A+E: The Mystery Behind The Tragic Death Of King Von

By Aydn Morris

26 years old Dayvon Bennet, better known as King Von, a prominent Chicago rapper, died after being in the middle of a fatal shooting in Atlanta, Georgia.

King Von's manager refutes Asian Doll's claims about the late rapper's last  words - REVOLT

Before fame, Von became involved in criminal activities that led to his first time in jail when he was 16 years old. Then in 2014, he was accused of shooting and killing another person but then was found innocent which led him to start rapping.

Lil Durk signed King Von to his record label, Only the Family label, which is famously known as OTF. Von then made his first hit single Crazy Story which put him on the map in the rap community. He made many hit singles and albums and certified himself as a mainstream rapper. 

Before his death King Von dropped his album Welcome to O’Block on October 30,2020. He had features with all of his friends, including Polo G. This album might be the last album King Von drops unless he has unreleased music with his record deal. 

King Von also had people he never got along with in the rap industry. Von never got along with Quando Rondo another famous rapper but was from Savannah, Georgia, who many suspect that he was part of the shooting. 

According to ABC7Chicago , “Timmothy Leeks faces a felony murder charge in the death of Dayvon Bennett, also known as King Von.” Timothy Leeks is associated with Quando Rondo and was with him and some other friends that were apart of the shooting.

The shooting was Friday morning at around 3:20 am. There is video footage showing Quando and Von fighting in the street but it doesn’t show either of them shooting at each other and actually shows Quando trying to help Von into the car. 

The police still haven’t figured out who were the 3 other victims in the shooting, but according to USA Today, “They are trying to figure out who was struck by gunfire and if any were shot by cops that were involved.”

There still isn’t much information about the shooting that has surfaced to many sources, but The Georgia Bureau of Investigations have investigated officers and the police have suspected up to 5 people for the shootout. Many hoping that justice may be reached one day.

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