Life Of A Brave: The Multiple Achievements Of One Of Bosco’s Best Student Athletes, Cael Valencia ’21

by Ryan Tavera

Bosco athlete and scholar Cael Valencia continues to make huge strides in the classroom and on the wrestling mat as he exemplifies what it means to be a Bosco Brave. 

Senior Cael Valencia has remained a staple name in the wrestling community currently ranking #5 in the Class of 2021 at 160lbs. In addition, the Bosco Brave is a two-time California state runner up, 2019 Super 32 Champion, and multiple time Fargo Champion. 

These achievements to name a few are a testimony of Cael’s determination and his commitment to wrestling. 

“I’m always working whether it be in my online classes or on the mat but first I always have to eat,” said Cael.

As for Cael’s wrestling style, it can only be described as explosive and persistent. Cael breaks down his opponents through relentless pressure which is supported by his sharp technique.  

“My wrestling style is constant attacking, motion, inside and outside. I think if I just keep constant pressure it’s going to open up my game,” said Cael. 

On the flip side, Cael is also an active participant in school and has many fond memories of Bosco particularly of Mr. Bartelt’s class. 

“Memories that make me appreciate high school would have to be with Mr. Bartlet and all the help he gave me letting me know I could succeed,” said Cael. 

Cael believes that he wouldn’t be the person he is today if it wasn’t for the support of his coaches and teachers and St John Bosco.

“Through the support of my teachers and coaches supporting me, Bosco has molded me into the person I am today. I’ve become more confident in my abilities on the wrestling mat and in the classroom,” stated Cael. 

 Despite the wrestling scene being shaken up due to COVID-19 restrictions, Cael has remained undeterred in his training as he continues to put in the hours every day. 

“Now that we’re in quarantine wrestling has definitely been different however, that hasn’t stopped me from continuing to work. I stay motivated just knowing at some point these times will end and I know that I’ll be prepared for when it does,” Cael said. 

Growing up Cael has not only believed but known that he was destined to be a Brave and for greatness rather than just traditional standards in which to conform. 

“I grew up working every day and was constantly reminded that it would pay off and be for something great. As far back as I can remember wrestling has been a part of my life it’s something that I was born into,” said Cael. 

The Valencia name is no stranger to St John Bosco considering Cael’s two older brothers and former Bosco wrestlers Zahid and Anthony Valencia. In addition, Cael’s father Ruben Valencia is the head coach of Bosco’s varsity wrestling team, Cael’s family is key in supporting him throughout his journey. 

“My brothers’ achievements inspire me to follow in their footsteps and create my own story that’s as great as theirs. I’m thankful for my father pushing me to achieve and be a winner,” said Cael. 

 With Cael’s recent commitment to Arizona State University, he will be continuing the legacy that the previous sun devils Zahid and Anthony have set. Cael is excited to see what ASU has in store for him and feels he will fit right in.

“Arizona State University will help develop my wrestling career and offers me many options when considering academics. My brothers will also visit the room every now and then and I hope to continue their legacy at ASU,” Cael said. 

As Cael’s high school career comes to an end it can be said with confidence that his journey is far from over as he transitions into college and pursues even bigger goals. 

“A major goal of mine that I plan to fulfill is becoming an NCAA wrestling champ,” said Cael. 

A seemingly insurmountable challenge for anyone, but Cael Valencia isn’t just somebody. If there is anyone who is willing to put in the work and push themselves to achieve greatness it’s Cael Valencia.

“I understand the work ethic and hours that this goal requires of me. I know I must put in the hours and fully commit myself to wrestling. But with confidence and determination I know I have the skills and mindset required to persevere in this challenge,” said Cael. 

The words “A dream, a goal, a promise” are displayed across the Saint John Bosco wrestling room. These words inspire athletes and help them understand that in order to achieve our dreams we must set goals and make a promise to ourselves to make it happen. Cael Valencia has taken these words and applied them to his everyday life.

“The words a dream, a goal, a promise remind me that I am working and pushing every day in order to make my dreams a reality,” said Cael. 

To the braves who are feeling burnt out and lack the energy to keep going Cael says “Just knowing that the more you train the more challenges are going to come but you just got to push through that adversity you’ll get through it.”

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