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

“When I was with my friends in the quad and we were all laughing and talking and taking photos with each other flexing our new rings it reminded me of what it really means to me which is the solid bond between me and my Bosco brothers,” said junior Adrian Esparza.

Following Mr. Flaherty’s speech, he began to call the names of the class of 2021 to retrieve their junior ring from the table upfront.

After the two-hour ceremony, juniors met up in the quad where they took photos and were able to show off their new junior rings to the rest of their family. All in all, it was a great experience for the juniors who had a strong sense of being a Brave that day.

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